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Age: 24
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Likes: Mentally stimulating conversation, strap ons, voyeurism, role-play gang bangs, male on male sex, deep dark secret desires, submissive men, gagging and choking.
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I'm new to the area and so far I don't believe I'm going anywhere soon.
I'm a kinky, dirty slut behind closed doors. In public I'm very classy,
but honestly I'm constantly thinking about how wet my panties are and how
I can't wait for my freak to come out at night. I'm 24, well-traveled,
sensual and caring. I want you to be my teacher and student. Let your
imagination run wild with me because I'm very open minded and down to

Although we may have never talked before once we do you'll never forget.
I want you to tell me your desires. Paint me a full embodied picture of
all things sexual. Have you ever been mind fucked? The brain is one
amazing organ it controls a lot of what you're feeling at this very
moment. Grant me some of your time to stimulate your mind arouse your
body and swallow your load.

Do you feel that "they" would never understand or how could I ever
discuss such a fantasy or desire? You don't have to feel that way with
me. I want you to know exactly what's been on your mind. We should talk
about these subjects until you explode over and over and over again.
Walk me through each step, the way you see it. Tell me what it feels
like sounds like smells like and tastes like. Nothing you say will
offend me or make me uncomfortable. I enjoy deep dark secret desires the
most.Release whatever makes you shy and listen to my voice as we enter
into your naughty playhouse.

I didn't want to forget to tell you how versatile I am. Because I know
you'll be talking with me often I want to share a story with you. While
in college I met a very shy guy, I would always speak to him. One day he
wrote me a note and had a package delivered to my dorm room, it was
sitting on my study desk. Now let's fast forward to a week later. I
dressed in a long black trench coat with nothing on underneath, other than
the packaged gift he had delivered to me. We met in the after hours study
hall, the lights were dim and he wore no boxers. I bent him over spit on
his asshole and slowly worked the 9 inch strap-on inside of him. I used
wads of paper to shove in his mouth to keep him silent. "Hush you little
sissy" I told him, I fucked him for several minutes until it was my turn.
To my surprise he was jacking off the whole time. Before I knew it I was
swallowing his cum and begging for more.

Watch me cook, clean, watch movies and masturbate on a daily basis. The
idea of knowing you're watching really turns me on. In a perfect world I
would have cameras all over my house including the bathroom. Just imagine
what my golden shower would feel like! I really get off on peeping Toms.
Knowing that you're watching me makes my pussy cream time and time again.
In the midst of it all you should call me and tell me what to do, tell me
to suck your cock and jack off while I slowly slide my dildo in my

Often times I imagine you and a few of your friends choking and gagging me
violently. Gangbangs are exciting, fun, and breathtaking. I like the
multitude of cocks in my face, pussy and ass. Treat me like the nasty slut
I am by sharing me with your buddies. Perhaps you and your friends could
turn me on even more by fucking each other. Slide his cock in your mouth
and bend over while I lick your ass. If you haven't noticed already I'm
defiantly super kinky and adventurous. Since you're the submissive type
I'm your favorite dominatrix. You'll pick my clothes, but ill rule you
because you're not worthy of telling me what to do. Take the pain that ill
give you with a smile. Get on your knees and suck on the heel of my
leather boots. Be a good boy and follow me on your hands and knees while I
walk you like the bad dog you are. Follow all of my directions and every
command. If I tell you to keep your eyes closed while I deliver pain
that's what you better do. If you have a request you must begin by saying
"Madam Casey may I". If you're on the verge of releasing your load hold it
until I say the "key word". Ask me what it is and I'll tell you.

As I've mentioned before my panties are constantly wet. Throughout the day
I squeeze my thighs together and take the time to feel my pussy juices
flow up the crack of my ass. I want you to smell and suck on them, if you
want all you have to do is ask.

Foreplay is the best way to sample my dirty, kinky , slutty mind. Search
for me as kinkycaseyforfun on AOL & Yahoo.

Casey is the name pleasure is not a game its an experience to enjoy with
me, but for you. Remember what you've read, imagine the pleasure I will
give you and when you blow your load don't forget who help you get there.

Feel free to email me at If I'm not available, view
my weekly schedule or we can schedule an appointment depending on the time
your requesting.

I'd love to share some of my erotic stories I've written with you. Get in
contact with me for more info. Let's make our time artistic, kinky and

Don't be shy, call me, submit to me, tell me your dark secret desires,
role-play with me, allow me to stimulate you mentally and before we end
the call don't forget to schedule our next session. I look forward to
hearing from you soon.

Remember, you can find me on Yahoo and Aim as, KinkyCaseyForFun

Forever Sexy,