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Crystal’s Thoughts

Content from an Adult Phone Chat Line

I scream, you scream
We all scream for whipped cream
Spray it on our jiggling tits
Smear it ’round our hungry clits.

Talking naughty, whisper back
A sweet tight ass you’d like to smack
Roll it over, lube it up
Pound it hard my buttercup.

Two sweet bad girls, on our knees
Waiting for attention, please!
Tie us up with your boot laces
Then explode on both our faces.

Dripping sweet with all your goo
So delicious! Yes! It’s true!
Rest yourself and take a shower
We’ll fuck again within the hour!
Naughty Limericks by Crystal

The once lived a girl in the city
Who wouldn’t stop flicking her clitty
She’d rub in the malls,
In the cafes and halls,
“But the beach,” she would say, “is too gritty”.

Phone chat girl, naughty yet sweet
And everyone knows on my street
If you want a good blow
It’s to my house you’ll go
Your fleshlight is quite obsolete.

Pull that cock out of your pants
I’m on my knees, Baby, let’s dance!
I’ll slobber and slurp
And I’ll try not to burp
When I swallow each drop from your lance.
One, two, three!

One in my hand
One in my mouth
Another one yet
Is prodding down south.

Three cocks to pound me
Three cocks to suck
Six hands a’wandering
Damn! Quite the luck!

Just when I’m thinking
That I’ve had enough
They come back for more
And three holes they stuff.

I’m screaming, I’m moaning
I’m gasping for air
They’re fucking and sucking
And pulling my hair.

All three holes are filled
My knuckles are white
But it’s been fantastic
To be made air-tight!
Phone Sex Gal’s Toy Box

Personal space
Bottom dresser drawer
A smile on my face
Dirty little whore.

Purple or black
Squishy and hard
Some with a sack
Many vanguard.

Alkaline content
Others, no need
Assist my ascent
With lightening speed.

The bottom I twist
Revving her up
Do you get the gist,
My sweet Buttercup?

I slide it in slow
I relish the fill
The ebb and the flow
My honey will spill.

So when the night’s late
And anxious I feel
My best friends are waiting
To help make me squeal.
XXX Sex Black Out

Too titillating to deny
So tempting, such risk.

Put your hand on my throat
Hold tight.

Watch me, Luv
Watch my face.
Take me to those distance spaces.

The fear. The thrill.
The darkness.
Where did I go?

Coming back.
Images. Repeaters.
Frightening. Where am I?

Awareness seeps in.
You’re above me.
In me.
Utter pleasure.
My mind struggles to grasp reality.

Your hand.
Back on my throat.
Your cock.
A jackhammer in my cunt.

Fuck me! Choke me!
Fuck me! Choke me!

Your orgasm.
A searing spray.
Consuming my pussy.
My cum.
Engulfing you.
Devouring you.
Worshiping you.
XXX Phone Sex Girl’s Favorite Place

Shadows; taboo
The small dark space
The greatest temptation
A magical place.

Every man’s dream
Every man’s kink
Of what am I speaking?
Hey! Where do you think?

A sweet girl’s tight ass
The final frontier
There’s no other thrill
Like a cock in her rear!

That rare girl that smiles
And says “Luv, Hump away!”
Is a keeper, for certain,
Yes! That’s what they say!

The tightness; the heat
The knowing; the lust
Her cries as you enter
The nut you will bust.

The slickness of lube
The naughtiest place
Too delicious to pull out
And cum on her face!

So slide it in easy
‘Cause soon you’ll both cum hard
Then fall fast asleep.
I’m on Top!!!

Having filthy thoughts?
How ’bout naked squats?
Lie there on your back,
I’m your new roof rack!

Anxious, from above,
Think I’d like to shove,
Your thick and rigid pole,
In every single hole!

Straddling your waist,
Soon you’ll be encased.
See? My pussy ROCKS!
Prepare for aftershocks!

Virgin tight and sweet,
This cunt is such a treat!
Go till I say when,
Then drive it home again!

You’ll never get enough
Of this little muff.
The best you’ve ever had,
I’m yours, now aren’t you glad?
Whips and chains?
I like those games!
They make my pussy wet!

Spank me hard!
Cries? Disregard!
My mind feels no regret.

Pull my hair
And slap my face.
Then tell me I’m a whore.

A filthy slut,
Who thrives on smut,
Her cries quake “More! Please, MORE!”

Then conjugate.
Fill me up with meat!

I like it rough!
It’s not enough!
Lather, rinse, repeat!
Ode to Carmen—who inspired me with a limerick I read on her web page!

There was a young girl from Kentucky
Who claimed she gave best “sucky-sucky”
But when fed a huge dick
Twelve inches, three thick
She gagged but gushed “Damn! Ain’t I lucky?”

There once was a gal from New York
Who liked being fucked with a fork
She’d scream “Ram me hard!”
Without pain or regard
Then add “Next time please throw in some torque!”

There once was a guy from the coast
Who thought “Man! My big dick is THE MOST!”
But when girls saw his wiener
They’d cry “Misdemeanor!”
Saying “Dude, you’ve got no room to boast.”

There once was a guy who liked sheep
Liked to ram his cock way in so deep
He’d push and he’d pull
And he’d pound on that wool
Saying “Yeah, she’s a whore, but she’s cheap.”

Ring around the circle jerk
Hands on cocks and thighs
Whoa! That was a load of cum
Right between my eyes.

Nineteen cocks around my head
Poking, prodding, hard
One leaves my mouth, another fills
And none do I discard.

The jizz is flying hot and thick
My mouth has gone quite numb
I suck each dick for all I’m worth
And shudder as I cum.

No inch upon my skin is dry
The semen pours like rain
I revel in the creamy coat
I thrive in my domain.

Each cock is spent, all balls drained dry
No hard-on to be seen
I’m coated top to toe in goo
Exquisite milky sheen.
My Garden

you say you want to till my garden
want to plow my fields
want to use your expertise
and see just what it yields

you want to dig beneath my soil
stake claim to soul and earth
your tool is poised and fit to strike
with all it’s length and girth

the rains will come, the purchase, sweet
the sky will kiss the ground
the river flows and spills it’s walls
my ecstasy abounds

my garden has such fertile depths
such richness, sweet and tempting
the flowers lush for you to pick
my gates, for you, exempting

prepare yourself for bounty, dear
i yield my luscious mound
the harvest fruits with no compare
are in my garden found
Do As You’re Told

Remove that smile.

Loyalty and devotion.

Sit back; submit.

Mine to mold.

Before me now.

Your darkest thoughts.

Head on the ground. Ass in the air.

I take what’s mine, and what’s not…

Present your balls. They’re mine.
Spike heel.

The pain of torment.

Mocking. Admiring.

I allow you release, your mind…
My Pet

Come grovel at my feet, dear pet.
Deliver me some potion.
Tail hanging low between your legs,
Show Mistress your devotion.

My every word, my every wish,
You strive to only please me.
Take your tongue and bathe my feet
Your weakness truly frees me.

Pathetic carcass, empty soul,
Still begging for my favor.
The punishments that I dish out,
I promise you will savor.

So curl up next to me, dear pet,
And show me I am all.
I am the sun, the moon, the stars,
A dark, yet living doll.
The Wall

The stones are cold,
The corners, dark.
Here comes the whip
To hit the mark.

My wrists are bound,
My ankles chained.
The floor is wet,
The wall is stained.

With every lash
I cry out loud
My weakness shows,
I am not proud.

My cunnie drips,
My juice, it flows.
My ass so red,
It nearly glows.

Strap me up,
Weak and confined.
Against the wall,
My body’s aligned.

Silver duct tape,
Delicate thighs,
That magic wand
Demands my cries.

Hours have passed,
My body is bruised.
But how delicious,
To be so used.
Spring Is Here!

It’s Spring!
Flowers blooming…
Trees budding!

Makes me want some cock.

Lovely scenery!
Green leaves…
Yellow daffodils!

Makes me want some cock.

The birds!
Twittering, chirping…
Contagious joy!

Makes me want some cock.

Warmer weather!
Walks on the beach…
Woodland hiking trails!

Makes me want some cock.

Hey! It’s daytime!
No. Night time…
Springtime, summertime…
Whatever time!

Makes me want some cock.
Dark Woman

Her hair…
Black. Sleek. Shiny.

Her face…
Stern. Dangerous beauty.

Her breasts…
Bold. Captured in leather.

Her arms…
Strong. Unforgiving.

Her waist…
Slim. Wasp-like.

Her hips…
Curvaceous. Commanding of worship.

Her thighs…
Smooth. The gates to paradise.

Her legs…
Long. Fence posts of authority.

Her feet…
Solid. Deserving of attention.

Dark woman.
She haunts your dreams…
She strolls through your fantasies…
She wields the whips that make you shiver with delight…
She administers punishment that–
…shames you;
…arouses you;
…excites you;
…hardens you;
…drains you.

Worship the Dark Woman.
She is deserving.
Worship the Dark Woman.
She is beautiful.
Worship the Dark Woman.
She is your everything.
My Boots

You say you want to please me,
You worthless piece of man flesh

You need to understand…
Pleasing me will take–
Great effort.
Great sacrifice.
Great devotion.

My boots need attention.
I love my boots.
They are dirty.
That makes me unhappy.
So–make me happy.

Get down on your hands and knees.
Prostrate yourself before me.
Give me what my boots and I deserve.
Clean the mud off my beautiful boots with your tongue.
Lick the grime off my heels.
Polish that black leather with your mouth until it shines.

Maybe I will thank you…
With a lashing.
Because that’s what you deserve.
IF…you clean my boots properly,
I may thank you properly.

While I am thanking you with a strap across your ass…
I expect a “Thank you, Mistress!” with every ‘sting’.
I expect “Mistress…you are the MOST beautiful woman!” when you catch
your breath.
…and I expect “Mistress is more important than ANYTHING!” when you wipe
away your tears.

Don’t ever forget…you are mine.

Mine to punish.
Mine to mock.
Mine to ridicule.
Mine to shower with contempt.
Mine to use…for whatever pleases me.

Clean my boots.
Reading Between (or before) the Lines

Licking your balls
Inserting a finger
Velvety soft shaved pussy
Erotic frolic

Penis in my mouth
Holy smokes! You’re huge!
Oh Baby! That feels great!
Never stop!
Erogenous zones

Sultry Irish Lass
Extra wet juice box
X-rated good times
Little Red Head

Phone thrills operator…
The job’s not complex.
Ring a ding-ding!
Just call me for sex!

An all-niter shift…
Some dull, some intellects.
The phone, she’s a ring’n,
They’re calling for sex!

I can be a sweet charmer…
Or a bitch in latex.
Come on, dial me up…
For some adult phone sex!

I love to talk dirty…
Love to cast a good hex.
It’s not complicated…
Let’s have some phone sex!

This red head, she’s waiting…
For blue collars or execs.
Makes no matter to me,
I love XXX phone sex!

Crystal Waters
“Why Yes! I C”

Images in my mind-
Your flesh, so warm and inviting-
My heartbeat increasing-
Nothing platonic.
Warmth spreading between my thighs-
Lush and exotic.
Primal urges surfacing-
Ideas iconic.
Thoughts of such pleasure; such games-
Let’s frolic.
You and I, entwined as one-
Sensations harmonic.
Grinding, clenching, scratching-
Fireworks, atomic.
Collapsing, gasping, laughing-
Utterly cosmic.

Crystal Waters