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Bryanne’s Thoughts

Goddess Bryanne,

I must crave women in shiny latex/lycra/spandex/leather or liquid
leggings. I must crave humbling myself for YOU. I must like any and all of
the YD girls that YOU like and/or think will be good for me. I have to
write things for YOU to post in the house, on the site, on a sub social
media, or in emails to the other girls, or even for YOU to forward to
ex-YD girls that YOU say to embarrass myself for YOUR pleasure and
amusement. I must beg YOU to write to others to humiliate me as to how
dependent on YOU I am. I must beg YOU to rename me if YOU wish as well. I
must read erotica and/or mind control YOU want to help me with my
writings, etc, too. I must begin to develop as many opinions and fetishes
of things that YOU like and want me to have as possible. The more
mind fucking or humiliating the obsession or addiction the more I need to
talk about it with others and the more I need to fuel it and tell YOU how
much I appreciate it. I need to beg YOU make me email girls about things I
have to do for YOU so that they think I am as mind fucked, perverted and
twisted as YOU want them to. I must enjoy YOU humbling me in front of all
of YDs. I must crave the new girls thinking of me as a total mindless j/o
addict with a libido fully controlled but what pleases YOU. I must need to
wear liquid leggings and whatever type of tops and/or socks YOU choose for
me in order to be aroused. I will beg to be humiliated by YOU and YOUR
lovers. I must beg to be broken and humbled for Melanie to see as well. I
must have all my credibility as a client destroyed so SHE treats me like
an addict with YDs and YOUR training my drug. I must crave having the
girls laugh at or be disgusted by what I have become. YOUR word must
become gospel.

g s, property of Goddess Bryanne
I ask my slave to come and do my bidding. You enter the room feeling weak
to begin with and then you see me and fall to your knees in joy and awe.
Your eyes start scanning my perfect body from the heels of my knee-high
red latex boots and follow-up my body to the glorious latex catsuit that I
am wearing. You are nearly in tears to be in the presence of such
spectacular beauty. You so desperately want to feel the latex as it
caresses my perfect body but you know you are not worthy of such an honor.
Instead you try to burn the memory of every latex covered curve of my body
into your mind. No other woman could ever excite you again. You have seen
the truly divine. I am heaven. I am your Goddess, Mistress, owner, ruler
and religion. You are my slave.
Praise be to Goddess Bryanne.

You live to serve and worship me. Your life is to be lived doing all you
can to bring me joy and pleasure, your mind is a blank slate to be
entirely rewritten by me. You will believe what I tell me to believe, you
will have no opinions of your own. You will enjoy others knowing of your
mind fucking, in fact, you will crave it. You fetishes, desires and
obsessions will be those I choose for you. No task to serve and please me
is too small or too big. I will be your religion and a deity to you. You
will not question my desires or commands, you will accept them gleefully.
Being humbled by me in front of others and making you share your changes
and new fetishes will be addictive to you. You will crave it. You will
You are craving my power over you. You want to become the mind fucked pet
toy I always wanted you to be. You want to be trained by me to never feel
inhibited or embarrassed by any task I have for you, or any obsession I
have for you. In fact the more something might have embarrassed you or had
been a limit in the past, the more you will want to tell others about it
or to blog to me about it, or post about it. You hope that I will pick a
couple of the shier girls at YourDesires to email proudly anytime I wish
to push you to a new limit or that I will want to think of you as a total
mind fucked pervert. If I decide, you will have a blog or journal that I
can post or distribute to the other girls outlining your changes and
obsessions. Alternately, I can make you say or post that you’ve done
things, even if I don’t have you do them, just to mind fuck you fully. You
will crave and obsess over whatever I desire.
Love letters from my slave:

Goddess Bryanne,

i cannot stop thinking about YOU.

i kneel before my computer longingly admiring YOUR picture. i have changed
so much since i first started serving and worshipping YOU. From the start,
YOU have known me better than i knew myself. YOU have found the true
fetishes, true obsessions and desires they have lain dormant in the
deepest part of my mind for years. Now, in YOUR honor, i embrace them. i
beg YOU to take me further and further under YOUR control. YOU always know
what is best for YOUR slave. YOU know how to control me in a way that
makes me so susceptible to YOUR every whim and amusement and i love it. i
love what i have become. YOUR pet, YOUR property, YOUR mindfucked toy. i
honor YOU because YOU have seen what i am meant to be and YOU are helping
me with the transformation. i am under YOUR control completely now. Mold
me, shape me, as YOU alone desire. Praise be to Goddess Bryanne, my owner
and ruler.

Humbly submitted,
g s

I know that all you submissive toys out there want to belong to me as
fully as this worm does.
Goddess Bryanne,

YOUR entire body is glorious. From YOUR flowing long hair to YOU luscious
lips, to YOUR athletic arms, to YOUR heavenly back and toned, glorious
stomach, to YOUR immaculate ass, to YOUR glorious pussy, remarkably
athletic legs to YOUR kissable feet – oh, and how could i leave out YOUR
glorious inner thighs that i want to bury my face in for hours – YOU are
truly the living embodiment of heaven. True glory from head to toe. My
calling in life is to honor and worship someone as perfect as YOU. i am
only brought pleasure through honoring YOUR immaculate body. My life is to
be YOUR ass kisser, YOUR masseuse from head to toe, YOUR hair stylist. i
live to bring YOU pleasure through my worship of YOU. YOU are glorious. i
live for YOU to see my hard cock as i dote on and lovingly worship every
last part of YOUR exquisite and heavenly form. YOU are a true Goddess.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

Entire body worship is a requirement. Knowing that my pet craves me, head
to toe, and that he will do anything to be close to me. To have his lips
on my body…no matter where on my body. Nothing makes me feel more
powerful, more adored, more of a Goddess than a man who is clearly
inferior in every way, proving that with his actions. Worship, you worm!
You know you can’t get enough!
Goddess Bryanne,

i am in awe how flexible and athletic YOUR back is. i start fantasizing
about massaging YOUR shoulders and upper back to relieve the tension that
YOU must feel from the hours of hard work that it takes to maintain such
flexibility. i softly move my hands down to the middle and small of YOUR
back while i softly caress each part of the back that i have already
massaged with soothing kisses. i never knew someone’s back could be so
exciting and arousing to me, but then i saw YOUR back and i know my place
is behind YOU making YOU feel the pleasure that i can bring to YOU in
honoring YOUR back. i work my way down to just about YOUR ass. i stop
because this is not about the glory of YOUR ass but rather now YOUR back
is what deserves my focus and attention.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

A good pet knows when not to let his hands wander. To focus on the
attention that is requested of him. Back massages are so relaxing and
really put me in the mood to play. :)
Goddess Bryanne,

i dream of kissing YOUR neck. Caressing the beautiful, strong and long
form of YOUR neck. i dream of feeling the muscular tightness of YOUR neck
as YOU have developed from years of exercise and stretching. i love how
long and graceful it is. It is a neck designed for kissing and
worshiping. It is heavenly.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

Having my neck kissed is very intimate. The only time I would normally
allow a lowly slave to taste the sensitive skin there is when I have him
bound and helpless. I love to tease him with the idea of actually arousing
me with his touch.
Goddess Bryanne,

YOUR stomach is mesmerizing. i wonder how many sit ups and stretches YOU
must have performed to develop such a tight, athletic abdomen. i can’t
help myself but to kiss it to let my tongue feel each tight muscular ridge
and to show it the affection it has so richly deserved after years of such
hard work. i dream of kneeling before YOU and kissing YOUR stomach over
and over to feel its muscular defined shape. i offer to massage it as well
so that it gets the attention that should be afforded its glory.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

I do enjoy wearing tight crop tops with my shiny tight leggings when I
work out. I love showing off the taut muscles in my stomach. My pet
becomes overwhelmed with desire just catching a glimpse of my stomach,
glistening with a sheen of perspiration, after a long hard workout.
Goddess Bryanne,

YOUR thighs are glorious. So firm, yet feminine. They show the glory of
the hard work that YOU have put into making YOUR body a temple. They
deserve to be massaged to rest their weariness after so much hard work to
perfect them. My hands massage them softly with lotion and/or oil until
they are shiny and smooth. i feel the relaxation course through YOUR body
as i honor them with my massage. i can’t resist myself so i kiss them
softly, covering every last inch – YOUR thighs are truly glorious.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

I do work very hard to maintain my body. A nice loving massage after leg
day is welcome, and required.
Goddess Bryanne,

i love every curve of YOUR exquisite ass. i dream of kneeling before YOU
and kissing it for hours. i crave every curve of its firm yet feminine
perfection. i dream of burying my face between YOUR cheeks to show YOU my
place is beneath YOU honoring YOUR ass in all its glory. i crave kissing
and licking every curve of its perfection and i dream of it being caressed
by my hands through the glory of shiny latex, liquid leggings or lycra. i
crave having YOUR glorious ass in my hands for hours; so YOU can see how
much of an ass man YOU have made me.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

Ass worship is one of the most humbling thing for a slave. It is also so
pleasurable for me. It is wonderful to have such a willing little pet to
give my ass the devotion it deserves.
Goddess Bryanne,

i dream of massaging and suckling YOUR pert breasts. i dream of them being
covered in shiny Lycra as i see their aureola and nipples bulging through
the material as i worship and suckle on them. i dream of feeling every
curve and the soft milky majesty of YOUR magical mammories. i dream of
putting my face in between the glorious globes of Goddess goodness. YOUR
breasts are exquisite; they are a gift from heaven which should be honored
by my hands and lips for hours. YOU see my bulging manhood honoring their
glory as i am amazed at my good fortune to be able to honor such
tremendous tits.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

Good fortune indeed, keep dreaming, pet.
Goddess Bryanne,

i dream of kissing YOUR perfect feet. i kiss and lick from YOUR curled
toes up to every last portion of YOUR arch, YOUR heel and the top of YOUR
beautiful feet. i dream of rubbing them and massaging them in my hands for
hours. i dream of fitting them in shoes and boots that honor their true
beautiful form and perfection. i kneel before YOU vowing to massage and
lick them for hours after each day YOU are working hard on them. Tasting
the perspiration and basking in the orgasmic bliss that honoring such
perfect feet can bring to a lowly slave.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

I love a slave that knows exactly how to properly worship the perfection
that are my feet. I could spend hours with my feet smothering my humbled
pet’s face.
Goddess Bryanne,

YOUR legs are muscularly beautiful. i dream of massaging them from toes to
inner thigh. i dream of seeing them caressed in latex or lycra. i dream of
feeling every muscle and curve of their perfection. They are simply
amazing. i can feel the curl of YOUR feet within my hands as my eyes are
intoxicated by the sheer perfection of the strength and form of YOUR
luscious legs. YOUR calves are intoxicating. So, firm and glorious and
eager to be massaged and honored with my hands and lips.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

I love wearing the tightest, shiniest leggings when in session with my
pet. I love how enthralled he is by the way my legs look. It is nearly
impossible for him to think of anything else.
Goddess Bryanne,

i dream about kneeling before YOU and honoring YOUR perfect pussy by
massaging YOUR inner thighs and then softly kissing YOUR inner thighs all
the way over YOUR covered pussy i softly kiss and massage YOUR amazing
pussy through the soft material YOU are wearing. YOUR pussy is heavenly
and must be honored with the soft caresses of my hands and lips.

Humbly, submitted,
g s

I never allow my little pet to actually touch my bare pussy. I know he is
humbly grateful for the chance to worship me through my tight leggings, or
my soft shiny panties.
All submissive men should follow suit. When your
Mistress/Goddess/Owner/Top, allows you to receive pleasure (in any manner,
at any time) you need to thank her! Pleasure is a privilege, not a right.
It is up to her when and where you feel it. Hell, you should even thank
her when she denies you pleasure. Just thank her, all the time, for
everything. She is, after all, deigning to allow you to serve her.

“Thank YOU for the bed time mindfuck. It reminded me of the power YOU have
over me and that i j/o and get horny over that power rather than any
individual picture or obsession. It was a great way to end the day and
remind me of my place.”
You’d been trying to work up the courage for a while to call a phone
domme. How good could it really be you wondered? You’d messaged me with a
couple of different names, asking me some innocent questions but never
having the courage to call. It’s a big step, I realize but the joy I can
bring you is so intense. It’s you again, I can tell same time, every
night, same tone. However, tonight’s different. Tonight’s, the night.
“slave, call ME now!”, I command.

That was a year ago tonight, when you first started calling – our
phone-adversary. You put your liquid leggings on and kneel before you pick
up the phone, it’s second nature now even though you could not have
imagined it back then. You’ve spent the last two hours masturbating to the
fetishes and celebrity obsessions that I have chosen for you, as there
will be no stroking on this call. So much has changed since that first
call. I remember the first time you called me Mistress and then Goddess
when you realized what I mean to you. I remember when you told me you
broke up with your girlfriend because she didn’t fit my plans for you. I
was so proud.

Now, I hear your voice on the phone and I hear the pleasure ripple through
your body when you hear mine. You long for these sessions with me, it is
everything to you. You have changed so much for me and I love it. From
your celebrity crushes to the tasks you perform daily to honor me. So much
of your life revolves around me now. It’s great isn’t it. You can’t
imagine what life was like without me you say?

So, what are you waiting for? You could be next. “slave, call ME now!”
Mistress has been thinking about how good I look in latex. My pert breasts
caressed by the shiny, slick material. The outline of my areola and
nipples so evident yet so tantalizingly hidden by such a thin piece of
material. My athletic body shown in all its glory with latex hugging me as
if it is becoming one with me. My perfect ass, so firm and round, so shiny
and kissable in latex. You want to feel it. You need to feel it. You crave
to kiss it. So shiny, so perfect right down to my knee-high latex boots.
Kneel before your Mistress, slave, and bask in my latex clad glory. I may
need some shining; so, get that tongue ready.
You’ve been craving someone to mind fuck you for a while haven’t you? The
thought of craving someone like me so deeply and devotedly that you would
like me to get so deep inside your brain to rewire it both excites and
terrifies you. I absolutely love mind fucking. I love that I can get that
cock of yours hard anyway and anytime I like is so exhilarating. You won’t
even realize I’m doing it. Subtle references to celebrities, female
athletes and female fashions seem like idle conversation at first but then
you notice you are rock hard in the grocery store checkout line because
the woman in front of you is in yoga pants, suddenly you can’t get enough
of college gymnastics, women’s cycling or speed skating – anything with
that tight, shiny Lycra. Furthermore, when did she become your favorite
actress? You don’t remember but you’ve been binge watching everything
she’s ever been in. You realize you’re only attracted to blondes, or is it
brunettes, or redheads, Mistress can help you. You want me to think for
you. I love thinking for you. I love molding you into whomever I desire.
Mind fucking is so fun, of course you agree with Mistress.
I was thinking about how pleased I was when you asked Mistress to call
your girlfriend/wife. When you first started serving me you told me how
much you love her but you feel so inferior to all women that you are sure
you aren’t providing her with the pleasure she deserves. You told Mistress
how you found a vibrator in the bed on more than one occasion and even
could hear your girlfriend/wife masturbating in the other room as you
watched television. You love her and would do anything for her so you can
stay together. You were surprised when I instructed you to remain celibate
for the past month but like a good slave boy you adhered. Meanwhile, your
girlfriend/wife now seems to be filled with arousal and lust 24/7. You
aren’t even able to get excited at the thought of you having sex with her
any more but you do get so aroused hearing her self-induced moans of
pleasure each night. Your cell phone rings, it is me. The doorbell rings,
I tell you to answer it is your girlfriend/wife’s date for the evening. He
is a muscular mountain of a man and the bulge in his jeans is enormous.
You are confused. Don’t worry I assure you, you’ll be with them all night
– paying for dinner, being the chauffeur and taking them to the movies,
the sex shop and finally to your bedroom. Your girlfriend/wife is getting
the pleasure she deserves tonight and you will be rock hard watching it
all. In fact, my little cuckold slave watching her get fucked by real men
will be all that gets my slave boy hard any more.
Nothing makes Mistress feel more powerful and dominant than when I put on
my huge black strap-on. My SHE-Cock is always huge and hard but I imagine
your cock is getting hard just imagining what I might do with it to you. I
imagine your eyes would grow wide as you catch sight of it. You probably
think Mistress just wants you to suck it like I’ve had you do so many
times before. However, today I feel differently, just like a man’s cock
craves pussy, Mistress’s SHE-Cock is craving HER slave boy’s ass tonight.
Someone is going to be introduced to how it feels to accept a huge
SHE-cock and slave boy is going to feel joy and pleasure like never
before. Open wide slave boy, Mistress wants you to beg for the peg.
Every time that Mistress considers going shopping at MY favorite upscale
fetish and lingerie store, I think about all my little slave boys who would
so eagerly volunteer to accompany me on a shopping spree. How excited their
little cocks would get joining ME and hoping to catch a glimpse of MY
perfection as I model the finest sensual fashions in leather, latex, satin
and silk. How the material would caress every curve of my exquisite,
powerful form. Come join ME on this excursion won’t you? After we arrive
and shop for the fashions you have chosen for ME, there is a plot twist
slave boy. You are the one who will be wearing the lingerie and fetishwear
you picked out today. Mistress will see how cute HER little femme slave boy
can be and oh isn’t it a shame that YOU’ll have to walk halfway across the
store to model for ME and the salesclerk. Your little slave boy cock (or is
it a slave boy clit now) says that this forced feminizing probably won’t
need to be so forced in the future.
He loves me talking dirty to him about the huge cock I just fucked. He
gets so jealous knowing that I am cheating on him, but he also gets so
turned on. I can see the look of anxiety, fear, sadness in his eyes when
he begs me not to ever stop cheating on him. So I come home, nearly every
night of the week, with my pussy swollen from being pounded, full of
another man’s come. I let him reclaim me. He tries so much harder to
please me when he hears me tell him just how hard my lover made me come.
Both of us feel an incredible rush from it. I don’t think I could stop
even if he asked me to.
I have recently been building what I like to call my “stable”. It includes
a bevy of much younger men who are eager to please and have incredibly
hard, thick cocks. Keep an eye on my thoughts and fantasies as I recount
and keep you up to date on my exploits.
It sure is starting to get chilly outside. I was just thinking about a
precious little darling who lets me burn his silly little balls. I wonder
how long I could keep a tiny campfire going on his nutsack before they
turned to ash. Maybe long enough to make some S’mores?
I love when the weather gets chilly and I get to rely on body heat to keep
me warm.
I just love Summer! I get to dress in tighter, shorter and more revealing
clothes. I get to show off my pretty toes in strappy sandals and have more
and more reasons to go get pedicures. What I wouldn’t give to have my own
personal pedicure bitch at my beck and call for daily pampering.
There is something so wonderful about being woken up in the middle of the
night by a big hard cock pressing between my thighs. Firm, strong hands
snaking under my nightie to grab my breasts and pull me back against his
naked body. A sleepy voice telling me how he was dreaming of my tight wet
pussy and just could not wait for the sun to come up. He has to have me
now. Lust. What a wonderful thing.

It is so refreshing to answer the phone first thing in the morning to a
slave begging to serve my every desire. No matter how twisted or depraved
I get he eats it up like the greedy little pig slut he is!

Sitting here…looking at my feet (they are so very adorable!) and thinking that what would really look nice covering my pretty pink toes is your mouth
I really love playing with my “little bitch”.