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Age: 24
Cup Size: 34c.24.34
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Likes: Mentally stimulating conversation, strap ons, voyeurism, role-play gang bangs, male on male sex, deep dark secret desires, submissive men, gagging and choking.
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Casey’s Thoughts

I was thinking that you would hold your load for me. I want to hear those
deep breaths every time you exhale. Ohhhh ooooo thank you Casey…..yeah I
miss those sounds
Title: 3 Months!!!

In such a short time I’ve been labeled ***Awesome*** It truly touches my
Domineering Heart!! It has been my pleasure to keep all of you dirty little
sluts, cum buckets, pets, slaves, sissy boys, cross dressers, role
playing, bizarre fetishes, age play,tease and denial, the list goes on and
on. So far so good, when I’m away from you boys and men…I think about
you. What will our next call sound like, how would it make him/her feel? I
ask myself these questions, and you have never failed to answer them for
me the next time I’m Available.

You have many ways of reaching me, you could call, IM me on Yahoo and AIM
@ kinkycaseyforfun, send an email to, or
see my web page at:

Remember! The best time of your life happens, when you give someone else the best
night of their life.
My thoughts are, pig, bitch, slut, cunt, little slimy dip shit, whore, cum
catcher, pucker, anal beads, whip cream, bondage, beer, group sex, pussy,
cock in ass, deep throat, gang bang, shall I continue??????
If i could bang every new girl in the house I would. But for now im going
to be good and hopefully creep out on their photos
Perhaps you have been thinking about summer. I know how much I have and
when the sun shines so does my desire to burn your tight asshole with my
new toy!!!!
Title:April Fools:
You silly bitch slut cunt face, you love humiliation and you also like
getting fucked in your ass. I’m going to give you something to whine
about. This STRAO-ON is 8inches. Thanks for the gift (name not disclosed)
but its a little to small for my taste. Maybe I will get another one in
the mail that is about 10in or better. It is my desire to rip holes
through assholes and make you taste you ASS CUM off my dildo. Prostate
stimulation is good for your complexion so why not allow me to fuck you
deeply. Very hard. I have turned the macho man into a macho woman over and
over again. Old and young you guys are loving you some CASEY!!!!! So
fucking COOL. If there is anything i can do better to serve you on our
next call let me know.
Was just thinking about how well you behave and it makes me want to fuck
your sweet pucker just a little bit harder…..Allow Casey to go Clit Deep
until the strap on my strap on is touching your BALLS!!!!!
Seriously I’m thinking about how tight your ass is. My Strap-On is dying
to get wet and fuck you right now. I’ve missed hearing you say “Mistress
Casey” I’ve got some new toys and I want to whip you so bad!!!

The best time of your life happens when you give someone else the best
night of their life- Casey