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Carmen’s Fantasies

Submitted by a friend*

Growing up I never would have thought I would have ever been the type of
guy who would have been submissive to any woman, I had never even heard of
the word. I still think in many cases it depends on the guy/girl you’re
with whether or not you are submissive or dominant in the relationship. My
first girlfriend Annie was clearly a naturally dominant person who loved
nothing more than being in charge of our relationship.

We had started off very much as equals but as time passed on, it became
clear she wanted things on her terms, some everyday examples would be her
changing the channel away from sport that I was watching to whatever tv
show she wanted, her deciding what movie we would go and see without
asking my opinion or requesting me to cook/clean up the apartment, things
would start off as a request but in time requests became demands, it was
the natural flow of our relationship. I would never question any of her
demands, never would answer back, I just went with it.

Annie was a seriously sexy girl, a typical blonde bombshell with sexy legs
and gorgeous DD boobs that she enjoyed to show off, no prizes for guessing
what first caught my attention. Along with her sexy tits she had great
legs which she rarely covered up, short sexy skirts were the order of the
day, she always got attention whenever we went out and about, she loved
nothing more than when guys would chat her up in my presence, she played
on it and often would lead them on flirting a bit before making her
excuses and exiting the conversation. In this little way she was further
exercising the fact that to other people she was the most desirable person
in our relationship, she knew she had the power and she loved that and to
be honest so did I, I was happy being submissive to such a sexy babe.

One of the best things about Annie was her high sexy drive, she was
constantly looking for sex, in fact many times I couldn’t keep up with
her. When we first started to date we were like any other conventional
couple, standard sex which we both enjoyed, but then Annie became more
confident. When she turned 20 she seemed to grow into herself, knew what
she wanted from a guy and wasn’t afraid to get it.

Annie loved nothing more than me pleasuring her with my tongue, this was
her most common way of getting off at the beginning of our relationship
and she loved nothing more than to see me heading down to lick her sweet
pussy and being a submissive guy I loved to pleasure her, certainly before
I ever got pleasure. This lead to her becoming more demanding in this
area, if we were on the sofa she would turn and say “Babe, I’m getting
horny, down ya go!” and point to the floor in front of her. I wouldn’t
even think twice I would drop to my knees in front of her, she would take
off her panties, spread her legs, grab my head and pull me into her,
relaxing as my tongue got to work. She was never in a rush to cum, she
enjoyed making me work to please her, taking her sweet time before
reaching a climax and when she did she would say “That was good babe, up
you come!” before putting her panties back on.

Face sitting aided the power balance shift further. As Annie liked oral sex
the 69 position was a staple in our sex life, things would always start
off as a standard 69 position but within seconds Annie would rise up and
ensure her full weight was on my face smothering me under her sexy pussy.
She would stop pleasuring me and have no regard if I was enjoying it or
not. I didn’t care either, having her in charge, grinding her pussy into
my face covering me with her juices and stopping me from breathing was
pleasure enough. She never asked how this was for me, it didn’t matter as
she enjoyed it; enjoyed taking all of the power. She would usually turn
her body around showing a complete disregard for my pleasure and begin to
grind her pussy into my mouth and nose, grabbing my hair as she bucked
back and forth and moaning loudly and saying, “Oh baby, lick that pussy
like a good boy!” as she rode my face aggressively until she came.

The power balance shifted rapidly after our regular face sitting sessions,
Annie would show me total disregard, we never discussed how I never made
decisions or how my wants were never considered, this was our relationship
and it worked. Our sex life remained highly active, Annie would
consistently be the one in charge in the bedroom, growing so confident she
would often instruct me to as she put it “take up the position,” which
meant no matter what we were doing I would have to immediately go into the
bedroom , strip naked and lie flat on her bed with my arms by my side and
wait for her to enter, take off her panties and ride my face to orgasm.

What started as a private thing became more obvious to others. One night
we were in Annie’s apartment with her two friends watching a move when
Annie said loudly, “Babe go into bed and take up your position! I want to
have some girl time,” her friends almost burst out laughing at me.

I was shocked but I simply said “Yes babe” and off I went. When outside I
heard the girls asking what exactly the position was, which Annie
explained in great detail, they both agreed how lucky Annie was to have a
sex slave for her pleasure, she just laughed and said I had some use for

It didn’t take long before Annie began to show an interest in other guys,
whilst she would have always been an open flirt with guys, she would
usually not suggest she go on a date with a guy, comment on their
looks/body or take give them her number, this changed when we joined a
local gym. Annie had previously commented that she wondered what it would
be like to be with a black guy as she had heard the rumors of their large
cocks (whilst I was above average she always wanted more). When we joined
the local gym she took some personal training sessions with Andre, who
looked like a NFL players with massive arms, broad chest and massive legs,
it was of course no coincidence that Annie had selected the only black
personal trainer there. I would often see them giggling together as they
worked, Annie rubbing his arm as he took in the view of her in her sexy
little training tops with her tits flowing out. Andre often wore skimpy
shorts when training Annie, it was clear he was very well endowed, the
outline of his cock was always visible and something Annie would bring up
to me saying how she’s amazed it stayed in his shorts and laughing as she
said she wouldn’t mind if popped out.

Once their training sessions ended Andre asked her out for a few drinks to
which Annie immediately said yes and informed me afterwards she had a date
with Andre, it was very much for my information only.

“Babe, I’m going to tonight for drinks with Andre, just letting you know
to not wait up for me as I’m not sure when I’ll be home, I know this may
be difficult for you but you know I’ve always had an interest in black
guys and this is the way it is going to be, if you can’t deal with it then
you can leave!”

Of course I was extremely nervous about this but as I loved her I said
that’s fine but maybe she could update me how her date is going which she
loved and off she went to get ready. Minutes later she was in the bathtub
“preparing herself for him,” as she put it, which meant ensuring her pussy
was clean shaven.

She got dressed in a little black plunge dress that went down to her belly
button with her tits pushed nicely together to ensure all eyes were drawn
to her chest and it was also just below her pussy, she said she wouldn’t
wear panties tonight because apparently Andre had a thing for girls with
no panties.

The updates from her dates started off harmlessly “Just in the bar now
babe, Andre has arrived, he looks very sexy!” and “Getting a little tipsy
now babe, Andre noticed I’m not wearing panties, he loves it.”

After a couple of hours they began to get more erotic “Babe, we moved to
booth in the corner, Andre wanted to play with my pussy, hope nobody saw
him” and “I’m getting so horny now, I’m so wet I’m dripping onto the sofa,
we’re catching a cab to my place, you need to go to the other bedroom!.”

They were home inside the hour, I watched from a crack in the door as
Andre was kissing my girlfriends neck from behind, reaching around and
pulling out her right breast, Annie all the while moaning loudly before
saying “let’s get those pants off you big boy, been thinking about sucking
that cock for months now” Annie was very much aware the spare bed in which
I was to sleep was shoved up against the wall behind the bed to which she
just took Andre. Everything was within earshot, she could be heard

“Oh my god you’ve the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my entire life, I
knew it would be big but this is enormous, I’ve never been so wet, now
fuck me hard big boy!.”

It wasn’t easy for me to listen to my girlfriend getting rammed for the
next twenty minutes, the bed hammering off the wall, my girlfriend roaring
how she wanted to be fucked harder by his big black cock, demanding he
spanked her hard for been a dirty girl. All the while Andre grunting like
a bull as he rammed his big dick into my girlfriends previously tight
pussy and in the end Annie was roaring,

“Oh my god I think I’m going to squirt, fuck me hard, harder Andre, gimme
all that black dick, oh fuck, fuck…ooooohhhh fuuuuuck,” as she came “oh
god I’ve never squirted before, it’s all over the wall!”

For the next weeks Andre took up residence in Annie’s bedroom, banging her
hard every night, her freely referring to Andre as her boyfriend, with my
role being more of a cook and cleaner. A couple of times Andre was in the
gym and Annie whilst sitting on the sofa would instruct me to crawl over
to her and lick her pussy until she squirted all over me, which of course
I did dutifully but after a couple of months she hardly ever bothered
including me in anything, I was merely in their way, she had said no way
my cock would ever enter her again, it was Andres pussy from now. She
instructed me to leave and leave I did. She has never gone back to another
white guy since then, I always figured she wouldn’t.
I pulled up to Ariel’s house and read Henry’s text: “Where are you?”

I knew he’d be okay with me bringing a friend. Ariel hopped in the Jeep,
her dirty blonde hair and green eyes brighter with the new summer sun.

“Who is this guy again?” She said.

“Henry. Brooklyn kid, beach house, Binghamton, the guy I’ve been sexting..
Ring a bell?”

“Ah,” She said. “And I’m coming because..?”

I laughed, “Because I’m not crazy. No way in hell I’m showing up alone.”

She smiled and put on her sunglasses. Ariel was, what I considered, the
darker part of me. I was a straight A Ivy League student, student
government, internships, you name it. I was sheltered from a young age and
driven to succeed. My image was everything to me, so I was always careful
about the way I portrayed myself. Ariel, though, was everything I had
missed growing up. She didn’t care about her academic record, or sexual
record, for that matter. She’d drink, smoke, go to clubs with guys she had
just met– she went all the way, all the time. We balanced each other out.
I led her down the right path and she made sure we had bumps, exciting
bumps, down that path.

We pulled up to the beach house and Henry greeted us with a smile.

“You brought a friend?”

“Yep, hope its not a bother,” I answered, proud of the beauty I was
walking in with.

Henry was dark and tall. He was a year older than we were. His chest and
abdomen were perfectly chiseled. He was the first thing I could ever
picture when thinking about the perfect summer fling.

“Let me introduce you to the guys.”

Inside, four equally handsome guys waited around the pool smoking hookah
and drinking beer. They took note of us immediately. I could tell Ariel
understood why I didn’t want to be here alone; I’m not assertive enough to
say no to any of them.

After a few drinks, Ariel dared David, the taller of the guys, to jump off
the roof into the pool. David agreed, and naturally, a game of truth or
dare began.

Ariel lives for these games. She takes them above and beyond. She dared
one guy after the next– sucking chocolate syrup off of each others abs,
cupping each others junk– those kinds of dares. As she moved down the
circle daring guy after guy, I saw the boys exchange a look.

Oh no. It was coming.

It was Ariel’s turn to be dared. Henry looked around the table and said,
“You’ve dared all five of us. We each carried out your dare without a
complaint. Now it’s our turn– five dares, from us to you.”

Ariel’s mouth fell into a smirk. It was like they fell into her trap, like
each word was fed to them.

She smiled, innocently, and said, “That only seems fair.”

First Dare– take off one piece of clothing. Typical.

Ariel was prepared. She reached under her shirt and undid the tie to her
bikini top. Her nipples pressed through the white lace tank top as she
slid off the neon fabric. All while keeping eye contact, not saying a

The guys let out small sighs, almost in disbelief their plan had worked.

Second Dare– Touch yourself intimately.

Ariel laughed, this was baby stuff. She cupped the bottom of her breasts
and traced her nipples with her thumbs. She slid a hand over her jean
shorts and began to rub, exaggerating her moaning, pouting her lips.

I sat and laughed quietly. This was typical Ariel, pulling her near-porno
stunts. She bent over, letting the denim seep in between her thighs. The
guys were going crazy.

Third Dare– Kiss me.

I looked up. “These aren’t my dares, that’s not part of rules,” I stated.

Ariel just shook her head and said, “You always follow the rules, don’t you?”

I had never been with a girl before. I had barely even been with guys. I
was petrified.

Ariel came to me slowly, sat on my lap. She looked me in the eyes, cupped
my face.

I felt as if time stopped. I felt her breath on my cheek, felt it get
closer and closer to my mouth. I was lost in her green eyes. I felt her
warm lips touch mine, felt them close slightly then open again. I felt her
tongue enter my mouth, slowly moving, with her lips over mine. Suddenly I
was following her lead, still entranced. My hand ran through her hair. I
nibbled on her bottom lip and tugged a little downward, then went back up
to finish the French kiss smoothly.

She pulled away.

I sat still.

“Next,” She said, fully serious once more.

Fourth Dare–

At this point, we knew where this was going. The only word that left
Henry’s mouth in regard to this dare was “Continue.”

Ariel was already on it. Her mouth moved to my neck. Her body rotated from
sitting on my lap to straddling her knees over my legs, face to face,
pressing her jean shorts against mine. As she kissed my neck, I felt my
bathing suit top loosen and it dropped around the chair. Our nipples
rubbed through our shirts, Ariel moved up and down slowly, leaning her
head against my breasts. I took her top off in a swift movement and
caressed her beautiful B cups. I grabbed her nipple with my teeth then
sucked, alternating breasts, rubbing the other with my forfinger and
thumb. She still moved up and down slowly, shorts rubbing, friction
growing. When I looked back up, my shirt had been unbuttoned and my chest
exposed. Ariel rubbed her tits against mine and moaned. I knew she was
exaggerating again, but it turned me on.

I looked up. The guys were staring. I had forgotten where we were, what I
was doing. I sat there, half naked, with my half naked best friend
grinding on my thighs. I was about to stop– this wasn’t me. This isn’t who
I am. Then I looked at my friend, eagerly rubbing against me. She gave me
a look. If it’s a show they want, that’s what we’d give them.

I lifted Ariel off of me. For a moment, a look of slight terror crossed
her face, as if I didn’t understand what she was trying to convey before.
She stood before me, half naked and confused.

I came closer, on my knees, and kissed her midriff. I worked my way down
to her abdomen, kissing and licking, down to her little jean shorts.

I unzipped them and rubbed inside, felt a wetness all too familiar to
mine. I slid her shorts off, undid her bathing suit bottom. I sat her down
on my chair and parted her legs.

I felt a rush run through me. I stared into her slightly trimmed but
mostly unshaven pussy, unsure of what to do next. Ariel felt my hesitation
and began to rub herself. She grabbed my head with her other hand and
moved it closer to her legs, towards her waiting, glistening, moist lips.
She guided my head to her clit, and I instinctively opened my mouth. I
began with one, wet, flat-tongued lick, tasting pussy for the first time.
I found her clit and took it into my mouth, carefully, slowly. I gently
ran my tongue across it, knowing how sensitive that little nub is. I heard
her moan– real moans, this time– and looked up. She gave me an encouraging
look. I put my middle finger in my mouth then put it between her lips. I
moved slowly in and out, then put my mouth back to work on her clit.

As I sucked, she pushed my head closer to herself. I alternated between
flicks of the tongue and slow sucks. I was surprised by how easily this
all came to me. She’d whimper every now and then, humping my face. My
middle finger was soaked, her hole widening with each movement. I was no
stranger to masturbation, but this was different. I used another two
fingers. I lifted my three fingers in the air, one soaked with her juices,
and out them into my mouth. then, looking into her eyes, i shoved all
three into her pussy, curving up slightly. I put my mouth back at her
clit, now only flicking with the tip of my tongue. She gasped and moaned,
then her back arched with one large thrust into my mouth and fingers. I
felt warmth rush out from inside her, onto my nose, mouth, and hand. She
gasped and slowed her breath to a rhythm, shuddering every few seconds.

We started to hear applause. Henry and his friends sat, wide-eyed, mouths
open. I felt my cheeks flush with color. I looked down at my naked body,
now moist with sweat and my best friend’s cum, and felt embarrassed. I
grabbed my bikini and shirt and got dressed as fast as I could.

Ariel still laid naked on the chair, still panting, and said, “So guys,
how about that fifth dare?”
Time was measured by my breaths, the silence echoing through the house,
and the quick beats of my heart. You had told me to kneel in the room and
wait for you and I obeyed. I will always obey. But this wait was far
longer and crueler.

I was released from my thoughts when I heard your foot steps in the
hallway. The breath caught in my throat. You stood in the doorway admiring
my total submission to you- the downcast eyes, hands on my legs and the
hair tipping forward.

You slowly walked towards me and pushed a piece of hair away from my ear.
I could feel your breath on my neck as you leaned down.

“Do you enjoy making Daddy worry?”

“No Daddy,” I respond in a meek voice.

“Then why would you not text me you were staying longer at your friends if
you don’t enjoy making me worry? I was worried beyond reason when you
never texted, and then when you wouldn’t answer my calls. Three hours late
is beyond unacceptable.”

“Yes Daddy.”

You grab more of my hair and force my head back so my face looks up at
yours, yet I still keep my eyes away from yours.

“Look at me.” And I answer your demand with my obedience and fight to not
bite my lip.

Your eyes burn into me, I can see all the possibilities for what is to
come working in your eyes. And I bite my lip. You let out a low growl and
smack my face. The sting of the slap takes me back yet I remain silent.

You rub my face as the sting spreads across my cheek and then grab my hair
again pulling me up to my feet. I struggle to gain footing as my legs seem
to have gone weak. Next thing I know I am tossed onto the bed and you are
quickly working to tie my hands to the headboard. Your hard cock is
pressed against my face as you straddle me, and I want it badly.

You begin to secure my feet down and I feel the desire fade and
nervousness set it. I bite my lip again, and I catch you looking at me.

“I don’t enjoy punishing you, I hope you know that. But you broke Daddy’s
rule and l’il girls can’t get away with behavior like that.” And with one
quick movement my eyes are covered with a blindfold.

Minutes, maybe hours, pass- I am not sure of which as my senses are not as
strong. I hear a stirring to the left of me and suddenly feel the coolness
of a leather riding crop grazing my stomach. Is this supposed to be a
punishment? Because I can feel myself getting wet.

And without warning you bring the riding crop down on my nipples. It
stings but it is intoxicating. I want more. And you must sense this
because in quick succession you begin to snap my nipples until I am
breathless. God, I need it. I crave it.

You go back to running the crop across my skin again and it feels like my
nerves are even more alert. The tickles across my soft skin are pushing me
closer to the edge. And then you bring a quick snap of it on to my clit
and I nearly burst.

For several seconds there is nothing but breath in the air, my ragged
breath. The riding crop is running along my body again and I can no longer
hold it in- I begin to moan. This brings the crop down on my clit again- I
arch my back as much as I can with the restraints on.

You whip the crop on my clit again. And again. And again. I am grabbing
the sheets to try and hold the orgasm back. I don’t want this feeling to
end. The never ending snaps on my pussy are too hard to fight.

“Please Daddy, can I come?”

“No,” you growl back at me but don’t stop. I am trying so hard to fight
the pressure building up in me. It feels like it will consume me whole.

“Please. Oh god, please!?” And you say nothing but keep delivering the swats.

“Daddy, pleeeeeeaaase???!” I cry out.

“No. You don’t get to cum my l’il girl.” And with that the riding crop is
gone. My body aches.

After a short while of time, when my breathing becomes more even you let
me free from the restraints and remove the blindfold. Your eyes look
kinder, but more hungry. But tonight you don’t even give me the
satisfaction of sucking your cock. You pull me into you and cover us with
a blanket. Your strong arms holding my close so I can hear the comfort of
your beating heart.

“Please, never scare Daddy again baby girl.” And you begin to play with my

“Yes Daddy,” I murmur as I begin to drift away to sleep. The ache in my
belly strong. I drift off dreaming of tomorrow, of orgasms, and of my
Daddy’s cock
I sit in my office, legs crossed, feeling the wetness between my legs
build. My new boss started work today and all I have been able to think
about his fucking him on his desk. When we were introduced I found my eyes
wondering down to the bulge in his pants and immediately became
embarrassed when he caught where my gaze was.

Right as I am reflecting of how I made a fool of myself he strides into my
office. My nipples get hard at the sight of him, fuck I hope he doesn’t

“Carmen, I need you to stay late tonight and work overtime on the Dearhold
project.” It’s not a question, it’s an order.

“Of course, Bryan.” And like that he is gone.
For the rest of the day all I can think about is staying late with Bryan.
Staying late with his cock. It is ridiculous of me to hope this leads
anywhere, but…..

Most everyone leaves for the night and the office is quiet. I make my way
to Bryan’s office, legs dripping with anticipation. I find him working
hard at his desk, top buttons undone and tie off.

“Okay, Bryan- what do you want me to do?”

“Get on your fucking knees.” He says to me without taking his eyes from
his computer screen. I do it without hesitation.

I feel the coarseness of the carpet rubbing against my knees. I bring my
eyes up to meet his and I search them for an idea of what he is going to
do to me. They are bright but give no indication of what is going to come.
My breath catches and I feel a warmth spread through my chest.

I keep my eyes on him as he moves towards my kneeling figure. My heart
beat quickens. Step, thump thump, thump. Step, thump, thump, thump. Can he
hear my heartbeats?

He steps in front of me and I immediately look down at the ground. He
brings a ridding crop out from behind his back and lifts my chin up with
it. I have no idea where the riding crop came from, was it there all
along? My chin rests on the crop yet I can’t make my eyes meet his again.
I submit completely to him and he knows it.

“Tell me a secret.” He orders and without hesitation words come pouring
out of my mouth.

“I have been stealing wifi from my neighbors.” God, that was a horrible
secret. I hear him chuckle softly.

“Tell me a secret.” He says again as he grazes the crop on my face.

“I like to fuck myself with the curtains of my apartment open so my
neighbors can see me.” And I blush.

“Tell me another.” He demands and the crop glides over my breast causing
my nipples to get hard.

“I fucked myself in my office thinking about you.” And I came so hard, I
think to myself.

He brings the riding crop down on to my nipples, softly but with purpose,
and I let out a moan. The smell of leather, the tightening of my nipples,
and how still the air felt- I will remember these details when I think
back on this night.

“Stand and take your clothes off. All of them.” And I do it with shaking
fingers. I peel every item off while looking down at the floor. I want to
know where at my body he is looking but I can’t bring myself to look him
in the eyes.

“What is your safe word?” He whispers into my ear. Safe word? Why do I
need a safe word I wonder. I have no idea what this means and I bite my
lip. He reaches his hand out and lifts my chin up.

“Look me in the eyes,” and I obey. His eyes are fire, dancing wild as he
stares into my eyes.

“Pick any word and when you use this word I will stop what I am doing.” I
bite my lip again.

“What if I don’t want you to stop?” I respond and his lips part into a smile.

“You will want me to stop. Now what is your word?”

“Pineapple,” comes rushing out my mouth and I feel stupid again. My eyes
fall back to the ground as I hear him laugh.

“Very good. Now put your clothes back on. That’s it.” The words crush me.
Did I do something wrong? Was pineapple a horrible word to pick?

I quickly put my clothes on as I keep my eyes on the ground. My finger
lingers on the last button of my blouse and I want to ask what I did
wrong. When I bring my eyes up I see he is watching me, with a sly smile.
I don’t get the courage to ask, instead I turn to leave.

“Good night Bryan,” I say once I get to the door.

“Master. You will call me Master,” he says cooly and my hands stop turning
the handle. For a moment I process and then out it comes from my mouth.

“Good night Master.” And I close the door behind me. As I make my way out
of the office I try to process what happened; it feels like a dream to be
honest. I can only think of next time. My body craves it.
When you called me at work for phone sex I was so very excited. I never
expected my boyfriend to call, yet there we were. Your deep voice telling
me what you had planned for me later, and me on the verge of orgasm. You
absolutely forbade me from having an orgasm, and it was hard but I obeyed.

When I got home that night, panties soaked, I was disappointed to find you
asleep. My mind was a jumble. I was done feeling aroused just to be let
down again, no matter how tired your job made you.

When you work in the morning you tried to roll over but realized something
was stopping you. Your groggy eyes made contact with your wrist and took a
moment to process the restraints. I watched you as panic began to
settle in your face.

“Carmen, what the fuck..” your voice was raised a bit higher than usual.

“Good morning,” I said with a smile.

“You better untie me now,” you growled. I responded with an innocent blink
of my eyelashes and stood up. You found me dressed in your clothes, and an
unfamiliar bulge in my pants.

“Assuming you can please me today you will most certainly get untied.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I am tired of you telling me how you are going to fuck me for me to come
home and find you asleep. You send texts, emails, and then last night you
called me at work. Yet, I come home again to be let down. This is my

“You are such a bitch sometimes!” You yell at me through gritted teeth. I
straddle your back side, my bulge pushing into your lower back.

“Wrong thing to say to me today. Today you are MY bitch,” I whisper into
your ear.

I slowly unzip my pants and you struggle a bit beneath me, so I push your
head into the mattress. When I finally let you come up for air you rise
even angrier. My restraints are holding up perfectly, you are not going

I pull my strap on out of my pants, and slowly begin to put lube on it. I
feel your body tense between my legs when you hear the lube being squeezed
form the bottle.

“I don’t enjoy this, please Carmen. Don’t,” you plead.

“You don’t like this?” I ask as I reach my hand between you and the
mattress searching for your cock. It is hard, there is no lying to me. I
begin to apply the lube in between your ass cheeks, sliding in with ease
even though you are clenched up.

After your ass is fully lubricated for my cock I reach my hands into your
hair, pull your head back and bite your ear as I begin to push myself into
you. I don’t rush, but I am not holding back too much either.

As I begin to pound your ass I feel you start to lessen your resistance. I
hear your breath become more ragged. You don’t enjoy this, huh? I try hard
not to smirk at your lie. I grab your hips and start to push harder and

Right as I begin to fuck you deep in your ass I hear the desperation in
your breath- the point right before orgasm, and I reach under your chest
and pinch your nipple hard. The you are spinning into your orgasm, and I
watch your body struggle through it all.

As your body relaxes into the wetness between you and the bed I slowly
pull out and collapse next to you.

“You know you will have to let me out of these, and then you’re fucked,”
you say with a cruel smile.

“I know.”

“What did you hope to accomplish then?”

“Well maybe next time you wont leave me frustrated after you promised me a
good orgasm.”
It was always different with you, from that very first time I laid eyes on
you and you looked not at my cleavage, brazenly displayed, and not at my
curves, clearly defined through that short slutty dress, but into my eyes.
And even while my body was crying out to be noticed, to be acknowledged, I
felt a stirring in some unfamiliar place as your glistening green eyes
bore into mine. Not only a tug deep in between my legs, but a tug also,
deep in my heart. A door creaking open within me, a candlelight flickering
in the shadows that had gathered there, layered thick and heavy, ever
since I’d closed that part of me off to the world.

It was unsafe, I knew, to feel anything there. I slammed that door shut
and I made you my challenge. I must conquer you. I must have you. I must
make you need me, want me, desire me more than anything else in the whole
of existence if only for a moment in time.

You didn’t respond to my grinding and groping. You held me close instead
and slow danced with me. You didn’t respond to my suggestive remarks, but
whispered in my ear how beautiful I was, how perfect. You wanted to talk.
You wanted to know me. You opened old wounds and you tended them so
carefully, so lovingly as salty tears stung my eyes in that moonlit room.
Yet still that little part of me needed to win. I knew what men wanted, I
knew what they craved. If you didn’t want me there must be something wrong
with me? Rejection, all over again. My hand slipped lower, seeking you,
needing to make you want me. Your hand pulled my wrist and gently moved it
to your chest.

“Don’t you want me?” I asked, my lips numb from your kisses, my body
buzzing from rubbing against you as we lay entwined on that couch. “Don’t
you want to fuck me?”

“No,” you answered, a lance through my heart, “I don’t want to fuck you. I
want to dance with you, play with you, show you the world. I want to know
you the woman and you the girl. I want to love you and caress you and
shape my whole life around you. I want to mend your heart and wrap it
carefully in mine. I want to make you my princess and love you and prove
to you my devotion, until I am worthy, until I deserve the honour of
laying with you. I want to erase from your memory every man who laid hands
on you so disrespectfully. Even then I don’t want to fuck you. I want to
worship you. I want to know every part of you inside and out. I want to
explore you and please you and take you to heaven with every kiss, every
touch. You are my Goddess and I want to treat you as such.”

Your eyes shone truth. Your words, a whisper, a magic key. You opened my
heart as the stars danced above and something inside me melted. I allowed
myself to need you then, with all of my being. I knew then I would never
need anyone else. You won.
I wasn’t sure how long they had been watching or how long it took me to
gain my composure. When I finally took in the whole situation I reached
down and ran my finger across my little pet’s cheek, adjusted my skirt and
began walking towards the men gathered.

As I walked I did a quick count- four men, not bad odds at all. With the
way they looked like dogs in heat I knew I had this situation under
control. When I got five feet away from the group I stopped and made eye
contact with each man. A few beats passed in silence, their eyes flashing
between me and my little slut. Finally one of the intruders cleared his

“Well, this is not what I had in store when I decided to go hiking today.
But it’s a pleasant surprise, don’t you think guys?” One of the men said
and the others laughed nervously.

“I most agree this isn’t what I had planned either. So, are you planning
on leaving or were you wanting a show?” I respond with my sweetest voice.
Silence spans across a minute, each man looking stuck on how to answer the
question. I am sure they think I am joking about a show.

“It is not a rhetorical question, would you men like to get back to hiking
or would you rather watch us?” I asked again, while walking back towards
my slave. Once I get to her I left my skirt up and command her to taste me

I hear footsteps coming closer and when I turn to look over my shoulder I
see that my invitation was not wasted. I look down into my little pet’s
eyes and I see her desire building. She has never been fucked in front of
a crowd, I know all her secrets, but I can tell she is aroused by the

“Stop,” I command and she pulls her head back. I step behind her, eyeing
the men around us, and kneel. I pull her hair to one side and start to
kiss her neck, slowly making my way to behind her ear. I feel her body
shudder at the touch and a small sigh escapes her mouth. As I bring my
kissed back down her neck, I reach around to her right breast and begin to
tug at her nipple.

All the men are watching us with brows furrowed, cocks in hand and
stroking. The sight of them makes my pussy wetter. I pull my slave’s hair
back with my other hand and start to kiss my way to the front of her neck.
A moan leaves her throat this time.

“You, come here.” I say to the man with the biggest cock. It looks to be
at least 9 inches and thick, perfect in my opinion. He looks a bit taken
back, but his feet find their way to us.

“I want you to feel her pussy and tell me how wet she is.”

“I…um…I really shouldn’t. I am married. I feel guilty that I am even
watching this.” He says while his eyes are centered on the ground.

“I really don’t care you’re married. I am just asking you to feel her
tight, beautiful pussy and I know you want to. I can see your cock
throbbing at the idea.” He looks at me, his eyes dark and bites his lip
for a brief moment. He then lowers himself to the ground and stares at my
pet’s pussy as if trying to reason with himself that it’s not cheating. I
tell my slave to lay back on the ground and open her legs.

When her legs part open I can tell he has won the war in himself- his eyes
become mistier. He slowly reaches his fingers out and glides them along
her pussy lips and her back arches. With less hesitation he begins to
moves his fingers between her pussy lips and she starts to moan.

“How wet?” I ask. He pulls his fingers away and shows me. I lean in and
lick the pussy juice off, and I find myself letting out a moan this time.
Her pussy has the sweetest taste, I am addicted to it. Every time I taste
her I am reminded of the first time we fucked and how I knew I had to make
her my slave.

“It looks as though my little pet here loves having an audience, I have
never seen her so wet before. Even more so, I think she loved feeling your
fingers on her pussy. Now give her your cock.”

Without hesitation he pulls her towards him and begins to push his cock
inside her. I pull off my clothes and then lean in to help guide him in. I
open her pussy lips up and watch as he slowly glides in. Her pussy
squeezing around his dick looks like perfection. I notice the other three
men move closer to the three of us on the ground, their hands working

I beckon one man to me and tell him to suck on her nipples, and he does so
without thinking. Together we begin to suck on her nipples. Her back
arches and her breast push further into my mouth. I feel her hand tangle
itself in my hair. Her moans bring my closer to the edge.

It as if at that moment the animal in the men take over and I find us all
intertwined with each other. My pussy begins to be explored by a tongue
and my mouth lifted off my slave’s nipple to find a cock waiting. I begin
to swirl my tongue on the head of a beautiful cock. The sexual energy in
the group puts me right on the edge, but I refuse to cum just yet, this is
too much fun.

The moments, or hours- I am not sure which, pass and I keep myself firmly
planted on the edge of orgasm. I am lifted off the ground by strong arms
and pushed against a tree, my legs spread and held up by the strong arms.
I look over the man’s shoulder and see my pet being fucked by two cocks,
one in her beautiful ass and one in her pussy, and a cock in her mouth.
Her hair is tousled all about her face and her eyebrows pushed together in
pure pleasure.

I dig my hands into the man’s back and bite on his ear, his pace picks up.
His cock is pushed deep in me and I realize it is the man with the giant
cock. His lips find mine and I wonder what his wife would think. I
suppress a giggle at that thought.

His kisses become more passionate and he pushes against me harder, I feel
the bark of the tree digging into my skin deeper. The sensations are all
too much and I begin to orgasm. My pussy begins to squeeze his dick even
harder and he pounds me even harder. Write as I reach my peak of the
orgasm he places his mouth upon my nipple and I let out scream of

“Oh fuck, I am going to cum.” He whispers into my ear breathlessly and I
respond with tightening my grasp around his neck while reaching my hands
into his hair. Right then he thrust so hard into my pussy I let out
another loud moan and I feel him release inside of me.

He keeps me pinned against the tree for a minute longer as he gains his
composure and then silently lets me down to the ground. I reach my fingers
down to my pussy and then taste the mixing of our cum. His dark eyes watch
me with interest, his cock still standing at attention so I get on my
knees and slowly suck his cock. I hear him quietly mutter “fuck” as he
leans his head back.

I work my tongue around the head of his cock and then deep throat him
until I can feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. He grabs
my hair and pulls my head off his dick, leans down and passionately kisses
me. He is going to fuck me again, I know this. So I stand up, grab his
hand and pull him back towards the group.

I find my slave on her back now with only one man, being fucked slowly in
her pussy. The other two men are sitting off to the side watching, looking
a bit shell shocked. I get on my knees and lean over her to lick her clit
as she is being fucked. I can taste the cum of another man on her clit.
Right as I begin to work on her clit quicker I feel her tongue on mine,
flicking furiously. Then I feel my pussy opening again for my big dick

As we are both getting our pussies fucked we continue to lick each other’s
clits. I feel my pet’s body shudder as she gets closer to release, her
partner driving into harder. Without warning the both begin to cum. He
pulls out of her pussy and sprays his cum on her clit and partially into
my mouth.

I begin to lick the rest of the cum off her clit, her body shaking each
time my tongue strokes it. My male companion shoves my head further down
on to her pussy and begins to pound me harder and faster. Right as he cums
he pulls my hair, bring my head back and I let out an incoherent tangle of
curse words and moans.

When he finally pulls out of me I realize how exhausted my body feels. The
weight of the day seeps into my muscles, yet I am oddly not ready to quit.
I lean my body up and place my pussy on my pet’s mouth.

“Eat,” I command and she begins to lick my pussy dutifully, tasting the
mixing of cum.
During our drive home my pet falls asleep in the passenger seat. Her even
inhales and exhales of breath feel oddly out of place, but perhaps I am
still wound up from the events that unfolded today. A smile creeps across
my face when I think about how I never even asked the men their names.
What does one do with 24 hours while their favorite toy is tied up, alone
in the forest? I can’t speak for you, but I can tell you what I did. I
painted my nails, enjoyed a delicious dinner of steak coupled with red
wine, and pampered myself. Filling my time was easy but I wasn’t prepared
for the ache in my belly. When I was laying in bed I though about how she
looked tied up and I yearned to taste the tears that rolled down her

When the time finally came for me to visit my pet I was surprised by how
slowly I made my way to my car. The turning of my engine ignited a new
wave of passion- the car ride was quick by the standard of time yet felt
painfully slow. When I finally found myself rambling over the same
undeveloped road my pussy immediately got wet.

Her head was bowed forward, long brown hair streaming down and covering
her nipples. Her head never rose at the sound of my car; she looked
exhausted and weak. The sight of her could have brought me to my knees-
but it was her that would be meeting the floor tonight, not me.

I made my way out of the car and over to her. Her breathing was slow and
deliberate, and I could see the tear stains on her cheeks. I paced around
her surveying my pet. All the while she kept her head bent forward.

After marveling at her weakness I raised my hand out to sweep her hair
from her face. When my hand reached her face she jumped back like a hot
iron had touched her, but she was tied up well enough that she fell back
to where she was before.

“My pet. No need to be shy.” I whispered, but in the moment almost seemed
like a yell. Her chocolate brown eyes curled up towards me, a fire in
them. “Perhaps 24 hours wasn’t long enough?” Her eyes fell again.

“Good pet,” I said as I reached for her face again, this time she didn’t
pull away. “What will you do to get out of these restraints?”


“Anything? Are you sure you mean that?” I ask as I push my hips up against
her. Her hips respond back, as if on autopilot and she doesn’t speak for a
whole minute.

“Yes,” she says finally.

I pull my shirt up to expose my nipples and grab her chin, bringing it to
my erect nipple.

“Suck.” And she begins dutifully. She sucks like a hungry baby nursing
from its mother. Moans begin to escape my mouth and I finally push her
mouth away. She looks into my eyes, hers alight with lust. Color begins to
rise in her cheeks for the first time since I returned. Her breath a bit
more ragged. She’s hungry for me, and wetness starts slipping from my
pussy down to my legs.

I kiss her softly on her lips then move down her face to her belly. My
kisses send shivers threw her body and she thrust her hips towards my
incoming face. I pull away, stare at her pussy and lick my lips. I want to
taste her so badly, but I wont. Not yet.

I trace my fingers up and down her legs while my head is an inch from her
perfectly manicured pussy hairs. The landing strip an arrow pointing down
to where I plan to end up. As my fingers come up they stop short of her
cunt and she shudders. She starts to beg for me to touch it, and I only
look up to her and smile slyly.

From my pocket I pull out two clothes pins, and proceed to run them up and
won her legs. Her lustful eyes show a trace of worry and anticipation. She
bites her lip so very sexily I almost lick her pussy right there. Instead
I stand.

“I want you to remain very still while I put these on your beautiful
tits,” I say as I trace the clothespins on her nipples and kiss her neck.
The tinniest whimper escapes her lips.

I delicately take a clothespin to her nipple and take my time placing it
on. I brush it around her areola, watching it jump alive at the touch and
place the clothespin on it. While doing this I trace my tongue around her
other nipple. Ecstasy is watching her writhe in pain and pleasure. With
her other nipple ready for action I put the other clothespin on and survey

Her face is screwed up in the most beautiful of manners, her lungs rising
and falling sharply and I can see the clear pussy juices running all the
way to the ground.

“I am going to untie you now, but you do exactly what I say. Is that
clear?” I say as I watch the pussy juices.

“Yes, Carmen.”

And I begin to untie her, letting my fingers take time unraveling. When
her body is finally free she goes to wrap her arms around her body and
remembers the clothespins, so they fall down to her sides. She stares me
boldly in the eyes, but doesn’t move from her spot.

“On your knees.” And she obeys. I walk to her and slowly pull up my skirt.
She leans into to taste me, and I pull her hair.

“I didn’t say you could touch me yet.” And I release her hair. She stares
at my pussy and her eyes begin to get misty. Minutes pass.

“Lick me, now.” And she hungrily starts to flick her tongue on my clit.
Right then we hear steps behind us and I turn to see a few men behind us.

To be continued, again. ;)
I swung by my favorite fuck buddy’s house the other day to surprise her.
Always being down for a new adventure she didn’t question my motives. She
said yes before questioning what we were doing, which worked to my benefit
most amazingly.

It wasn’t until I blindfolded her and put her in my car that I could see
the worry lines sweep across her mouth. Yet, she still didn’t say anything
like the good little pet she is. A hour passed in silence, I swear I could
hear her heartbeat echoing through the car. The tension made my pussy

When I finally pulled off the highway I started to follow an
underdeveloped road and she let out a gasp. The exhale nearly pushed me
over the edge, but I kept in control knowing what was coming. I finally
found the perfect spot and pulled over.

I made my way to her side of the car, opened the door and made her crawl
out still blindfolded. Watching her stumble out of the car and try to gain
footing among the leaves and branches made my nipples hard. My sweet, sexy
pet was barely keeping her composure.

I never said a word to her as I helped her stand straight and walk towards
our destination. The way she usually carried herself proudly was slowly
slipping away. Finally, we made it to a clearing that was frequented by
hikers and the like. It was the perfect place to begin my work.

“I am going to remove your clothes now, no whining,” I growled into her
ear. And slowly each item came off. I paused long enough between each item
to see the color flush in her cheeks and watch the rapid rise and fall of
her lungs.

I made her spread her legs, raise her arms and keep her whore mouth shut.
I deftly tied her legs with rope to the tree, as well as her arms, and
stood back to survey my masterpiece. Still blindfolded, she had no idea
where I was and that made me want to bring my whip down on her. To make
her feel me, even though she couldn’t see me. But this play would need

So I walked away and left her tied up. I heard her cry out towards me, her
sobs following the crunch my feet made on the leaves. My little bitch was
only tied up for a few minutes and she was already breaking. 24 hours
would do the trick.

As I drove away I slipped my hand down to my pussy and felt the wetness
slipping down my legs. 24 hours couldn’t come soon enough. I looked in my
rear view mirror and a smile crept over my face.