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Age: 24
Cup Size: 32dd.24.36
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Likes: Being Facefucked. Sucking dick. Being came on. Choking/being choked. When you cum on my face/tits/ass. Squirting on your face. Being eaten out. When you make me squirt, when you play with my nipples. Having sex in public places.
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**********Update: I have decided to take advantage of another opportunity for now, but in the meanwhile, please take a look at all my friends that are currently available to play with you.
I have also heard there are several more new girls that will be making their appearance soon here at YourDesires, so I am really sure you will find someone to replace me for awhile.******

Hey there, I'm Dahlia :)

I'm new to YourDesires and can't wait to play with you, as well as all these sexy girls. I loooove doing my makeup and getting all dolled up for you! I like when you assert your dominance, like when you're facefucking me and pulling my hair back and I'm drooling all over your throbbing cock. Don't forget to tell me how pretty I look while my mascara runs down my face though. (:

I loooove being eaten out. Nothing will make me cum faster than you sucking on my clit while you finger fuck me. Apologies in advance if I shove your face into my pussy and ride your face like Seabiscuit. There's nothing I love more than a good 69 session. Having a big dick all in my face while you're sucking my pussy. Will you be able to focus on me, while I'm giving you the best head of your life?

NO CONDOMS. My body is your target, I love right when you're about to finish and you pull out and cum on whatever you want. My 32DD's should be a perfect target for you, unless you want to flip me around quickly and cum all over my ass. Also have no discrepancies with you cumming all over my face, I can't wait to lick it off around my lips like honey (;

I would love nothing more than if you could reach up and play with my nipples while you're eating me out, if your hands aren't free though (which isn't the worst thing, cause that means you're fingering me, or maybe my ass mmmmm) I love to play with my own nipples while I'm being eaten out. Ever wondered what it feels like to be squirt on while you're underneath me in pure bliss? I'll show you.

I loooove sucking dick. Sucking on the tip, licking up and down the base, spitting all over it to get the perfect lubrication before I shove that throbbing cock down my throat. Like I said, I love when you assert your dominance by choking me, if you do it just right, hopefully I'll get close to blackout(; I also love to choke you while I'm riding on top of you and can feel your hard cock all the way inside of me. It's a perfect way for me to keep my balance while I'm pushing my tits together with my other arm (;

I've always had this amazing fantasy of being bent over an alter and fucked like you hate me. I've also always wanted to have sex in a confessional (; I'm not particularly religious, but there's something about being fucked in a church that makes me so wet. I can't wait to talk to you and play!

My panties are also available for purchase, so that you can rub my juices all over your hard dick while you tell me how bad you want to fuck me. Don't forget to tell me how pretty I am (:

Love always, Dahlia.

PS You can tell me how horny you are by contacting me at Addicted2Dahlia on both AOL and Yahoo messenger!
You can also write for my weekly schedule by writing to Dahliasweekly@yourdesires.com