Britney’s Fantasies

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Britney’s Fantasies

I was stranded on the side of the road, my car was smoking and the front tires were both flat. I was wearing little tiny cut off jean shorts, a tiny black bikini, a red and black plaid button up (unbuttoned, of course) and a pair of black flip flop sandals! I was waving my hands in the air, trying to get someone to stop and help me, but no one seemed to want to help:( Finally, after what felt like 20 minutes, you pulled over in your Big Rig truck and offered me a ride. I got in and you told me to make myself comfortable…..little did you know that that meant me being a lot more naked than I already was. I took off my shorts and shirt and was sitting there in my itty bitty black bikini, that barely covered my nipples and pussy lips, and I noticed that you seemed to like what you were looking at! You kept adjusting your pants and clearing your throat, before finally asking if you could see my tits….since you were giving me a ride and all, but that I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to!! I giggled and immediately took off my bikini and told you that you could do whatever you want to me….ANYTHING!!! You pulled over without hesitation, told me to get in the cab of your truck and lay down…..I was already so fucking wet and you were hard as rock when you got down and started eating my pussy and jacking off!! I moaned so loud as your tongue danced around my clit. Without warning and or hesitation, you put your HUGE COCK inside my TIGHT WET PUSSY and began pounding me so hard that my tits bounced uncontrollably and my head banged on the wall of your truck. I begged for more and more and more and you sure as fuck gave it to me……fucking me for hours and hours on the side of the road…..stopping only to hydrate and smoke, AND take pics of me, my pussy and the CUM SHOTS all over the inside! I sucked your cock and fucked you every night until you dropped me off at home!

I lay in bed at night and fantasize about you picking me up and fucking me across the country like that again…….I’m dripping wet right now, just thinking about it! Call me and at least re-enact it with me……You know you want to take a trip in your Big Rig with me again, think of all the dirty fun we’ll have!!

Sometimes, late at night when I can’t sleep, I lay in bed and think about what it would be like to do PORN! I’ve always thought it would be the best of both worlds for me, I’d get to have SEX everyday with really hot guys/girls and get paid for it!

I’d even go as far as making little POV videos for myself to watch later and critique, or show them to my “friends” and get their honest opinions. Which usually would lead to some hot PORN worthy sex, but I’ve only actually let the cameras roll once, it was really on accident too, I swear;)

So what happen was: It was around 2:30am and I was up and dreaming of my fantasy PORN life, setting up my phone in the right angles and taking videos of me playing with myself or spankings, etc! At the time my roommate/fuck buddy’s brother was staying with us and was SO FUCKING SEXY, like Thor sexy!! He was gone when I started making these videos of myself and I hadn’t heard him come in, so I didn’t think about being quiet or closing doors or anything. The next thing I know, while I’m banging myself pretty hard with an 8 inch (and thick) dildo and playing with my tits for the camera, he walks in and just has the biggest smile on his face. His COCK was rock hard in his pants and he started taking off his close immediately after locking eyes with me. He walked over and grabbed the dildo from me and started pounding me harder than I ever could have imagined fucking myself with it and jacking himself off until we had the first of many orgasms that night.

He threw the dildo on a chair and positioned himself in front of me, rubbing his hands up and down my legs and telling me what I good girl I am. He spread my legs and leaned forward to shove his tongue in my mouth and whisper in my ear how fucking hard I’ve made made him for the last few months and how hard and rough he was about to FUCK me. Without warning, before his tongue was out of my mouth, his COCK was deep in side me. He was so fucking big, at least 9 inches and so thick, I moaned so loud as he entered me. So loud, that he laughed a mischievous laugh told me he hopes I’ll be louder than that in a few minutes. He fucked me so hard and for so long, in EVERY position possible and in EVERY hole I have. I have never been that loud,I thought that my neighbors we’re going to complain;)We watched the video back after our little escapade and we’re so turned on by how hot we were that we fucked for another 2 hours, off camera that time!

I continued to fuck his brother for a while, but eventually told him that I was way to into fucking his brother to continue fucking him, unless: we ALL did it together! I would continue to fuck them both separately, I could fuck them both at the same time WHENEVER I WANT!!! Call me up and I’ll tell you how that convo ended up;) Lets just say: BRITNEY GETS WHAT SHE WANTS!!!!

Do you ever fantasize about the Best Sex you ever had?! I know I do…..sometimes I like to re-enact my best sexual experiences with new people. Sometimes they know, but sometimes they don’t;)

The one I find myself acting out most often, went a little something like this:

I met this guy online and we talked for a month or so before finally being able to meet up, we had been sexting and having phone sex pretty regularly, but it took a bit to finally meet! When I showed up to his house, all dressed up and ready to go out, I had no idea what to expect. When he opened the door, the first thing he said was, “Oh, look, my pizza is here!”…..I just giggled and walked inside, not realizing what he really meant at that point!

When we got back to his house, having gone to the bar for a few drinks and some flirt, I was a little nervous. I had this 6’4”, bearded, sexy ass mountain looking man in front of me and all I wanted to do was mount him, but I just felt so tiny around him and shy! I had nothing to worry about though, after sitting on his couch for all of 3 minutes, he had his hands all over me. Putting me wherever he wanted and doing whatever he wanted to me. He laid me out on his couch, naked and vulnerable, which he seemed to take great pleasure in, licked my sweet pussy and played the inside like a piano. I squirmed all over his face, my juices drenching his beard. Pulling him up by his hair to kiss me periodically, so I could taste myself as well, why should he get all the yummy goodness?! While I was in the throws of my second orgasm, he put his arms underneath me, flipped us over and had me up on his cock riding him!! My orgasm kept going and going, his hands around my neck as I writhed around on his rock hard cock. At this point he picked me up and carried me to his room, his tongue in my mouth and all over my neck as he walked with me wrapped around him. He threw me on the bed and pounced on me, inside me before I could say anything, I immediately started moaning uncontrollably! He put my legs around his neck and pounded me, until I was screaming and begging him to flip me over and spank me. He didn’t right away, whispering in my ear that I needed to wait like a good girl, while continuing to pound me with his hands around my ankles on his hands and knees in front of me! When he decided the time was right, he flipped me over and licked my pussy from behind, his hands firmly gripping my ass cheeks to keep them spread and my wet juicy pussy on full display. He ate my pussy like it was his favorite pizza with just the right sauce. When he was finished with his feast, he pulled my hair back and shoved his cock so deep inside me, I came all over him instantly!! That didn’t stop him from continuing to fuck me until he was ready to unleash his yummy cum in my mouth. He grabbed my hair again and spun me around to put his gorgeous throbbing cock in my mouth, to suck on and deep throat, until he shot that warm load in the back of my throat. He face fucked me until every single drop dripped onto my waiting tongue……Mmmmmmmm and I savored every ounce!!

Call me up and tell me your best sex stories, or we can act out mine, whichever you prefer;) I can’t wait to hear all those juicy details from those sexy lips!!! Don’t be shy….you know I love it when we share!!

So I’ve been having some fantasies lately about fucking a fisherman! It may sound a little weird, but I’ve been super turned on by the idea of some hot, sexy fisherman (a salmon fisherman, lets say) doing really dirty things to me…..fishy dirty things;)

Here, I’ll just explain the fantasy and you can tell me just how weird/sexy you think it is…….

It starts with me walking along a fisherman’s dock, wearing a white, tight sundress, with no bra, a white thong and white wedge heels. As I’m walking along, I happen upon a fisherman getting his boat ready to go out and catch some fish! I find him very sexy, with his dark brown hair (super short on the sides and some sexy grab-able hair on top), closely shaved full beard and tattoos all up and down his arms. He lets me ask him all my silly girlie questions then laughs a little and asks if I’d like to come out on the boat with him and see what its all about!I, of course, say yes and let him help me onto the boat……

Before we take off, he tightly fastens my life jacket, so much so that I gasp a little moan and giggle when I realize he’s smiling at me and biting his lip as he stares at my cleavage;)

When we’re out on the water, he starts showing me what he does, getting all technical and saying stuff I’m definitely not going to remember, but I just smile at him and giggle in the right places! Which makes him blush, just enough to force a shy smile on that sexy fucking face of his. As he’s showing me some of the beautiful fish in the water just over the edge of the boat, we hit a rough spot and a big wave of water just comes over the top of us. Drenching us and knocking me over on top of him. Oddly, but ever so perfectly, I end up straddling over him and my dress is drenched and completely see through!! Fish have gathered ALL around us, having been forced on deck by the wave. Even still we lock eyes and immediately start kissing rolling around on top of the fish. He pulls the top of my dress down, popping my tits out, rips my thong out from under my dress and starts rubbing my clit and squeezing my tits as he sticks his tongue down my throat. Without warning, he thrusts his huge throbbing cock inside me. My back arching up immediately, putting my tits right in his face, making it all the easier to suck on them while he continues thrusting harder and deeper inside of me. While my back is still arched, he grabs a salmon from underneath me and smacks me across the face with, then rubbing it all over my nipples and sucking on them after. As odd as it may sound, I was turned on by this so much that i moaned and told him to do it again, harder this time;) He does and I can’t control myself and cum all over his cock!! He smiles and says, ‘You like that, don’t you, u dirty little slut?!” I just moan and shake my head yes……..

I better stop or I’m going to fucking cum all over myself just talking about it. It gets hotter and fishier and I see parts of a fishing boat I never new existed. If you wanna know the rest, I’ll tell you, just give me a call and then maybe you could help me figure out exactly where this sits on the sexy/weird scale…..I’m thinking 100% HOT and SEXY, but I’ll let you be the judge;)

When I was younger, I used to fantasize about hooking up with my friends Dad! He was so sexy, with dark hair and light eyes, and he was like 6’2″ at least…..Mmmmmmm yummy!! I’d go over to my friends house everyday, during the summer and go swimming in her pool. Her dad would throw us around and tickle as he did, which always got me aroused….which just provoked my sexual maturity even further into existence…..not that I needed and further provocation, but I appreciated it none-the-less;)

One day, after a long afternoon of swimming, he took me home and it felt like he made an extra special point to take me by himself. When I went to get out of the car, he reached over me to give me a big hug and gave me a peck on the cheek, smiled and told me he can’t wait to have me over again!! I’m sure u can imagine the dirty stuff I fantasized about that night when I went to sleep…..

It started out with me showing up at my friends house, all dressed in my bikini and a sundress, hoping she’d be home and that we could swim for the rest of the day! Her dad answered and said that her and her mom were gonna be out of town for a few days, but I was still “more than welcome” to use the pool and jacuzzi as much as I want while their away!! It was a little chilly when I got out back and decided to just get in the hot tub for a while! As I was taking off my sundress, I noticed him staring at me from the kitchen window, so I motioned for him to come outside! He peeked his head out the kitchen door and I asked him if he’d like to join me, my hands running all over my young supple young body as I ask him. He, of course, said yes and immediately came and got in with me….he didn’t even go in and change, he just got in in his boxers! I’m forward, to a fault sometimes, so I just casually sat on his lap…as if it were the only spot to sit in the whole jacuzzi, teehee! I commented on his increasing erection and how it was the perfect spot to sit my pretty little kitty on. He got instantly harder and grabbed my face and kissed me! I tried to play all coy and asked him if he was sure he wanted to fuck his daughters friend….to which he said that he’s been waiting to do this since we met. I took my bathing suit off and put his hands all over me and sucked on his fingers and my nipples until he couldn’t take it anymore and decided he NEEDED to know what my pussy tastes like….so I bent over in front of him and held the back of his head while he buried his face deep in that pretty little kitty….eating it like he’d never eaten pussy before and it was the best thing he’s ever tasted!!! Fuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk………

Needless to say the rest of the fantasy was pretty fucking graphic….But, just to give u a hint: at some point in the night he calls me, “Daddy’s Dirty Little Cum Slut!!!” Wanna know why?! Just call and ask, I’d love to give you all the dirty details!! Maybe you could give me some dirtier details to add to it……Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

I drive over to your house, wearing black stilettos boots, a fishnet body suit, black X pasties and a black rain coat, excited to surprise you for your birthday!! You know I’m cumming, but have no idea what i have in store the night. I walk up to your front door and knock….smiling, a devilish grin, as you walk up to answer it. As you open the door I open my jacket, just enough to catch a glimpse, then I close it back up and walk in the house. As I walk towards the back, you come up behind me and try to open my jacket. I stop you and turn around to face you, kissing your lips softly and whispering, “you’re just going to have to wait till after dinner!”

As we drive to dinner, I notice you keep looking me up and down, eye fucking me the whole way there. Trying to put your hand on my thighs, but I keep batting your hand away….telling you to, “be a good boy and be patient.”

While we’re at dinner, I keep rubbing your thigh and softly grabbing your dick every so often. I let you kiss my neck and lips, but you can’t touch anything else, not even yourself!

Even though it’s your Birthday, you still pay the check, that’s just the kind of good boy you are;)

On the way home I let you put your hand between my legs and play with my pretty little pussy, all the there! When we walk in the door, I immediately walk upstairs and motion for you to follow me. When the bedroom door closes, I take off my coat and am standing in front of you rubbing my hands all over my body…….What happens next?!?!

Call me up and tell me…..I can’t wait to hear how this fantasy ends;)

I know it’s cliche, but I’ve always had a thing men in uniform. I have fantasies about being pulled over and things just going “terribly wrong”, teehee!! One of my favorites of these fantasies is: I’m giving my guy (we’ll call him Billy) road head on the way back to his house and we get pulled over. The officer cums to my side first and tells me to get out of the car and walk back to his squad car. He tells Billy to keep his hands where he can see them, at all times, and to stay in the car. When he gets back to the squad car, he tells me to put my hands on the hood of his car and bend over. I do it and he starts to frisk me. When he gets between my legs he runs his fingers over my pussy and feels how wet it is. I giggle and he smiles and says, “look at you all wet and ready for me.” He pulls my skirt up and starts fucking me good and hard, pounding me from behind, and yelling at Billy to watch from the rear view mirror and “keep those fucking hands on the wheel”! Officer Big Dick, as I like to call him, cums inside me so hard and then immediately starts eating my pussy and licking my ass. It feels so fucking good and it makes me even hotter knowing that Billy is being forced to watch and being helpless to do anything! After fucking me all over his squad car, he yells for Billy to get out of the car and walk back to us, with his hands in the air. When he gets over to the squad car, the officer notices Billy’s huge boner and asks him,”What the Fuck is that about?” Billy says, “What?! You wouldn’t let me touch it!!” Officer Big Dick grabs his big cock and says, ” What a good boy, What do you think I should do with it?”

Call me up and I’ll tell you the rest….so much more to this fantasy!! I’m so bad;)

When I was live-in nanny, I worked for this couple that was always away on business. The husband was gorgeous, the wife too, but there was something about the husband that made me wet whenever I saw him. I used to have fantasies about him all the time, still do honestly! I would dream about how hot it would be for his wife to be away and for him to fuck my brains out!!

My fantasy would generally go like this:

I’d be home at the house putting the kids to sleep, just as he arrives home early and gives the kids a kids goodnight. After, I go to say goodnight to him and he asks me to come in his office to talk for a minute. Of course I go in….any excuse to be alone with him is fine with me. When we get in his office, he closes the door, and asks me if I’d like a drink! I agree to do a shot with him and he laughs a little and pours us some tequila shots. We take them and then both laugh a little, then he tells me he needs to talk to me about something important. He says he doesn’t think that I should work for them anymore, because he’s too turned on by my presence and he thinks his wife might be catching on. This immediately gets me wet, I’m horny and dripping by the time its my turn to talk. I tell him I’m sorry, but I’m sure there’s something we can do to work it out. I, then, get up and go over to him, straddling him in his chair and lifting my skirt up; just enough to put one of his hands on my ass! I take his other and put it between my legs and kiss him, using my tongue to open his mouth and play with his a little. He puts his fingers in my pussy and makes me cum so loud, just teasing my clit! I unbutton his pants and as I’m getting on my knees to suck all the cum out of his gorgeous throbbing cock, his wife walks in….home early from her trip. We’re both so turned on by this, we just look at each other and then at her and smile…….

Why don’t you call me up and I tell you what happens next?! I promise, it won’t be what you expect!!