Autumn’s Fantasies

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Autumn’s Fantasies

Don’t you just love playing dress up? I just love getting all dolled up, but I also love putting you into something sexy and frilly.

We’ll start with panties. Pink is my favorite color for sissies. It sets the tone that you are girly and feminine. They have to be satin or lace, of course. I want them to feel good against your pecker. Every little step and you’ll be distracted by the softness against you. It won’t be long before there’s a bulge in them.

Then we’ll pick some other base garments to help you get in the mood. A matching bra, of course. Bra and panty sets are the absolute sexiest. Then, we’ll pick out some stockings. I know they are a bit retro, but thigh highs with the garter AND the seam up the back are my absolute favorite.

Nothing but black high heels for a look this sexy. I hope you know how to walk in heels. They take a bit of practice, but it will be worth it. Plus, you’ll feel so feminine when you see how they make your sissy ass wiggle. If you get a bit too wobbly that just means more time on your knees, I guess. I can’t imagine you’d complain either way.

Now that you’re all dressed up, where should we go?

There are so many things to love about blow jobs. From start to finish, I love having a cock in my mouth. I love feeling it get hard in my mouth. I love feeling it throb in my mouth. I especially love the feel of hot cum on my tongue.

You want to know what I love more than sucking dick? Watching you swallow a cock for me. I know it’s probably your first time so you’re a bit nervous, but I’ll show you the ropes. I’ll show exactly where to put your hand. I’ll show you where to lick and kiss to make it super hard. I’ll even put my hand on the back of your head to show you just how deep you can take it. I know it’s deeper than you think.

It’s so sexy to watch a man on his knees for the first time. Once you get the hang of it, I might just have to play with my dripping pussy. That would be just the encouragement you need, right?

Where do you want his cum?

Driving isn’t really my thing. I prefer walking or public transit so I can zone out and have some quiet time. The weather is here is usually pretty mild so it’s easy to leave my car behind. While browsing porn, I discovered a reason why I might need to drive a little bit more.

My newest fantasy is similar to what the Europeans call “dogging”. Usually a night a woman or a couple will drive to a secluded spot and park. While she is there she will meet multiple strange men and get fucked until her heart and hole are content. She’s only done when she is filled and covered in hot loads. The more the better.

In my particular fantasy, it’s all about me. I imagine sitting in the passenger seat with my skirt hiked up around my hips. My panties are pulled down and I just tease my pussy and wait. I leave the window rolled down about halfway. Just wide enough for a stranger to reach in. It’s dark so I can’t see, but I feel his hands groping my big tits. Then a second hand slides in and start to work my pussy. That’s when I get to just sit back and let these men make me cum with their hands only. They can jerk their cocks off if they’d like, but this all about me. I get to cum until I can’t even stand. I get to be a relaxed and fulfilled slut. Then I drive home.

In my fantasies like in real life, my needs come first.

Does it count as a fantasy if it’s something you do frequently, but think
about doing even more? I think it is. When I think about my desires, ass
worship always pops into my head.

I love teasing you with my sexy curves. You can watch me slowly hike up
my skirt showing off the panties I picked out just for you. The way they
hug my ass makes you crazy. You want more, don’t you?

I motion to you to crawl over to the bed. Stay on your knees so my ass is
right in your face. Since you’ve been so good I’m going to let you pull
down these panties for me. Go nice and slow so I can feel the soft fabric
against my soft skin. I can hear you breathing in deep so you can smell
me. I smell so good, don’t I?

You’re going to start with your hands. I want you to massage my perfect,
smooth cheeks. I want you to memorize every inch as you explore. Spread
me open so you can see both of my pink holes waiting for you to taste. I
know you need them, but you have to wait until I’m done with my massage.

How long do you think it will be before you’re begging?
I’m sure that every girl’s fantasy is to watch two hot men getting down
and dirty. I have lots of really naughty fantasies, but picturing two
dudes always gets me going. It never fails to make me cum so fucking

They would start by getting them both super horny for me. I have found
that a sexy strip tease does the trick. I’d sway my body while I slowly
undress layer by layer. Watching them both get hard while I show my body
off to them sends chills down my whole body because I know what will be
coming soon. After I’m naked I’ll give them both the special gift of
undressing them. They are so eager to get out of their clothes that I
know they’ll do it much too fast for my liking. I need to make sure they
are achingly hard.

After we are all naked, we’ll all move to the bed. It’s a queen size so
we are squeezed in tight as we start kissing and exploring each others
bodies with our hands. Their hands feel so good on my soft skin, but I
want to watch them touch each other. I tell them to kiss each other and
they are hesitant at first but when they see how badly I want it there’s
no way they can tell me no.

It’s now time for me to lay back and watch the show. They’ve never done
this before so I have to direct until passion and instict kick in. It
doesn’t take long. Men with hard dicks are so easy to manipulate.

The only decision I have to make is who gets to fuck who.

My recent roadtrip brought up one of my favorite fantasies. There’s just
something about truckstops that bring out the whore in me.

I imagine myself sitting at the counter, drinking my coffee. I notice
that there’s a very handsome trucker sitting at the other end of the bar
checking me out. It’s summer so I’m just wearing a little skirt and a
tank top. After a few glances, I give him the eye to come sit a little
closer. He happily takes the seat next to me and I can see a bulge
already growing in his jeans. This sends a jolt straight down to my pussy
making me feel like I haven’t been fucked in months. I’m so horny, but my
natural instinct is to tease. The next time his eyes move down to my
legs, I open them just a bit so I can slide my hand up my thigh. My skin
is so sensitive there and the gentle tickling feels so good. I let my
hand creep higher up my leg until just my finger tip is pressed between my
pussy lips. I’m already soaked so my finger is wet when I bring it to his
mouth and ask him if his truck is parked outside.

After paying we go out to his truck. When he goes to open the passenger
side to help me up, I just push him to his knees. My pussy needs
attention and I can’t wait for the formality of being somewhere private.
His hot mouth feels so good exploring my wet cunt and I just grind my hips
in. I make sure his tongue finds all of the spots that need attention.
I’m so turned on that it only takes minutes before I drench his face with
my juices.

Now it’s time to play with that rock hard dick of his. I pull him up by
his hair so I can undo his jeans and let the snake out. It looks bigger
when not all squished inside those pants. It makes me feel like the
luckiest girl in the world. I wrap my hand around it and just glide it
right into my tight pussy. I’m so wet that it just slides right in. He
starts fucking me so hard and it feels so good to be such a whore. It
makes it feel so much sluttier and I love it.

I barely notice that 2 of his friends have decided to watch. Should I let
them join in?
What’s your favorite phone fantasy? I want to hear your deepest, darkest
fantasy. The one you don’t tell anyone because you don’t want people to
know what a pervert you are. Those are the ones that really get my pussy
wet. You share yours and I’ll share mine.
Cock Tease:  I know I make your cock hard.  That is no secret.  I can see how you watch me.  Your eyes going from my tits, down to between my thighs.  It’s like you’re not even trying to hide it.  I’m going to lay down here on the bed.  You’re going to stand there and undress for me. Slowly take off all of your clothes while I let my hands travel down my chest.  Your hands are shaking as you watch me cup my breasts in my hand. Squeezing them softly at first, then harder.  My pink nipples getting erect.  It’s so difficult to watch me, isn’t it?  You’re naked in front of me and your dick is already aching for me.  I can see a little dribble of precum on the tip.  My hand travels further down my stomach until my finger is sliding up and down my perfect pussy.  With each stroke I push it in a little deeper and opening my legs a little wider.  I’m looking directly at you when I push my finger deep inside my cunt so you can see how good it feels.  I pull my finger out and it’s dripping with my sweet juices.  I know you want to taste me.  I bring that wet digit up to my mouth and suck it clean.  I swear I can see your cock jump.  One hand is working on my breast when I push my finger back into my pussy and start to move it in and out.  Thrusting my hips up against my finger.  I slide a second finger in.  Moving my hips faster and fucking myself harder.  My cunt is soaked and the wetness is dripping down to the crack of my ass. You so desperately want to stroke your aching cock, but you also know the rules.  You don’t even get to think about touching that dick until I say the magic word. How long do you think you could last before begging?

Princess:  I’m a good little girl with her head resting in your lap.  You try to stop it, but I’ve already noticed the hard on growing in your pajama bottoms.  I’m only pretending to sleep as I roll over onto my back letting my nightgown ride up my legs and around my waist.  My legs part just a little bit.  My eyes open just in time to catch you staring at my darling white cotton panties.  We both know mom is away and it’s just the two us.  “Can I sleep with you tonight, Daddy?” You could never resist my sparkling eyes and the way my lips pout when I really want something.  I’m freshly showered and you want so badly to touch my soft skin.  Let’s go to bed, Daddy.

This is what I’ve been rubbing my pussy to lately…

I’ve always had a thing for older men.  I don’t know what it is, but I just love the feel of a dirty, perverted old man touching and groping me. It really gets me hot.  Since I’ve had my fair share of mature men chances are that quite a few of them have been married.  Since I’m such a polite, sweet girl I never mention that they are fucking a girl at least half their age and I’m not their wife.  But lately, if I find out they are married it makes it even hotter.  I love knowing that after they are done with me and I’ve exhausted them they are going home to their significant other with a smile on their face that she didn’t put there.  She may notice a little extra spring in his step or the fact that he rarely initiates sex with her anymore.  She probably doesn’t say anything but she has her hunches. I like imagining him pounding me until he cums deep in my pussy in some sleazy hotel room.  He collapses and we just lay there glowing from the fantastic sex we’ve just had.  All of a sudden his cell phone rings.  He looks at the caller ID and it’s the wifey.  He tells me that he hates to do this, but if he doesn’t answer she’ll keep calling and get suspicious. I have to be super quiet.  I’m a good girl and I can manage to keep my mouth shut for a few minutes.  He has one arm around me and he’s talking about whatever married people talk about and I start to get antsy and bored.  I reach down and start to tickle his cock.  He bats my hand away, but he can’t say anything or make too much noise so I keep touching it and his dick starts to wake up.  It likes me!  He keeps getting harder and harder and I wrap my hand around it and start stroking.  I watch his face as he tries to control himself.  It’s very difficult for him and I’m not going to make it easier.  I look at him and give him my sweetest smile as I bend down and take the head of his now throbbing cock into my mouth.  He tries to take my mouth away, but there’s part of him that doesn’t want me to stop.  He knows that it’s pointless to try to stop me so he relaxes and tries to compose himself as much as he can while I start to bob my head up and down.  I can tell the conversation is going to end soon and I really want to make him cum while she’s on the phone so I slide my finger inside my soaking wet pussy.  Then I start to slide my lubed up finger into his ass.  Of course he lets out a little yelp and has to say “nothing is wrong.  I just stubbed my toe”.  I finger his ass harder and start sucking faster.  I’m running out time.  Finally he’s about to cum and just as he manages to croak out “I’ll be home in time for dinner” he shoots his hot, sticky load right into my eager mouth. Should I get a spanking for that?  I hope so.

My favorite bar is very dark and totally packed on the weekends.  Every time I’m there on a Saturday night I think of all the naughty things I could do in dark and no one would know.  The fact that there are so many other people there that COULD notice is very arousing.  I like to sit in one of the booths close to the door so I can see everyone who comes in. How hot would it be to have some sexy man sit next to me at the booth? I’d be stuck there talking to him since he’s blocking my exit.  We’d be talking and flirting then he’d lean in to kiss me deeply on the lips. After a lot of kissing he’d put his hand on my knee and slowly start moving it upwards.  I start making little moans as he gets closer and closer to my now wet pussy. Of course my legs would part just a little bit letting him know how turned on I am.  His hand moves up higher and higher and he pushes my skimpy panties to the side.  He’d stop kissing me just to whisper in my ear “you are such a naughty little slut, aren’t you?  Do you want me to finger your tight cunt right here so everyone can know what a whore you are?”.  Before I can even manage a reply he pushes his index finger into my tight hole.  I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning out too loud.  He starts to slowly move it in and out.  I’m moving my hips up and down just a little so he can go deeper.  He pushes another finger in and start to finger my cunt faster.  I’m so worried about people seeing me that I almost want him to stop.  Do I really want him to stop?  Hell, no! He starts to rub my clit with his thumb in fast little circles.  He moves his mouth to my ear again and starts whispering.  “That’s a good girl. Fuck my fingers.  If you want me to stop all you have to do is cum for me. Cum all over my fingers right here in front of everyone and I’ll take you home and let you suck my cock.”.  I push my face into his neck to muffle the little moans and whimpers I’m trying to suppress.  They get quicker and he knows I’m going to cum very very soon.  A few more hard pushes into my hole and I’ll let loose.  I open my mouth as I start to cum and quickly bite down on his skin so my mouth is full of something or I’ll make too much noise and everyone will know.  After my orgasm is over he sticks his wet fingers into his mouth and sucks my sweet juices off of them and then kisses me.

I met him at a bar.  I just got out of class and was stopping by to grab drink before heading home.  I’d seen him there before and noticed him because he’s quite attractive.  He came over and talked for a little bit. I finished my drink and told him I should be heading out.  He leaned over whispered “do you want to go somewhere?”.  Unfortunately, we could not go to my place for various reasons and he didn’t live anywhere close.  I, however, am a resourceful girl.  I told him if he didn’t mind getting a little wet I knew a place we could go.  We drove to a trail I used to frequent quite a bit (those stories are for a different day).  We hiked a little bit off the trail into the woods.  As soon as we were out of sight he pushed me against a tree and kissed me hard.  I lifted my sweater so he could play with my tits while I undid his belt and zipper.  I was wearing orange and yellow so I’m pretty sure if anyone even glanced over they would have spotted me as I dropped down in front of him. I took his semi hard cock into my hand and gave it a couple of nice strokes before taking the head into my mouth.  I worked his cock in and out of my warm mouth, feeling it get bigger and harder.  I need to get my balance so I held onto his legs.  He took this opportunity to take my head and push his cock deep down my throat.  It made me gag.  Luckily, that didn’t stop him and he kept fucking my mouth faster.  I could tell by his breathing that he was getting close to cumming.  Finally, he shot a nice creamy load right into my mouth.  And I got every single drop.

I have a hot little fantasy I would like to share with you.  I’m completely naked in the middle of your living room.  I’m also tied to a dining room chair.  My arms are behind me tied together and attached to the back.  My legs are spread open.  One of my legs is tied to each of the chairs legs so my freshly shaved pussy is exposed.  You are standing right in front of me not saying a word.  My nipples are already hard so you reach out and fondle my breasts.  I’m watching you as you take each nipple in between your thumb and index finger and gently pinch them.  I let out a little moan while you twist them and pinch them harder.  It starts to hurt just a little, but I don’t want you to stop.  Your cock is hard and I’m so helpless.  What do you want to do to me?