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Age: 23
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Hey there, I'm Chloe.

I'm a 23 year old woman with the sex drive of a teenage boy. I love sex and I love exploring my own sexuality and sharing this with others. I'm quiet and shy around most people, but they don't know that this is usually because I'm thinking about something dirty. When I'm having sex, I feel like I'm finally able to let go and be who I really am... insatiable.

My absolute favorite thing is to have rough sex. There are plenty of things to try and plenty of ways to have sex, but rough sex is my stand-by. I love to be furiously pounded until I'm a shivering mess that can't even stand up. I want to be bent over, held down, and fucked. I want my hair pulled and I want my ass smacked, and if you don't do this for me, I'll tell you to. It also might come as a surprise for you hear this, but a lot of guys won't do this for me! That's another reason why it's one of my favorite things to do. If you fuck me like this just right, you can bet I'll be knocking down your door for more.

I'm really into experimenting with different sensations. I like being fucked hard and then getting a slap across the face. It's so unexpected and exhilarating. I also like being choked. The lack of oxygen totally changes how everything feels, and I also like the domination aspect. I can dish it out just as well as I can take it, though. I love finding out that someone likes being choked and slapped and spanked. It's a lot of fun to be riding someone and to be choking them, to have all of that power in my hands. It can be intense, but I like intense.

I have a dominant sexual personality and I like to take control. A part of this is because I'm so impatient, I just want to fuck so bad that if a guy isn't moving fast enough I usually can't take it and have to take the lead. I like to get on top of a guy and use him like he's my personal toy, who only exists so that I can get off. He's only allowed to cum once he's made me cum. I like to tease, and I like to restrain. However, I also really love it when someone can wrestle this power away from me. A guy that can dominate me is usually pretty special. I enjoy the struggle for power, especially if it's a physical struggle, and especially if I end up losing.

I love sucking cock. Sometimes I just get these intense cravings, the way some women crave chocolate... except I crave cock. The way the head of a cock feels as it's passing my lips drives me crazy. I love teasing with my tongue until the guy begs me to stop. Seeing how horny guys get when I give them blowjobs makes me wet.

I also love eating pussy. Seeing a girl squirm and hearing her moan is really, really hot. I also get cravings for pussy, very similar to my cravings for cock. Sometimes I just need to eat pussy. Sometimes I dream about it. I also love fingering girls and using toys on them to make them cum. Sometimes the hottest thing for me is to get someone else off, to hear them cum, to see the look on their face, and knowing that I'm the reason for it all. This is something that applies to all of my partners, regardless of their gender.

There's something about authority figures that I've always thought was hot. Cops, teachers, security guards, even religious figures like priests. Maybe it's the uniform, maybe it's the power they wield over people like me. They could tell me to do something and I'd have to do it. They could use their power to make me submit to them, and threaten me if I refuse.

I've recently gotten into anal play. I took my first dick recently and it felt amazing, way better than I could have imagined. My favorite position for anal is doggystyle because I love being looked at up close. I also love fingering asses and I love having mine fingered, too. I like laying a guy on his back and making him take it up the ass from me while I wear a strap-on. When I'm wearing my strap-on, an interesting psychological thing happens where I really feel like it's MY dick, and it's attached to me. I feel so much power. I want to get a blowjob and I want to watch. Then I want to tie a guy down by his arms so he can't play with himself and fuck him until he begs for me to let him cum. I also like the reverse of this, where I'm the one being tied down and teased without mercy. I guess you could call me a switch. Sometimes I can be dominant, sometimes I can be submissive. The part of me that comes out depends on the person I'm with and the dynamic that exists there. No two people are the same, no two experiences are the same.

Another one of my biggest fantasies is to try double penetration. I want to be fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time. I don't care if it's two guys, two girls with strap-ons, or one of each. I love the feeling of being completely filled and I really want to make this a reality.

Thinking about all of these things has made me really wet. Perhaps you would like to buy my panties when I'm done with them?

If you want to chat with me, you can get my weekly schedule by emailing me. My email is

Anyway, all of this talk of sex has left me really horny. Has it made you horny, too? Maybe we can talk about it together! You can find me on AOL and Yahoo at the following name: TeaseMeChloe