Britney’s Thoughts

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Britney’s Thoughts

I want you naked in a chair in front of me.
Hard and vulnerable.
I want you licking your lips at the sight of my naked body.
I want your fingers running up and down my body in front of you.
Touching your hard, throbbing cock as you watch me play with my nipples.
Dripping pre-cum.
Kiss my Pussy.
Lick my little pink lips.
Suck on my Clit.
Beg me to suck your cock.
Present it to my mouth.
Kiss me.
Moan as I put you in my mouth.
Grab the back of my head.
Thrust inside me.
Keep thrusting.
I want your cock hitting the back of my throat.
Harder and faster.
I want your cum oozing from my mouth.
Kiss me.
Throw me on the Bed.
Bury your face in my pussy.
I want your face covered in my sweet juices.
Kiss me.
Finger me.
Make me scream.
Fuck me.
I want it…..

Do you ever stop and think about the last time you got hard? What were you thinking about? Was it me? Was I naked? I think about you naked ALL the time! I get so wet and juicy thinking about all the dirty things I’d let you do to me. Call me up so we can have some XXX PHONE SEX!!! You know you want to CUM and play with me;) I’ll be waiting!!

Take of All your clothes
I’ll take off mine
Lay me down on the bed
Kiss my body, head to toe
Then toes to head
Put your tongue in my mouth
Bite my lip
Look me in the eyes
Spread my legs
Feel how WET I am
Kiss between my legs
EAT me
Enjoy me
Tell me how good I taste
Kiss me
Let me taste me
Stand in front of me
Rock hard COCK in my face
Grab the back of my head
Fuck my face
Your fingers in my pussy
Bang me fast and hard
Lay me back down
Put your COCK inside me
Put my legs around your neck
Kiss my feet
Pound me, hard
Flip me over
Push my face in the bed
Fuck me
Fuck me Hard…
Fuck Me….
Thank You, Daddy!!
That’s just what I needed;)

Sometimes I lay in bed at night and think about all the things I wish I had done to/with my high school professor!! He was tall and built like a line backer and had the biggest cock I’d ever seen, bulging in a pair of pants….up to that point at least! I like to think about how he could have had me anywhere he wanted: in his classroom, in the office, in the gym, in the parking lot on his car, literally anywhere. He is one of the only guys that I’ve wanted and never had:( Maybe one day though?!

Have you ever fantasized about a teacher you had? I love a nice, hot, teacher fantasy!! Call me up and tell me all the dirty details;)

Tie me up
Strap me down
Gag me
Take away all my power
Run the straps over my body
Call me sweet girl
Tell me to breathe
Do whatever you want to me
Pull my hair
Tell me I’m a slut
I’m your Slut
Call me a Whore
A Cum Slut
A Dirty Bitch
Put your fingers inside me
Shove them in my mouth
Tell me I’m a Good Girl
Your Good Girl
I can be SO GOOD
I promise
Fuck me….
Pretty, Pretty Please?!

I feel your fingertips start to move gently up my leg, slowly making their way up my thighs, the warmth from my pussy calling on them to be squeezed, so tightly. Your chest against my back, your mouth on my neck and tongue dancing its way up to my ear, so softly. I gasp a little moan, letting you know house aroused I am by you. Arching my back, just so, letting my ass rub all over your hardening cock. I love it when you come in my room at night and wake me up to play, Daddy, you know just the games I like! What’s your favorite way to wake me up at night? You know you wanna tell me, Daddy, don’t be shy!! Call me, I’ll be waiting;)

I’m standing in the shower, hot water flowing down on me, my body trembling as it adjusts from cold. You cum in from behind me, quietly and with no prior warning. I’m startled at first, almost scared, then I realize it’s you and let my body succumb to yours. You thrust your huge cock inside me, with a loud moan from me to let me know you’re inside, and I instantly cum all over you. Squirting all down your legs and slamming my hands against the wall, with nothing to grab onto. You push me up against the wall even harder, biting my neck and whispering your filthiest fantasies in my ear. Fucking my brains out until we’re both screaming out moans of utter pleasure, good thing the hot water doesn’t run……we can do this ALL day/night;)

Last night I had a dream that I was up on stage dancing, to a song I knew you loved and wearing an outfit I knew would drive you wild. You sat in the front row and drank your drink, smiling at me and winking when the moment fit;) I played the room and took my clothes of methodically, ending with my panties around my ankles and my ass in your face. Waiting for a wink, when I flip my hair up and look back at you!! I woke up as you were standing up and about to grab my ass and pull me backwards……who knows
what would have happened next?! Any ideas? Call me

I’m thinking about getting some new toys!! I can’t decide which ones I should get. Should I get a few for each hole? Or just some for my PUSSY!? I really want a new butt plug, but think I might need a bigger size. Which ones do you guys recommend? What are your favorites?! Call me up and give me some ideas, I love a good SEX TOY suggestion…..maybe it’ll lead to some XXX PHONE SEX, too;) I can only hope, teehee!!

Fun Fact About Britney:
I LOVE SUCKING COCK!!! I think about it ALL the time…..there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about sucking a nice, HARD COCK!! One of my favorite positions is 69, because I love being able to suck on your cock like a lollipop, til you cum in my mouth and I swallow every yummy drop. All while you eat my pussy, like it’s the sweetest pussy juices you’ve EVER had the pleasure to consume! I can’t wait to talk to you, so I can tell you, in graphic detail, all the delicious details about my LOVE for SUCKING COCK!!!

I’ve never had SEX on the beach before, have you?! I’ve always wanted to though, it’s ALWAYS been a sexy little fantasy of mine I like to think about! I’d lay a blanket out on the sand, the sun setting behind us as the waves hit the sand, muffling our moans of pleasure. Mmmmmm, FUCK, I hope I get to be that lucky one day. You should call me up and tell me about your SEX-capades on the beach or at least help me out a bit with some sexy beach role play……make me moan so loud, no waves could muffle me;)

So I have these two friends, who are super fucking hot, but their married….to each other!! It’s tough, cause their both hot separately, but imagining them naked together gets me so fucking wet!!! It’s uncontrollable! I close my eyes and imagine all the tattooed naked skin, her amazing tits, his huge cock, hands everywhere….Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuuuuuuccckk……I’m wet as shit, just writing this;)

Do u ever think about your friends like that?! Do you ever think about them fucking and what it might be like to join in?! My wet friend dreams are endless….but, I’d love to hear about yours! Call me up and give all the yummy details;)

I like thinking about your hands all over me, your lips against my skin, your tongue running up and down my entire body. I think about your breath on my neck, while your fingers dance around inside me, my lustful moans escaping between kisses and bites on your neck and ears. I’d whisper, “I need you,” as I reach for your cock. Unzipping your pants as you suck on my freshly exposed nipples…

I especially like thinking about these things and playing with my sweet little kitty!! Call me up and I’m sure we can put our heads together think of some things that will make my kitty purr;)

I’ve been having very erotic thoughts lately….

The most frequent has been the thought of: getting a hotel room for the night and inviting a certain guy to the room. Not giving any hints to what I have planned, just a very casual invite. When he arrives I’m in sexy black lingerie and high heels and have candles lit all over the room, very cheesy and stereotypical, right?! But then I get him all excited and into the idea of doing whatever I want him to do! I tell him that I want him to lay down on the bed naked and I’m going to tie him up… that he can’t touch me at all, but I can touch him all I want, teehee!!! I like the thought of kissing a guy all over his body, licking and biting him between every few kisses, just to mess with him a bit and get him even more excited. Then I’d go bananas all over his cock for a few minutes, getting its nice and lubed up with my spit, hard and ready for tight my wet pussy…..

Bet you can guess what I thought about doing next?? Or can you?? Call me up and let me know just how dirty you think my thoughts get….ormaybe dirty thoughts of your own you might like to share;)

I feel like such a dirty little girl…..

I’ve got a crush on an older guy that reminds me of Sam Elliot (the actor), he’s 6’4″-6’5″ and has a voice that makes you instantly wet when you hear it. I think about all the dirty things I want to do to him, or that I want him to do to me, and it makes me cum harder that I ever thought was possible….without penetration!! I think about his HUGE throbbing COCK inside of my tight WET PUSSY and all the damage he’s gonna do to it, when he ravages me, just the way I like!!!!

The only problem is: He’s Married!!!

I’ve never sought out a married man before… it bad?! Should I be a good girl and keep my dirty little thoughts to myself? Or get him alone somewhere and tell him all the JUICY details?!

I need help guys….I just don’t know what to do!!! I’d luv to hear what u think I should do with all these devious dirty thoughts….maybe you can get me through this extra ROUGH time in my life….uuuugggh, it’s just SO HARD!!!!!

Sometimes I have dirty thoughts about Santa coming down the chimney and finding me sprawled out on the couch playing with myself. I imagine he’d say something like, “Ho, Ho, Ho….You’ve been very naughty, Britney, no presents for you!” To which I would reply, “Oh, Please Santa, isn’t there anything I can do to prove what a good girl I can be?” Hoping he’ll let show him just how good I can be, teehee;) Maybe even get some brownie points for next year!!

With Christmas so close it gets me thinking…..What kind of sex would Mr. and Mrs. Clause have? Would he fuck her in his sleigh? Or all over the workshop? Would he let the elves watch? Or, maybe, the reindeer? Oh, to be a dirty little fly on that wall!