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Likes: Bondage, BDSM, "light" torture, humiliation, water sports, domination, submission, toys of all kinds, throat fucking, anal sex, giving head, swallowing cum or being showered with cum, spankings, masturbating while you watch, hearing a man moan and groan while he fucks me HARD!
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Well hello!

I am looking forward to meeting you! But first let me tell you a little
about myself so we can see if something "clicks"! (Fingers crossed!!! I am
aching to talk with you!) I am a true nymphomaniac. I love sex and truly
cannot get enough! I began exploring my sexuality when I was very young,
and haven't stopped since! I keep my kitty shaved clean... I love to feel
fingers caressing my slick velvety pussy. When your hand nears my mound
for a first touch, your warmth will cause a shiver down my spine, and a
gush of slippery cream.

I love to be tied down. Make me your slave. Hang my head over the edge of
the bed and fuck my throat as deep as you can! Spank my inner thighs with
a switch and paddle my ass till its red. Slap my face hard when I am not
meeting expectations - I deserve every wince of delicious agony. Roll me
over and sink your hard cock deep into my ass... MAKE ME SCREAM! I am a very
vocal girl and love to moan and scream as you take what you want.

Or perhaps YOU are in the mood to be taken... arms and legs tied down while I
run my soft lips and hands over every inch of your body... except where you
want it most. I will save that for an extraordinarily mind-blowing end,
leaving you gasping from an orgasm that hits like a freight train. I want
to milk your cock and balls dry until you are begging for mercy.

Maybe you would like to watch through my window while I lie on my bed
fantasizing about a nice hard cock... maybe yours? I'll caress my luscious
curves from top to bottom, pausing to pinch my nipples extra hard! (I just
LOVE that!) The thought of a man stroking his cock while he secretly
watches me is a super hot turn-on! I love filthy games, so bring it! No
taboos here! The nastier the game, the better! I want to tease you and
most of all, please you. Let's grab some cards or dice... and leave them on
the table! We will not need such things for the scrumptious games we are
going to play!

Would you like to role-play or dress-up? Maybe you could don that special
(and very secret) pair of panties? Can you feel the magical fabric rubbing
against you while my voice purrs softly in your ear? I want to hear your
excitement build as your cock swells, stretching the thin wispy fabric to
its limits before you explode a massive load of goo. (My panties are
soaked just thinking about it! Let me know if I can send you a pair! I
love imagining my panties close to your face while you breathe in deeply!)

So are you ready to play? I know I am!!! My sweet little pussy is
twitching at the very thought! Give me a call! Or find me online:
CrystalLovesKink on both AOL and Yahoo! You can also email me at:

Let's play some filthy games