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Age: 22
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Likes: Fucking hard & rough, Outdoor sex, pussy worship, blow jobs & swallowing hot loads of cum, hard spankings, see through clothing/lingerie, being tied up, bi-boys, masochism, being choked, tease & denial, being super open and down to try anything!
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Today you are blessed by Bianca!

I'm a sexy shy mega-babe that guys can't keep their hands off of. I'm a
real life angel and goddess. My long dark hair and perfect ass compliment
each other perfectly when you are fucking me deep and hard, pulling my
hair, making my body shake and clit vibrate as my tight pussy holds warm
and firmly on your thrusting cock. Smack my ass till it's red and I'll
still be swooning for more.

I'm super sweet and can be your perfect angel, obedient and nurturing. Let
me show you just how much! Although, I do love to explore all my alter
egos that can be more fierce and commanding. I want to release my inner
Domme; I want some sexy slaves to be at my command to reveal all their
submissive secrets

I've kept a lot of my sexual innocence until the last couple years where
I've really become a bit of a slut. I need to be fucked so badly I beg for
it! Being teased with a hard cock is my biggest turn on. I'm a good girl
that wants to be bad for you. My full luscious lips are always ready to
take your hard throbbing cock. Or take you soft in my mouth and let me
feel you get harder and harder until you can't help but thrust deep down
my throat over and over until I am gasping for air and can barely breathe.

I'm in college still, studying music and composition. Besides music my
only other passion is sex. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18 but
now I'm obsessed with fucking. I want to explore your deep fantasies and
know everything you like. Everyone is so unique and special and I love to
know how to please you best!

Guys adore my natural beauty and want to taste my pussy so badly, if I let
them... I'm a bit of a tease. I'm half Latina/half white and my dark
exotic features are mysterious and seductive. I'm the girl you dream about
while you are fucking someone else. I've had a couple affairs where a guy
wants to leave his partner for me but I just can't be tied down to any one
person right now. I'm finishing school and really just interested in
having as much fun as possible!! I love being spoiled though so I just
can't say no when older men seduce me... or when I seduce them.

I love to be tied up and used however you wish. I crave intensity and like
to endure as much pain as I can take. Lately, I keep going to sex shops
and browsing the toy aisles for something new, maybe you can help me
figure out what I should get to play with next?

Are you secretly or not so secretly a femme boy, kind of a sissy? Into
dressing? Into wearing lingerie and sexy panties? I love to see your
cock's shape through almost no material at all. Trace my fingers along its
shape. I'm always looking for someone fun to play with. Do you like to
suck cock as well as play with girls? I think that's so hot!

I have one of the juiciest pussies of any girl I know that I'm almost
embarrassed by it, I soak my underwear every time I start getting turned
on. I also get turned on so easily, I have a dirty imagination for
otherwise being so sweet. If you ever want a pair of my panties soaked
with my pussy essence I'd love to send some your way.

You should worship my clit and pussy, lick me slow and intimately then
suck me hard and feel my pussy drip on your face. I love to taste myself
on your mouth after I've been sitting on your face for hours.

Remember how blessed you are to get the chance to talk with me, try me on
Trillian or Aim at BlessedByBianca or email me at
to see my schedule.