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Autumn’s Thoughts

I’m back! I had such a great time traveling down the coast and back here,
but it’s so good to be back. It was 90 degrees down in California so I
got plenty of beach time and a pretty rockin’ tan. I went topless most of
the time, but I love the way a tan line looks on my sexy ass so I kept the
bottoms on. You’ve gotta leave something to the imagination ;) I hope
you didn’t miss me too much and I look forward to to hearing about how
hard your cock was while I was away.
I’m not ready for Summer to be over quite yet so I’m going to head south
for some fun in the sun. You’ve got a couple of weeks to play with me
before I go on my vacation so let’s make them count. I know you’ve gotta
get your fill of this hot redhead. I’ll be out adventuring starting
October 4th and will be back and ready to play on the Wednesday the 18th.
I promise to be back with a sexy tan and hot stories to share with you.
Maybe you should sample one or two of my sexy friends while I’m away so
you can tell me which one I should fuck next.
At least once a day someone asks me what my favorite type of call is. I
couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. My tend to swing more dominant, but I
can be a submissive little slut when the mood strikes me. I never know
when those urges will hit, but if that’s how you’d like to play with me my
email inbox is always open for you to ask. Maybe it will be your lucky
day and I’ll let you use some of your toys on me.
Sometimes I even swing just to the middle and want to have my brains
fucked out. You can pretty much guarantee I’ll be in that mood. This
pussy and mouth are always ready to be filled with something hot and hard.
You know where else I can swing? Right into a wet, juicy pussy. I have
so many sexy ladies prancing around here at the house it always gets my
mouth watering. Is there one of my sexy friends you’ve been dreaming
about joining us?
These are just the things I’ve thought about today. Every day is
different and every day is a different way for us to play.
What are you in the mood for?
What a sexy weekend I’ve had on the phone sex line. I’ve gotten to play
so many fun games with all the sexy boys and girls. There were some sexy
times teasing with my wet panties. Just a little peek and dicks get so
hard around me. There was some kidnapping so I could have a fun new sex
toy. I can’t possibly forget the exciting worship session my perfect ass
received. It’s so funny how worshiping my ass turns into you taking in
the ass for me. I’ve also provided some much needed advice on how to be a
better cross dresser. Helping men get in touch with their more feminine
side is just one of the many services I provide. I also got my fair share
of fucking and sucking (I can never get enough of that).

I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble I can get into next weekend.
What would you like to add to my agenda?
This is the last official weekend of Summer so we’re heading into my
everyone’s favorite season, Autumn. How can you not think of me when the
weather starts to get a little more crisp, sweaters start to get a little
tighter, boots start to come out of the closet and skirts with tights are
everywhere? I look and feel so sexy in my Fall “uniform”. It’s not as
revealing as my summer wardrobe but I feel like all eyes are on me
anyways. It requires a little more imagination to picture what my big
tits look and feel like under the sweater. You’ll have to stare a little
longer to get a good mental image of what my ass looks like under my
skirt. Can you guess what kind of panties I’m wearing under my soft
tights? I’m such a tease and I don’t even have to try. I just have to be
myself and people can’t help but stare.
What’s your favorite Autumn outfit?
I’m in the mood for a party and I’d like for you to be the guest of honor.
We can spend the evening getting ready since you have to look your very
best. After your bath, we’ll wax all of the hair off your body so you’re
nice and smooth. Then, of course, it will be time for your enema. I can
tell you’re getting nervous as I push the nozzle inside. You have no idea
what’s going to happen to you tonight, but you know that I’m in charge and
you’ll be nothing but a slut to use. You’re going to hold that enema
through the cramping until I give you permission to release. When you’re
all clean inside and out I’ll get you dressed. I’ve picked out a pair of
silky panties and sexy little nightie. They match perfectly with the
collar I’ve chosen for the night. You feel so sexy and slutty, don’t you?
When we are finally ready to leave, I put you into a pair of high heels.
Now you feel even sluttier. After a long car ride we arrive at the spot.
You enter on your hands and knees into a dark room. It’s beautiful and
big with men and women lounging with their martinis waiting for the
night’s entertainment. Their eyes light up when the see my slut enter
because now the party can really start.
What do you think happens next?
Maybe it’s this upcoming eclipse, but my thoughts keep traveling to the
darker fantasies. I absolutely love dark and twisted fantasies. The more
twisted the better. I love kidnapping fantasies where I can trap you in
my special basement to use however I’d like. I’m sure you can imagine the
things I’d do to you when I got you alone and tied up. You’d be completely
at my mercy. I can be very cruel, but it’s all for my amusement and it’s
not like you could stop me. You probably wouldn’t want to stop me
anyways. Who could say no to me? I am certain that you are not strong
enough to.

What’s your darkest fantasy?
I had the most lovely day yesterday. I decided to treat myself to a
weekend away from playing with all you horny boys and girls to have a
beach day. One of my friends lives on a secluded beach that is perfect
for nude sunbathing and other fun summer time activities. I got to lay
out in the sun completely naked and I got to swim in the lake too. Is
there anything better than being in nature, surrounded by sexy friends? I
wish you all could have been there with me. I have enough naughty
memories to fill the rest of my summer. Wanna hear about them?
You’d think it would be a total bummer to be stuck inside during these
beautiful summer weekends, but luckily I have some sexy ladies to hang out
with. One of the many things I love about this place is that we are real
phone girls. We really have fun with callers AND each other. We all enjoy
pleasure (yours and ours). I’m sure you can imagine all the trouble we
get into here at YourDesires. Our naughtiness is our summer fun. The only
think we’re missing is a pool, a few hard dicks and some sissy sluts
serving us fruity drinks. Which one can you provide?
I really don’t care much for all this hot weather, but I am a girl who
looks on the bright side of everything. This scorching summer means I get
to wear my shortest skirts, dresses and my sexiest panties. You all know
that I am a panty addict. I love all kinds of panties as long as they
feel good against my bare pussy. The softer the wetter I get. The
rubbing of the silk or lace just gets me going and, of course, leaving
dampness right at that sweet spot. It gets even better when there’s a
summer breeze to lift the barely there skirt or dress flashing anyone
who’s checking out my ass (because who isn’t). I’ve given many men and
women a good show walking through town and I don’t even bother trying to
cover up. Subtle “accidental” flashes are my gift to the world and you’re
welcome for it. I can only imagine how badly you’d love to see those
peeks of my girly panties. Or, even better, feel these soft panties
against your cock while I’m talking dirty to you. If you ever want to
experience the pleasure of jerking off with my panties just let me know
and it can easily be arranged.
What are your favorite type of panties?
You know how much I love getting kinky, naughty and dirty. I love getting
twisted with all of your dark phone fantasies. I love being a brat. You
know what else I love? Getting fucked by nice, big hard dicks. In every
hole. I love giving slow blow jobs until you cum in my hot mouth (or on
my big tits). I love having my pussy licked until you face is wet with my
juices. I also love cumming with you over and over until we are both
exhausted. I’m sure you’ll love it too. So if you ever think I’m too
extreme for you just remember that vanilla is a spice too and I love
This summer is shaping up to be a hot one and I’m not just talking about
the weather. I spend most of my day at a desk job, but at night I get to
play! It’s been warm enough that I can change into my most revealing
outfit and hang out on the patio of my favorite bars. I usually go alone,
but I rarely leave alone. After a couple of happy hour beverages I’m
feeling nice and loose. That’s when it’s time to find my prey. I check
out all the packages coming to see which one looks the yummiest (this is
why all men should wear skinny jeans or gym shorts). Luckily I’ve had
lots of practice teasing and talking dirty so it doesn’t take long to get
him where I want him. Usually it’s the alley or a car, I don’t even care
if the sun is still out. That just makes it naughtier for me. I just
love being a summer slut.
What’s your favorite summer activity?
I hope you all have a fun and sexy 4th of July! I’ll be spending mine in
my shortest shorts and tiniest bikini top lounging on the beach sipping
some kind of fruity beverage. What better way to spend my favorite summer
holiday than by getting tipsy and teasing all the horny men. Some men are
just for teasing and some are for fucking. I love that I get to decided
which is which. Obviously the biggest packages in wet swim trunks get my
pussy’s attention. Tiny little peckers get a different kind of attention
that might be a bit more frustrating. I’ll keep a tally of how many cocks
I get hard and how many I let explode all over my tits and ass.
Here’s to red hot pussies, blue balls and white hot cum!
I know it’s so difficult for you when I’m only here for a few hours a
week, but I make the most of my time while I’m here. If you’re missing me
while I’m away you can always follow me on Twitter and Tumblr to get your
fix. When I am here, you can reach me on Trillian (AutumnFallsForYou) or
you can email to get to know me a bit better or set
up an appointment.
Twitter: SuperSexyAutumn
I’m sure a lot of you miss me being your favorite redheaded night flirt,
but I am loving these day play times. It always feels a bit naughtier to
be a whore during the day. There’s really nowhere to hide when the sun is
the shining and people are out and about. Does it feel naughtier for you
too? For most of you, you have to sneak away from your duties to play me.
The car. The bathroom. The closet. I can be as loud as I want, but you
have to be oh so quiet so no one knows our secret chats. The risk of
getting caught is worth it just to hear my sexy voice teasing you while
you get closer and closer to exploding. Where’s your favorite hiding
It feels so good to be back in the warm, wet embrace of YourDesires. I’ve
been back for a little over 2 months and it feels like I never left. It’s
been such a blast getting to know all of these sexy ladies and
reconnecting with the pervs I’ve missed so much. If we haven’t gotten the
chance to play since my return I promise that we will soon. Just keep an
eye on the website and you might be pleasantly surprised to see my name
pop up at unexpected times. I’m mostly here on the weekends and
Wednesdays, but I try to sneak in extra play times when I can.
If you’re new to YourDesires and we haven’t met, please check out my bio
and see if we are a good match. I’m a lot of fun and we could have a lot
of fun together.
As you know I am currently in school to finish my degree. Next quarter
promises to be a very difficult one for me since the classes will be more
intense and I will also be starting an internship as well. Because of
this, I will be taking some time away from YourDesires. My time here and
playing with you has been incredibly special which makes this decision
much more difficult for me. I know that my dear friends here will take
fantastic care of you. If you need any advice on which ladies might be a
good fit for you you can ask Melanie at She
has taken great care to get to know each of us and our strengths. I trust
her to guide you in the right direction.
Sometimes opportunities come up that are too great to ignore and now is
one of those times for me. Wish me luck on this adventure.
Your favorite redheaded phone slut will be back next week for some hot
phone sex. I can’t wait to tell you all about my naughty adventures. I
promise to get into lots of trouble just so you have plenty of jack off
material ;) Planes, subways, parties and all kinds of fun stuff means
I’ll for sure be getting into something dirty.
You can get advance notice of any and all special promotions that we offer
here at YD. All you have to to do is send an email to and we can sign you right up. Like everything we
do it’s kept super private ;) and we ONLY use it to let you know when
something new and exciting is happening here.

Don’t you want to be the first to know all the naughty tricks we have
I have a very special trip coming up the beginning of March and I am SO
excited for it. I love weddings just as much as anyone, but I love
bachelorette parties even more. This one promises to be quite a
celebration. The bars have already been selected. The strippers have
already been booked (both male and female). I’ve got my sexiest and
sluttiest outfit picked out. I’ll be in the big city with a bunch of my
drunk slutty friends and I’m sure you can imagine the kind of trouble
we’ll be getting into. We are going to be party night flirts to say the
least. I’m not the one getting married so I’ll be seeing this adventure
as a buffet and every cock as a chance to get my tight pussy filled. I’ll
be back nice and sore to have some hot sex on the phone with you because
this little whore can’t get enough.
I won’t be here ON Valentines Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get all
romantic together. I love chocolates, lingerie, flowers and all kinds of
pretty things. I love hot oil massages and pedicures. And, of course, I
love fucking on big soft beds. This time of year brings out the lovey,
dovey side of me so you should take advantage of it while you can! Who
knows what kind of mood I’ll be in next.
I know I’m only around 2 days a week to focus on my studies, but that
doesn’t mean I’m completely off the grid. You can find me on Tumblr at or you can follow me on Twitter at
I also check my email pretty regularly (

If it’s a Wednesday or Thursday feel free to drop me an IM on Yahoo and
AOL. My screename on both is AutumnFalls4You

See? It’s so easy to stay in touch with me.
It’s almost my favorite time of the year! In just a over a week it will
be my birthday! I’m sure you all know how much I LOVE my birthday. It’s
a whole day that revolves around me so why wouldn’t I love it? I’m sure
you’ve put a lot of thought into what to get me for my special day, but
what I really want is you! I’ll be here the 4th and 5th of February if
you want to send any well wishes my way.
What did I get to do today? There was a lot of extreme play and I
absolutely love traveling to those dark places with people. There was
also some vanilla thrown in for some extra spice. Don’t ever forget that
I ALWAYS love fucking with my extreme play.

One of my favorite “victims” just couldn’t get me out of his head and had
to do a session with me today. I know all of his dirty little secrets and
so many fun facts about him that he can never stay away for too long. He
knows that if he does I might have to make a couple of calls that could
ruin his whole life. For me, blackmail isn’t just about the money. It’s
the power and control that make me all wet and tingly.

I spent a little bit of time today turning my ashtray/pain slut into a pin
cushion. It was so thrilling to watch the needles being forced into it’s
mangled nuts. I know it will do whatever I please with only my limits to
guide it.

Speaking of guiding, I walked someone through exactly how to touch their
cock. They had the pleasure of listening to me describe exactly how to
jerk off to ensure they put on a good show for me.

This is just a sample of the fun, hot calls I got to do today. I also got
to be Daddy’s little girl (a personal favorite of mine), I got to dress up
a cock sucking crossdresser, and so many other fun things. My life sure
is hard. ;)
It’s a brand new year! Do you have any naughty resolutions? Perhaps you
need to fuck more? Or add some new panties to your collection? Maybe you
have a hole or two that need to be stretched out. I can offer up my
expertise to help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself in
2015. You can just consider me your slutty life coach.
Christmas is here! I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate is full of
warmth and joy. I like to spread my own special kind of warmth and joy
around this season. I’ll bet you can guess what I’m hinting at. It can
be so stressful and everyone needs to let off a little steam which is why
it’s so lucky that you have a hot slut like me around to help relief some
of that pressure.
I’ll be waiting here under the mistletoe for you if you promise to bring
the hard candy cane for me to suck on.
I’m getting pretty stoked about 2015. There will be some awesome, but
major changes. I got a pretty great scholarship opportunity (no, I didn’t
find a sugar daddy ;)) that will allow me to go to school full time.
School is pretty tough work that requires a lot of my time so I will need
to adjust my playtimes here. I will be around on Wednesdays 8am-2pm and
Thursdays 8am-8pm. A horny slut like me needs to get her fix somewhere or
I’ll just spend all day teasing professors and I’d prefer to get my A’s
using my brain instead of my tits and ass. I’m old fashioned like that.
And, who knows, I might even pick up a weekend here and there just to
spice things up even more.
Missing me, darling? I know you are. I’ll be back soon and I can’t wait
to remind you why you love my voice so much. My pussy is already wet with
the anticipation of our playtime. Do you have a huge load backed up for
me? What naughty thoughts did you have about me while I was away? A week
can be a very long time and we have so much to catch up on.

Mark your calender! December 16th, 8am!
This little slut is taking a vacation to get some sun. I’ll be gone for 10
days December 6th through the 16th to be exact) for naughty fun with
umbrella drinks and sandy beaches. I know you’ll miss me, but there are
plenty of times to play before my adventure and I would love for you to
send me off with a smile. I’ll miss you and the other phone sluts here at
YourDesires so I need to make sure I get my fill of wet pussy and hot
phone sex.
I’ll come back with tons of naughty stories (like always) to share with you.

I’ll be around Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the next two
weeks so let’s play!
We are getting close to Thanksgiving so it’s time to mention what we are
thankful for. Would you like me to guess what you’re going to be thinking

My big beautiful tits
My juicy ass
My pretty, pink pussy
My dirty mind
My slutty clothes
My Dominating personality
My taboo thoughts

What would you like to add to the list? I’m sure we can think of many
more reasons to be thankful for night flirts like me. I will be here all
day on the 27th and I could use a little stuffing.
I guess it’s the time of year when things get super wet around here. It
makes me not want to leave my bed and stay snuggled in my warm bed. There
is nothing better than the feeling of clean, warm sheets on my soft, naked
skin. The sheets we have here are silk so you can imagine how incredible
it feels to slide into them with your voice on the other end. You can get
all snuggled up on your end with my sexy voice in your ear and we can play
out some hot fantasies that leave us both satisfied. I’m sure you could
use a little warming up too. Now that’s what I call real phone sex.
I love dressing up. I love candy. I love dark, scary things. I love
Halloween. I’ve got a hot costume and a hot date and a fun party to go
to. Honestly, the adventure will probably last all weekend and I’ll be
back on Tuesday sore, bruised and exhausted. Can you imagine the stories
I’m going to have about my naughty adventures? Do you think it’s going to
be full of tricks or treats?
Promise me that you’ll have a fun and safe Halloween so you can tell your
favorite phone slut about it.
Y is for YourDesires

Did you know that it’s our anniversary here at YD? I feel so blessed to
have been part of this lovely family of sexy, slutty ladies. I’ve grown
so much in my time here and my mind sure has been expanded and opened up.
I’ve been exposed to so many kinks that really get my heart racing and my
pussy wet. I can’t imagine my life now without CBT, tease and denial,
torture, feminization, hardcore fucking and too many dark twisted things
to count. The orgasms I’ve had here are uncountable. I’ve fucked more
women in this house than most guys fuck in their whole lives.

Can you imagine the gallons of cum that have been squirted for me and in
my honor?

Get your dick in your hand and travel down memory lane with me.
Maybe you need a little more excitement on your Wednesdays? Perhaps a bit
more jerking off and dirty talk are just what you need to make it through
the tail end of your week. For the next few weeks I’ll be around to spice
up your hump day from 8am-12pm on Wednesday mornings. These new play
times won’t last forever so catch me while you can!
Even though I deliver such pain the pain sluts are always so thankful. I
got this sweet note after leaving such sweet marks.
I really enjoy leaving marks and bruises and evidence of my work. That
enjoyment must show through to all of my lovely sluts (pain and otherwise)

“Dear Princess Autumn,

What a fantastic day i had squirming around pretending to pay attention in
class as my mind remembered the way You used and bruised me over and over
yesterday. i was delighted when the tight jeans i wore constantly reminded
me of how sweet You were to spend so much time making sure that wonderful
feeling would last for several days. i woke up early and immediately began
poking around, because right now Princess Autumn, You are the first thing
i like to think about each morning. i looking forward to going to the gym
tomorrow because that is always a special treat after playing with You. It
seems i stay erotically charged by these pleasurable experiences You give
me and i can hardly contain my excitement as i try to patiently await our
next appointment. You really seem to enjoy what You do and You make me so

Thank You,

Your Grateful Painslut”
I got this email today and thought it would serve as some reminders to all
of you sissy and subbie little sluts.
1). Just because you think it’s a simple hello doesn’t mean I can’t or
won’t twist your words into a command for my entertainment.
2). Just because I’m not here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking of me
or serving me.
3). To me, training is a group effort which requires utilizing all of the
special skills my fellow YD Ladies have to offer.

“On Friday i made the mistake of saying HI to Mistress Autumn and
mentioned that i have had so little time lately.

Explaining that my weekends have been filled lately with buttoning down
things for winter,
except when i spend Sunday mornings sitting, grading papers here at my desk.

Somehow (*whine*) She heard it as
“slut is home alone and at his desk so is to be wearing something slutty
and tight”


And that “slut has to tell people because She was gone for the weekend.

Now i am wearing this while i grade papers.
Stripey panties, ring (still from Friday night) at the base of my clitty
and ovies, knee hi’s, bra and tight shirt, stretch pants.

Thank You


Your slut”
As you probably know, I’m “scheduled” three times a week. I’m always here
from 8am-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8am-2pm on Fridays. What you
may not know is that I like to come in at other times too. I just can’t
get enough of all of the sexy phone sluts here that it’s not uncommon for
me to show up for some extra playtime. Maybe my house just doesn’t smell
enough like sex and I start to miss it. If you ever want to catch me at
other times, just keep an eye on our Daily Schedule (which can be seen so
easily on our website) and see where I might be popping in next. You
could also email me with a day that you really, really need me and I might
be able to pop in at that time just for you. You gotta make sure that you
get your fill of Autumn this Fall.

I love summer just as much as the next girl, but as you can guess Fall is
my favorite season. It’s almost September which means Autumn is just
around the corner. The weather gets a little cooler and I just love the
clothes so much more during that season. Since I’m in school I get to do
all the back to school shopping. I will always make up an excuse to go
shopping. I love feeling the soft textures of sweaters and tights in the
store and deciding which ones will feel best against my skin. I love
trying on the clothes in the dressing rooms where I sometimes sneak in a
guest for a “second opinion”. Don’t even get me started on the heels and
boots they bring out for the fall season.

What’s your favorite thing about Autumn?
Yesterday was a pretty warm day so all I wanted to do was lounge around in
my undies in front of a nice, cool fan. Luckily one of my favorite panty
sluts requested a pair of wet panties from me so he could smell me while
he jerked his hard dick. I started by taking a shower. I used my
favorite body wash to cover my naked body in bubbles and let my hands slip
and slide all over my body. When I stepped out of the shower I toweled
off with a fluffy towel before rubbing my favorite lightly scented lotion
all over my clean skin. Paying extra special attention to my hard
nipples, juicy ass and creamy thighs, of course. Next I slipped into the
special panties I had picked out of my friend. They were the softest and
laciest panties and felt so good against my smooth cunt. I went back into
my bedroom to stretch out on my bed with the fan blowing against my damp
skin. I wanted to make those panties as wet as I possibly could so I knew
I had to tease myself so my juices leaked through the thin panties. I
closed my eyes and imagined how hard his cock was going to get and how
furiously he was going to stroke it for me and my panties. That really
got my going and I was just tracing the outline of my lips through the
soft fabric and could feel them getting warmer. Once they got wet enough
I could slip my fingers right inside those panties to rub a bit harder.
I’m sure you can imagine how soaked I was. I rubbed and rubbed my hard
clit and was grinding against the panties to make sure they soaked up
every drop of my sweet nectar. I have no idea how long I was rubbing
until I came, but I came SO hard.
I mailed out those panties today and I can’t wait until he gets them so we
can play with them. It will just get me all turned on again and I’ll have
another wet pair of panties.
A very special day is coming up and I hope you’re preparing for it. On
the 14th of August will be my 10 year anniversary here at YourDesires.
It’s been a beautiful, twisted, sexy and perverted adventure and I’m so
happy that I got to share it with all of the sexy ladies here and all of
the wonderful people like you. I would love to spend the whole month of
August celebrating all of the naughty times we’ve had and maybe making
some sexy new memories. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a huge party
for your favorite redheaded slut. You can shower me with love, attention
and gifts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays! I’m looking forward to
hearing to hearing all about your favorite call with me.
We are getting to the hottest part of year. It’s that time of year where
it’s so warm I don’t even feel like putting clothes on when I’m at the YD
house. During the whole month of August I tend to just lounge around in
my sexy, little panties. It’s just too darn hot to wear much else. My
big tits are out on full display and get instantly hard whenever I walk by
one of the fans. The cool air from the fan hitting my pink nipple sends a
nice tingle all the way down to my pussy. Not thinking about my pussy is
almost impossible when it’s the only thing that’s covered up. Sometimes I
try to tease myself by not touching the panties at all and only playing
with my exposed nipples. Can you imagine how long that lasts before I
have to spread my legs and slide my hand in and play with all of that
yummy wetness? I can give you more examples of how I tease myself and get
my panties soaking wet. Summer can get pretty long so I have to entertain
myself or I’ll just get myself into trouble. Maybe you’d like to
entertain me?
I’m just having so much fun on my Tuesdays here that I just had to hang
out longer. Starting the 28th of July, I’m making another change to my
play times. I’ll be here Tuesday 8am-8pm, Thursdays from 8am-8pm and
Fridays 8am-1pm. That’s 3 days you get to play with me and I get to play
with you (and the other phone sluts here at YourDesires).
I just can’t stay away on the weekends either, keep a lookout for me since
I do like to pop in unannounced for some fun times.
Let’s have some hot, sweaty sex talk before the summer is over!
While browsing the internet today I found the most beautiful and wonderful
picture of a poor, little cock all locked up in it’s cage. Want to know
the best part? The Mistress superglued the key INSIDE the device. Can
you imagine how much of a mindfuck that would be to look down at your
caged member and being able to see the key right there. It would be so
close, but you know there’s no way you could ever get it out. It would be
a constant reminder that you are not in charge of anything. It was so
lovely and the perfect image to capture how I feel about chastity.
X is for XXX Phone Sex

There are few things sexier than the hot moans from someone on the other
end of a phone line. I love hearing your breathing getting quicker and
your moans getting louder as you get closer and closer to one of the best
orgasms of your life. I love hearing you whisper your desires and secrets
to me. It gets me so hot and gets these panties soaking wet. I know you
want to hear me just as much as I want to hear you. I know you want to
have some dirty, raunchy sex talk that will get your dick harder than it’s
ever been. Sure I love all kinds of dark, taboo and kinky things. My
heart is big enough for kinky stuff and hardcore fucking. I like to mix
it up to keep things interesting. Deep down I’m just a phone slut who
loves to fuck (and fuck with).
Come show me what you can do with that beautiful cock and I’ll show you
what I can do with my sexy voice.
I got this sweet little love note from a little pet who was begging to be
let back into my flock. I think he knows that his place has always been
and will always be at my feet. I might carry the keys to his device right
around my neck.

“Princess Autumn,

Thank You so much for permitting me back under Your perfect hand for
training. i shall do exactly as You require of me sending the keys
priority mail right away so W/we can begin to lay the ground rules per
Your instruction.

Your pet was so not expecting this Autumn…the one thing i feared most
was enduring the intensity of sustained long-term chastity and yet You
force me to remain locked down turning over the keys to my device. You
know i am under Your spell and too weak to do anything less than obey!

So i shall…i shall do as You require of Your pet for my life is no
longer my own. i live now to please You and serve You and You alone and i
am only permitted release when You say.

Your pet is so entranced with the sound of Your voice in his ear…so
perfectly calm, smooth, alluring and hypnotizing…so steady and
controlling. All is lost, given up, surrendered, handed over when under
it. i shall faithfully and obediently do as You require of me now my
beloved Autumn.

Thank You,

Your lowly humbled chaste pet”
I thought I’d mix things up this summer and try out some new playtimes.
Hot summers require some hot phone sex. Starting June 16th my schedule
will look a little something like this:

Mondays 2pm-6pm
Tuesdays 8am-6pm
Thursdays 8am-8pm
Fridays 8am-1pm

I also plan on popping into the house here and there over the summer so
keep a lookout for me.
I will be away on my vacation from May 24th until June 3rd. I’ll be here
today, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to drain your balls dry before I
leave. I promise to get into lots of naughty naughty fun that I can’t wait
to tell you about when I get back.
I thought you all would like an update on all of the fun I’ve been having
that past week or so

*It’s super warm in some parts of the world so one sweet slut got an ice
cold glass dildo shoved into her greedy cunt.
*My ashtray got some matches hot glued to his nuts which were then lit
making the most beautiful fireball on either either sides of it’s nuts.
*I got to train my new pet in proper pony etiquette. Luckily I had all of
the stallions in the stables to help me teach.
*Sometimes sweet boys just need a relaxing bath and massage from Mommy.
I’m always happy to deliver some soothing after a long day.
*I’ve gotten to suck so many cocks over the past few days that I’ve lost
count, but my favorite is when they end in either us getting fucked in the
ass. I think I prefer bending someone over after I get them nice and hard
and then really plow into their tight asses.

This is just a short list of the fun I’ve had lately. Perhaps you and I
could add a few things to the list for next time.
I always consider Thursdays to be the beginning of my week and there are
so many things to love about it. I’m here late into the evening so I get
to talk to all the naughty boys and girls who like to get into some dirty
fun after their work day. It’s my longest day so I get to lounge around
in barely any clothes without having the worry of getting dressed again to
head out into the world. The cherry on the top of the creamy sundae is
the sexy ladies I get to hang out with. Layla, Emily, Chloe, Christie,
Laura and Asia are always so much fun to play with (or fuck with, tease
with, torture with) and with such a long day I’m promised to have time to
play with each one of them. How could I possibly get bored with such a
sexy buffet in front of me every Thursday? I promise that with this sexy
bunch, Thursdays will be your favorite day of the week too.
The beginning of the month always brings to mind the goals and wants I
want for the next 31 days. My goal this month is to do as much fucking
as possible. That doesn’t just mean fucking my own tight holes. I also
plan on fucking every hot twat in this house. This month also brings the
return of one of my favorite sissy sluts who is perfect for fucking with.
We all know how much I love fucking with slutty little sissies. The end
of the month will also bring my vacation so if you want to fuck or get
fucked or be fucked with during May (and I know you do!) then hop on
board, sweet thing.
Is there anything hotter than spending a weekend at a cabin with your
hottest girlfriends?

I don’t think there is, but I’ll know for soon. Every year my best
friends and I spend a weekend at a secluded cabin on the beach. We get to
spend all day lounging around in next to nothing and drinking fancy
beverages. As you can imagine there is lots of naughty fun. Especially
when you throw in the private secluded hot tub. This year we are thinking
about making a special trip into town to pick up some local hotties to
spice things up a bit.

I’m sure I will have SOOO many stories to share with you on Monday.
Assuming I even have the energy to make it in. Who am I kidding? I’m
never too tired to finger fuck my pussy while telling you stories that I
know are making your dick hard.
You know what they say about April Showers bring May flowers or whatever.
That saying just makes me think of all of the things I love being showered

Hot juice from a squirting pussy
Cum all over my face and tits

With all of the “showering” I have planned for this month it makes me
excited to see what fun stuff May has planned.
There are so many things I love about being a one of the exclusive
YourDesires girls. The obvious one is that I get to have sex on the phone
every day. If I didn’t have this outlet, I would probably be getting
kicked out of a lot more places for having my hand inside these panties.
My other favorite thing is the continuous new crop of sexy ladies we
always have coming in here. The last few new girls have been so
incredibly hot that I’m having trouble concentrating on anything else.
Have you checked them out lately? I’m gonna have to try them all out at
least a dozen times to make sure I REALLY get to know them. Maybe you’d
like to help?
How often do you think about me?
Do you imagine what it’s like to kneel in front of me and begging to
worship any part of me that I desire?
Or maybe you picture what my sweet pussy must taste like and how wet it
must get when you lick just the right spots? You also must know that
there are other spots where your tongue would fit much better.
Do you wonder what my panties look like when I open my legs right in front
of you? Is there a wet spot there or maybe there aren’t any panties at

I’ll bet you think about all of these things and I’ll bet you think about
them quite often.

What else do you think about when you close your eyes and grab your cock?
Today is the first day of Spring! I adore Spring almost as much as I
adore cock. The sun is shining and the birds are singing and all I can
think about is fucking. Soon it will be time for roadtrips with no
panties and roadhead. It really is such a beautiful time of year and it’s
made even more beautiful by the sounds of hot sex from some hot phone
sluts through open windows. The possibilities are really endless and I
can’t wait to explore all of them with you!
As you know, I love so many things about sex. Sex is one of the most
wonderful things in the world. What a lot of people don’t understand is
that an orgasm is not your right. Sometimes (especially when you talk to
me), you have to work for it. Male orgasm denial just makes my pussy
tingle. I love hearing you get closer to that edge and wanting it so bad.
I’ll bet it’s so difficult to hear me fingering my perfect cunt to orgasm
over and over again and knowing you have to wait. You might not even get
to at all.
I’ve made a teeny tiny schedule change and wanted to make sure you knew
just where to find me.

I’m available for hottest sex on the phone during these times (which are,
of course, Pacific):

Mondays: 8am-5pm
Wednesdays: 8am-3pm
Thursdays: 8am-8pm
Fridays: 8am-4:30pm
Saturdays: By Appointment

Don’t hesitate to drop me and email and let’s see what kind of trouble we
can get into
I sure do love February. First there’s my birthday and then there’s
Valentine’s Day! I get to celebrate the thing that I love the most. And
fucking is what I love the most. I got to be here on the phonesex line
with all my favorite ladies and all my favorite horny guys. You know what
else I love about Valentine’s Day? The sales on all the candy the day
after! My pussy isn’t the only thing I like cream filled ;)
You know I love a celebration. You also know I love my birthday! Well,
my birthday is on February 6th and I wanna celebrate with you! I can
think of all sorts of naughty games we can play. Perhaps even adding
another girl to the party may be in order. Someone has to take my
birthday spankings, don’t they?
I’ll be heading into a tropical paradise next week. While I’m laying out
on sandy beaches in a tiny bikini, drinking rum drinks from a coconut I
know you’ll miss me. I’m sure any of the other lovely ladies here can
take care of you while I’m away and then you can tell me all about it when
I return on January 30th!
I just love the beginning of a new year. 2014 is already filled with so
much promise of a sexy and exciting year here at YourDesires. I have
visions of all the sweet, little sissy sluts dancing through my head in
pretty things. I can’t even imagine how many tight, virgin assholes I’m
going to break in this year. Or how many mouths! My pussy gets wet at the
thought of all the dirty Daddies who want to want to play with their sexy
redheaded whore. What about all the boys who get to have me sit on their
faces until I cum over and over. There will be so many loads of sticky
cum shot in my honor this year and it gets me all tingly.
There are so many things to explore together in this new year and I can’t
wait to hear what your plans are!
It’s coming up on a new year and that means it’s time for a new schedule.
It won’t be brand “spanking” new, but there are some minor changes. You’ll
be able to find me at these times starting January 4th 2014

Wednesdays: 8am-3pm
Thursdays: 8am-5pm
Fridays: 8am-4:30
Saturdays: 11am-7pm

I look forward to having lots of fun with you and my fellow phone sluts in
the new year!
What do I love about xxx phone sex? So many things.
I love the sound of your voice as you get closer and closer to the edge of
I love the sound of desperation in your voice when I tell you to stop.
I love the way you beg when you want to cum so bad but I won’t let you.
I love hearing your slippery cock gliding through your hands as you pump
it as fast or as slow as I desire.
I love having my fingers deep inside my wet pussy while we phone fuck each
other senseless.
I love cumming so hard together.
The weather here sure has taken a turn for the cold. Lucky for us we have
hot phone sex to keep our temps up. Nothing gets my blood pumping like
pumping a big dildo in and out of my pussy while you pump your hard cock.
I just wanna get sweaty on these cold winter days.
Let’s see how many orgasms I can have before the new year starts.
W is for Wrapped Up

Would you like to know what I’ve been thinking about lately?

I’ve been picturing you completely naked, trembling just a little bit
knowing that I’m going to be making you very uncomfortable. You’re going
to put your hands behind your back for me with your palms together. I’m
going to take one of my thigh high stockings and pull it up over your arms
pushing them tightly together. Then I’m going to wrap the other stocking
around and around and around from your elbows to your wrists so you can’t
move a single muscle in your arms. That sounds a little scary, doesn’t
it? Well, I’m not done yet. Then I get to throw you onto the bed so I
can do the same thing to your legs. My stockings will hold both of your
legs nice and tightly so I can more thoroughly bind those as well. Now
your legs and your arms and completely motionless and you are completely
at my disposal. You look so cute laying at the edge of the bed trying to
twist and turn and struggle. The only thing ruining the mood is the
sounds of your begging. Sometimes begging is a major turn on for me, but
not tonight. Tonight I’ll have to shove this wet pair of panties right
into that pleading mouth of yours and then pull the last stocking down
over your head to hold it in place. You can lay there breathing in the
scent of my freshly worn stockings and wondering how long I’ll keep you
that way. If I think you deserve it, I might let you watch while I fuck
myself with one of my favorite dildos.
Thanksgiving is coming up quick. It’s a beautiful time of year when I get
to take a moment to think about what I’m really thankful for. Most of
those things get my all wet inside my panties. I have a whole list of
things that I love exploring with you and my favorite phone sluts here at
Wanna hear all about them? I do love to share all of my hot desires and
would be happy to share them with you. Maybe you can share what makes you
thankful this time of year.
Starting October 21st, I will be unavailable on Sundays Mondays and
Tuesdays! Don’t worry, sweet babe, this little phone slut will still be
available Wednesday through Saturday for all the dirty sex talk you can

Wednesdays: 8am-4:30pm
Thursdays: 8am-8pm
Fridays: 8am-4:30
Saturdays: 11am-9:30pm

And remember all times are Pacific.
V is for Very, Very Messy

My kinky alphabet is almost over. I’m so glad that you’ve been following
along to hear about all my phone fantasies. I’m sure you have lots of
things that you can add to my list as well ;)

There are some kinds of sex that a bed is just not suited for. Unless, of
course, you want to lay down a tarp first. Sometimes the kitchen is just
way more practical. I love playing in the kitchen. I love playing with
food. I love both of our bodies to be covered in sweat, cum, chocolate
sauce, whipped cream, butter, and anything we can find that’s sticky or
sweet. We can spend hours spreading food all over each other and then
slowly licking it off. That stuff can get everywhere so we’ll just have
to lick everywhere to make sure we can get nice and clean. And our bodies
get so slippery, we can just slide all over each other while we try to
find all the right spots. I get hungry and horny just thinking about it.

What’s your favorite food?
Even after all this time I still get pleasant surprises. Thursday’s
surprise? One of my dear little sluts had to spend the night in a
hospital (don’t worry they are fine) and just couldn’t ignore the urges I
bring out in people. You can imagine my shock and delight when the whore
begged for some naughty sex talk from the hospital bed! You can imagine
how much more delighted I was when they were interrupted 3 times with
their hand between their thighs. Public sex and tease and denial! It
doesn’t get much better than that.
Your favorite little slut is back from vacation and ready to fuck. You’d
think that after all of the hot action I got while I was away would
satisfy me, but I am never satisfied. Maybe that’s why I love phone sex
so much. I get to do fucking during my free time and then finger my hot
cunt while I tell you all about it.
If you want to hear about all of my adventures, I’m back on my old schedule.
It’s finally September. That means two things.

1. Our favorite season Fall (or Autumn as some like to call it) is just
around the corner. Snug sweaters and silky tights are one of my favorite
combinations. There are so many textures to play with when the weather
gets a bit chillier.

2. It’s time for this little slut’s vacation. I’ll be out adventuring
from September 13th-19th. I know this means you will miss me, but it also
means I’ll have some hot stories to share and will be in serious need of
some hot aural action. When I return I’ll be back to my normal playtimes.

Thursdays 8am-8pm
Fridays 8am-5pm
Saturdays 11am-pm
Mondays 8am-5pm
Sometimes one of my darlings sends me a note that is just so sweet I
couldn’t possibly not share it. Do you see what you’ve been missing?

Dearest Autumn,

There is something especially wicked about what you have done with me in
the past forcing me to the edge over-and-over with that deliciously sexy
and teasing voice. All the while coaxing me on almost making it feel as
though it truly is something I desire this denial versus release. This
fucks with my head and yet in some crazy way it makes me want to please
and obey because all the while this is what you so sincerely tell me to
do. That the focus should be on you and not my coming. So I am taken
down ever lower and lower still.

You would abruptly leave me there oftentimes hanging on the edge and I
would hear, “Bye pet”. My mind would be left swirling trying to grasp
what just happened not knowing how to make sense of it all.

Well my love last night after far too long my Goddess Haylee called you
up. And pet was already edging and the mercy of you both. I could hear
your soft voices chatting about me and talking about how I was in need of
this training and discipline because of my naughtiness of late.

In seconds I was floating in subspace forced to listen to you and Goddess
Haylee’s teasing banter. Goddess Haylee laughed at my writhing as she
described it to you and then she requested that you take me there to the
edge where in reality I already was. You took me there the first time and
I was able to hang on so frustratingly difficult as it was. But then came
the second edging no long after and I started to think there wasn’t much
possibly of hanging back. Amazingly, I was able to endure though I was
brought so thoroughly low groveling and writhing like a little fuck bitch.

Upon the third edging going into it I knew I was ruined! The both of you
giggling saying perhaps we should milk that cum out of his cock. I found
myself on the edge instantly under the softness and control of your voice
Autumn and I was forced to ruin my orgasm. There was absolutely nothing
left within me to do otherwise.

The two of you took me down. Goddess Haylee thanked you saying how
wonderful she thought our time together was and the instant she hung up
she turned to me saying disdainfully, “I told you earlier you wouldn’t
last 15 minutes!”. Then she chided, “I hope you enjoyed your call”.

I scrambled grabbing my laptop to tell you just how thankful I was for
your taking the time to let us call you telling you how brilliant you were
and how we so looked forward to our next call together. All before
signing off for the evening. Your pet felt like weeping before going off
to sleep due to the intensity of the paces he had been put through.

Thank you again Autumn for playing with Goddess Haylee and I and
participating in my training and discipline helping guide us to where your
pet needs to be so low at your perfect feet.

Your broken lowly pet
Can you believe another year has passed? I am so lucky to be surrounded
by so much sex all the time. Phone sex is so hot and fun for me that it
just makes time fly. I’d love to celebrate my anniversary as a
YourDesires girl with YOU. Let’s remember all the sexy times we’ve had
and plan some new ones for the year to come.
As with all celebrations, I believe the more the merrier. So why don’t we
add one (or two, or three) of my sexy friends to join us?
Starting on August 5th I will temporarily have a different schedule.
Please take advantage of me during these new playtimes ;) It will look
like this:

Mondays: 8am-5pm
Tuesdays: 8am-8pm
Wednesdays: 8am-6pm
Thursdays: 8am-5pm

I will go back to my regular schedule sometime in mid September for those
of you who prefer end of the week play ;)
Sometimes it is very hard for a girl to concentrate with all of these
lovely ladies walking around. I absolutely adore cock, but I just keep
seeing these sexy sluts walking around with next to nothing and it gets my
pussy so dripping wet. Maybe you and I should team up and teach these
naughty girls some lessons?
U is for Us

A lot of people ask me what I do on calls. It’s really a silly question.
I do exactly what you think I’m doing.

I lay back on my queen size bed and close my eyes. I love to be able to
just lay there and listen to your sexy voice or the sound of you breathing
heavily. I keep my legs spread just slightly while we chit chat. Even
while we are having small talk I like to tease my nipples so they get nice
and hard through whatever I’m wearing. It’s nice to see them poking
through the fabric while you’re telling me about your day. Of course my
hands travel down to the front of my panties while our talk gets a little
more intimate. I’m sure you can tell by my own breathing that I’m getting
wet. I can’t help but start telling you what I want to do to you. My
soft hand slides into my panties while I tell you where I want my mouth.
You know exactly where I want my mouth, but hearing me describe it makes
you even harder than you were before. I might even beg you to start
stroking so I can plunge my fingers into my dripping wet cunt. Us
masturbating together and working ourselves into an absolute frenzy is the
reason I answer the phone.

Do you have anything in mind for us?
Summer is just around the corner and I’ve already found the perfect spot
for my sunbathing adventures. It’s secluded enough that I won’t get
arrested, but not so private that I don’t get the thrill of strangers
checking out my body. I can’t wait to feel the hot sun on my naked skin.
Can I possibly wait for the hot days or should I just go out there and
hope someone can warm me up if I get too chilly?
You know those days when all you can think about is sex? I’m having one
of those today. All I can think about is getting one of my tight holes
fucked silly. Luckily, I get to spend all day having sex on the phone to
get me through until I head out on the town looking for something or
someone to get between my creamy thighs. Wanna help me out?
T is for Toys, Toys, Toys

I’m a collector. I collect all kinds of things, but toys are a personal
favorite. I have quite the collection of vibrators, dildos, spanking
tools, pinchy things, pokey things, and all kinds of things. Toys are
just so much fun. I keep them all gathered together in a special drawer
in my dresser and sometimes I like to open that drawer and see all my
pretty things collected together. I like to see all the sizes of dildos.
From small to very, very large. I like to look at the vibrators and
remember how strong each one is and how each bump and curve feels deep
inside my cunt or just teasing around my lips. I like to look at the all
the other kinky toys arranged by how much they hurt. Some are soft and
sensual and some have a very harsh bite. Each one of my toys has a time
and a place, but mostly it depends on my mood and what my aching twat
needs. I’d be happy to teach you how I use each one. Or maybe I could
help you grow your own collection.
Spring is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited. The days are
getting longer and the weather is getting a bit warmer. Everything just
feels a little sexier. Even phone sex is a bit hotter. I get to lay here
on my big, huge bed fingering my pussy while the rain is hitting the roof
and the sun is shining through the windows. The orgasms I have are just
so intense. I think it’s time for us to have a spring fling, baby.
Today will be a day of pampering. Spring is finally starting to peek it’s
sunny head out and I need to get ready for it. First up is a lovely
massage. It doesn’t include a “happy ending”, but it sure does leave my
pussy wet to have someone running their strong hands all over my naked
skin. I especially love the feeling of the hot oil against me. It gets
me all tingly.

I’m not sure if everyone will agree with me, but I get so aroused when I
get my pussy waxed. There’s just something about another person looking
and poking and prodding at my pussy that gets me soaked. Even the
stinging pain of the waxing gets me so worked up. Plus it gets so
sensitive. I always wear silky panties so I can feel them rubbing against
my freshly waxed cunt. It’s like my own special orgasm denial.

Then of course is a special date with my favorite big dicked stud. Large
cocks and tight smooth pussies are just a perfect match and I can’t let a
sensitive pussy go to waste.
Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet darlings. My birthday and Valentine’s Day in
the same month has to mean February is magical.
Are you wondering how you can share this special day with your favorite
phone whore? I can easily tell you what the best gifts for me would be.
How about some hot phone fun and some mind blowing orgasms? Hard cocks?
Large cocks? Small cocks? I’ll take each and every one of them. Let’s
cum on the phone, baby, and celebrate the sexiest month of the year!

It is less that one month until this little slut’s birthday. Can you tell
I get pretty excited? Who wouldn’t get excited about a whole day devoted
to me?
Some people would say that giving people a month notice of my birthday
would be too much, but I actually consider it a favor. It means I’m
giving you plenty of time to figure out how to make my birthday (or birth
month) the best ever.
I am a spoiled brat who absolutely loves being showered with gifts, but
what I really want is for all of my darlings to call me so we can
celebrate me together. What better celebration than super hot playtimes?!?
I’m a complicated girl with so many interests so I think it’s fair for me
to take a whole month to explore them all!

One of my favorite ways to celebrate a birthday with sissies is by them eating a cupcake (my favorite treat!) frosted with some semen! It’s sweet and salty and a party right in their mouths. In a perfect world it would be someone else’s cum, but usually I let the sweet little sissy frost the cupcake themselves.

On Friday, a very sweet little slutling jayla wanted to celebrate Halloween with me. Sadly there were no Halloween cupcakes to be found so we went with a BIG fall themed cookie instead. It was chocolate frosted so when cum was added it showed up very nicely on webcam. I could see all of the details of the adorable little sailor outfit one of the other mistresses had picked out too. Then, of course, the dirty little bitch ate it! And jayla loved every second of it. I can’t wait to watch her eat more cummy foods for me.

S is for Slut

Of course “S” is for slut. It’s part of who I am. You put a cock or a pussy or even a sexy asshole in front of me and all I can think about is how I want it. No matter how many fetishes I discover or how many taboos we share I will I always love fucking. Deep and hard and rough is my preferred method, but I’ve been known to take is slow and gentle too. Fingers work. Cocks work. Mouths and tongues work. Dildos work. Even phallic shaped foods work. My body is always ready for some action and if you have it I want it. If you are ever checking things out and wondering “which of these girls want my dick right now”, you can safely assume that Autumn wants your dick right now. I’m just a greedy, horny slut.

It’s time again for this girl to head off to have some adventures. I can promise naughty, fun, and sexy stories upon my return. If you want to play play before I go on my vacation you have ALL this weekend (September 27th through the 1st) to catch me. After that, I’ll be back on the 11th of October to help get your rocks off.


There are so many things to love about the fall time. The obvious one is that my tits looks fantastic in a nice, warm and tight sweater. I can still wear short little skirts, but with some tights. Some people say they aren’t as sexy as pantyhose, but I have to disagree. I think the texture feels so much better against my legs. The added thickness means you have to push really hard against my pussy if you slide your hand up my skirt. You know I love it a little rough.

The extra awesome part of this time of year is that it gets warm during the day so I get to slip out of my bra and the tights mid day making it even easier to get seriously fucked


There are so many things to love about the fall time. The obvious one is that my tits looks fantastic in a nice, warm and tight sweater. I can still wear short little skirts, but with some tights. Some people say they aren’t as sexy as pantyhose, but I have to disagree. I think the texture feels so much better against my legs. The added thickness means you have to push really hard against my pussy if you slide your hand up my skirt. You know I love it a little rough.

The extra awesome part of this time of year is that it gets warm during the day so I get to slip out of my bra and the tights mid day making it even easier to get seriously fucked.


The weather sure is getting warm over here. I’ve pretty much decided that wearing a bra shouldn’t happen during the month of August. It’s so much more comfortable to just let my big tits be squeezed together by a tight tank top. Sure they move and jiggle more, but that just means more of a show for the guys who might be watching me prance around. Maybe I’m being a cock tease or maybe I’m just keeping myself cool. You won’t know until your hard dick is either in my mouth or it isn’t.


Guess what red headed vixen has her anniversary coming up? As you know, I love a celebration especially when that celebration is all about me. Get your party hats on, boys! I’m expecting lots of kisses and licks and orgasms.


I filled out this little survey for another project and thought some of you would enjoy reading it also. It’s especially useful if you want to get to know me a little bit better.

If you could only use three words to describe yourself what would they be? Cute, Twisted, Approachable

What are your turn-ons? The world. It sounds silly, but everything can be sexy with the right spin and with the right person. I’m a firm believer in creative sex. I love making up new toys and watching/listening to guys use them. I love hearing the sound of your voice when your body experiences a sensation it never has before.

What is your wildest fetish? I’m not sure it’s the “wildest”, but I’ve learned through my years at YourDesires that it may not be the most common. This girl just LOVES inflatables. I have tons of stories about myself that involve me humping blown up plastic toys when I was younger. As I evolved as an even more sexual being, I have come infatuated with watching men do the same. It doesn’t have to be an inflatable toy. Stuffed animals are hot too. In a pinch a mattress or pillows will do. There’s just something about the silliness and the grunting and the moaning and the embarrassment that really get me going.

What would you wear out to a sexy night at the club? I’m not really a “club” kind of girl. I’m more of a dark, divey bar kind of girl. Say what you will, but having a room full of men and women fawning over you in a place they weren’t expecting to get laid is a treat. My outfits change with my mood, but tits and ass are always on the menu. Sometimes there are panties, sometimes they just get in the way. I love a pair of soft stockings against my smooth skin so that’s always a must. You’d think a bra would be a must with big tits like mine, but I’m full of surprises. One thing is for sure, I will be wearing cum by the end of my night.

What is your favorite food? Meats and sweets, baby.

Where would you most like to travel? I just like to go. Anywhere. Do I really seem like a girl who makes a plan? I love roadrips. You get the see everything, stop to fuck by the side of the road when you want to, travel naked, and when I get bored there’s always road head.

How would you describe yourself – vanilla, submissive, switch or domme? I’m a switch with very Domme tendencies. I can play submissive, but in the end I’ll still be getting what I want and come out on top. The exception is women. I can easily switch back and forth for a sexy lady.

What is your favorite phone fantasy? I’m still a Daddy’s girl at heart.

Twitter Handle: @SuperSexyAutumn


The news tells me that it’s sweltering all over the country except for here. It’s actually almost chilly where I am. It must be so difficult to get all hot and sweaty playing with me when you’ve started out all hot and sweaty.

Why don’t you just get all comfy and let me do all the work? You can lay there with the fan blowing on you while I start to slowly undress in front of you. Each item of my clothing will start to come off while you get harder and harder. Imagine how erect you’ll be when you finally get to see my glorious big tits right in front of your face. When I crawl onto the bed, kneeling right between your legs I’ll be so close to your throbbing dick I’ll be able to see the precum starting to leak out. How could I not bend over to just lick that clear drop off? My ass will go up in the air and you’ll feel my heavy breasts against your thigh. Look into the mirror behind me so you can watch my fingers sink into my wet pussy while I take you into my mouth.

What better way to “beat” the heat than by feeling a cool breeze on your body while your dick is in my warm, wet mouth?


Last week I got back from my little vacation. It was nice to spend some time nestled in the woods in a nice, warm cabin. You really can’t beat the feeling of sitting naked in a hot tub and having the rain hitting you at the same time. It makes a girl feel so damn sexy. Of course I had some more naughty adventures that I’d love to tell you about.


I’ll be on vacation until the 31st of May. If your balls start to get too full, the phone chat lines are still open for you and I’m sure any one of my sexy friends can take care of you until my return.


Hey, friends and lovers This girl will be taking a spring vacation from May 24th until May 31st. I know you’re going to be needing a hot fuck from me before I go (or maybe I’ll just fuck with you). I’ll be around all weekend anticipating your sexy voice. The only question is, will you be panting, whining, begging, commanding or moaning?


The weather is getting warmer. The clothes are getting skimpier. Let’s get these phone chat lines ringing and discuss which one of my sexy Spring outfits will make you “spring” up the biggest!


I’ll bet you didn’t know that May is National Masturbation Month. This seems like the perfect time for a little sex talk with your red headed friend Autumn, doesn’t it?


I can’t think of a better way to participate in International Women’s Day than playing with some of my favorite women. These ladies have some of the sweetest pussies I have ever tasted. I’m sure some of you know just how much fun these ladies are. Can you imagine the three of us together? Sometimes I get asked who my favorite is and honestly it’s whichever one’s face is between my thighs.

How does some group fun sound?


Science says it’s true so it must be. According to an article I just read, talking to me can boost your mood, help you last longer in the sack with your lady, increase your immune system, help prevent cancer, and make your cock even harder. Of course, the article doesn’t mention me by name. It mostly just talked about masturbation in general. However, I think you get the point: jerking off with Autumn is good for your health. It doesn’t hurt that I look super hot in a nurses uniform.


As you know, I believe in spreading as much love as possible. I can’t possibly be tied down to just one Valentine. Some of my celebrations were more of the romantic kind and some of my playmates like to show their affection in other ways. I can’t possibly share it all during a tiny little 24 hour period. It’s so much better when I get to spread my Valentine’s Day dates out through the entire month of February. It’s been my goal to get fucked at least once a day for the entire 29 days ( I even get an extra day this year!). With all of the fucking, play dates, fancy lingerie gifts for Valentine’s Day, and other the other gifts for my birthday I’m becoming even more of a spoiled brat. Wanna hear about all of the sexy panties and fun new toys February has brought this little princess?


There are two things I love more than anything else. Those things are sex and my birthday! I’m hoping to get a lot of good celebration sex this weekend. I know you want to celebrate with me to get my panties nice and soaking wet before I head out on the town. I’ll be here Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ALL day and in the morning of my birthday so let’s get it on. Maybe we can include one of the other sexy ladies to make it an even bigger party.


You’ll probably notice that I’m coming in earlier than before which gives those of you with morning wood a better chance to let me help you get your rocks off. You’ll also notice that I will no longer be doing overnights on Sundays. However, I am more than open to doing special appointments. All you have to do is drop me an email.


The second piece of exciting news is that your sexy little redhead’s birthday is right around the corner. I like to start the celebrations early and there’s no better present than hearing that phone ring and hearing your sexy voice on the other end. With your help we can make this birthday the best yet!

Talk to you soon, darlings!


I came in today to a lovely surprise. One of my newest pets finally realized what’s best for him and sent me the key to his chastity device. It sent a nice tingle through whole body when I saw the note. It even thanked me for being his keyholder. Christmas came a bit early. I can’t wait for the surprises this weekend holds.

Feel free to give me a ring and we can make some holiday magic of our own.


There are so many of you that mention to me that you wish I was available more on weekdays. Guess what, kittens! For a couple of weeks at the end of this month your wish has come true. You can call it a Thanksgiving Miracle! I will be here on Thanksgiving. In between bites of turkey and stuffing would be a perfect time to play! Who doesn’t love to jerk off on a full belly. After that I will be available on: 11/27 and 12/4 from 10am until 8pm 11/28 and 12/5 from 10am-9pm 11/29 and 12/6 from 9am-6pm 11/30 and 12/7 from 11am-8pm

Then I’ll be available on my normal, well loved schedule. If this is confusing for you you can email or I look forward to playing with you!


You know how much I love pushing limits, right? There’s a certain sound a man makes when I can tell he’s starting to get uncomfortable. I can ALWAYS hear it and it makes me so wet. The other day I got to hear it from a man who doesn’t make that sound very often. Usually he’s home and comfortable. However, the other night he called me from a hotel room. I don’t remember exactly his room’s position, but I do know that people could easily see in. Of course I made him pee in a cup and drink some it. Then I made him jerk off and edge for a while. After that I had the brilliant idea to not only make him open his blinds BUT jerk off in front of the window AND cum in that pee filled glass AND THEN pour that cum and piss all over the window and lick it clean! I hope the other guests got a good show! I know I did! Sometimes I really do amaze myself. I’m such a sick bitch.

What are you willing to do for me?


R is for Roleplay

We all know that I’m a kinky bitch. It’s pretty difficult to hide. Just because I love the dirty, nasty, taboo and filthy doesn’t mean “normal” roleplays don’t get me off too. I think sometimes I scare people off by my perverse stories, but to most most people I’m not scary. There are some men who would disagree, but I just don’t use them as references. Just the other day I did a super hot roleplay where I got to be the hot sexy coed and he was the first year professor. I got to distract him with my big tits in tight sweaters until he couldn’t stand it anymore and had to fuck me over desk. That one made me cum so hard. A few weeks ago I was a bitchy neighbor always complaining about the noise coming from next door. It turns out that all I needed was a good fucking to turn my frown upside down. I can’t forget about the one where I’m the nurse who can’t help but get all weak in the knees when I see that big package you have in the front of your thin gown. You can tease me with it a bit before I beg for a quickie before the doctor comes in. I find it all so fun and sexy that I can’t just be summarized in one word. I’m a complicated girl with complicated needs and desires. I have so many fun thoughts up my sleeve and I’ll bet you and I could think of a couple to try out. What’s your favorite roleplay?


It’s that time of year again, boys. I will be taking a little vacation next weekend. I like to give you as much notice as possible so you can give me enough of your cum to hold yourself and hold me over until I return. I will be gone from September 9th until September 15th.

You really want to know what I’ll be up to during that week, don’t you? Well, darlings, I don’t want to give away too many details. I can tell you that I’m not going alone and it will be just us for miles and miles. That does sound delicious, doesn’t it?

So if you wanna catch me (or spank me, or tie me up, or fuck me, or whatever) you’ve got this weekend and then you’ll have to wait a whole 7 days. That can seem like an eternity when you have a rock hard boner.


Sometimes you boys sure do surprise me. I was having a session with a very special pet of mine the other night and he made me so proud. I offered to help him break in two new dildos of his. They weren’t HUGE, but they were pretty big. He had them suction cupped to the wall at the perfect height and the sweet boy actually managed to deep throat a 7 inch fake cock. I’m so happy I got to see it on cam and so glad that he can take a dick down his throat that far. This is the perfect practice for the real thing. I’m looking forward to whoring his hot little cocksucking mouth out.


There are thousands of things I adore about being one of the elite girls of YourDesires. Since changing to my new schedule I’ve discovered two more to add to the list. I work towards the end of the week as most of you have noticed. That also happens to be when I do most of my fucking and playing. This means that it’s pretty common to get here and get settled and start making you men hard while there’s still cum leaking out of my pussy and into my panties (if I haven’t left them somewhere!). How hot is that? Also, it means you all are my foreplay. I get to spend all day finger fucking myself, cumming, and doing all kinds of sexy things before I head out on the town to fuck, cum, and do sexy things. Can you imagine how worked up this little slut is by the time I leave here? I love being such a dirty little bitch.


As you may have noticed from the site and from the buzzing about, we have some new girls. I do love me some new girls! They’re here because they are dirty little things, but there is always that aura of nervousness as they try to find their way. They are just so much fun to play with. Of course I love playing with every girl here (they are the sexiest, aren’t they?). There’s a lot to be said for trying out the new flavors. I love finding out where they like to be touched and licked and sucked. I also like finding out how well they lick pussy and how skilled they are with a strap on.

I keep all of my toys handy since there are so many men who love hearing me fuck the new girl. They might enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy doing it. It is an exciting thing to hear two people explore each other’s bodies for the first time. It’s a great way to break the ice and as you know I’m all about making people comfortable.

It would be in your best interest to be checking the schedules regularly to check out our newest babes and pick which one (or ones) you want me to play with while you jerk that hard cock of yours.


Happy Fourth of July, friends and lovers! I hope you have as much fun today as I do. My plans involve some red, white and blue panties, shoving some big, juicy sausages into my mouth and lots of bangs.

What are yours?


I am so glad summer has finally caught up to us over here. It’s the season when I get to show off as much skin as possible and leave little to the imagination. My skirts get obscenely high. My tops gets distractingly low. Sometimes it’s even too hot to wear a bra. It’s very difficult to stay focused when I have the feeling of soft cotton rubbing against my nipples. It must be even more difficult for you since you get to see how hard my nipples are getting. Even during the summer I wear panties, but with the warm weather I go for the REALLY thin ones. The ones that you can see through. They are practically transparent when my tight little pussy gets wet.

I’m really surprised more men don’t drag me into public restrooms to fuck the shit out of me.


Q is for Quiet Time

There are some men who wait until they are completely home alone, put on some porn, and then pick up the phone. Then there are others who are just so horny they can’t wait to be alone. They have to wait until their wife hops in the shower and then quickly call me to rub one out. There are others who sneak into the bathroom at work to unzip their pants, pull their dicks off and jerk it while just listening to my voice. These times are very, very hot for me.

You don’t always have to be alone to enjoy my company. Just because you have to be quiet doesn’t mean I have to be. I can do all of the talking if that’s what you need from me. I have lots of fun stories that I’m sure can get you off. Sometimes I don’t even have to talk. You can just listen to me rub my sweet little pussy while you stroke and stroke until you explode. Sometimes I actually enjoy being able to say and do whatever I want without you telling me no. No can be such a gross word.

It feels so naughty to know you can be caught at any moment, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s so difficult to stay so quiet, isn’t it?


I know I’m making an expanded list of some things that I enjoy, but here’s a shorter list of things that are getting me SUPER hot right now.

As one of the real phone girls here at Your Desires I get to hear a lot about fantasies and fetishes. As you may know, I love all of them. I love the dirty, the taboo, the naughty, the perverted. It all gets me soaking wet. There are some sexual fetishes and acts that I really think are completely underrated.

Handjobs Footjobs Pedicures Lacy boyshort panties Enemas (giving and receiving) Cartoon porn Dry humping Puppy training

I’m completely willing to add to this list if you want to convince me I’m forgetting something.


P is for Pervy Pop Culture

There are two things that I absolutely can’t live without. One of them is sex obviously. The other is pretty much anything media related. I’m talking books, movies, music, games, and everything else. Even when I was much younger I would combine the two. All little girls fantasize about Charlotte tying them up in her web, right? Of course that dirty, nasty pig Wilber is watching while Charlotte pokes and prods and teases my hot body. I guess you could say I have (and had) a very active imagination. As I grew up, my fantasies became a bit darker. A lot of them involved me being tied up (see a theme?) while Wolvervine from X-Men practiced his knife play on my delicate skin with his giant Adamantium claws.

To this day, most of my fantasies and ideas for roleplays come from movies and books. There are thousands of ideas floating around in my head all of the time. My brain is constantly taking in information and turning it totally filthy.

Since I just shared some embarrassing things to you, it’s only fair that you share some with me. I can’t be the only one who masturbates to cartoons and comic books.


Did I forget to mention that I’m back from my vacation? I had a lovely little break, but I’ve missed all of my boys and girls. I do love relaxing in a fabulous hotel bed being pampered all day. I also love lounging by a pool in a pretty bikini. It’s so easy for me to fall into the role of princess. I even did some shopping for lacy, frilly things that I’d love to tell you all about. I did a couple of things that would not at all qualify as “ladylike”, but they felt so good and I’m so bad at saying no. I look forward to telling all about how this girl went wild (woooo!).


Spring has arrived!!!! That means it’s time for my Spring Break (whoooo!). I’ll be away from March 26th until my newly added Wednesday playtime on April 6th. Don’t worry about me, boys, I’ll be relaxing someplace warm, trying out my new bikini, and surrounded by big dicked studs. It will be entertaining for sure. Plus, I’ll have some fun and exciting stories to tell (as I always do). Until I return, promise to think some filthy thoughts of me.


O is for Orgasm

One of my favorite things about being one of the elite girls here at yourdesires is the amount of times I get to cum. When I’m at home and not here I don’t have nearly as many orgasms. It’s not that I don’t have sex or masturbate (because I totally do). I think it’s that I don’t get to devote all of my attention to laying in bed with my fingers playing with my twat. Here it’s expected. If my orgasms don’t reach double digits in a day that means something is wrong. Luckily if the boys aren’t making me cum, then the other ladies are. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a bit of down time between calls. During those times we usually just focus on each other. We’ve gotta keep our panties wet for you guys. That usually means fingering and licking. I try to keep the strap on away until the phone rings. I don’t want to get too distracted. The best is when it’s both. I’m not sure I can truly explain how hot it is to hear a guy jerking off over the phone when there’s a girl making me cum by licking or fingering or fucking me while he listens. It’s not as easy to time it so we cum together since I don’t have as much control as when I’m doing it myself, but that’s part of the fun. I’ll let you pick which girl I play with next. There are just too many options for me.


Without giving away too many juicy details, I have to say that my birthday was the best ever! I can still feel the cum dripping out of my pussy. Nice big dicks are better than jewelry any day. I’m probably going to be sore until Christmas. I’d be happy to share (or overshare) with you exactly how much cock I got, but typing it out would just get me too excited. It’s very difficult for me to type with one hand. It’s so much easier for me to hold a phone with one hand. So, why don’t you give me a call and we can keep the celebration going. I’m sure you didn’t get the chance to congratulate me properly for another year of being my slutty self.


As most of you know (because I’ve pounded it into your heads) my birthday is VERY soon. Sunday the 6th to be exact. I would love to hear from each and every one of you to hear how much you’ve enjoyed the past year with me and what sexy things we are going to do in my upcoming year. I’ll be around Thursday, February 3rd from Noon-10pm Friday, February 4th from Noon-10pm, and Saturday from Noon-5pm You’ll notice I’m taking my actual birthday off to celebrate in style. I’ll be telling y’all about my cake eating, opening presents, and fabulous sex. I promise!


N is for No Limits

Think you’ve heard it all? You probably haven’t. It’s really hard to believe, but I am a pretty perverted girl. The dirty thoughts going through my head would blow your mind. I love EVERYTHING. Very few things get me hotter than the taboo. When I say “no limits” I also mean that as a submissive. Believe it or not, I can be quite a good one. I get a little bratty, but I’m sure you can handle it. It’s a pretty fun game to see if you can break me or beg me to stop. You probably can’t, but you can try. In fact, even if I beg to stop please don’t believe me. I really don’t want you to. If you need me to have a safe word we can play that way, but I promise I don’t need one. Breathe play? Totally! Knife play? You know it! Piercing? Oh yeah! Torture of any kind? Please! Especially on my tits. Fisting? Yes! I even know the perfect girls to do it to me. I do have two holes. You can tie me up and fuck me until I can’t even hold myself up. It can be human, animal or mineral. It all feels good in my tight cunt.

I really only have two rules. 1). I don’t call just anyone Sir. You have to prove it to me. 2). I will need to cum


M is for Moans

One of my favorite things in the whole, wide world is orgasms. I love cumming. I could lay in bed all day with hands in my panties and rub until I cum over and over again.

The beauty of this is that I do get to do that. I get to relax and you get to listen to me while I make myself feel so good. I especially love when you play with me. We can listen to each other get hotter and hotter until we both explode. We can talk dirty and filthy to each other. Tell each other our fantasies while our breathe gets heavier until we can barely get the words out.

I don’t know about you, but the more turned on I get the filthier the fantasies get. When I’m thisclose to the edge you might be surprised by what comes out of my mouth. It might shock you or it might be just to push to get you to squirt all over yourself. We could try it the other way too. You keep saying filthy and naughty things to me until I can’t hold back anymore.

Sometimes it’s nice to not talk at all. We can both just listen to the moans and groans and grunts of pure sex.

So which ones sounds the best? I think I’ll let you decide. You can also decide what happens to the panties after I get them all soaked.


L is for Lactation

Maybe it’s my biological clock ticking or maybe I’m just a pervert, but lately I’ve been watching a lot of videos involving women with big, milk filled tits getting the shit fucked out of them. I’m happier than a girl at the circus when I get to watch her getting pounded from behind while he’s milking her tits. It’s so hot to watch the milk squirt out of her while she’s moaning like a good little whore. I hear all of the hormones and such make a woman even hornier so she probably needs that big dick more than I do. Probably not, I’m a pretty huge slut.

When I see stuff like that I always get so turned out that my mind gets even filthier than what they usually show. I see him plowing his dick into her and squeezing her tits and of course thing that those milk bags need to be titty fucked so the milk can be used as lubricant. I get so turned on watching his reindeer sized dong working in and out of her tits until he sprays his own white mess all over her.

Of course, I want to be right there in the middle of the action licking and sucking both of their messes off of her huge tits. I can only imagine how good semen and breastmilk taste together. I bet it’s a delicious mix of salty and sweet.

Want to join me in the perversion or maybe you’d like to add your own?


There is one thing I really enjoy that doesn’t happen as much as I like it to. The other night I was reminded of this special event. I have a very awesome client who basically does whatever I ask him to. Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a jerk off boy and he’s perfect (even though he did put a cigar holder up his ass). Not only did he entertain me just how I needed but the sweet little slut came twice in a pretty short amount of time. I loved it! I wish every guy would give me two loads of jizz per call. It usually means I have to be the sexiest I can be, but I’m totally willing to put forth the extra effort. How many times do you think I can make you cum?


K is for Kinky

I started this alphabet list to give you guys a better idea of what gets my pussy wet. Kinky is such a general term and can mean such different things to different people. That being said, I am one kinky bitch. I love anything and everything kinky. Anal sex is kinky to some people and I am totally into having my asshole reamed out by a big hard cock. Age play is kinky and I love playing that out too. Bondage? Yes please. CBT? Oh yeah! Oral sex? You know it! I really do love it all. There is no such thing as too kinky for me. Even if it’s too kinky for you, it isn’t for me. You know those REALLY dark thoughts that you have that only come out when you are so horny? The ones that only pop into your head when you haven’t had an orgasm in a long time and are so worked up you could explode? The ones you wouldn’t even think about telling the person you’re fucking because they would think you were such a pervert? Those are the ones I want to hear. Those ones get me hot. I don’t get to hear about sick, twisted things nearly enough. I enjoy BDSM and vanilla sex, but sometimes I need the taboo stories. Those gets me so turned on and worked up. Sometimes I need to lay back and rub my sweet, little pussy while you tell me something really fucked up. I’ll chime in every now and then with a “and then what?” or “how did it feel”, but mostly I’ll be getting myself off to what a perv you are. I’m not completely selfish. I’ll share some things with you too. I’ve got my fair share of taboo stories that will get your dick hard. You share yours first. Please?


J is for Jugs

One of the first things that people notice about me (besides the red hair) are my fairly large breasts. Even during the winter when I’m bundled up they are pretty visible. Ever since they first started to develop I’ve understood how attractive they are. The boys were always wanting to grope them, kiss them, play with them, and rub their dicks on them. Today most of the guys that I have sex with end up fucking my tits and spraying at least one load all of them. I can’t seem to help myself; I have to either rub the cum all over my perfect globes or have a taste of their fresh jizz off of my skin. Sometimes I’ll even let the cum dry on my breasts and go out so I can watch the men’s faces when they’ve noticed my glazed tits. It is so sexy to watch a cock disappear into my cleavage and see the head reappear and disappear as he fucks the shit out of my knockers. It’s especially hot when he’s holding onto them tight and squeezing and manhandling them. I love having them roughed up. The more marks the better. I love having them slapped around REALLY hard so that they get nice and red. Or having them whipped or flogged until I scream for you to stop. My tits look so hot when they are all bruised up and swollen and my nipples are hard for days because they’ve been just mangled. I consider this foreplay. The main event is the titty-fucking. That way when you’re holding them together and squeezing with your big strong hands they are nice and sore so I can feel every pump of your dick. I dare you to look at my picture and not daydream about emptying your balls all over that creamy white flesh.


I is for Inanimate Objects

This is a pretty recent discovery for me. Not too long ago, I was browsing one of my favorite porn sites. I have a thing for watching guys masturbate so I was looking through those. I stumbled across a video of a guy pounding the shit out of his blow up doll. At first I thought it was silly, but I kept watching. Before I knew it, my pussy started to tingle and my nipples started to get hard. I don’t know what it was, but watching this dude on top of this doll and bending it and pounding into it. He was shoving his dick into whatever hole he could. It was the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You could tell this is how he wanted to fuck a real girl, but may have been too much of a pussy to actually give it to a girl that hard. He was giving it to this doll just to get himself off. I ended up cumming in my panties watching him cum in her fake cunt.

The next day, I searched a little harder. I found videos of men humping pillows (HOT!), mattresses (HOT!), exercise balls (HOT!), and stuffed animals (HOT!!!!). The more I watched the more I was enjoying it.

I’ve gotten to explore this new fetish of mine on the phone and in real life and it is still and endless source of entertainment. It’s crazy sexy and a little silly. It’s funny, fun, and hot. You really can’t go wrong with that.

So, what are you going to hump for me?


H is for Hands and Knees, Bitch.

There is something so powerful and liberating about standing above a groveling male. What the weakling did to get into that position doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that I look wicked sexy in a pair of shiny black leather boots that have just been licked clean. He won’t be licking anything else so I don’t need to worry about his poor tongue being tired. If he makes the mistake of saying anything other than what I instruct him to say he’s quickly reminded who’s boss by the slap of my strong hand across his face. Life is so easy when you just say what I tell you to. For so long you’ve made things so complicated by trying to think with your brain and that pathetic, tiny piece of meat hanging between your legs. Since your little penis reminds me of an ant I’m going to treat it like one. That means crushing it under my sparkling boot while you cry like the little bitch you are. If you’re a good boy that I think is capable of learning I’ll let you watch a real man fuck me. I have so many ways to train a little loser like you. Don’t forget to say thank you after each painful and humiliating thing I do to you. We both know you love every mean thing I say and do to you. Since you will never be fucking me, your only purpose is to be fucked *with*. If you can’t do that right, I have no problem kicking you to the curb. This is all about me. It has always been and will always be about me. I am the center of your universe and you are a pathetic piece of shit. I just love how you keep crawling back for more. I’m only being mean if I don’t enjoy it and I love every second of it.


G is for Gagging

I love being a cocksucker. I just get such a sense of pride feeling a dick get hard in my mouth and then feeling it shoot it’s sticky load right down my throat. There are times that I enjoy you just laying there while I service your cock. You can just lay back while I stroke and lick and suck you to ecstasy. Then there are times that I require you being a little more active. I find it incredibly sexy to be on my knees or squatting down in front of you with nothing but panties on. You’re standing right in front of me with your big, hard dick right in front of my face. You’re looking down at me and can see how much I want it. I need it. I have my mouth open and my tongue out. You tease me first by slapping the head of your cock against my tongue and rubbing it all over my cute face. Finally when your cock is dripping precum and it’s sticking to my cheeks you push the head inside my wanting mouth. I immediately wrap my lips tight around it, not wanting to let it back out. I start sucking. Once I get the head nice and wet you start pumping it in and out of my mouth. The more excited you get the deeper you push it down my throat. I have a sensitive gag reflex, but I promise my cunt gets the wet the more I gag. The feeling of my throat trying to push your member out just gets you more excited so you push deeper and just hold it there so you can feel my muscles spasm around your shaft. To make it even tighter you wrap your hand around my neck. You’re not choking me, just applying some pressure. Like you’re jacking yourself off with my throat. It’s so hot to be used as a hole to shove your hard meat into. With me being the blowjob artist that I am, I know it won’t be long until you spurt. Where do you want it? Right down my throat? All over my nice big titties? How about my face?


F is for Flesh Against Flesh

I know this may seem weird considering that there is no actual body contact when we play (unless it’s a two girl call!). However, there is plenty of flesh rubbing against flesh during our calls. That’s what makes me hot.

There are sounds that drive me crazy. The obvious one is your hand pumping up and down your lubed up dick. That wet slippery sound is something I can listen to all day. Sometimes I do. When your cock is really, really hard I adore the sound of your open hand slapping against the head and your shaft. In both cases I can instruct how fast and how hard each one is happening. Sometimes it is just to give you the exact pain or pleasure I require of you. Most of the time I’m playing the conductor and I’m figuring out just the right sounds to maximize my own pleasure. The one thing that always works is the sweet sound of your hands slapping your balls. If you squeeze your balls to make the skin nice and tight then the sound of your palm slapping that smooth surface is almost too much for me. You would not believe how wet that makes me.

If you’re thinking this all sounds completely selfish, you’re probably right. I usually don’t put it that way. In my opinion, you getting to hear my fingers working in and out of my wet pussy should be equally as exciting to you. You may also know that I love slapping my tits around. I promise that is also a very pleasant body contact sound.

What would you like to hear?


E is for Exit Only

I love strap on sex. I love the feeling of power that overcomes me when I pull that harness up my legs. I love looking down at my big purple dildo between my legs. I look and feel so sexy. I love fucking boys and girls with my perfect cock, but there’s one thing that is the absolute hottest to me. I completely adore fucking boys up the ass. It can’t be just any boy. I like fucking the boys that don’t know how much they want it. The ones that have never had anything up their butts. The boys that tense up just when I push my finger against their tight hole. They ones that say “just suck my cock. I don’t want any of that gay stuff”. Those silly boys don’t know how easy it is to get them to do anything if their dick is hard enough. All I have to do is suck and play with their cock for long enough and they’ll be begging for me to fuck them. My favorite position is for the virgin to get on all fours. I’m nice at first. I massage his back. I run my fingers over his ass cheeks. I put lube on my finger so it slides in nice and easy. I tell him to relax while I make him watch me strap it on. His eyes always get big when he sees all 7 inches. He says he doesn’t think he can take something that big. What he doesn’t know is that he no longer has any control. He’ll take what I tell him to take. I make sure it’s nice and slippery. I get behind him and just push. The first part is always the most difficult. Once the head pops into his asshole it’s all easy from there. I force it all the way in just like I said I would. When it’s all the way in, I push my big tits against his back and whisper in his ear “You feel like a slut now, don’t you?”. The feeling is too intense for him to answer, but I can tell by his breathing that it feels better than anything he’s ever felt and there’s no way he wants me to stop.

So how do you like it? Hard or soft?


D is for Dirty Panties

Pay close attention, boys. You’re about to hear some juicy details about me. Some of them you might already know since I readily share my masturbation habits to just about anyone who will listen. Consider this a refresher course. For those of you who don’t know, you are about to find out. I have a particular way that I like to play with my pussy. I have toys which I do use. Some of them vibrate and some of them don’t. My favorite toy is and always has been my hands. My fingers always know just the right places to touch and with just the right amount of pressure. With my fingers I get to feel how wet I’m getting. I get to feel how warm I’m getting. I get to feel how tight my little pussy hole is and the way it clenches when I’m having that much needed orgasm. Not only do I use my fingers, but I also like to keep my panties on. I don’t slip them down around my knees. I don’t pull them to the side. I keep them just where they are and slide my hand right down the front. It always feels so much naughtier and more secret. It’s like at any second someone could walk in and see me laying there on the bed. I’d have to make the choice to either pull my hand out quick and pretend I wasn’t doing anything but staring at the ceiling or I’d let my guest watch my hand wiggle inside the fabric. Even if I did try to hide what I was doing the wet spot in the crotch would be the dead giveaway. When I’m playing with myself the panties catch all of my delicious cunt juice. Absorbing the flavor and the scent of me. Holding it right there for you to enjoy. Can you imagine how soaking wet they get? How yummy they smell? How could you not want a freshly worn pair for your collection?


C is for Crossdressing Even when I was a little girl I loved playing dress up. Of course I loved putting things on myself, but I also really enjoyed dressing up my brothers and their friends. I was a very convincing young thing. I could talk the most hetero guy into putting on lipstick and a dress just by being cute. As I’ve gotten older I’ve honed my skills a bit. I’ve also learned that there are some boys that enjoy being dressed up. The day I learned that my heart was full. What is sexier than a man in something frilly and lacy and pink? I’m not just talking about panties. I’m talking full outfits. Panties, bras, stockings, dresses, heels, wigs, makeup. The whole deal! I love picking out the perfect outfit for my breathing paperdolls. I love the blushing that starts to happen when the guy realizes how much he’s enjoying the sensation of the girly fabrics against his skin. I love seeing how his body language changes from almost macho into something more feminine as he gives me more and more control. I love stripping all of that masculinity as I add each new piece of clothing. He’s giving me all of this power and the more he gives the more I want. Once I see how hard my outfit has made you then all hope is gone, little sissy. You’re in trouble and should be nervous about what happens next.


B is for Blue Balls: Everyone knows that I *love* cum. I love everything about it. When I say “everything” I’m including making you hold it in your balls. It is so sexy to get a man rock hard (by any means necessary) and making him stay that way. Of course, I like to play the cock and the balls. I like to stroke and caress and spank, and lick and suck and all of those other goodies. I also like to do all of those things without a release of white, sticky cum. I love watching the cock get so hard that it twitches with even the tiniest touch. I love seeing the head get bright purple. I love seeing the balls get tight and tense just waiting to expel that liquid. I love watching the look on a gentleman’s face change from pleasure to agony with each stroke and each firm “No! Not yet!” that comes out of my mouth. And I especially love the sounds of panting and whimpering and then the begging. The sound of a grown man begging get my nipples so hard and gets my pussy so wet. I get so turned on that my little cunt needs some relief. Since I’m the one in charge, I’ll almost always opt to let you watch me finger myself to orgasm. It’s very important that you keep stroking during my solo adventure. That’s what gets me so hot. If you can’t control yourself and end up squirting I hope you are prepared to take the consequences.


I get asked a lot what my favorite fetishes are. The list is crazy long so I thought it would be a good project for me to list some of my favorites alphabetically. This will not be an all inclusive list. I’m thinking of it as a short list. It’s a list to give you a better idea of what my kinks are. I imagine there will be some common ground. So keep your eyes open for the newest installments of the series as they come out of my pretty head. We will start with “A”.

A is for Age Play: This was actually one of my first kinks. It kind of got the ball rolling for everything else. Once I realized that I liked being Daddy’s little girl I also realized that I’m a giant pervert. I love hearing “good girl” being whispered into my ear while I feel Daddy’s cock get hard under my round ass. I like squirming in his lap, rubbing his hardness against me. Using whatever makes contact with my pussy as friction to get my pussy wetter and wetter. I even love the spankings when I’m being a naughty brat. There’s nothing like the stinging and tingling of a freshly swatted ass. Especially when you’re pulling a pair of white cotton panties over your red ass. I like to do it REALLY slowly so I can feel the thin fabric go over every single welt. This, of course, makes Daddy very happy. So then I have to get on my knees right between Daddy’s lap and show him what a good, good girl I am. I know that he can’t help how hard he gets and I know that it’s naughty for me to want to get him so hard. When he does get perfectly erect I know just what to do. I’m a quick little girl and Daddy is a very good teacher.


I’ve mentioned that I had plenty of sexy times while I was away. I had a really hot night out with some friends that ended at a fetish bar. It’s a good thing they had some extra canes lying around because one of my girlfriends had never had a proper caning. I got to be a teacher and a Mistress at the same time. It’s amazing how wet she got. It wasn’t all from the raps of the cane. Some of it was from the people watching her with those cute little panties pulled down around her ankles. For being such a good girl I gave her a nice fingering at the end. By nice I mean hard and rough and shoving as many fingers as I could into her cunt. When we woke up the next morning she was walking like John Wayne. It’s pretty great how even people who’ve known me for years can be surprised by what a sadistic bitch I can be. It’s not very often that I get to dominate women. I will always prefer men. The sounds they make while getting beaten just get me so much wetter. I love titty torture, but ball slapping will always be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. I did some other playing too, but I don’t want to share it all quite yet. I need to save some stories for later. Overall, it was a great little break. Now I’m back with all of my own toys (I even got some new ones!) and ready to play with all of you. I could really go for a welcome back screw. You could even impress me with showing how much a beating you can take. Are you tougher than a girl?


I’m back, fellas! As promised I do have a new schedule. It will look like this:

Thursdays: Noon-10pm Fridays: Noon-10pm Saturdays:Noon-10pm Sundays: 9pm-9am

For those of you who can only play during the overnights I am still available for appointments. Just email me and I’m sure we can set something up. I had an amazing time during my vacation. I’d love to share all of my dirty, funny, kinky stories with you. So just take a peek at my new times up there and lets play!


It is a very exciting time in the life of Autumn these days. I have a sexy vacation coming up from September 2nd until September 16th. It’s still warm enough for slinky dresses and bikinis but not so hot I can’t even manage to open my mouth for a throat fucking. I’ve already got a few adventures lined up so I KNOW I’ll have some good stories when I get back.

Plus, when I return I will be moving from overnights to a different play schedule. I’m not sure exactly what the new schedule will look like but I do know I will still be Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I also know it will be afternoons, evenings, and nights. I promise I’m just as horny during the day as I am in the middle of the night.

For those of you who sleep on a normal/human schedule this is great news. Of course I will still be available for appointments for those of you nightowls out there who dig playing before the sun comes up.

I guess what I’m saying is that this upcoming week is my last week of overnights and if you want to know what my new, shiny schedule will be you should drop me an email. Or you could just drop me an email letting me know how much you need to fuck the shit out of me. I’d appreciate that too.


As some of you know, this weekend celebrates my anniversary here with the lovely ladies of YourDesires. Is there a fantasy you’ve always wanted to play out with your favorite redhead? Now is the perfect time to do it. Wanted me and one of your other favorite girls to get it on hot and heavy? I couldn’t think of a better time. In fact, I could use a hard spanking. How about me on my knees begging for one more of your hot, creamy loads? I can never have enough and would be more than happy to prove it.

On the other hand I am always happy with you taking the spankings for me. Just make sure you dress in something pretty for our special occasion.

Whether you’ve been playing with me since Day 1 or we’ve just been introduced: let’s play! The more the merrier in this celebration! Your cock will surely thank me.


It’s officially swimsuit season. It’s been crazy hot here and I’m looking forward to some time swimming in a nice, cool lake. My only problem is shopping for the right suit. I’ve always been a one piece girl. My thoughts were that my tits are just too big for a bikini. I’m wondering now if maybe I’ve been wrong. Which is sexier, a one piece or a bikini? Print or solid? I’ve gotta admit, I’m strangely attracted to the idea of a yellow polka dot bikini


Me being the princess I am, means I completely adore being adored. There are some nights that I get absolutely pampered for no reason. Nights much like tonight. Following an amazing dinner I got pretty pink cupcakes and yummy red wine. When I arrived here, I got to take a nice steamy bubble bath while massaging my hands all over my soaking wet body. Then, my brand new toy got quite the workout while watching videos with one of my naughty boys. I got to tease a sweet young thing with an even sweeter young thing in sexy striped panties. Of course I was nice enough to let him cum right in the crotch so she could walk around with a creampie leaking out of them and down her thighs. There was a nice role reversal of me getting to play with my cunt while a sexy man talked dirty to me. Sometimes it’s nice to just lay back and let someone coo filthy perverted things in my ear. I can’t forget about my time watching my shiteater jerk off his big dick. It’s been one of those weekends where I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet is jealous they aren’t me.

Happy Fourth of July everyone. I hope it’s filled with lots of banging and explosions.


Guess who is wearing adorable pink satin panties on her freshly waxed cunt. I’ll give you a hint. Her name rhymes with “bottom”.


The weather here is getting so nice. That means it’s back to exercising outside instead of being stuck in a gym. Yes, I do go outside during the day. I’m not just a night flirt, I like the daytime attention too. Yesterday was my first day back on the lake. I put on my little walking shorts an a tight tshirt and hit the road. I love the looks on people’s faces when the sun comes out. People are dressed a little skimpier so it’s almost as if people haven’t seen skin before. The slightest hint of cleavage or a skirt that’s just a little too short gets men’s (and sometimes women’s) tongues wagging. It’s the best! Even in a sports bra my big tits bounce when I walk so you can imagine what they look like when I jog. From front to back I looked fantastic and I got the stares from people to prove it. I even caught one extra pervy guy taking pictures of my ass on his camera when he thought I wasn’t looking. Silly boy. Doesn’t he know that I notice everything???


As much as I love rough, raunchy, perverted dirty sex acts I feel like regular “vanilla” sex can be overlooked. Especially when I’m talking about my fantasies. When I talk about my fantasies I tend to go big and dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, I do love being a nasty little slut and I love having my phone sex slave (slaves is more appropriate.) But, another thing that I do love is what is considered “vanilla” sex. I’m not talking about boring quickies right before bed with the lights off. I’m talking about you between my thighs licking my pussy until I’m soaking wet and writhing on the mattress. I’m talking about taking a comfortable position so I can suck your dick like a pro. Really taking my time to make you throbbing. I’m talking about you getting between my legs spreading them open and teasing me with the head of your dick before plunging your hardness inside my tight cunt. Maybe even laying directly on top of me with wrapping my legs around you pulling you into my pussy even deeper. You’re holding me so close you can feel my tits bounce against your strong chest. I will always cum when being fucked like this. The best is when we cum together. My pussy squeezing your cock even tighter than before and milking all of your jizz right out of you. I feel so good that even though your cock is super sensitive you can’t seem to pull it out of me. I say just leave it there and you can fall asleep on top of me. When you wake up you can just start fucking me again. Of the many, many types of calls I enjoy this is just one. One on one phone sex is always fun if I’m involved. Hope to play with you soon!


While I was on vacation I was having a conversation with an old friend about the work I do and why I love it so much. He had a very clear idea of what he thought phone sex was. He assumed there was some magical phone sex directory that people either knew about or didn’t. The truth is that there are as many different ways of finding me as there are men (or sometimes women). The reasons they keep playing and talking and sharing are even more varied. To me it’s like a fun treasure hunt. I, of course, am the treasure. I’ve been playing on the phone for quite some time and still get a kick out of hearing a new voice and learning a new way to play. I never get tired of sex. It’s all fun to me. Everything from blow jobs, vanilla sex, being a submissive fuckslut, to being one of your favorite milking mistresses. I was a little tipsy so I’m not sure how much my point got across. As you may know I have a tendency to ramble, especially when I’m really horny.

I had only been gone from here for a week but after having that talk and having some naughty, nasty adventures I couldn’t wait to return. I love sharing my stories with all of you. Wanna hear some of my new adventures? You know where to find me.


I’m going to be taking an awesome vacation next week. I know it makes my boys very sad when I’m away, but sometimes I need to take a week away for some fun and fucking. I do always come back with amazing stories, don’t I? I’m planning on having lots to share. If you’d like the dates, the night of March 27th until April 4th. I’ll be around Thursday (3-25) and Friday (3-26) of this week if you’d like to play before I jet.


Of course I *love* sexy panties. I enjoy all kinds really. Lace, satin, boyshorts, bikini, hipsters and pretty much everything in between. Well not thongs. I’ve never really gotten into those. That, however, is not my point. My point is, lately I’ve become really fascinated with white cotton panties. I only have one pair and I don’t wear them as often as I should. I found them at the bottom of my delicate’s drawer the other night and decided I should put them on. They felt SOOOO fantastic. Comfy and sexy and innocent all at the same time. They reminded me of when I was much much younger and used to lay in my bed at night and silently rub my pussy to orgasm getting them all wet and sticky. I’d wake up and they’d still be all warm so of course, I’d get myself off again. I had to be quiet since there were other people trying to sleep in the rooms next to me. Now that I’m older I like to do other naughty things with my unmentionables. Since I’ve rediscovered my love of soft, white, cotton panties I might have to do a little research on what they can do with and to a big hard dick.


I have returned in one piece. My pussy is nice and swollen. I swear I can still feel cum leaking out of both my holes. It had been way too long since I’ve had a cock in my asshole. It’s a shame he only stretched it out once with his hard dick. I could have just laid there for days while he repeatedly abused that tight pucker of mine. Don’t worry. I wasn’t the only one being used like a little slut. My goal was to make him cry, but I didn’t count on him being a pain slut with a super high tolerance. There’s always a next time I guess. There are a few other stories I’d like to share with you, but those are better left for the phone. Let me know when you want to hear them. ;)


Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be spending all weekend with one of my favorite toys giving him plenty to be thankful for. Nothing is better than showing a grown man that he’s my bitch then following that up with turkey and pie. We might even throw some shopping in there to make it a true Thanksgiving holiday. I hope your weekend is full of family, friends, food, fucking and everything that makes you all warm and fuzzy. We will be talking soon, darlings.


I have returned, darlings. I had a fantastic time off, but it’s great to be back talking dirty with all my favorites boys and girls. There have been some slight changes to my play times so check out my weekly if you need to know where to find me. I look forward to telling you about my naughty adventures.


With school starting just around the corner, I’ve decided to take a little vacation. I’ll be gone the 12th through the 23rd of September. I know it seems like a long time, but I promise to come back with lots of yummy stories to share. Don’t miss me too much!


Part Two…

While I was out I managed to calm down a little. I wasn’t completely enraged anymore. I stopped and got some food for myself. I was even nice enough to get something to-go for the Minute Man I left back in the cabin. When I got there my dear friend was just napping away like nothing had happened. Part of me could completely understand why he was sleeping. Who doesn’t get tired after a nice, hard cum? Then the larger part of me was thinking that he should have been awake. He should have been awaiting my return and thinking about what he had done. Seeing him there, dozing like a little baby brought the rage back. A sexually frustrated Autumn is a bitchy Autumn. I firmly walked over to him. I nudged him with my foot. Neither of these things woke up my dear friend. So I slapped him HARD! Right across the face. That woke up him up damn quickly. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”, I asked. He mumbled some reply that didn’t make sense and probably wouldn’t have been what I wanted to hear anyways. He glanced over ata the food and then back at me. “I’m really hungry. Can we talk about this after I eat?”. “Oh, you’re hungry, baby?”, I mockingly asked him. “Then maybe I should feed you, little one”. The look on his face was priceless. He was more than a little confused. I opened the container of fries, took out a couple and put them into my own mouth. I chewed a couple of times while looking him right in the eye. Pushing my fingers into the sides of his face I forced his mouth open. Then lowering my face inches above his I let the chewed up french fries drop into his mouth. After my mouth was empty, I put my hand over his mouth and pinched his nose. Damn right I was going to make him swallow it. I checked his mouth and it was clear. That’s when I noticed something else. For some reason he was starting to get an erection. I kneeled down next to him and wrapped my hand around his cock. “Do you like it when I feed you like a little baby birdie?”. He was getting more and more excited. “Maybe my pet needs something creamy for dessert”. Keeping one hand around his cock I untied him and pushed him onto the floor on his back. I pulled my soaking wet panties off. “We’re going to save these for later, but right now you are going to redeem yourself. Be a good boy and suck all of that cum right out of my cunt. You didn’t deserve to cum inside me so that means you’re cleaning it up. If you make me cum, then I might let you fuck me again before this weekend is up” To make sure he did it right, I climbed right onto his face. I moved my knees tight against either side of his face to hold his head still then pushed down down. I had to make sure all of his jizz that was way up inside me was going to go right down his throat. He tried to fight a little at first, but soon gave up. Judging by what happened the rest of the weekend I think he liked drinking his own sperm.


There are these amazing “fantasy” cabins by the ocean that I absolutely adore. The decor is completely tacky, but that’s part of the fun. There are a couple of different styles, but my favorite is the jungle theme. The walls are covered in pictures of monkeys hanging from trees and big cats lounging around. The bed is covered in giant neon stuffed snakes. The icing on the cupcake is the 8 foot cage smack dab in the middle of the room. I don’t make it out to the cabins as often as I’d like. It’s a long drive and most people don’t find the humor. Lucky for me I was in the mood for a jungle adventure around the same time as a visit from a special friend. We don’t see each other as often as I’d like, but we make up for by spending a few days together locked in a room. When I picked up him up at the airport he already had a hard on that was completely obvious. I was hoping he had been that aroused the whole flight. Or even the days leading up to his special visit. The sight of his raging boner in the front of his pants made me all flushed and giddy. I was instantly wet. Soaking wet. The drive from the airport to the cabin took forever, but I finally got us there. Patience is not one of my strong suits so I instantly told my friend to strip down to his boxers and get his hot ass in the cage. The room comes equipped with handcuffs, but I also bring my own toys. What fun is a weekend getaway with no dildos, vibrators, and other goodies. My sweet boy hopped in the box with no questions asked and waited patiently while I unpacked my bag of tricks. His eyes got wider and his cock got harder with each toy I pulled out. I had him sit on the floor of the cage. Then I crawled into his lap. Straddling him. I pressed my body as close as I could to his. So close I could feel his heart pounding against my chest. The more desperate he got the more turned on I got. I slowly moved my lips towards his. When my soft lips finally touched his I moved my hands up his (shaking by this point) arms. Before he could even register what was happening and as soon as I moved my tongue into his mouth he heard the tiny click of the cuffs. He was handcuffed to one of the bars. I left him with enough room to sit and stand but that was all. He wasn’t going to be going too far. And that’s just where I wanted him. Still sitting his lap I started kissing him harder and more urgently. My hands started exploring his body and slid up his torso to his rock hard nipples. I remembered that they were very sensitive so I started playing with them. Gently at first. He let out soft little moans that just me tingle inside. I kept pinching harder and harder until his moans turned into something a little more aching. Every time I pinched and pulled I could feel his cock twitch underneath me. That was the final straw. I needed to be fucked badly. I stood up. Letting him watch me, I pulled my tank top up over my head. For the first time inages he saw my bare tits. My pink nipples were standing straight out. Pointing right at him. I slowly unzipped my jeans and wiggled out of them. I tossed them outside the cage. His mouth was practically watering as i slid my panties down my legs. There was a wet spot forming ont he front of his boxer. What I loved most was the squirming. The almost pathetic little moans were also very arousing. Foreplay has a time and a place. This was neither. Sucking his cock and feeling his fingers exploring my ass and cunt would be saved for later. I needed his cock in my dripping pussy right that second. His member was thick and engorged. It was so swollen and his peehole was so open I swear I could put my pinky finger in it. I walked towards him and stood with one foot on either side of his outstretched legs. Using my hands on his shoulder for balance I began to lower myself down onto his dick. I went slowly. I’m not sure if I was teasing him or myself, but it was almost painful. His penis felt so amazing stretching out my tight cunt. When he was finally balls deep inside me I let out a very contented sigh. It felt wonderful. Apparently it felt even better for him. I moved up and down four or five times to get a nice rhythm going. Then I started really pumping. Maybe he asked me to slow down but I didn’t hear him. I hadn’t even gotten 20 strokes in when i felt him shooting his load inside me. It was quite the sizeable load, but I was really hoping he’d be able to stay hard. I naively thought this until I slid up his cock and his semi-limp penis plopped out of me. I sadly climbed off of him. When he started babbling an apology I shot him a look that would have sent him straight to flaccid if the fucker hadn’t been in that state already. I couldn’t even stand to be around him. I put my clothes back on and left. That’s right. I left him there. It’s beautiful there and I decided to do a little sight seeing. As I was driving I could feel his cum dripping out of me into my panties. It sent little jolts all through my body. At least I got some pleasure out of his premature ejaculation. I also got some sick enjoyment out of the fact that he was left handcuffed in the cabin. I promise there is more to this story. You can either check back frequently for part deuce or give me a ring to hear how I got my revenge.


The experiments have begun.

I found a **lovely* boy to play with. Plus he has a webcam! This darling pet says I can do whatever I want with him. Our first experiment with homemade sex toys involved him assembling a rubber glove, a towel, and some lube then fucking it with his very excited cock. Can I just tell how you incredibly hot that was! He couldn’t fuck the sleeve to hard or fast or he would blow his load too soon. I guess that’s what happens when you’re thinking about me all day. He finished by shooting his wonderful, sticky load all over. I might have to make some slight adjustments, but overall it was a success. He later asked if I had more ideas. Me? Have ideas? Of course I do. I’m like a perverted Martha Stewart without the felony convictions. I have a dirty little head full of thoughts and ideas. If you’d like to be one of my guinea pigs I have a few “positions” available.


Does anyone have a blowup doll they’d want to fuck for me? I was browsing through some of my favorite porn sites and stumbled onto one of the hottest videos I’ve seen in a very long time. It was of a guy on top of a blow up doll and fucking the hell out of it. He was really pounding into it. And moaning and grunting. It was so incredibly sexy. I love the idea of watching something I shouldn’t be seeing. It’s also really hot to watch a guy’s hips hump up and down. It could be a pillow, or a couch cushion, a random stuffed animal, or even just the mattress. It all makes my pussy wet, but right now my fascination is the blow up doll. So what do you say? Wanna hump something for me?


Another Thanksgiving is upon us. To celebrate I’ve decided to share with you the many things I have to be thankful for. I’m not listing the obvious things like my family, friends, and health. Those are a given. I am thankful for… The amazing YourDesires women who have taught me so much about being sexy and fun. The awesome people who have pushed me to be better person and explore the sexuality I didn’t know I had. All of my Daddies who take such good care of me and make me feel like a special little girl All of my Daddies who take me over their knees and punish me for being such a naughty slut. The wonderful men who share their dirtiest,darkest, and kinkiest fantasies with me and allow me into their world. The men and women who have allowed me to share my darkest fantasies even the ones that were hidden from myself. The cocksucking sluts who swallow cum and take it up the ass just because I ask so sweetly or demand it so forcefully. The little boys who take my discipline and my maternal care with such graciousness.

I’ve met some incredible people in the past year and I’d like to thank each one of you for giving me such a great year! I look forward to exploring what next year has to bring. Thank you all!


Over the past couple weeks I’ve been exploring something that I never thought I would enjoy as much as I do. It was something I thought was reserved for children. As an adult, I have not experienced it very often. Or ever, really.

When my new friend asked me if I was ticklish I told him honestly that I was. Especially under my arms and my sides. Tickling has never been a part of my sexual play. I do a lot of things, but this has never crossed my mind. I have to admit that I was a little curious and more than a little nervous. I had never done anything like this before and was wondering if it would be weird or awkward. So I undressed and got comfortable on my bed. I can be shy and hesitant sometimes and this was totally one of those times. Using a makeup brush I started with under my arms. The sensation immediately sent goosebumps up and down my body. I let out little giggles, but because of my shyness they were stifled. The makeup brush moved down my body and eventually I couldn’t hold in the laughs anymore. They were constant high pitched laughs. The more I tickled the more I laughed. The more I laughed the more ticklish I became. He was encouraging me and whispering sweet, seductive things in my ear as I was sent over the edge. I was almost hysterical and begging to stop. He was nice enough to give me a break when it because too much. During the first break was when I realized how wet I was! I making a small wet spot on my sheets. I came a few times during our first session. Just thinking about it still makes me wet. Since our first time we’ve played a couple of more times. We have added players to our tickle game and that makes it a little more enjoyable. But, of course I’ll tickle myself for him any day if there’s no one to play with me.


I just turned 25!! I guess that means I’m officially an adult. Don’t worry too much, I can still be Daddy’s little princess. In fact, I like being Daddy’s little girl too much to give it up. For my birthday I finally took a vacation. I went to Chicago. I had so much fun. I hung out with some super close friends. I love being in a new place. You can pretty much do whatever you want. The bonus is that you probably won’t ever see most of the people again. So I was allowed to be a complete tart. I only brought my most revealing clothes and sexiest lingerie. As you can imagine, I got plenty of adoring looks wherever I went. Nothing makes a girl feel more special than a line of men buying her drinks. One of them was lucky enough to get a hand job on public transit. He even got to fuck my sweet pussy when we got back to his place. He had a pretty small apartment and his roommate was asleep in the next room. I just loved the thought of his roomate being awoken to sounds of me being pounded from behind. Then he takes out his cock and start jacking it off. I wouldn’t say I’m an exhibitionist, but I definatly have “show off” tendencies. I’m so happy to be back though. I missed all of the hot and sexy girls and boys. I am a little disappointed. Tess promised me a huge horse cock upon my return. She did not follow through. I wasn’t sure if she was thinking of an actual horse or a guy with a really big dick. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle anything as big as a horse. I have a pretty tight little cunt. Oooh, but maybe a dog? I think that could possibly fit. I would need a little bit of prompting though.


This is what’s been getting my tight little pussy wet lately. I imagine going to an adult movie theater with a sexy older man. I’m wearing a denim mini skirt and a sexy halter top. We walk into the dark theatre with me holding his arm. He escorts me down to the front row. I can feel all of the eyes on me. We sit down and the movie starts. Slowly the strange men start to filter to where I am sitting. I can even feel their breath on my skin. My “date” starts to slide his hand up my little skirt so he can pull down my panties. The men are watching. He puts the thong in his pocket and replaces his hand between my legs and start to rub. All of a sudden, I feel a strange hand on mine. I look over and my hand is being guided to a stranger’s lap. I can feel he is hard already and I give his cock a gentle squeeze. I unzip his pants and pull out his dick. He starts to push my head into his lap. I open my mouth so the head I can suck him. Now there are guys all around me. All of them with their pants down. Somehow my skirt got lifted to around my waist and my big tits are out of my shirt and they are being fondled roughly. Being the good girl that I am, I let them all fuck me and they all get their dicks sucked before shoot nice sticky loads all over my pretty face and tits. Yummy, yummy cum just for me.


As the weather gets colder, I can’t help but get in touch with my more romantic side (believe it or not, I do have one). There’s nothing better than being snuggled up naked next to someone in a big comfy bed while it’s positively disgusting outside. He would try to keep me warm by holding me really tight in his arms and nuzzling my neck. I would be rubbing up against him as his hands start moving up and down my body. First over my breasts and hardening nipples. Then, down my tummy. My legs would open just a little so he could slide his hand between my thighs. I would already be wet enough for him to slide his index finger into my pussy. With his thumb he would be rubbing my clit while he slides his finger in and out slowly. Then faster and faster until I am soaking wet. By this time I am usually pretty warm so we can take the blankets off. I open my legs wider and he climbs on top of me. He positions his cock right at the opening of my tight pussy and slowly pushes himself all the way inside me. He wraps his arms tight around me and he starts pumping in and out. We both start sweating and we forget how cold it is outside. I can hardly wait for it to start snowing!