Private Party

Its my second night back at Your Desires, and as always it is amazing.
Sitting in a overstuffed chair, my legs are spread apart over both of the arm rests
I start inching my hands down my body, pinching my own nipples and rubbing every square inch of skin
I can feel my legs start to shake, and the feeling creeps slowly into vagina, making me throb hard on the inside
To my surprise ;) as I look down I see a giant puddle/stain of wetness in my grey colored yoga pants
I move my hand from my breasts slowly down my tummy and start softly touching my dripping sweet pink ..

“RING RING” (my phone rings)

YOU’RE calling,

I hear your sexy voice and instantly being to lightly moan

I want YOU to make the shots now,

Tell me what you want me to do to myself

& Ill tell you what I want to do to you.

I’ll be your good girl & listen to every word you say.

cum play!