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Likes: foot worship, playing rough, teaching bad boys how to behave, muscle worship, tit torture, role reversal/gender bending, kink, fucking in the forest, and spankings for everyone!! hehe
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hello my lecherous ones,

i've been waiting to hear from you. i've been sitting at my desk clenching my strong thighs together, making myself so turned on, wishing i had someone to talk to about all the nasty things in my head. but here i am now, new and shiny, just waiting to trade spit with you. i can be as sweet as pie, but also have my ways and want you to earn your trust from me. if you are good and do what i say, i will treat you with so much care.

as i write to you now, i'm so wishing i had a little pet here to put my feet up on. after a good cum, i want nothing more than a well trained house boy/girl to come bring me tea and massage my feet for hours and admire my freshly painted nails. my feet are slender, with a high arch, aching to be kissed and sucked on by you. my muscles also deserve a lot of worshiping. my body is strong and firm naturally, and my biceps are well toned. i'd love to stand over you, letting my cunt juices and sweat drip down on you, while i lift weights and do squats. i might even sit on your face or let you penetrate my ass if you deserve it...

i want to dominate you, but also secretly i am a tender little slut and if you can crack me, you will have me at your feet, drooling, waiting at attention for your every command. i love to have my tits tortured, by your greedy hands or teeth, or clips and chains. i like to dress to the nines when i'm in the boudoir, matching underwear, garters and fishnet thigh highs, silk robes and perfectly sculpted eyebrows and coral red lips (maybe they could leave their mark on your dick). i also am always carrying my box of toys with me: dildos, ropes, chains, locks, knives, blindfolds and gags. i'm prepared at any moment to take my lover, in public or wherever we may be.

i particularly love to fuck hard in the woods. you've got a wild one on your hands, and it's something about the trees and the vastness of being alone with you in the woods that makes me so crazy. the animal instinct in me is strong. i want to tie you to a tree and tease you for hours, sucking your dick to the point of cumming, then disappearing into the wild unknown, leaving you panting, howling for more, then appearing where you least expect it to bring you to climax. i'm also always ready to be bent over your knee for a spanking! ooh i love having my ass worked...

looking forward to hearing your moans! you can reach me at celine@yourdesires.com or online at ComeForCeline on both AOL and Yahoo! do ask for a peak at my weekly schedule (celinesweekly@yourdesires.com) a note from you could also arrive in my email box. that would be: (celine@yourdesires.com) or, and this is important as well, you can make me all twittery at

oopsy, now my favorite panties are soaked through.. again. do you want them in your mouth? that can be arranged, so let me know! i'll be waiting...