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I'm Baylor

Your hot Hawaiian Hula Ho. Let's talk story ;)

Life's most sensual pleasures is the high of raw animalistic Baylorgasmic reaction. The shared rush that's felt while I tie your restraints to the bed post before I place the blindfold over your eyes. Surrendering to your senses, you'll tell me your darkest secrets and your deepest insecurities. You wont be able to run away as I beat the weakness out of you. You don't even want to, the sound of my voice has you entranced. Sweeter than the sugar cane I put in your mouth, sugary salivation's drip from your face every time you bite down with the pain.

From the Stairway to Heaven to your deepest valley, I want to explore every inch of your glory. Submitting to the taste of your salty sea, makes the juices run wild from this papaya. Begging me for more is not your only chore. If you refuse to obey, I'll have to take this nectar away. More beautiful than Hanalei Bay, spending top dollar to feast at my anal buffet.

The feel of the waves crashing on my sun kissed skin, sounds of the surging waterfall in heavenly perfection. You've come to paradise, fucking until you make me glisten.

To immerse yourself in the taste my tropical nectar or the scent of my plumeria, I'll send you a juicy pair of underwear. Tell me I'm your favorite Ho, and I'll make it so. Realize the price for paradise is stiffer than your throbbing curiosity.


Contact me anytime about my schedule and I'll squeeze you in 8==D >^)


Trillian: ObeyBaylor
Twitter: ObeyBaylor

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Your secret Hawaiian Hula Ho