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Likes: BDSM Dominate Switch, Sexually Twisted, Fantasizing about your worship and offerings, Bisexual activities, Lesbians are welcome. See my bio below to see my twin desires.
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Which do you prefer?

MISTRESS B :: The Dominate. spanking, flogging, nipple play, CBT, as well as other instruction in safe, self-inflicted erotic pain/torture methods. Being in control and giving you tasks, owning your cums, boys are so cute to tease. Feminizing and dressing you up - my sweet sissy. Hearing you moan as your nasty hole is penetrated.


Beka :: The Role-Player. I like sex / being sexy and dressing up for you. GangBangs - I love being your fuck slut, so bring your friends. I would love to play with you and your playmate together.

I'm one of the new girl here at, but I'm anything but new to pleasure and pain, domination and submission, bondage and submission; just waiting to have you call, I want to be twisted and nasty with you, and tell me what part you want me to play in your fantasy. You'll enjoy my smooth, sexy voice - It sure would make my day to hear your voice - Don't you want to hear me moan with pleasure? Do you dare call and hear me whisper for only you to hear? My pussy gets so wet thinking about what's on your nasty mind.

ARE YOU TOUCHING YOURSELF, STOP YOU SCUM - you don't have my permission! CALL and I'll tell you how I WANT you to touch that hard, throbbing cock. I'll give you instruction and guidance you crave. You tell me how much control you want to give me and I'll do the rest. Don't worry if you're kinda new to expressing your desires to a woman, I can give you some pointers - and then I'll take you there. Safe, Sane, Consensual is the beginning of all good things - even in our Fantasies.

Can you be my fantasy Top? - control my body - you're in charge now. Do you think you can handle a strong, independent girl surrendering to you. I will go down for you in such a complete way - you will know you are my desire. I'd really love to hear your commanding voice, please let hear your filthy thoughts: I can imagine how sweet you will taste in my mouth, how full I will feel when you're in my tight, throbbing cunt; and your strong, hard, dick slowly entering me - Please fuck me so hard. I really want to get to know you better, call - I want you - I'm all dressed up in special panties just for you (You know you want my panties when we're done? - $25 so I can get more - just for you). I'll bet your voice is so sexy. I'd really be so happy to get an email from you so I can make time just for us

If you're super lucky, you might call when I'm playing with one of My Sexy Friends here at I usually have one of My Sexy Friends serving me here in the dungeon. Would you like to listen in and hear her cry and beg me? Can you stand to know that I'm touching and kissing her, getting my fingers wet, and feeling how tight her little holes are? Do you want to know what she tastes like? Do you want to tell me what to do to her? I have lots of toys some are from Our Extreme Sex Toy Store, to use on her and a dungeon full with a spanking bench, stocks, and a bondage chair. All we're missing is for you to call and join us.

As my favorite adult phone fantasy, you've already emailed me []or you could have called in advance, and asked for a pre-payed appointment - That way I'm ready for you and we can start playing the minute you hear my voice. This really turns me on and lets me know you desire me as much as I enjoy you. I'm expecting special playtime. Are you awaiting my next instructions? Then let's play ... Make time for me NOW.