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Crystal’s Fantasies

The Phone Girl’s XXX Story: The Voyeur

I walk into the room.
I take my seat.
Ornate chair; throne-like.

She’s lying there. Quiet. Naked.
Lying across the bed on her back with her head hanging over the edge.
Arms at her sides.
Eyes open. She waits obediently.

He walks in and aproaches the girl, surveying her nudity.
His right hand reaches out and roughly grasps her right breast. He
squeezes harshly, then pulls back and lays a loud slap across her tit.

He slaps it again…and again.
“Who’s my dirty whore?” he demands. “Come on! Who is my dirty fucking whore?”

“I am Daddy” she replies timidly.

“WHO IS???”
Another sharp slap.

“I am Daddy!” she spits out.

“That’s right…Daddy’s Little Fucking Whore”

With that he pulls his cock through his unzipped fly and stuffs it into
her mouth.

She shudders and attempts to take his thick cock.
She begins to gag.
He pumps her throat several times then pulls away.

She gasps for air.

He doesn’t wait long. He stuffs her face with his cock and begins to pump
his hips hard against her skull.

I can hear her gags; I see her squirm for air. My pussy begins to drip.

He slows his pace, opting for long, deep strokes. I can see the bead of
his cock bulge her throat. I begin to tremble with lust.

Her tits bulging through his clenched fists, he begins to quickly drive
his cock in and out of her throat. I watch while I finger my pussy.

“Get ready for Daddy’s cum, you filthy fucking whore!” He groans and
unleashes an explosion of jizz straight down her throat.

My head falls back as I succumb to a body-shuddering orgasm.
Rough XXX Sex

Her face.
So beautiful.
Her eyes.
So innocent.

She has asked to be punished.

She hasn’t a clue.
She has no idea.
But Master will soon make things clear.

She slips into the bathroom…
And slips off her clothes.
Her nipples harden in anticipation.

Master will soon harden them for other reasons.

She climbs onto the bed.
Master runs his hands over her breasts…
And then slaps each one hard.

She winces, but does not cry out.

He puts a hand to her throat and squeezes firmly.
He makes his point: KNOW who is Master.
He lets go and slaps her tits again, repeatedly.
A small cry escapes her lips.

Master’s reaction is immediate…
Her tiny cry earns her three slaps to the face.

I sit in a comfy chair near the side of the bed.
I relish what I am watching.
Each slap creates a surge of ecstasy between my legs.
It is delicious.

I watch Master wrap his hands around her throat.
I watch him take her to the edge, and then let go.
I watch him pull her off the bed, directly to her knees.
I watch him push his engorged cock directly into her face.

I cum spontaneously at the sight.

He wraps her hair around his hand and holds her head firmly.
He pummels her beautiful face with his cock.
The saliva begins to trickle from the edges of her mouth.
She sputters and gags as he punishes her face.

I sit close by…watching…pleasuring myself.

He scoops her up and throws her onto the bed.
He grabs her body and spins her around.
Her lovely face is now hanging off the side of the bed.
Obedient. Anxious. Open mouthed.
She waits for his cock.

Master steps forward and pushes his cock deep down her throat.
Her hands fly up in protest.
He steps back, stating firmly “HANDS DOWN!”
He slaps her face several times to drive the point home.

Master’s cock goes back down her throat.
His hips drive hard as he fucks her beautiful face.
His cock slides in and out of her mouth…
Hard as steel from the intensity of the moment.
Slick and glistening with the fluids from her throat.

He steps back…allowing her some air.
She gasps, breathing hard.
The look of ecstasy on her lovely face is undeniable.
He steps forward again–no warning–no notice.
Huge cock down the throat.

I cum again.

As my senses return, I watch Master continue to hammer away at her face.
Groaning. Relishing. Preparing.
He is close to climax.

“Is this dirty little slut ready for Master’s load?” he asks.
Before she can think of answering, he tenses and releases a massive amount
of cum down her pretty little throat.

I shudder and cum once again, enveloped in the overwhelming pleasures of
the moment.
Yes. I see you.

I see you there…through my curtains. Yes. It’s dark outside, but I still
see you.
Standing there…watching me; wanting me. You’ve been here before…many
You like the fact that you believe I’m oblivious. You believe that you are
But you’re not. I see you.
I can feel your eyes as I unbutton my blouse. I can feel your stare as I
slide the stockings off my legs, one by one. I can feel the heat building
inside of me…because…
I see you.
I know what you’re thinking. I know where your hand is. I know that your
cock’s hard. I like that.
I unhook my bra…it slides off my shoulders. I’m sure you just caught
your breath. You want these gorgeous tits…don’t you?
Nipples, hard. Skin so soft to the touch. Sensations bringing heat to the
I see you.
I lie on the bed, knowing. I run my hands across my skin…over my body.
Eyes closed. Immersed in pleasure. Grasping, squeezing and pinching. You
love it, I know.
Fingers dipping into wetness…spreading it, swirling it, juicing it. Like
a sweet fruit plucked from the tree.
I see you.
Pushing deep…gathering my breath…faster pace, heading towards glorious
heights…building upon building…swelling with lust. I approach the edge
That I see you.
The awareness takes hold of me. The knowing consumes me. The vision is
beyond my control…I’m tipping, tipping off the edge…and
reveling…just knowing…
You see me.
It Takes Two to Tango

An hour before my friend comes home, I get a text message: “Go jump in a
shower, then put on something super sexy!” Woo-hoo! Fun in on the menu
tonight! I do as I’m told then slip into one of my sexiest little
dresses…one that shows off my tits as well as my ass. At the moment I
put on my high heels, another message chimes: “Hey horny girl! Put on a
blindfold, and wait for me at the front door. I’m almost there!”
Curious. What exactly does he have planned? I pick a silky scarf to cover
my eyes. My excitement builds as I wrap it around my head. While walking
towards the front door, I can feel the naughty anticipation growing inside
I hear a car pull into the garage. The automatic door closes. Footsteps
coming towards the door, and a few moments later, it opens. I am gently
kissed. “Hello, Beautiful!” he whispers.
He grabs my hand and takes me to the living room. There he lifts me up and
lays me gently on the table. “You look delicious.” he says. I feel his
hands on my body. One hand caresses my belly; the other hand strokes my
breasts. He pinches my nipples and my pussy clenches with excitement.
Suddenly I feel a third hand on my thigh. I shrink back. “It’s all good
Baby, I’m with you,” his voice purrs in a soothing tone. “Just relax.
You’re going to like this!” Two fingers start massaging my pussy lips and
clit. I groan. What a wonderful horny feeling: two men caressing and
pampering my body. I feel the fingers slip inside me. The pleasure is
exquisite. My boyfriend kisses me passionately and I try to reach for his
cock. This is not easy with the blindfold. He comes to the rescue and lays
my hand on his deliciously rigid cock. I open my mouth to indicate that I
want to give him a blowjob. He gets on his knees over my face, and puts
his dick in my mouth. If this continues, it won’t be long before I come.
The unknown man pushes an extra finger into my pussy, and I can’t hold it
anymore. I feel the forces build before an explosive orgasm rips through
my body.
The cock is pulled from my mouth and I feel them take me off the table. In
an instant I feel unknown hands clutching my hips and a huge cock being
pushed against my tight, firm ass. He is certainly not substandard. I hear
my friend say, “Fuck her hard and solid, as she likes.” Immediately I feel
the cock penetrate my pussy. I groan in pleasure; this feels amazing. My
friend pulls me up by my hair and pushes his fingers in my mouth. He
caresses my lips and pulls my head further back so he can see my face. Too
bad I can’t see him or the man who is taking me from behind so
“This is what you wanted, isn’t it Baby? Fucked by two men? You’ll take us
both, you hear?” Suddenly I realize what’s going to happen. “Do I really
want this?” I ask myself. The idea alone makes me dizzy, but at the same
time it’s so incredibly nasty! As in a daze I let it happen. I’m led to a
bench, tottering on my heels. One of my legs is lifted onto the bench, and
a hard cock is pressed against my pussy. My juicy snatch sucks him in to
the hilt. But just as quickly I get pulled forward and I feel a strong
pressure against my asshole. “I want to fuck you now!”, I hear my lover
say. Before I can protest, his hard cock skillfully punches deep into my
ass. A painful scream escapes my lips, but I try to relax. Slowly the pain
ebbs away and I join in the rhythm. It’s a new and strange feeling, but oh
so nice!
I feel pussy juices dripping down my thighs. I can hear my friend moaning.
That does not last long. The other has not said a word, but I hear his
breathing accelerate. Faster and faster they take turns pumping their
cocks inside me. I feel them grow and I come uncontrolled. The cock is

withdrawn from my ass, and I feel his load spraying over my back. The
other cock explodes deep into my still throbbing pussy.
Exhausted, I fall on the body under me. I still have no idea who this man
is, but he’s good, that’s for sure. My boyfriend picks me up and takes me
upstairs. He removes the blindfold and kisses me deeply. “I love you
sweetheart. Now take a bath. I’m going to say goodbye to my friend, but
I’ll be right back to be with you.”
I walk in the front door. He says “Go to your room. Remove your clothing.
Bend over the bed, and wait”.
I do as I’m told…and I wait.
He enters the room. Firm. Commanding. His presence is powerful. I hear the
soft sounds of movement…of an object being grasped.
A whistle through the air, then “STING!” The switch lands across my soft
bare ass.
I cry out in pain.
“What do you say?” he asks loudly.
“Thank you, Master” I reply with a weak whimper.
Another whistle—STING!!!
“I can’t hear you!”
“Thank you, Master!” My mind begins to dread…
My cries escalate…my hungry little box begins to weep sweet nectar.
“OH GOD!!” comes from my mouth.
“What did you say?” he asks harshly.
“Thank you, Master!”
His large hand rubs across the angry red marks. He pretends to soothe
before he swings again…
“Oooooooooowww!! ‘gasp’ Thank you, Master!”
He grabs my hair…pulls my face to his prick. Mouth open obediently. I
suck gratefully.
Pushed to the ground–face down…my hair still held in his hands. He
mounts me. Takes me. Penetrates me.
My scalp is screaming. Each root burns as he pulls harder and harder. His
hard cock slams deep again and again. The force is delicious…my orgasm
builds. Ethereal sensations saturate my being. Deep, guttural gasps escape
me. Then…crescendos of exquisite pleasure…rolling over me; through me.
A moment. I am not me. Only physical pleasure exists.
We collapse. Release. Exhaustion. Smiles.
The sidewalk was wet; coated with the unbroken mists that often accompany
chill autumn nights. My stiletto heels clicked against the concrete as I
approached the door to “Hugo’s”. Yes. Hugo’s. Once again. A small, sleazy
dive of a bar…dumpy, dismal…quite unacclaimed. Easy to remain
anonymous. I took a breath and pushed open the heavy wooden door.
I squinted a bit and surveyed the room. Two men at the bar…three young
men in a booth, and a middle-age couple off in a dark corner booth. The
bartender’s voice was low as he mumbled some weak conversation towards the
two camped out at the bar. I spotted an empty table, wandered
over…dropped my purse into a vacant chair, and settled in. As the
bartender approached I could see the lust in his eyes. I had intentionally
chosen a tight, sleek, low-cut dress for this particular occasion…it
would suit my needs nicely. The bartender’s eyes were nearly escaping his
skull as his gaze rested on my bulging breasts. A small trace of
perspiration was beginning to form on his brow. I was delighted. “I’d like
a whiskey sour, please.” “Coming right up!” he replied. He drank in one
more long look, and then retreated to the bar. He was back shortly with my
drink. “Anything else, Miss?” “No thank you. This will do for now,
thanks.” He hesitated, and then walked off. Good riddance. He is
definitely not what I am after this evening.
The hours ticked by. Numerous nondescript souls came and went. Drinks were
poured. Conference exchanged. Patience was my companion. I was waiting.
Waiting for Mr. “Right Now” to walk through that door…the one who would
fulfill my long-time fantasy. Then just as I was reaching for my purse,
intending to call it a night…fate favored me. That door swung open and
in walked a Spanish God.
His shoulders were broad. His hair was dark. His handsome face was
perfectly accented with a closely trimmed beard and mustache. I
involuntarily caught my breath as he strolled up to the bar and ordered.
He’s the one. The one I will have tonight.
I remained at my table, watching him all the while. Now and then he would
swivel in his seat and look across towards me. I would smile sweetly, then
avert my eyes with calculated coyness. It wasn’t long before he was
crossing the floor towards me, two drinks in his hands. “Barkeep says
you’re drinking whiskey sours this evening…may I buy you one?” His hand
extended, offering the cocktail. I smiled. “Why yes. Thank you! Would you
like to join me?” I motioned towards the empty end of the booth I was
sitting in. “Absolutely, Beautiful!” He sat down, and we began to chat. It
was idle. Empty. Vague. We both knew that hunger for substance was not
what brought us here. “I don’t know how often you come here…” I began,
“but there’s a rather private little alley out back if you would like to
join me for a smoke.” “Well, I’m not in the habit of smoking, but once in
awhile I indulge. Let’s go.”
The dimly lit alley was quiet. The light rain had subsided and an illusion
of cleanliness deceived any onlookers, though there were none but us. The
only thing sharing our company was an old blue dumpster with “Wikkum
County Refuse” stenciled across the side. I took a long drag off my
cigarette, rarely moving my gaze from his striking features. “You’re very
handsome”, I said. He smiled. “I’ve heard that a time or two…but thank
you for the compliment. You’re no slouch yourself, Beautiful.” His
demeanor was relaxed. Confident…but not cocky. He must have had a good
mama. Rare that good looks and humility walk hand in hand.
He took one or two drags off the smoke, then dropped it to the ground. He
stepped forward and placed his hands on my waist. “If I am interpreting
you correctly, this is what you want, right?” He leaned down and firmly
pressed his mouth to mine. The electricity was undeniable. Every ounce of
my being was lit and alive…shudders trembled through me as his mouth
softly moved across my cheek and down to my neck. Eyes closed, my head
leaning back in total submission. Every trace of his touch excited me to
the core. Shivers cascaded through me again and again. His arms wrapped
around me tighter, and I could feel his growing cock pressed up against my
thigh. It only served to fuel the fire that was building inside. I pressed
firmly against him, grinding into his body…pressing my breasts against
him as our mouths and hands began to lose control. He reached up, and
taking hold of the top of my dress, exposed both of my creamy round
breasts in one quick motion. His mouth went directly to the first
nipple…his lips clamping down upon it…pulling it deep into his warm
mouth. His tongue twirled around the hardness, flicking and teasing. My
soft moans were becoming more desperate…my breathing, labored. I reached
down, groping for the bulge in his pants. I brushed the palm of my hand
over it, drinking in the deliciousness of what was to come. It felt like a
rock behind the zipper. Then suddenly, and quite abruptly, he took a step
back, unzipped his fly, and pulled out his rigid cock. He reached up and
grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head down towards his throbbing
pole. I stumbled a bit in my heels, but then squatted and allowed him to
push his flesh into my hungry mouth. His cock was delicious…so hard
against my lips and tongue. He was forceful, pushing deep into my throat.
I choked and gagged…drool trickled from the corners of my mouth. “Come
on you filthy little whore…take every inch!” he whispered in a hoarse
tone. I gasped for air and pushed my face down onto his polished steel.
When I could barely hold myself in position any longer he pulled me to my
feet and spun me around to face the brick wall. He pressed up against me,
his body weight pinning me to the wall, his lips resting close to my ear.
“THIS is what you really want, isn’t it?” he said as he pushed me against
the cold stone and bunched my dress up around my waist. I felt his large
hands grasp my hips as he guided himself into my dripping pussy. I gasped
as his cock entered me. The sensations were electrifying…my mind
succumbed to the ecstasy of the moment. The handsome stranger drilled
relentlessly into my creaming snatch, creating waves of body shuddering
orgasms that left me nearly weeping. When he had finally had his fill, he
blasted a massive load of cum that oozed out my cunt and trickled down my
thighs. After a moment spent catching our breath, we pulled our clothing
back into place, nodded knowingly to one another in satisfaction, and went
our separate ways.

That was last week, and it’s yet another boring Friday night…I think I
might go see what’s shaking at Hugo’s.