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Likes: Hot nasty talk, making your cock so hard it hurts, the "bizarre", the perverse, the taboo, strong hands, ass worship, intoxication, twisted and dark roleplays, fucking until I'm sore, naughty secrets, sweet pain sluts to abuse, homemade toys, wet panties, inflatables, being a good girl with a very bratty edge and you wanting me.
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If we've spoken before, I'm sure you can think of some adjectives to describe me.

If not I can come up with a few choice words to help you get to know me a little bit better. My name is Autumn and I'm a sexy, sassy, adorable, funny, smart, seductive, teasing, sadistic girl with very Domme tendencies. I can be talked into swinging into the more sub side of things, but you'll have to ask nicely. I can, however, swing very easily between vanilla sex and stuff more hardcore than you can even imagine. Don't let my cute and innocent look fool you. I'm not all glitter and cupcakes. I can a very dirty girl. I'll leave it up to you to find that out for yourself.

Don't have any toys? I'm a very creative girl. I know I can find something to work with. Just put your trust in me, listen to my guidance and you'll be shooting your load or sticking something up your ass that used to be so innocent. You can thank me later.

I've even got a secret weapon. I'm not talking about the big, beautiful tits or my nice, round ass. Sometimes I like to use the power of booze to help loosen you up. It knocks down some of those walls and helps you relax. It also helps me get all the information I need about you. It helps spill all those secrets you're just dying to tell me. You want to tell me all of those things and I want to know all of those things. I promise to use them against you to get what I want.

I don't have to yell or scream at you to get my point across, but you will be begging like a good boy soon enough. Even the "toughest" men have been brought to their knees by my sweet voice. The sound of my words will have you doing things you have never thought you'd do. I think you'll be amazed by what can happen with a little gentle teasing, coaxing, and prodding. Pain and/or embarrassment is worth it to make me happy (and it does make me VERY happy). I can be incredibly persuasive. Sometimes I don't even have to raise a hand. Plus you're so cute with an aching cock, full sack, and blushing red cheeks. A secret turn on of mine is hearing you pant while you tell me what a bitch I am for making you do such horrible things. The sound of you on the edge, begging to cum and knowing I'm torturing you makes me super warm and fuzzy. If you let me in, I promise that the memory of me will stick with you for quite some time.

I've always had the opinion that my ass looks best when filled with either a tongue or a toy or it's bright red from a spanking. Everything I dish out, I can take. I might even be able to take more (Actually, I probably can). You'll have to check. The wetter I get, the rougher I will want it. Especially when you focus on my ass or tits. Neither are just for show. My breasts make really good handles and I love getting them slapped around. My nipples get incredibly hard and are perfect for squeezing and biting. Honestly, you can't fuck me hard enough. I know I can be a brat, maybe I just need some discipline to show me what happens to smart-mouthed little bitches. What's the best way to teach me a lesson? Pound the shit out of me until I can't even move any more and we'll just see how easy it is to back talk.

It's said a lot, but I honestly have no taboos. There are absolutely no limits. The filthier and more perverse the wetter my little cunt gets. To add to the thrill, I know you don't tell anyone these dark secrets. We can be nasty perverts together. I have a head full of twisted thoughts that I can't wait to share with you. Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine. I just can't promise my hand won't slide down my panties while you tell me what makes you throb. Feel free to wrap your hand around your shaft and pump while you listen to my hidden desires. Let's go to those dark places together.

Don't you worry, babes, vanilla is a spice too. Vanilla sex is far from boring and I love a good fucking. Look at my pretty mouth. Wouldn't it look so much cuter with your member sliding in between them? Look at my pretty pink pussy. Imagine how good it would feel wrapped around your hardness. It does get so wet. Maybe my little cunt needs to be tasted. Why don't you slide down there and give it a little lick until I get my juices all over your face?

I'm sure it's obvious by now how naughty I can be. This is just a taste of what makes me all wet and tingly. The list could go on and on and on, but I'd like to save something for when we get to talk. I have tons of stories to share. Would you like little Ms. Autumn to tell you a bedtime story and tuck you in? I'd adore whispering and cooing a hot tale into your eager ear. I do require a little audience participation. Even if it is just a grunt or the sound of your hand sliding up and down your slippery dick. Let's see if we can push each others' hot buttons, shall we?

I get to spend all day playing. I'm sure you can imagine how wet my pussy and my panties get. To help, I prefer to keep my panties on during my finger fucking sessions. I just slide one of my hands in and go to town. If you'd like a little piece of me I can send you a pair of my soaking panties. Just $25 and these sexy panties can be sent very discreetly from me to you.

Need to communicate with me? Just send an email to Special appointments can be made. You may also look me up on AOL and Trillian. My screenname is AutumnFallsForYou on both. You can also follow me on Twitter at SuperSexyAutumn. I've also got a Tumblr for images I think are so sexy I just have to share them or if you need a little inspiration.