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Likes: oral and anal sex, spanking, swallowing cum, outdoor sex, exciting role play including pregnant sex, getting tied up and learning new and exciting things!
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I grew up in a very strict household and I was 18 before I had my first orgasm! It unleashed my sexual fantasies and I have never looked back!

My first time, I was in a car in the backseat and a fellow student leaned me back and lifted up my skirt. My heart began to race as he slipped off my panties and lowered his mouth to suck my cunt. The sensation that built up in my pussy was exhilarating and electrifying!

Would you like to handcuff me leaning over a chair and spank me with a paddle? I was really a good girl and didn't mean to flirt with that other boy. I can count while you paddle me and I do hope I don't have to start over again if I cry or miss count!

Let's find ourselves in the forest on a walk where I am overcome with my desire to suck your hard cock. I would love to unzip your pants and lick your cock until you explode in my mouth! I will beg for more and want you to fuck me in the ass against a tree, so be prepared for multiple orgasms in nature!

Perhaps I can be your sexy girlfriend that you got pregnant and my hormones are out of control and the only thing that will satisfy me is to be fucked by you. We could have amazing, dripping wet sex while you hold my belly filled with your baby!

I have always been ready for fun, excited to experience new things and I would love to play with you. We can explore your sexual fantasies and make your deepest desires come to fruition!

For a small fee I can send you the panties that I am wearing right now and you can smell how excited I was for you.

I can be reached via email at or online Beg4Becca on both AOL and Yahoo.

I can't wait for you to call me - let's get started!

Xxx Becca