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Likes: Spanking and Choking, Black Stiletto Thigh High Boots, Hair Pulling, Role Playing, Dirty Talk, Deep Throating, Toys, Outdoor Fun, Girls, Trying New Things, and so much more...
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Hey Bitches, it's Britney!!

I'm not your average girl, I'm a little dirtier than most, but I make no apologies for it! I LOVE Sex, can't get enough. In every way possible, some I've already enjoyed and others I can't wait to experience. I love exploring new kinks and finding out what drives people wild. Here is just some of the stuff that gets me hot and bothered...

I love when a man puts his hands all over me...choking me (a little or A LOT), spanking me (over and over) and a little smacking thrown in when I'm being a bad girl. I'll never learn if I'm not disciplined. But, DO NOT be a bitch about it!! I wanna know that you know what you're doing and that my ability to be submissive will be appreciated and rewarded greatly!

I like dressing up when I play, especially in fishnets and black stiletto thigh high boots. I get all hot just putting them on and even hotter when they're ripped off of me. Well, the fishnets anyways, we can leave the boots on! I love it when a guy will buy me a sexy outfit (head to toe) and then take me out to show me off, before taking me home to ravage me and rip everything off me, like an animal.....meow!

I've got long dark brown hair that just loves to be pulled on. A little light at first, and then rough and hard. Doggie style is never the same without it. While you're back there, you can watch my ass twerking all over your cock.....that is at least until you are so hypnotized by my ass, that you end up with your face pressed perfectly between my ass cheeks. Your tongue dancing up and down and all over my wet pussy!!

I'm ALWAYS into role play! I've done the naughty school girl, the sexy nurse, cop, teacher, student and my fave Daddy's little girl. But I'm always into to trying new things. I can be anything you want me to be; good girl, bad girl, Domme or Sub, the sexy book nerd or sassy school girl, your bitchy boss or ditzy secretary, your sexy nurse or dirty doctor, or anything else that gets you hot. I can't wait to try it all; I'm getting wet just thinking about all the possibilities.

I've always been into dirty talk, over the phone or on messaging. It's really hot when someone tells me what they want to do to me, in graphic detail, saving the hot wet end for when we talk. I can't get enough of it.
Words are so sexy, never be afraid to use them with me.

Mmmmmm...there is nothing hotter to me than deep throating a good hard cock. Feeling every inch of it throbbing in my mouth. Knowing any moment he could choke me with his load. Gagging and crying is a must and face fucking is always acceptable, preferred actually!!

I'm all about using toys, for my pussy and my ass. Anal play is always a good time. I like being tied up or handcuffed. Paddles and whips are encouraged, as well as blindfolds (those are fun). Sometimes not knowing what's gonna happen next is the best part.

Speaking of which......One of my biggest fantasies has always been to be taken out in to the woods, blindfolded, tied to a tree and ravaged. The guy ripping my clothes off of me and man handling the shit out of my body.
No one can hear me scream, for pain or for pleasure. I want it rough and hard, better not be gentle.

I find women so sexy, sexier than men and that says a lot. Their insatiable bodies, soft skin and kissable lips (both sets)! When I realized I liked both men and women it opened up whole new realms of satisfaction for me to enjoy. Needless to say, threesomes are ALWAYS welcome....maybe even more!!

Black panties are my fave to wear.....if you wanna buy some let me know. I might even be persuaded to wear pink or red, if you're lucky.

I hope you like what you hear, but these are just some of the things I like. I never shy away from being taught a thing or two. I'm always interested in new me learn!

You can message me at BegForBritney on Trillian or email me at

OXOXOX Britney:)