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Carmen’s Thoughts

All you little toys, whores, and subs are keeping me busy with all your
love letters and naught emails. What is a Goddess to do with all your
pathetic whimpering? Here is an excerpt from an email from one of my toys:

“i am absolutely aching to please you and desperate for release. i am a
quivering little slut toy who cannot wait to serve you. i wish you were
available tonight.

your toy”

Quivering. Aching. Desperate. Serve. All words I LOVE to hear. Keep it up
my toys.
If asked, most of us would say that we wanted more foreplay. It often
seems to us that men think of foreplay as a warm up to the main event, and
try to do as little of it as possible.

This is a mistake when it comes to pleasing a girl in bed because foreplay
is one of the most enjoyable aspects of sex for women. Men are able to
reach orgasm much more quickly than women, so foreplay gives us time to
get to the same point as you.

There are many forms of foreplay, so ask us what feels good if you’re not
sure. If we’re not into what you’re doing then try something else;
everyone is different and one woman may not like the same moves as

And it may be obvious and off-putting to some women if we think you’re
just trying some ‘tricks’ you know pleased previous women, and aren’t
paying attention to whether or not we actually like it.

Foreplay for women can start in the morning or afternoon. Anticipation is
exciting so suggest watching a film together or offer to cook. This
attention will put us in the right frame of mind and we’ll spend the day
thinking about an evening together.

If you can remember to send your partner a text message saying how much
you’re looking forward to spending time with her, then you’re practically
guaranteed a great night.

This type of build up is all foreplay and one of the best ways to turn a
woman on. In fact, if you begin with her imagination before even
attempting to remove articles of clothing then you’re off to a great
If the word ‘bondage’ fills your mind’s eye with shocking images of
leather masks, uncomfortable looking spikes and being locked away in a
dark cellar somewhere in central Europe, you, along with almost everybody
in Hollywood it seems, have probably slightly misunderstood what bondage
actually is.

Bondage is the idea of enjoying sexual gratification through the act of
being restrained. All that other stuff is BDSM (or Bondage and Discipline
with Sadomasochism if you will) and, put simply, the difference between
bondage and BDSM is with bondage, you can enjoy the gain but without the

For this reason bondage is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for
couples to spice up their sex lives and now that we’ve helped clear up
exactly what it is, let’s take a look at the five best ways you can begin
to explore the naughty side you never even knew you had.

Take it Slow

Although bondage is on the lighter side of risqué, it’s still a step up
from what even the British Medical Journal refers to as ‘vanilla sex’ so
we recommend you take it easy at first.

The popularity of bondage toys has skyrocketed over the last couple of
years; the use of a blindfold stops the wearer from seeing what is
happening and cuffs prevent them from moving. This sensory deprivation –
which is of course one of the best and most important aspects of bondage –
can be a little unsettling for newbies.

Taking your time and moving through the gears not only reassures the
restrained partner, it’s also a wonderfully tantalizing way to tease them
to even greater excitement. Despite what Fifty Shades of Grey might say,
there’s plenty of time for wheels, chains and dungeons once you’ve got the
basics down to a science.

Trust your Partner

A typical bondage session consists of two ‘players,’ a top and a bottom.

Tops are the dominant partner, the one who instigates and takes control of
the session; bottoms are submissive and generally on the receiving end of
whatever the top has in mind. Players who like to swap from top to bottom
either mid-session but more usually session by session, are known as

Whether you’re a top, a bottom or a switch, being able to fully trust your
partner at all times is paramount to successful bondage for the simple
reason that this person is either going to tie you up, or let you tie them
up, so playing with someone you know won’t bend the rules half-way through
will help you to relax and enjoy the game all the more.

Plan B

Those of us who’ve seen Eurotrip – or indeed any other misleading bondage
offerings that grace our screens from time to time – will be familiar with
the idea of a safe word but, due to the lighter nature of bondage this
probably isn’t necessary, unless you really want to err on the side of
caution, which is absolutely never a bad idea.

Whether you decide to use a safe word or not, things such as spare keys
are an important part of your back-up plan, as nobody wants to have to
call a locksmith to explain why they’re chained half-naked to the bed

Remember it’s a Game

If you’re having a go at bondage you’re presumably looking to have a
little fun exploring something that you haven’t tried before and it’s
important to remember that, as with all the good stuff that goes on in the
bedroom, the top priority should be exactly that; having fun. You can
explore a new persona through role playing if that feels like a more
comfortable way to let your freaky flag fly.

Staying relaxed, going with the flow, being respectful to your partner and
being prepared for the fact that everything might not go exactly according
to plan will increase your chances of a successful introduction to the
kinky club, adding an exciting edge to your sex life that will always keep
your lover guessing.
What Is Exhibitionism?
‘Exhibitionism’ is a broad term that generally refers to everything from
having sex outside to exposing yourself to other people publically. While
there are different degrees to exhibitionism―like the naughty, but
(relatively) situationally appropriate, act of skinny dipping on an
isolated beach compared to having sex in a busy park―we also differentiate
between the intent of the exhibitionist. Some people (stereotypically, but
not always male) get pleasure from the shocked reaction when they expose
themselves to unwitting strangers. However, there are also plenty more
people who enjoy consent-based sexual acts that we would classify as

What’s the Appeal?
Half the appeal of naughty behavior is the idea that you might get caught,
and that is the thrill that many people can relate to when it comes to
having sex someplace you shouldn’t. Your blood will pound and your senses
will get heightened when you’re being wary of being discovered, whether
it’s in the supply closet of your office after hours or you and your
partner have found a quiet road to try out some new car sex positions.

How Can I Explore Exhibitionism?

The key to exploring your fetish for exhibitionism is the same as any
other kink (or vanilla sex, for that matter). You need to make sure it
stays Safe, Sane, and Consensual. That means that if you get a thrill from
flashing someone and revealing that you aren’t wearing any underwear, make
sure you aren’t involving anyone that doesn’t want to be part of that

The legality of having sex in public can depend on where you live and the
circumstances surrounding the act―for example, public sex is against the
law in Canada, yet precedent indicates that you can have sex in your car
in an isolated area, as long as there was a reasonable expectation of
privacy. There are, however, several discreet sex toys that you can use in
public, both of the battery-free and the remote control variety.

There is another way to explore exhibitionism that is a thoroughly modern
outlet. Through taking sexy selfies, recording short videos or engaging in
Skype sex, you can experience the same thrill of showing yourself off from
the comfort of your own home­―while practicing safe sext to keep your
content secure, of course.
Christmas themed roleplays? Yasssss!

1.That’s ‘Madame’ Claus to You
Santa Claus might be the big man around the North Pole when he’s preparing
to spread cheer around the world, but in the bedroom we like to imagine
Mrs. Claus says what’s what.

Female domination (or Femdom) can involve sissyfication of the submissive,
or just a good-old fashioned bossing around. Either way you’ll want some
comfy cuffs to tie up your St. Nick.

2.Make Your Elf Work Very Hard this Year
We’re not going to delve too far into the exact working conditions elves
have at the North Pole, but let’s assume your elf really loves working
hard during the holiday season. As in, really loves it.

There are two main ways to go about slave-play and it’s up to BOTH you and
your partner to decide: is your little helper very keen to bring you milk
and cookies before you even realize you want them, or must they remain
silent and motionless until instructed to do as you say?

3.The Naughty List
Do you think you know whether you’re on the naughty or nice list? There’s
only one way to find out!

For this kinky role play, the submissive partner must list all the naughty
things they’ve done this year to their Dom, who can accompany each
confession with a light spank from a flogger. Afterward, it’s up to them
to decide whether they deserve a Christmas treat or not.

4.You’ve Caught the Gingerbread Man
This role play is greatly improved by a bit of sensory deprivation―ie a
blindfold―as it relies on a lot of sensation play. To make it kinkier, you
can also handcuff and gag your gingerbread-man or lady.

Once blindfolded, you’ll start with a sensual massage (like you’re
kneading gingerbread dough). Use can use warming sensations from your toys
placed in warm water to help heat things up, until delicately placing
icing and other sweet treats on their body. It can take hours to make
gingerbread cookies, so make sure you take your time before you put any in
your mouth!

5.As Pretty as a Present
Ribbon can be used as a pretty introduction to bondage but while it may
not seem as extreme as rope, it comes with its own challenges.

Disposable gift wrapping ribbon lets you make fabulous curls when tying up
your submissive, but special attention needs to be paid when tying as it
can easily cut off circulation, and your sub will also have to take care
not to burst free from their bounds. Silk ribbon, particularly when it’s
wider, may feel luxurious against the skin and be more comfortable but
will wrinkle when making knots so that may impact the look of repeat
tying! Of course, while both types of ribbon are infinitely easier to cut
a partner out of, they do not make for easy adjustment of knots, and will
be more likely to cinch up; so keep the scissors handy and watch a few
gift wrapping tutorials for help making the right type of knot!
Make Anal Sex More Pleasurable
While there are those rare times that, like stars aligning, the mood will
strike both of you simultaneously and you’ll have the most incredible and
satisfying anal sex imaginable, usually there is some preparation

Remember that if you’re receiving anal sex (of the penetrative or
oral-anal variety), you need to be in control of it, to whatever degree
you want. You will need to control the speed and he will need to listen to
you, otherwise it will be uncomfortable and it will stop. The opportunity
might be lost until some trust can be rebuilt.

Here are three things to try to help make anal sex better.

Position. You already know that all positions are not created equal, so
explore some of the anal sex positions that are best for beginners, as
they let the receiver take more control.
Lube. You probably already know that lube or a high-quality intimate
moisturizer is essential for anal sex. The more the better. Apply enough
to squeeze a manatee through a letterbox, and then apply more. The more
lube involved, the more pleasurable it will be for both of you. It’s as
simple as that.

Condoms. Condoms are great for anal, and not only because they enhance
your sexual safety. Condoms actually make anal sex better because their
smoothness responds better to lube than skin does. Condoms glide easier,
and as a result are more comfortable. What’s more, they can help prevent
the thrusting partner from climaxing too soon too.

Anal Sex Toys. Even anal sex experts find a ‘warm up’ to penetrative sex
handy, so introducing some anal toys like a butt plug or vibrating
prostate massager during foreplay can help ease the transition into anal
sex. As a reminder though, any toy that is used anally should have a
flared base to avoid it accidentally disappearing inside you, and anything
used anally needs to be washed or covered with a clean condom before being
used in another orifice. During anal sex, try stimulating your clit or
other erogenous zones with a vibrator while you’re having sex to double
the intensity of the sensations and build up to a really fulfilling

To sum up, the most important part of enjoying better anal sex, or any
kind of sex for that matter, is talking. The most sensitive erogenous zone
is between the ears, stimulate that one and the sex will always be
Initiating Anal Sex: Giving

Does anal sex hurt? Yes, it can. But is anal sex pleasurable? Yes,
potentially. But you need to approach it… sensitively.

It should go without saying, but if your partner hasn’t initiated it or
said outright that they are open to trying anal sex, you need to ask.
Generally speaking, anal stimulation during sex can be somewhat divisive,
and ‘just going for it’ is not okay.

So exactly as above, there are several options available: ask them
directly during sex or foreplay, bring it up beforehand via text or email,
or show your partner what you want by paying their butt some extra
attention during foreplay and gauging the reaction.

One of our favorite sex positions for initiating anal sex is in the
spooning position. You’re both comfy and relaxed with all bodyweight is
supported. Then pull out of her and rub yourself against them; they’ll
quickly acknowledge whether it’s ok or not without having to break the

But remember, there are no shortcuts and nothing beats good, honest
bedroom communication – and good dirty talk does count as good
Initiating Anal Sex: Receiving

When you decide you’re ready to receive anal sex, you need to be in
control of it from start to finish. That means you need to make it obvious
that you want it, because your partner might be too uncertain to initiate
it without your express permission.

The easiest way to tell your partner you want anal is, well, to tell them
you want anal. Many people aren’t so good at picking up dropped hints or
reading the subtlety of your body language, so telling them directly and
explicitly that you want it is the only failsafe approach, plus it means
you’re able to talk about things like possible boundaries, previous
experiences, etc.

Now, there are two ways to go about this. You can ask your partner
explicitly while you’re already having sex, which many people might find
feels more comfortable and natural. However, it doesn’t exactly make it
easy to have an extended conversation about the aforementioned boundaries
or reservations you may have if you’re an anal sex beginner.
You can bring it up before hand through flirty texting or emailing, which
certainly sets up the anticipation, however it does have two possible
drawbacks: one, you may no longer be in the mood when it comes to it, and
two, they might think that’s all you want, so they’ll focus on that and
leave the rest of your body wanting.

Another approach, particularly as you get more comfortable with anal sex,
is to tell your partner by showing; start with self stimulation (or
guiding your partner’s hand) or using a small vibrator with a flared base.
I just bought a Chaise lounge today. Do you know how bad I want to fuck on
it? I can’t wait. I imagine myself wearing a silk robe that opens up
seductively and gracefully to show off my amazing tits and legs. And a
sexy man walks in to find me draped on it…

What will happen next do you think? ;)
My little sexy toy,

I loved sitting your face. I could spend hours just rubbing my pussy lips
all over your face…leaving my juices just dropping down. Your moans of
delight are just the icing on the cake.

Call me soon- I need to ride your face again.

Goddess Carmen
Do you know how many pairs of panties I cream at YD? I should have a slave
just to clean my delicates- I would keep that slave busting his sweet
little ass. Throw on top how many panties I cum in outside of YD- phew!
What a job that would be. Any takers?
So What Does Trust Look Like in BDSM?

When you’re on the outside of such a relationship, you might be tempted to
think the participants are unequal, particularly in a D/s relationship.
But the truth is quite the opposite. Dom and sub are two sides of the same
coin, both equally dependent on each other.

And it’s the trust between the partners on which everything hinges. Trust
is the pivot that keeps them equally aligned and perfectly weighted.
Whenever a BDSM relationship is abusive, it’s because of the absence of
trust, and by extension the absence of respect.

(This, incidentally, is the essential reason why Christian Grey is the
subject of so much criticism: disregarding all the arguments about poor
writing and characterization, at the most fundamental level Christian Grey
is simply not a trustworthy person. As such the intimacy between him and
Ana Steele feels dangerously out of synch with the real life tenets of
positive BDSM. It is purely because more experienced readers of 50 Shades
don’t see anything to trust about him, and therefore struggle to relate to
him as a ‘good’ Dom.)
Listen up ladies and gents- here are some more role play ideas. ;) What is
your favorite? I think the captured spy sounds sooooo sexy.

1.The Captured Spy

Even if you can’t agree whether Sean Connery or Roger Moor was the sexier
James Bond, you and your partner will agree that the captured spy scenario
is seriously sexy.
You can add to the scenario with costumes (anyone else a fan of Bond’s
black tux?) and accents, but the main concept of this role play is simple.
The partner who plays the spy gets tied to a chair while the captor uses
pleasure and pain alternatively to pump them for information them. You can
do this until they are forced to ‘divulge the secret codes’ (their safe
word). And trust us, you’ll have ways of making them talk…

2.The Roadside Police Stop
Not all sexy role playing has to stay in the bedroom, though you’ll want
to make sure you’re on a secluded road for this one.

Dressed as a police officer, pull your partner over and ask to see their
license and registration. Maybe they aren’t cooperating or maybe they just
seem suspicious, but you better ask them to step out of the car and
handcuff them. Frisk them to make sure they’re not dangerous, and then
decide from there whether you need them to get into the backseat of your

3.The Great Escape
This role play is almost like the ‘Capture Spy’ scenario, but with a
role-switch. This time, it’s the dangerous prisoner that is trying to
convince and cajole the guard… without use of their hands.

Use your best dirty talk and what body movements you can manage while all
tied up to convince the stoic guard that you’re innocent(ish)and need to
be freed. Of course you’ll reward them for doing so.

4.The Professional Dominatrix
While funnily enough there isn’t a widely established common title for a
male professional Dominant, there’s no reason why there can’t be on in
your bedroom.

One of you will play the overworked client who wants to take a walk on the
wild-side to blow off a little steam. Little do they know that they’ve
booked a session with one of the toughest Dominants there is. They can tie
their client to the bed by the ankles and wrist (like a faux St. Andrew’s
Cross) and have their way with them for an allotted time, making sure they
get their money’s worth.

5.Dirty Dancing
The first rule in any strip club (no matter how seedy you want it to be)
is ‘Don’t touch the dancers.’

The dancer gets to pick the song that they think is the sexiest and show
off their moves, until their patron gets too handsy. Use something you
have around the room or a prop like stockings to keep the patron
restrained to their chair, and then they have to struggle against their
bonds while the dancer continues their strip tease. Want to make it extra
difficult for them? Incorporate the sound-responsive setting on SIRI™ 2.

6.Hello, Nurse!

Now, we know medical professionals don’t usually have reason to tie their
patients up, but hey, a little creativity is what makes this fantasy fun.
Using stretchy bandages to tie up the patient not only makes this more
comfortable for them for a prolonged scene, it also lets you to be more
creative with how exactly you tie them up. In any case, it also gives the
nurse the freedom to experiment with different temperature sensations,
whether giving a rub down with a warm and wet sponge, or tracing something
cold and metallic along their body.

7.The Voyeur
Our last scenario is one of our sexiest, if also one of the cruelest to
your submissive.

Because you know your voyeur is watching, restrain their limbs and then
position them so they have to sit and watch you while you completely
ignore them. It could be while you have a shower, or as you indulge
yourself on your bed…but if they try to touch you or make a sound, they
will be ‘discovered’ and the show has to stop. It’s up to you whether you
want to leave enough slack in their wrist restrains to they can ‘fully
appreciate’ what they’re watching.
I love training my little sluts to be obedient. Here is an email of my toy
being oh so grateful for the training:

you were very good to me last night Goddess Carmen. allowing me to hear your
pleasure and being permitted to cum in your presence was an incredible
release and relief. it was soooo good to hear your voice. i really can’t
believe how obedient i have become to you. i LOVE to please you.
your toy
I recently read an article that stated sex improves your memory. Just
another reason why what we do here at YD is so integral to your health.
So, dont just call me a phone girl…call me your memory specialist. And
you can best believe we are making memories you wont want to forget. ;)
Here are some easy role-play scenarios to consider. Read over this list
and take a moment to visualize you and your partner playing these roles
(try reversing the roles in each scenario too!). See which ones grab your
attention more than others.

Real estate agent and potential buyer
Personal trainer and client
Sports coach and athlete
Doctor and patient
Masseuse and client
Repairman and homeowner
Actress and casting agent/director/actor
Model and photographer
Delivery man and homeowner
Teacher and student

Now which one will we try together?
Other fun ways to celebrate my birthday:
Tying up a poor man and having my way
Tying a naked man up and blindfolding him while a party goes on around him
Being taken on a shopping spree
Turning down every man who attempts to woo me only to leave with another
Cuddling with a bunch of puppies
Fucking in front of a group of guys that are handcuffed

hehehe. I love birthdays!
It is my birthday tomorrow (Dec 16)!! I am so damn excited I can’t control
myself. I want to pop some bubbly, wear a sexy dress and pair of heels,
and make guys hard as I walk by.

I love seeing how I affect men. And that would be a lovely present for me-
watching all of you go fucking crazy for my sexy ass swinging in my dress.
I have got so many emails wishing me a happy birthday and a merry
Christmas. Us girls at YD love getting sweet notes like that!

You guys seriously make my day!! Keep them coming! I adore all of your
well meaning wishes and just love knowing you’re thinking about me when we
aren’t on a call. ;)
Threesomes are one of the most sought after sexual experiences. As they
should be! I have never had as much fun as when I have shared an
experience with two other people. Two other people to please and to be
please by.

And the girls here are quite amazing at taking a two girl call to the next
level. We dont pretend here- we fucking love every moment of two girl
calls. I know that I personally wish I did even more two girl calls.
I just had an amazing call. It is the kind where I was told I was going to
sit back and be pleased. And was I ever!?

I laid back and played with my pussy as I was lured into an extremely
intoxicating fantasy. I orgasmed so hard I thought the sheer force of my
screams would break the walls down.
I absolutely cannot stand when a sub subtly doms from the top. If you are
doing this, just stop right now. It is not cute or fun. And it sure
doesn’t make me want to play with you.

There is a reason I am the Dom. Let me do my job. And you can lick my
heels. That’s where you belong.
Have you played with food before in the bedroom? I am sure whipped cream
is something most people have tried. But what about chocolate? Or perhaps
jam- although that seems quite sticky. Or maybe you have become even more
adventurous and tried a zucchini. I promise I wont tell…but I implore
you to share your naughty food sex secrets with me.
We came together
In a frenzied embrace
Lips locked, Nostrils flared
Snorting like fighting bulls
Kissing, stroking, groping
Fumbling with buttons and belts
Hooks and eyes
Until we lay in a heap
Disordered in our semi nakedness
I caressed her breasts
Teasing her nipples
First with fingers
Before attending to them orally
I moved my hand across her soft midsection
And pulled up her skirt
My mouth alternated between
Her swollen nipples and her eager mouth
My slipped under her skirt
And I reached up
Until I felt the silk of her underwear
I pulled them down to her ankles urgently
Then I moved my hand steadily
Up her long stockinged leg
From ankle to calf to her inner thigh
The soft naked flesh above her stocking
Before combing my fingers through
Her luxuriant growth
She turned her attentions once again
To my ear frantically exploring it with her tongue
I cupped her pubic bone in my hand
And rocked it gently
Then I slipped my fingers between her lips
Into the creamy wetness
She moaned gently in my ear
And slid her finger around my swollen shaft
Tugging roughly at me
As I worked her wet flesh
Until her rhythmic moaning Reach crescendo
And she came
Her thighs closed on me
Then she rolled onto her back
For me to mount her
She wanted me so badly
And my balls ached for the want of her
I lay on her and we kissed
And I probed at her wetness
Teasing her lips with my tip
Then in her urgency
with her slender legs wrapped around me
She pulled me in until she enveloped me
Then she gripped me
Vice like with her slim yet powerful thighs
Preventing my withdrawal
Her mouth was again on my ear
Licking and chewing
Her razor like nails dug into my skin
I arched my back
And entered her deeper
Then her grip on my hips lessened
I withdrew and thrust into her again
She writhed beneath me moaning
As she tongued my ear
I thrust again
She bit my lobe
Her nails were now in my buttocks
I thrust again and again
Then again faster and faster
We moan loudly in unison
Until I exploded inside her
And she clung to me like a limpet
There we lay in the afterglow of passion
Locked in fond embrace
For a timeless period
Until our passions were again aroused

As promised, here is a list of alternatives for the word Penis.

My favorites:
Bald headed yogurt-slinger
Baloney pony
Steamin’ Semen roadway

Seriously- these are ridiculous/brilliant. Please tell me what you guys
refer to your baloney ponys as…haha!

100% all-beef thermometer – ABD – Alabama black snake – anaconda – anal
impaler – baby arm – baby maker – bald-headed yogurt slinger – baloney
pony – BBC – BBD – big Dick and the twins – big Italian salami – bird –
bobby dangler – bologna pony – bone – boner – boom stick – bratwurst –
broner – bud – cack – chap – choad – chode – chopper – chub – chubbie –
chup – chut – cock – cock rocket – cornholer – cut – D – dangler – dick –
dick smalls – ding – ding-a-ling – ding dong – dingis – dinker – dinky –
dipstick – disco stick – doder – doinker – domepiece – dong – dork – D,
the – D train – e-peen – general, two colonels – get it up – giggle stick
– gut wrench – hard-on – head – helmet – hockey cocky – hog – hooded –
hotdog – hung – jimmy – johnson – John Thomas – joystick – kielbasa – knob
– lady boner – love muscle – love shaft – love stick – main vein – manhood
– man muscle – master of ceremonies – meat popsicle – meat thermometer –
member – middle leg – monster – Mr. Happy – Mr. Winky – ol’ one-eye –
one-eyed monster – one-eyed snake – one-eyed trouser snake – P – packer –
patz – pecker – peen – pee pee – peeper – peeter – Peter – Ph.D – pickle –
piece – pink tractor beam – plonker – pocket rocket – polaroid – pole –
pop a chub – pork sword – prick – pud – purple-headed soldier – purple
headed solider man – purple-headed warrior – putz – rod – Russell the love
muscle – salami – sausage – schlong – schlort – schmeckel – schwantz –
schwartz – sconge – shaft – shlittle – shlong – shrinkage – skin flute –
steamin’ semen roadway – stiffie – stiffy – tallywacker – tallywhacker –
tally whacker – tent pole – thing – third leg – throbber – tonsil tickler
– tool – tripod – trouser meat – trouser snake – tube steak – twig – unit
– wang – wanker – wankie – wee – weenie – wee wee – weiner – whang –
whiskey dick – who who dilly – wiener – willie – willy – winky – wood –
yogurt slinger – yoo-hoo – zubra
One of my little toys ordered a pair of panties and is dying to find them
in his mailbox….hahaha. How pitiful he must have looked when he didn’t
find them in there today.

Email from my toy about it:

Good evening my wonderful, beautiful Goddess Carmen. How are you tonight?
i hope you are having a great day. i hope you will take pleasure in
knowing once again how your toy approached his mailbox in desperate
anticipation. Guess what? …..guess i will have to wait longer. i miss
your toy
Tell me- do you consider yourself more of a tiger or a gazelle? Do you
silently stalk your prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce? Or are
you a nervous little one, ears constantly ticking to catch even the
slightest of sound?

If you find yourself to be more of a tiger then you should know I will
give you the chase of your life. I will dodge your grasps, evade your
attempts, and scurry from your lips. Perhaps eventually you will catch me,
as it isn’t in your nature to quit. But I wont make it easy for you.

If you find yourself more aligned with a gazelle then I lick my lips in
anticipation. Because my favorite meals are the ones I have to hunt.

Let me hunt, or be hunted. The chase always thrills me- no matter what
side I am on.
This is a How To Guide for Sissies and Cuckolds.


Like most couples these days both partners will be doing demanding full
time jobs. Traditionally husbands have done gardening, cleaning the car,
putting out the trash, performing do it yourself jobs around the house,
driving the car if you are going out in it together and anything that
might come under the heading of ‘physically demanding’ work. It’s true
that the last sentence now sounds somewhat old fashioned although there
are still marriages where such arrangements exist. If you are the kind of
husband that secretly desires a different relationship with your wife the
chances are that you have already negotiated a more equal division of
labor. You have accepted that, where both of you are doing demanding
occupations, it’s only fair that tasks outside working hours are shared

My advice for those drawn to the sissy/cuckold lifestyle is to work
towards a female led relationship first of all. Broaching the idea of your
wife becoming sexually active outside your relationship whilst you indulge
your desire for cross dressing could be unnecessarily shocking for your
wife coming right out of the blue.

What you are embarking on is quite difficult. You have a long term aim in
mind but you are not letting on what it is at this stage. I would also
advise against arriving home and announcing that you are putting your wife
in charge of all decisions from now on. Do it by stealth. Gradually take
over as many of the household tasks as possible without making a fuss
about it. Encourage her with her career. Compliment her abilities so that
she gains the confidence to apply for promotion. Suggest she works longer
hours to gain respect and further her career. Buy her white silk blouses
and other tops that make her look smart and efficient at work and iron
them for her. Coach her to improve her interviewing skills. Encourage her
to buy a newer, bigger car whilst not changing your own car. Make sure
that your joint trips are in the new car with her driving.

Your wife will be feeling the benefits of not having the repetitive
humdrum tasks to do on her return from work and at weekends, (you’ll be
doing the ironing at the weekend). Her confidence will increase and she
will begin making more of the important decisions in your marriage. Don’t
challenge her decisions, go along with them. Praise her even if you feel
she is wrong. This will be frustrating and against your usual nature. It’s
important that whilst you are building up and improving her career you are
allowing yours to stay in the doldrums.

Leave work early, go into work after your wife. (you’ll need to put the
breakfast things into the dishwasher). Wherever possible have a meal ready
when your wife arrives home from work. You’ll need an apron when
completing kitchen work, why not wear one of hers, or if there are no
suitable ones in the house, buy her an especially feminine one with pastel
shades and flowers, then wear it yourself. You’ll be sending her a
subliminal message.

If you have enjoyed alcohol in the past it’s important that you cut down.
You must avoid becoming inebriated at all costs. You cannot get out of
control because your accepting, submissive behavior may slip. Encourage
your wife to drink more alcohol, share a bottle of wine with her and make
sure she drinks the lion’s share. Be prepared for her being more self
centered and less kind to you when in drink. You may find out what she
really thinks about you and at this stage it may be hurtful. You will be
sober. Take it on the chin. Do not react. Your best strategy is to say
‘Yes dear’ to any criticism. If she tells you that you are behaving like a
wimp your best plan is to agree with her.

In a sense you have been acting a part although it will probably become
second nature over time particularly if you enjoy it and find it sexually
stimulating. Many submissive men become aroused completing tasks such as
ironing for their wives. You may enjoy ironing items that do not need
ironing such as her panties. Wives might read a hint into that and if
nothing else she will find it amusing.

These changes will not happen overnight but it’s important to be patient
if you want to achieve your dream. You will notice a distinct change in
the way she speaks to you and how she treats you in other ways drunk or
sober. No doubt she’ll show her gratitude but it’s inevitable that over
time she will begin to take you for granted. Your status in the family
will have dropped quite low. Her friends will be envious and she will
boast about how she can twist you around her little finger. If she does
this in front of you, you will find it humiliating but in reality your new
life has hardly started. Imagine overhearing your wife discussing her
latest boyfriend and showing them pictures of you in panties. Their
laughter will be far louder and longer. Again there are cuckolds who find
it arousing to become a figure of fun.

Whenever you go out for an evening to a place that sells alcohol always
offer to drive. Encourage her to let her hair down especially if she’s had
a rough week working long hours. Boost her confidence by suggesting that
other men in the restaurant or bar find her attractive and are trying to
catch her eye and flirt with her. This may or may not arouse her but once
back at home mention a particular man you think she might have been
attracted to whilst making it clear that you want to fool around. Mention
that you have a work colleague who enjoys wife swapping. Talking dirty in
this way will heighten her sexual tension.

Once you are under the sheets crawl down the bed and lick her cunt. Make
sure you bring her to orgasm then cuddle her but don’t try to enter her.
If she has had a lot to drink she may fall asleep without noticing but if
she reacts make up a lie about your penis being sore or suffering bruising
to your balls. Do this regularly so that actual fucking becomes less and
less common. It will be necessary for you to masturbate more frequently.
Make sure you wank off before you go out drinking together. You can learn
a lot from masturbating to erotic stories about cuckolds and sissies but
don’t forget that they are not real. They are written mainly by men to
titillate and give you an orgasm. Sometimes the stories are so unlikely
that they become ridiculous but these are often the stories that are the
most popular.

We all know that there is always a fair amount of flirting going on in
most office workplaces. This flirting will pave the way for more serious
sexual behaviour on office nights out and particularly at the Christmas
office party. It is essential that you make sure your wife goes to the
office Christmas party on her own. You may pretend to be interested in
going then drop out at the last minute. She will, of course, want to
choose her own outfit but encourage her to wear a dress not trousers if
you get the chance. Provided there has been sufficient time to bring about
the changes outlined above this may be an opportunity to take things a
step further. As she is getting ready to go out pour her a glass of wine
or mix her a gin and tonic or whichever alcoholic drink she prefers. Your
conversation might be as follows;

“I hope you are going to have a good evening dear. Just enjoy yourself
tonight won’t you? You know I’m not the jealous type.”

“What are you trying to say dear?”

“Well, I find it difficult to put it into words. It’s just that I know
that things sometimes get out of hand on these sort of nights. I don’t
mind you flirting a little, it’s only natural. I just want to reassure you
that, if anything does happen I won’t get mad. I want you to have a good
time, let your hair down. You are a free woman, forget about me for once,
just do what you want to do.”

“So what you’re saying is, if I want to kiss Mike from Accounts I can come
home and tell you all about it and you’ll be all relaxed and smiley and
glad that I enjoyed myself?”

“Yeah pretty much, it might give me a stiffy. I know I’ve been neglecting
you lately.”

You’ve prepared the groundwork but don’t be surprised if your wife shakes
her head in disbelief and marches out of the house thinking that you are
going a bit crazy. The important thing is, you’ve planted an idea in her
head which she won’t forget. It may take months or even years to bear
fruit. But if you’ve judged the timing perfectly she may reply as follows;

“Okay darling, thank you. I’m going to have a few more drinks than usual
and see what happens. Fetch me that little black dress from the wardrobe,
the one you like so much. And I’d better wear the half cup bra sweetie.
Mike’s always trying to flirt with me at work. He’s got a bit of a
reputation around the office. Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Of course I am. All those extra hours you’ve worked this last year. It’s
made a big difference to our income. You deserve a good night out. Here, I
bought you these I thought you might like to wear. They’ll put you in the
mood.” You show her a pair of expensive black stockings. She takes them
off you looking uncertain.

“Stockings? I never wear stockings these days. Wait a minute,–they are
the right size. I suppose I could wear them. There’s a suspender belt in
the bottom of my knicker drawer somewhere.” She looks at you. You are
smiling. “You checked didn’t you?” You nod looking a little embarrassed.
“Thank you, darling, you’ve really thought this through haven’t you?”

“I suppose so.”

“Mike may not settle for a kiss and a cuddle. What if…?”

“He wants to fuck you? Like I said, it’s your decision. If that’s what you
want it’s okay with me. Has this Mike had sex with other married women in
the office?”

“So they say, but their husbands don’t know anything about it. There’d be
hell to pay if they found out.”

“This kind of thing helps spice up a marriage. I’ll bet there are a few of
his conquests who tell their husbands all about it. It’s becoming quite
common these days you know. Strong, manly men are in short supply. It’s
only natural for a woman to fuck with them, enjoy their bigger cocks, then
go home to their husband who provides them with the love and security that
they enjoy with him. Their husband enjoys the fact that they have this
outlet, it makes them happy and contented.”

“Don’t you see yourself as a strong, manly man?”

“If I did you would know that I was deluding myself. Actually I feel more
womanly than manly at times.” You look at her a little embarrassed.

This might stop her in her tracks. She’ll look at you and raise her eyebrows.

“What’s made you say that darling?”

“When I was nineteen my company sent me on an Outward Bound course for a
month. It was supposed to bring out my leadership qualities. It didn’t
really work in my case, some of the tougher guys from the big cities
bullied me. It didn’t help that part of the course meant performing a play
and our director casting me as a teenage girl. I had to wear a dress, put
a wig on and make up. The bullies could see I loved it. They delighted in
pulling up my skirt and showing the others my erection. But I’ve never
forgotten how I felt at the time. Wearing women’s clothes just seemed
right somehow.”

If you’re really lucky your wife will appreciate your honesty and take an
understanding attitude. She might say;

“I expect you’ll have tried on some of my things when I’m out haven’t you
dear?” Your brief nod and red face tells her all she needs to know. “It’s
okay, I won’t shout at you. It’s a lot to take in at the moment. I’m glad
we had this chat. All this has come as a bit of a shock.”
Pt. 4

Once she’s spent all night with Mike giving her the fucking of a lifetime
your marriage will have changed forever. If Mike spurns her advances there
will be other studs who welcome them. Once she’s been broken by a big cock
she’ll want to do it again and again and not just with him. You’ll
encourage her to dress more provocatively and pretty soon the word will
get around that she’s an easy lay. People will look at you in the street
and turn away and whisper something to their friends. You’ll hear people
giggling and assume they are laughing at you and often you’ll be right.

Hopefully you are married to a kind, sensible woman who appreciates you
and spends most of her time with you, her cuckolded husband. Once she’s
processed your cross dressing revelation she’ll want you in panties under
your work clothes and a night dress in bed. She’ll be sensible enough to
realize that turning you into a sissy will increase her domination over
you. If she still wants to fuck with you she’ll prefer it if you lie under
her, legs apart whilst she does all the work pushing her cunt hard onto
your penis. You’ll be spending even more time with your head between her
legs slurping up another man’s semen until you begin to enjoy the taste.

She’ll be the one in charge so it will be up to her whether she brings men
home and lets you watch them fucking her. She may expect you to dress as a
maid and serve them drinks. She may like you to take part in their
fucking, licking her clitoris or nipples as he fucks her or sucking his
cock to get him hard. Many wives place their sissy cuckold husbands in
chastity, locking their penises in a device which prevents an erection.
They themselves can become as submissive with their lovers as you are
submissive with them. A cruel stud might take the key to the chastity
device away from your wife.

So be careful what you wish for, it might come true.
(The End)
I love the emails I get from my slaves, for instance ones like this:

your toy has been thinking about. your toy fell asleep thinking about you
and awakened with thoughts of you. my heart pounds when i think about
receiving your panties. i am dying to smell you. i yearn to breath in your
scent as i listen to you talk, laugh, and orgasm. i hope you are having a
wonderful weak Goddess Carmen.
your toy
I had a ton of fun with one of my many toys the other night. After he
bought my dark green panties we proceeded to fill them up with my cum for
him to lick off. You want to know what part made me get wet the most?
Hearing him beg and beg and beg to cum. Want to know what my answer was to
him cumming?
I just read a study that stated that the key to female orgasm is sexy
thoughts. Perhaps that is why I love phone sex so much! I am one of those
multi-orgasm kinds of ladies- popping out one after another. I think the
key to that for me is how truly immersed I get in a fantasy. I explore a
fantasy to its deepest depths.

Being at YD allows me to explore so many fantasies. So cheers to all the
orgasms I have and all the orgasms I give. ;)
Emails like this are my favorite!!! Want to make me happy? Become my slave
and give me updates after a session just like this. And in case you are
curious- yes, I am that sadistic.

Greetings Goddess Carmen,

Again, it is sorry that it did not send this sooner. Your toy/ashtray is
feeling good. Your nuts are in pain however. The heels scraped up the
nuts in several area’s. There is several burn marks from the cigs and the
cigar as well.

You have made it clear to it that You enjoy using and burning Your
ashtray. Sometimes it does wonder if You have limits as to
how badly You wish to burn Your ashtray. it thinks that You would not
wish to burn the nuts so badly that they do not work anymore, but it
senses that You might enjoy burning them to a point where they barely
work, but they still can recover and heal.

Would You like it to give You a list of all of its toys?

it is feeling You, Your nuts are full and fat, but sore as well. it loved
suffering for You on Sunday. You really took control and used it for Your

it knows full well that You like full control and then taking the reigns
to make it do as You wish, with no limits but Yours.

it will send out the story about how You abused the nuts with Your heels

Have a fun day,

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