Celine’s Fantasies

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Celine’s Fantasies

one of my thoughtful little slaves wrote this story about me, which
pleased me so much, i thought i ought to share it with you all…

—————-( *) (* )———8===========>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“You asked for me, Boss?” i said as i entered Celine’s luxxxurient office.

“Yes, thank you for being prompt.” Celine replied somewhat brusquely and i
immediately wondered what i’d done. my most recent project was ahead of
schedule and there weren’t any problems i could think of.

Celine didn’t keep me waiting long, “I just had my exxxit interview with
poor little Piper and it seems the reason she left was because of you
fucking her roughly.”

i blinked, not knowing why that would get brought up in an exxxit
interview nor why it would be relevant to my job.

Standing on Her exxxquisite wooden desk Celine eyed me severely before
continuing, “you’re a very BAD boy and I WILL teach you how to behave!”

Looking up at my athletic and powerful Boss i didn’t have a response but
She saw me sneak a glance at Her Womanhood that was at eye-level to me
now. “When you watch My Hips of gold, now you MUST do as you are told!” my
Boss Celine told me.

Swaying Her achingly-gorgeous 36” Hips in a slow, SENSUAL figure-eight She
had surprised me as i’d reported to Her to discuss a current project but i
wasn’t prepared for what my very athletic and beautiful employer had in
store for me. Yes, it was no secret that i’d ogled Her – every male
employee and some of the women did. But to see Her in a short paisley
micro-mini skirt and a form-fitted low-V-cut sweater was a surprise and
then this sensual, seductive Hip-sway set my mind reeling
and Celine took full advantage to where i couldn’t have looked away if i’d
wanted to.

“Thaaaat’s right,” She cooed, “Deeper! DEEEPPERR!! DEEEEPPPERRR!!! Now!
you BELIEVE in Me CUMPLETELY! you TRUST Me.” Celine coaxxxed me.

“i believe in You completely. i trust You.” i suckcummed to Her
Womanipulative Domme-inance.

“Do You think I’m beautiful?” Celine asked.

“Yes, Master Celine.” i answered.

“Master?” Celine asked amusedly. “Why ‘Master’?”

“Because You’re my Boss, You’re athletic and clearly very strong, and
because i trust You, Master.” i replied with the truthfulness of the
Hip-notized. Boss/Master Celine wasn’t exxxpecting this sort of answer,
but the rush of exxxcitement betwixxxt Her powerful Legs pleased Her so
She answered, “Yes! I AM your Master! you will submit to Me completely and
utterly! you know I’m beautiful and you are discovering I’m powerful. My
beauty, power, and intellect are overwhelming you and you are falling
DEEPLY in LOVE with Me!”

The change in my posture and demeanor was not lost on Master Celine and
She smiled not the smile of a predator, but of a Woman who appreciates the
gift of cumplete submission to Her.

Struck with an idea, She cuntinued, “Thaaat’s right! Deeper and DEEPER in
Love with Me! your trust in Me grows as you allow my beauty, strength,
intellect, and Voice guide you! you trust My Words more than your own
thoughts. you WANT My words to BE your thoughts!” Master Celine then
dropped Her Skirt and Panties, telling me, “you WORSHIP My powerful Pussy.
you know My Pussy is the strongest Thing there is. Far too strong for you
to resist ANYTHING It desires.”

Master Celine Womanipulated me further under Her Power by flexxxing Her
powerful Pussy Lips so that they appeared to speak for Her, “your body is
SOFT and WEAK under My Power. you are shrinking. you BELIEVE yourself to
be 5’4”. your hips are flaring and cupping. your penis is receding inside
of you, becumming a Vagina. your testicles becumming Ovaries, and your
epididymae Fallopian Tubes. you have NO hair exxxcept on the top of your
head, your eyelashes which you will cultivate to be long
and Feminine and you will carefully sculpt your eyebrows to look the same.
your aereolae are becumming large and sensitive. VERY sensitive. they are
exxxcited by My Power over you and aching to be tortured by Me. The
thought of Me torturing your aereolae and nipples makes your “pussy”
tingle. your breasts are now a pert B-cup and you KNOW that by obeying Me
that they will grow. As your breasts grow your mind
will empty. As it empties you will CRAVE for Me to fill it, becumming My
obedient and CUMPLETELY subservient sLAVE!” my body obeyed Her cummands
and i visibly both shrunk and reformed to Her Whim right before Her Eyes.

Stepping to the edge of Her Desk, my Master commanded, “Come to Me. Drink
of My Woman-well.”

Her Hips never stopping their slow, mesmerising cunt-rol over me as i
tasted Her She Womanipulated further, “you will remember the SWEETEST
taste you’ve EVER tasted!” Master Celine watched with satisfaction at the
bliss crossing my face before cuntinuing, “Now! MY taste is TEN TIMES as
sweet as what you’re remembering! you
TASTE the Power of My strong Vagina Muscles. They are STRONG and overwhelm
you and
cunt-dition you to OBEY Me and ONLY Me!”
i lapped even more fervently at my Master’s Womanhood and She exxxploded
into my submissive mouth and eagerly drank Her every Secretion without Her
having to admonish me not to miss a Drop.

When She had finished Her enjoyment of the Orgasm Master Celine cuntinued
Her Womanipulations, “you are CUMPLETELY EFFEMINATE now! you are
subservient and docile to My powerful Pussy that owns you, cuntrols you,
and THINKS for you! your aereolae and pussy tingle with the mere
anticipation of serving Me.” Stepping back and settling into Her massive
chair She told me, “Now you will worship my Feet, massaging them carefully
and cleaning betwixxxt My Toes with your tongue as a sign of your devotion
to Me.”

i crawled around the huge desk to my Master’s waiting feet and began with
Her left Foot, changing what i was doing to Her instruction for how to
properly care for Her Feet and lovingly twining my tongue around and
through Her Toes while my hands went under and over Her Arches.

When Master Celine was satisfied i had learned proper technique She sent
me to make a cup of tea for Her, correcting my feminine walk and posture
as i went.

When i returned to Her She was wearing a bright red micro-mini Skirt
instead of the paisley one She had been wearing and standing in front of
Her Desk again.

“Whenever you see a red Skirt, whether on Me or any other Woman, you will
CRAVE cock! Set My Tea down and come lift My Skirt!” Master told me. i did
as i was told and found underneath the mini-Skirt was an enormous strap-on
dildo with equally enormous “balls” that really were a reservoir for Her
to “cum” inside of me, or on me – wherever She wished.

“My Muscles are superior,” Master Celine began, “My Clit has swollen to
cock-size and it brings out the woman in you. Now! WORSHIP My Girl-cock!”
i slathered Her Strap-on with a font of saliva and paid careful attention
as my Master Celine instructed me on how to please Her Girl-cock.

When She was pleased enough with my progress as a cock-sucker Master
Celine told me, “Now get on your hands and knees with your sweet little
pussy pointed towards Me, and ONLY with your body, NOT your words, BEG me
to penetrate you and take you!”

i was on all fours i put my face to the plush carpet of Her office and
arching my back wantonly i began bucking my hips, trying to implore my
Master to make me Her woman-slave.

Delighted, Master Celine said, “Very GOOD! you make a FINE little slave!”
She grabbed my hair and pulled my head roughly back as She simultaneously
thrust Her Girl-cock deep into me, telling me savagely, “With every thrust
deeper into you, you will becum MORE docile, MORE feminine, and MORE

i sobbed at first with Her brutal taking of me, but at the same time my
hips began to match the thrusts of my Master and my pussy muscles tried to
milk Her powerful Clit/Girl-cock.

When i was fully broken, Master Celine pressed the button that ejaculated
deep inside of me.

“Remember this feeling.” She told me. “Savour it! you CRAVE to please My
powerful Clit this way! Whenever you see a red Skirt your ONLY thought
will be for this, and you will NOT CARE how many cocks I make you service
to get this! you will be a lesbian, unaffected by their cocks, but ONLY
craving the power of My Clit ‘fully engorged’ like this and you KNOW that
you MUST service ANY cock I put before you to please My Clit!”

In a still sobbing slightly, but fully feminine voice i answered, “Yes, my
Master Celine. i OBEY!” with a look of pure love in my eyes up at Her.
Master Celine then removed Her white silk blouse and told me, “When I
release My Tits from My Bra, you will becum male again, but still FULLY
under My Power, do you understand?”

“Yes, my Master Celine.” i replied meekly, but still effeminately.

Unhooking the pale ‘nude’ coloured bra, Master Celine’s perfect, C-cup
Tits now swayed in that same, slow, sensual figure-eight before me.

“When you watch My Tits of gold, now you MUST do as you are told! Look
deep into My Tits! Deeper! DEEEPPERR!! DEEEEPPPERRR!!! Now! you are male
again, BUT you still have a mind that is EMPTY. My Muscles still overpower
you. Look into My Aereolae! They are My “Eyes” now! As you look you will
becum subject to only lust! you have NO conscious thoughts! you ONLY have
NEED! Need for Me! you are WHOLLY ANIMALISTIC and all that will satisfy
your animal lust is to take Me any way you can. you will spank, bite, pull
hair, use restraints such as a belt or scarf, whatever is closest at hand
since you will NEVER pre-plan for this lust! Whenever you see a skirt of
blue you will return to this state and whenever W/we are in a forest you
will have NO restraint at all but will IMMEDIATELY suck-cum to My
Womanipulation of you. you
will behave EXXXACTLY as a wild stallion in that you will do anything to
get into Me, but once inside My superior Muscles in My Vagina will tame
and cunt-rol you CUMPLETELY. you will still fuck me wildly, but ALWAYS
under My CUMPLETE CUMMAND!” Touching a button on Her Desk, Master Celine
changed the view from Her Window to a dense forest…
(My first fantasy posted at YourDesires)
part I

the sun was going down, and i knew another day was about to pass. the dark
has always given me the creeps; it’s something i’m trying to get over. i
gathered my beaver fur coat in tightly around my neck and quicken my pace
to get home to my darling, scarlet. i had spent the day in town shopping,
looking for baubles to delight her for her birthday tonight.

a jade dildo caught my eye in the window of the rubber rose, and i knew i
just had to have it for scarlet. she loves it as hard as i can give it to
her, and i figure that was about the most rock solid cock i could have. by
the time i had left the store, my large alligator purse was weighted down
by all kinds of lovelies for her. with a little flash of my legs done up
properly in black silk thigh highs and black ribbons keeping them firmly
in place, the shop boy’s gaze was completely diverted from my busy hands,
filling my bag up to the brim. i chuckled to myself as i walked down the
street, thanking my bastard father and good for nothing mother for at
least blessing me with beauty that blinds.

i was thoroughly pleased with the success of my day and was walking
briskly, the sound of my polished grey heels falling like a hailstorm on
the cement. it had been awhile since i had such a pleasant day out in
public, away from the safety of my beautiful home with scarlet and our
devoted housegirl, anna. “perhaps the world isn’t so terrible after all,”
i thought to myself with a smirk. my path soon crossed
with an alley that was a short-cut to the old library, which scarlet and i
had taken to calling home. normally after dark, i avoided this alley, but
tonight i was excited to get home and spoil my darling, so took the
shortcut, figuring nothing could ruin my day now.

of course, i was wrong. trying to avoid stepping in a big puddle that
consumed most of the alley, i skirted along the edged, trying to walk
quickly and carefully, with my eyes to the ground, watching my step. just
as i had managed to evade getting my good shoes dirty, i crashed into
someone, who had been blending into the shadows next to a dumpster. i
rebounded into the puddle, getting not only my shoes soaked but also
splattered my stockings with mud. i was completely outraged.

i looked up to see the most pathetic looking man i had ever seen in my
life cowering between a pile of milk crates and the stinking dumpster. his
eyes were wide with a scared stupid look on his face. he was probably 35,
pale as a mouse and already balding. he wore a dingy tan trench coat that
was slightly parted and as i scanned downward, i notice his tiny flaccid
cock was poking out over the top of his sweat pants. that completely
pushed me over the edge.

“you, scumbag, on your knees immediately!” i yelled, surprised at how loud
my voice could be.

he submitted and sank slowly, muttering incoherent nonsense.

“don’t you say make another fucking sound until i tell you to,” i
commanded, grabbing him by his ear and pulling towards the other side of
the dumpster, where i could stand more comfortably for his interrogation.

he tottered along unsteadily, getting his hideous sweatpants and sneakers
wet as i led him through the puddle to the other side. once i had him
properly positioned, he dared to look up at me, as if to say something.

“i-” before he could spit it out, i smacked him full force across his face
with my ringed hand.

“don’t you dare! you are to do as i tell you. you’ve ruined my perfect
day, and i expect you to pay for it.”

he hung his head and said nothing more.

“that’s better. now let’s see what your name is…”

i reached into the rear pocket of the little fool’s sweat pants and
extracted a polished brown leather wallet. i stowed it on the nice sweaty
bald spot on top of his head, then yanked his pants down to his bent
knees, so
i could keep a good eye on that tiny phallus of his. i retrieved my prize
and stared rifling through it. there was a good bit of cash, which i
immediately pocketed, a picture of the man gleefully
smiling with a tiny bug-eyed chihuahua on his lap, and a massachusettes
state id for one franklin r. muirhead, age 37.

“well frankie, yr bitch sure is cute,” waving the well worn photo in his
face. “how long have you two been married?”

he remained silent with his eyes downcast, staring at my once sparkling
high heels which were now ruined.

“answer me when i ask you a question, you pathetic piece of shit,” i growled.

“w-well…” he stuttered, “she’s not my wife, she’s-”

“i don’t care what you call her,” i interrupted, “cut to the chase and tell
me how long you’ve been having her lick your balls?”

frank blushed furiously and flapped his jaw, trying to speak, but no
words came out.

“you know frank,” i said tersely, “i’d really like to keep playing games
with you, but my feet are awfully cold from when you scared me and it’s my
girl’s birthday tonight and i really want to get home to her-”

“oh thank you for having mercy on me!!” frank grovelled. “i didn’t mean-”

“SHUT UP!” i bellowed and issued him a quick but well placed kick in the
balls. frank flopped onto his belly moaning like a child, and i took the
new silk rope i had procured for scarlet earlier and proceeded to hog tie
the flopping fish of a man.

“i see you still have a lot to learn when addressing a lady,” i said
calmly, sweeping the hair out of my face and fetching my cell phone from
my bag. “i will not be letting you off the hook just yet, frankie. i think
you would make a lovely addition to my gifts to scarlet tonight. i’m going
to call my housegirl, anna, now and arrange to have her pick us up here. i
think we’re going to have a lot of fun with you…”

part II

“scarlet!!” i hollered, walking in the front door, “i’ve got fresh meat
for you.” i threw my beaver coat on the couch in the hall, lit a cigarette
and sat down, legs spread wide, to watch anna haul in our new slave.

scarlet was on the second floor and came running out to the landing,
squealing when she heard the news. “god i’m a lucky bitch,” i thought to
myself as i watched her swing both her bare legs up over the banister so
she could have a prime view of our newest victim. she was wearing her
favorite pink night gown, the silk one with all the fluffy bows. i laugh
at her sometimes, teasing her for tricking people into thinking she’s a
sweet little angel the way she dresses — if only they knew!

anna kicked open open the double doors with pathetic little frank tossed
over her shoulder. he had a completely terrified look on his face, his
mouth stuffed with a gag, still hog tied from earlier. scarlet gasped.

“a man?!?!” she exclaimed with an air of disgust.

“yes, i’m sorry to bring a piece of filth like this into our house, but he
surprised me in an alley with his vile member hanging out and i thought we
could teach him a thorough lesson,” i said.

anna was smiling devilishly. she’s a fucking stallion; the strongest woman
i’ve ever met. we picked her up a couple years ago at the local leather
bar and she’s been more helpful than we ever could have imagined…

“i think he wouldn’t look half bad with a make-over,” anna suggested

“you’re right!” cried scarlet from the top of the stairs. she ran down the
stairs giggling. “besides men aren’t allowed in here. so he doesn’t have
any other choice but to become a pretty little girl.”

scarlet circled round frank, who anna had deposited on the floor of the
grand old library entrance for the time being. from the ground, frank had
an excellent view of scarlet’s full red bush as she walked around him,
surveying him with a cold and calculating eye. he was in a cold sweat.
never before had anyone confronted him like this for flashing; he wasn’t
sure whether this was his best dream or worst nightmare…

scarlet kicked him over suddenly to examine his back side. frank squeaked
at the sharp surprise. he didn’t expect her to be so strong…

“when will i be free to go?” frank burst out, trembling.

“when we have no more use for your pathetic slave body,” said scarlet
firmly. “and you are not to ask questions without asking permission
first!” with that she spat squarely on his face.