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Chloe’s Fantasies

Chain of Command (Part 1)

I can feel the vibrations of the warp core underneath my feet. We must
be moving along at about Warp 4, I’d say. Engineers can always tell.
That’s what everyone says, anyway. I’ve found it isn’t always true.
When I was on the Yosemite, I could never tell. That was my first
assignment, straight out of Starfleet Academy, and I was only there for a
few months before I was transferred to the Odyssey. I’ve been here for a
year now and I know this ship like I was born in it. There’s nothing
like flying in a Galaxy-class.
“Head in the clouds again, Ensign Reynolds?” Commander Shevek’s voice
snaps me back into what I’m doing.
“Sorry, sir. It won’t happen again,” I say. I look down at my console.
We’re supposed to be working on a project that will increase the fuel
efficiency of the warp core. It’s Commander Shevek’s project, really,
but he recruited me to assist him. This is the first day of the project
and I can’t seem to focus on what I’m doing. We’ve been at it for six
hours already and now it’s just the two of us in Engineering. I think
that actually makes it harder for me to focus.
I noticed Commander Shevek my first day aboard the Odyssey. I remember
flying into the shuttle bay, stepping out of the shuttle, and seeing him
standing in a sea of new transfers, telling everyone their assigned
quarters. He was, and is, incredibly sexy. My attraction was
instantaneous. He was tall and beautiful, slender, pale, and had
unusually messy hair for a Vulcan. Maybe he doesn’t see the logic in
keeping his hair plastered to his head the way other Vulcans do. His

eyes were a piercing black. I also noticed how young he was, especially
for a First Officer. He couldn’t be more than a few years older than I
am, I thought. I later found out he actually is much older than he
looks. Vulcans don’t age the same way Humans do.
I can barely even keep my eyes on my console. I just keep seeing
Commander Shevek out of the corner of my eye and wondering what he looks
like underneath his uniform. Vulcans and Humans are capable of
procreating. That must mean our genitals are compatible. I wonder what
his cock looks like. Do Vulcans have big cocks?
“Ensign, is there a problem?” Commander Shevek says.
“No, sir. I just can’t seem to concentrate.” I don’t want to tell him
that he’s the reason I can’t concentrate.
“Best find a way to, or we might be here all night,” he says.
I ponder that. There are far worse people to stay up all night with. He
is right, though. If I can’t find a way to get my mind on my work, we
might have to pull all all-nighter. Even worse, I don’t want to look bad
in front of Shevek. This is the first time we’ve worked this closely and
I want to make a good impression. He is the Commander, after all. It’s
certainly not because I want to fuck him. Certainly not.
I just got an idea. It’s a risky move, but I think that if anybody would
understand the logic of it, it’s Shevek. I take a deep breath.
“Commander… may I speak frankly with you?” I say.
“What is it, ensign?” he says. He looks me in the eye and I
instinctively stand up straight.
“Well… the thing is… you’re distracting me.” I blush.
“I am, am I?” He raises his eyebrow at me. “That’s curious. How could I
possibly be distracting you?”
“Well… this might seem like a foreign concept to you so I don’t expect
you to understand — no offense, sir — but you’re distracting me because
I find you incredibly attractive. It’s hard for me to focus on our
project because I keep wondering about… things. I’m stuck wondering
what it would be like to… you know.” I can barely say the words without
stammering. I look down at my console, embarrassed.
“Ensign, I picked you for this project because of your exceptional
abilities. I suggest you find a way to control your thoughts,” Shevek
“Well, I do actually have an idea. We’re alone. If I could get it out
of my system, I feel I could focus on the work,” I say.
He studies me. His face is so devoid of emotion that it feels like I’m
looking at a marble mask.
“What are you suggesting?” he asks.
“Do I really have to say it? Don’t you have casual sex on Vulcan?” I say.
“Of course we don’t,” he says.
“Does that mean that you’ve never…” I start to say, but he cuts me off.
“I’m a Vulcan, ensign. I’m not dead.”
“So? What do you say? It would really be the most logical course of
action. We have sex, then we get to work.”
There’s a long pause and I see a flicker of something in his eyes. Maybe
a flicker of lust. Can Vulcans feel lust? Can they feel anything?
Finally, he breaks the silence.
“Well… I have to admit that one would have to be blind to not see how
stunning you are,” he says.
“Stunning, sir? Was that a pun?” He smirks. Vulcans do love to smirk,
and Shevek does so especially well.
He lifts up his right hand and extends his index and middle finger
towards me. I raise my eyebrows in surprise. Hesitantly, I lift my own
right hand and extend my own middle and index fingers. I rest my fingers
on his. I somehow expected them to be cold to the touch, but they are
warm and comforting.
Slowly, gently, lightly, he begins to drag his fingers across mine,
caressing them. It feels like electricity is passing between us, through
our fingers. I never thought that something so simple could feel so
nice, so intimate. I caress his fingers in return. I drag my fingers
from his fingertips to his knuckles and back again, staring him in the
eyes, willing him to understand and feel my desire. Willing him to know
that as I stroke his fingers, what I’m thinking of stroking is something
he’s yet to reveal to me.
Shevek hooks his fingers through mine and pulls me close. We start to
kiss. I feel him gripping my hand tighter and suddenly I can feel him
drop his emotional defenses. I feel a flood of his intense Vulcan
emotions coursing through me as if they were my own. Vulcans feel desire
just like any other being in the galaxy, they just have the discipline to
contol it. Not now. Now I begin to sense the animal inside Shevek,
clawing through his discipline. Clawing my hair. Gripping my hair and
forcefully pulling my head back.

To be continued…
Chain of Command (Part 2)

Shevek pulls his mouth away from mine and looks down at my body
with an
urgency in his eyes that I’ve never known a Vulcan to have. He falls to
his knees in front of me and starts to unzip the front of my uniform. He
slowly pulls the zipper down, pressing his hand against my body as he
does so, exposing first the skin of my clavicle, then my cleavage, his
eyes following the slow exposure of skin. He unzips me down to my navel
and stops, letting my uniform rest open, my breasts still hiding behind
the gold fabric of my uniform.
He runs two fingers up the path of exposed skin, up to my shoulders.
Suddenly he grabs at the fabric on my shoulders and tugs my uniform down,
exposing my breasts, letting the top of my uniform hang from my waist.
He buries his face against my breast, taking my nipple into his mouth and
gently biting it. He swirls his tongue around it. He lifts his other
hand up to my other breast and takes it firmly in his hand. As he swirls
his tongue around one nipple, he starts to pinch the other one. I stifle
a moan and it comes out a whimper.
I can feel him pulling me down onto the floor of Engineering, onto my
back underneath the console. In one fluid motion, he tugs my uniform off
the rest of the way, my shoes going with it. He sits at my feet and runs
his hands up and down my legs before aggressively pushing them apart. He
runs his hand up the inside of my thigh, then across my mons pubis,
strategically avoiding my vulva, then around down the opposite inner
“Sir… please…” I whisper.
Commander Shevek brings his fingers up to my pussy lips and begins
gliding his fingers between them, up and down. He slides a finger in and
I gasp. He curls his finger up and begins to rub it against my g-spot,
rocking back and forth. I move my hips with the movement of his hand,
pushing down, scooting towards him, urging him to give me more. He
removes his finger. He pulls me up onto my knees and puts his wet finger
in my mouth. Then he stands and unzips his uniform, revealing his Vulcan
cock. It’s thick and wide and has the faintest hint of green to it.
“Pleasure me with your mouth, Ensign Reynolds,” he says.
“Is that an order, sir?” I grin.
“Do not make me repeat myself,” he says as he takes me by my hair and
forces my mouth onto his cock. I start to suck. I bob back and forth on
it, gliding my tongue along the bottom of the shaft. I glide my lips
along his cock, like how I had been gliding my fingers along his. He
stands perfectly still and allows me to work his cock at my own pace.
He pulls his cock out of my mouth and tells me to lie down on my
He gets down on his knees and spreads my legs. He puts the head of his
cock right up to the opening of my pussy. He rubs my clit with it. He
glides it back down to my opening. He spreads my pussy lips and lets his
cock rest between them.
He takes my hand in his again and our fingers entwine together. I
his fingers and try again to let my feelings flow into him, to let him
know how badly I want to feel him inside me. At that thought, he looks
me in the eyes. He looks at me like he could hear me. Then, he starts
to push his dick inside me, filling me entirely.
He thrusts in and out of me, holding my fingers tight. As he
fucks me,
it’s almost as if he’s me and I’m him, all at the same time. I can
almost see myself through his eyes. For a few moments, I forget who I
am. I forget where we are. I can feel his body as if it were my own
body and I can feel my pussy wrapped around his cock. The pleasure is so
overwhelming, but I never want it to stop.
Shevek puts his hand on my face and begins to whisper. I realize
he’s mind melding with me. I don’t fight it, I welcome it. I welcome
his thoughts and the full force of his feelings and the sensations of his
I squeeze his cock. I can feel the pressure building up in my
body. I
can feel the tingling beginning in my clit and the pulsations running
through my vagina. Shevek is inside my mind, telling me to control my
climax, telling me to hold it still inside me. His mind is so
disciplined, even now. He uses his mental discipline to help me control
my orgasm and to stay just on the edge. I can feel that he’s close, too.
He slows his thrusting, but begins to go deeper. I can feel him
swelling inside me. Then he tells me to let go. We both begin to orgasm
at the same time. Feeling his as well, feeling mine, feeling everything
all at the same time, is the most intense feeling I’ve ever had, like a
white hot explosion that envelops my entire being.
Commander Shevek slides his cock out of me and withdraws his mind
from my
mind. He stands up and promptly puts his uniform back on. He’s
immediately as composed as he was before any of this began.
“Ready to get back to work?” he asks.
You’re already tied to the bed when you hear me enter the bedroom. You’ve
been tied to the bed like this for hours, how many exactly is hard to say.
It’s hard to be sure of the passage of time when you can’t see anything.
Your arms are tied above your head to the headboard and your legs are
spread, each ankle tied to a corner. Your wrists and ankles are
surprisingly comfortable for the amount of time you’ve been like this
because I restrained you with proper padded leather restraints as opposed
to rope. You’re thankful for that in this moment because you know how
uncomfortable rope can get if you wear it for too long.

You hear the click clack of my high heels on the hardwood floor and you
instinctively lift up your head to see me, but the silk blindfold over
your eyes doesn’t allow even a sliver of light through.

“How long have I been here?” you ask.

“Did I say you could talk?” I say.

“No, Princess Chloe, but…”

“Shut up or I’ll make this hurt. You don’t want it to hurt, do you?”

You shake your head. You like pain in small doses, but not the type of
pain I’m threatening you with. A little spanking or nipple play is fine,
but when anal hurts, it’s just a pain in the ass. You don’t want that.

I climb onto the bed and you feel it shift underneath my weight. I put my
hands on your thighs and you flinch a little. You can feel your heart
beating faster as I move my hands up and down your thighs. Up and down,
then up over your hips. You notice that I seem to intentionally be
avoiding your cock, but you know better than to ask me to touch it just
yet. I just keep touching you, moving to your nipples and giving them a
soft squeeze.

“You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” I say as I twist your nipples.

“Yes, Princess Chloe,” you murmur.

I rake my fingernails down the length of your body, stopping at the top of
your thighs. Then I lift my hands off you. For the moment, you can’t
tell what I’m doing. You try to anticipate what I’m going to do next.
You can tell I’m leaning off the bed a little, perhaps to grab something
from the bedside table. You feel something brush against your thigh. It
feels hard… and big.

I scoot down on the bed a little bit and tell you to open your legs as
much as you can in this position. Then you feel something slippery
wiggling right around your asshole. You recognize the touch of my
fingers. I start to massage your ass with my fingers and you let out a
little moan.

“Your moaning is so cute,” I say. “I can’t wait to hear how you sound
when I’m inside you.”

I rest my other hand on your cock, giving it a little squeeze. I stroke
it slowly and gently, but your ass is getting all of the real attention.
I start to massage your ass a little harder. I stick my middle finger
right up to your asshole and slowly start to push it inside. Once inside,
I rest my finger for a minute or so, allowing your virgin ass to adjust.
Once you’ve opened up a little bit for me, I start to glide my finger in
and out. All the while, my hand is still on your cock, slowly stroking.

It doesn’t take you long to want more. Your hips have started to move
with the movement of my finger, so I take my other hand off your cock and
put it on your hip, holding you still. I slide a second finger inside of
you. I start to pick up a little bit of speed.

You’re surprised at how big two fingers feel. You’re starting to wonder
if you’re going to be able to handle my strap-on. Maybe this was a
mistake. You know that I’ll stop if you use the safe word, but you’re
hoping it won’t come to that.

My fingers slow down a bit as I move my hand back from your hip to your cock.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

“I don’t think so… just two fingers feel like a lot,” you say.

“Two fingers?” I giggle. “Haven’t you been paying attention? I have
THREE fingers inside you. My strap-on’s not that much bigger than that.”

You’re shocked. You were so distracted by how good it felt that you must
have missed the third finger slip in!

I take my fingers out of you and sit up on the bed. You hear a squirting
sound, like ketchup being squeezed from a bottle. Then you feel my
fingers on your ass again, covering your entrance with lube. I hear me
lubing up my dildo, too.

You can feel me lean over you. I can feel my hair brushing against your
chest and your neck. Then you feel something on your asshole again. It’s
not my fingers this time. You’re sure it must be the head of my strap-on.
I slowly move the head back and forth across your ass, then I rest it
right on your opening and push into it a little bit. It’s not even close
to actually going in. I’m just putting a little bit of pressure on your
asshole. You can tell that I was telling the truth about the girth of it,
it really doesn’t feel THAT much thicker than my fingers.

You let out a gasp as I start to push the head in. You can feel it
stretching your asshole. It’s not enough to hurt, it’s just enough to
feel really goddamn good. It somehow feels even better than my fingers

I keep pushing it in, slowly, until it’s about halfway in. You’re taking
about 4 inches right now. Just like with my fingers, I let it rest inside
you for about a minute to let you get used to the girth.

“More…” you whisper.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“I want more of it,” you say.

“Convince me.”

“Please, Princes Chloe. Please just stick it all the way inside me.
Please just plunge your cock as deep into my ass as you can. I want you
to fuck me. Please just fuck my tight little asshole. Please! Make me
your bitch.”

I ram my strap-on all the way inside you. I start to fuck your asshole
harder and faster, the fronts of my thighs slapping against your ass.
Each thrust feels like it’s going deeper and deeper than the last. You
feel more and more precum start to dribble out of your cock. I shove two
fingers in your mouth and make you suck on them. I whisper to you how
fucking hot it is to watch you suck on my fingers while I fuck you.

Your asshole begins to tighten around my strap-on and you can feel a
tingling sensation spreading throughout your body. Your whole body
tenses. I take my fingers out of your mouth and listen to the sounds you
make as you cum all over yourself.

I take your blindfold off and untie you. You don’t even move. You just
lie there in a sweaty heap and fall asleep.