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Age: 26
Cup Size: 34c.24.36
Trillian: CarmenCravesYou
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Likes: Financial domination, black mail, cum denial, tease and denial, giving and enforcing punishment, sensual domination, degrading your pathetic ass, and pushing you to your limits.
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Having been at Your Desires for a bit now I have experienced all kinds of kink, fantasies, and desires. While I enjoy playing with all sorts of kinks there are a few areas I truly enjoy.

If you could ask any of my friends they would testify to the fact that I am skilled at finding out information on just about anyone. I have stalked their future boyfriends online, even going as far as finding one of those guy's race times for a track meet they did in high school. Finding info on someone is a complete rush for me. I love that with in a short amount of time I will find the intimate details of your life and use them to get whatever I want out of you. I want to get you in a compromised position so that the only thing you are able to do is submit to my demands and wishes.

Speaking of getting whatever I want out of you- I absolutely love raping your wallet. And I know you love to cater to me. You can be my pay pig and I will be so very happy splurging your money on my frivolous desires. I love high heels, makeup, and clothes and you desire to give me those things that make me happy. Watching me spend your money is exactly what you desire for me to do. It is really all your worthy of doing- being my cash cow. But the number one rule to being my pay pig is to make a tribute first. Now that you are aware of that rule you know what to do.

I can be quite the flirty little vixen. Every person I have been with, or dommed, has said the same five words- "You are such a tease." And I am fucking good at it. This body has allowed my the privilege to tease and deny anyone I want. They never complain, but maybe they whine a little bit. And if we are being honest- I think the whining is pretty adorable. That is until I don't think it is anymore.

And in that case, I will gladly dole out a few painful punishments. Spankings? Check. Cock and ball torture? Yes please. I love to get really creative and find ways to push you towards your limits of pain. Pain sluts are welcome with me.

I also relish in pushing you in your limits to cum denial. Because your cum belongs to me. I say if, and when, you can cum. Just when you feel like you can't take one more agonizing day of not being able to release I will push you a little further. And you will learn to love it, in your own unique way.

One thing about myself that I have learned to embrace here at YD is that I adore laughing. It is never my intention to come off cold or cruel and yet I never was able to stop myself. If my sub said something truly bratty I would find myself belly laughing. And when my sub would try to sneak their way out of punishment I never held back the giggles that wanted to escape my lips. As a matter of fact a sub of mine says he has come to enjoy my laughter, that it is an erotic sound. When you play with me expect giggles and laughter. And if you are making me laugh then you can be assured I find you to be an exquisite person to play with.

I will push you to your limits. I will make you want to quit. And I will make you want to come back every single time. I am a woman who is skilled at the art of luring in her prey. Every bit of me has been made for trapping little things like your self and bending them to my will. Your submission to me wont go unrewarded though. You will find that my pleasure comes first, but eventually you will be allowed to enjoy yourself too. I am a kind and merciful Goddess if you are able to prove your worth to me.

The moment you call me is the moment your life will begin to change. Only do so if you are ready to explore yourself in ways you haven't before. I only want you if you are ready to give me your all.

My panties are also available to purchase as a souvenir of our time together. The price all really depends on what dirty and depraved things you desire me to do to them.

Want to connect? Here are your options:

Trillion: carmencravesyou
Twitter: @carmencravesyou
Aim: carmencravesyou

If you are feeling brave enough to pick up the phone, I will be waiting.

I look forward to using, pushing, and exploring you.