Not so Nice ….

Well… Looks like Submissive little Vanessa isnt so innocent anymore… going on month 2 here at YD Ive come to find out I am not who I thought I was… Starting to find out who I am, Come find this new and improved girl with me ;)


Feeling Freaky?

Now i dont know how everyone else is feeling today but… I really feel like putting on my 10 inch strap on and fucking someone in the ass….




Maybe thats just me ;)


Highschool Fantasies

Do you ever take a moment and just remember all your highschool fantasies, fetishes, sexual thoughts?

First boyfriends coming over and meeting your parents, just to touch down in the bedroom when they aren’t looking…

To experimenting with your best friend, taking your first shot of alcohol and choking… Touching yourself , enthusiastically , passionately, for the first time.

Highschool come to think of it was the days… Long summer nights, cuddling up for the long winter snow storms…

ahhhhh…. <3

Sounds like sexual paradise if you ask me….