Casey’s Fantasies

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Casey’s Fantasies

Truth or dare i swear i live to make you the crazed pet you know you are.I
want you to beg, down on your fucking knees until the skin rubs off. And
then i want to slap you across your face, simply because I’m having a bad
day. AND THEN!!!! i want you to eat your cum!!!!
Title: Wet Dream with Frenchie

He came to my house I couldn’t do anything but smile. His accent was so
sexy and his frame so fucking tall and sexy. His smile could make my pussy
cream like milking cows. Gushing with excitement my pussy begins to
wetten. And I can’t express enough how I would loose my breath with every
single touch of his hands and his body against my skin. Fresh out the
shower I smell of everything nice. I invite him to the bedroom he has to
use the bathroom. I am really excited. I don’t know when the sex will
begin but I do know that it has been so long since I have felt a nice hard
dick stroking my pussy that it’s so tight and i cant wait for him to
stretch it out. I run to the kitchen to grab beers. One for me one for
him. He exits the bathroom I offer him the beer but he declines. I slowly
sip mine and he looks at me. His eyes full of desire, sinful lust. he asks
me “why are you so sexy” So thick how did you get that way? I couldn’t
answer I had no reply. So i smiled sat on the bed and rolled on my
stomach. He lays on the bed states he is so tired. I begin to feel bummed
out on the inside, but my insides are so fucking wet. He touches my arm
kisses my hand. Then runs his hands down my toned legs and then across my
but and looks at me and he moves me a little. I kiss him softly slowly and
then again. He tells me no where are you going what are you doing. And
between my legs he goes. He says he loves tasting my clit and mmmmmm my
pussy is so good to him. I rock my hips against his face moaning and
getting wetter and wetter. I want to drown him in my juices. He comes up
from in between my legs. In that moment i think he is going to give me some
of that good dick Ive been waiting for. But he doesn’t, he goes back
between my legs and tastes me more, this time moving beyond my clit and
licking on my pussy hole with the tip of his tongue. Then like a phoenix,
he emerges and slowly rubs his dick against my pussy, not forcing his way
in but making his way in. When he enters me he moans i moan, i cant
stop,…..With every stroke he feels me. He goes deeper and harder and
then he has to stop. He does not want to cum yet but he tells me he can
feel every inch of me, he tells me its really tight, he tells me how wet
my pussy is.(just writing this i can feel my hot pussy dripping juices
down the crack of my ass into the chair) and he moves me in different
positions. Holding my legs up and pinning them down. Fucking me deep i
scream…AHHHHHHHHH ohhhh shit AHHHHHHHH AHH AHH AHH he asks if im ok. Im
grabbing the sheets by now and we just going at it. Until she hits that
G SPOT…the warmth the grip and the look of my sexy body puts him into
overdrive he tells me he is going to cum but he refuses to pull out so i
pull him closer rock my hips harder and then i squeezed the muscles in my
pussy and submitted to his cum being inside of me for the next 3 days.
Title: DomMan

Lets set the stage her a little bit. Your hands are strong and your cock
fills your briefs, i love the way your balls look. You smell of pure
masculinity, the testosterone excites me. Your voice is so sexy,
affirmative and deep. Your calling me “little slut” you say “you nasty
little slut” When you touch me your hands wrap around my entire arm.You
pull me to you and grab me by my face and you whisper in my ear “your
going to suck my fucking dick” Your breath in my ear soaks my panties.
Unable to speak i throw myself in your arms. I want you to take me. I want
you to make me do things i have never done before.

DomMan: “Casey get your tight little ass over here and please me”. Casey
walks slowly across the room with her head down. With each step her long
tenderly toned legs gracefully approaches DomMan. She’s wearing pantyhose,
there are many rips and tears in them. Her breast are fully aware of the
fucking shes going to receive tonight.
Casey: “I want you to fuck me,fuck my ass, fuck my mouth, fuck my pussy.
Please i’ve been waiting for you to rule me! Oh please touch me, squeeze
me. Let me suck on your cock until it goes limp in my mouth”. He is turned
on by Casey’s begging and grabs her by the face and kisses her
passionately, shortly after biting her lip so hard he draws blood.
DomMan:”Spit on my cock you cunt, spit your bloody mouth all over my cock”
As much pain and humiliation he causes her she is forever loyal and
faithful, after all he’s in love with his submissive slut-hole. As she
sucks the blood from her lip and spits all over his cock he grabs a head
full of her hair and shoves his cock to the back of her throat. Casey gags
and gasps for air as he keeps forcing and thrusting his cock in her mouth.
Unable to breath she passes out. DomMan picks her up and throws her onto
the bed, he begins to bite her stockings, creating more rips and more tears.
He starts from the bottom at her feet, and works his way to her thighs.
DomMan: “Your a cock sucking whore and i’m going to take advantage of you
sleeping beauty” He checks for a pulse, although there its very faint. He
proceeds to bite at her stockings and works his way to her inner thigh.
His cock is strong and long he pokes her pussy, eventually bursting through
the stockings directly into her kinky, creamy pussy. Her pussy is so tight
yet so wet he pushes right through and as soon as he makes his entrance
Casey awakes.
Casey:”ahhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh oooooo shit, oh yeah just like that”
still trying to catch her breath this dirty bitch is in love with DomMans

To be continued………….
Title: Casey Chronicles

Body: Dirty little sluts get fucked hard in the ass by Mistress Casey.
Lipstick wearing whores get gagged by Mistress Casey. Dom boys will bring
Mistress Casey to her knees. Your Lucid gender makes me want to suck your
nipples and bend over so you can lick my ass. Fuck me hard core until I
squirt sweet juices from my pussy. May I attempt to drown you while riding
your face with my sweet juices? My body so slender so long, can you feel
my legs wrapped around you tightly? I’m such a mistress, but I can also be
a very submissive cunt, but you must possess the power, you must master
the art of submission if you want me to get to that point. I will tie your
cock to your ball sack, spit in your face and pull your hair until you BEG
me to stop, always saying please. My strap-on is way bigger than what you
may think and it delivers punishment to all who disobeys me. I will
humiliate you in public, in front of my friends, and in front of your
family. Although I care about you, I don’t give a fuck about your
feelings. Once I own you, your mine.

New paragraph: Very sweet and very kind I am. I will touch you very soft,
pressing my lips against yours. Were breathing so heavy right now. I’m
looking deep into your eyes as you run your big strong hands through my
hair. You stroke my long toned legs up and down. My skin is so soft my
smell you will never forget. I gaze at you as my mouth engulfs your cock.
I love your cock in my mouth. I want to feel the head of your cock touch
the back of my throat until I gag in the most orgasmic way. My button
nipples will perk up for you as you squeeze them and “Man Handel” me”.
Throw me on the bed and taste me! Taste Kinky Casey’s Creamy Cunt!

New Paragraph: Your such a beautiful lady. Maybe you like being called a
sissy. Maybe you like wearing my panties and makeup. Maybe you like just
getting fucked in your ass. Maybe you like getting choked. Maybe you like
being humiliated, in private and in public. Maybe you like your mind to be
fucked with. Maybe you like getting teased and denied of releasing your
load. Maybe you like being the bitch behind the computer screen who loves
to have cyber sex with me all day long? Maybe you should call me and tell
me what your like.