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Age: 27
Cup Size: 34c.26.36
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Likes: tantric sex, public sex, golden showers, spankings (giving and receiving), handcuffs, rope, girls, strap ons, dirty secrets and fetishes, roleplays, and the dark side of sex
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Hi Handsome, I'm Dallas and I can't wait to play with you! I'm new here at
Your Desires, so let me tell you a little about myself. If you notice my
accent when you call, it's because I'm from New Orleans. My home town is
definitely in my blood! Maybe that's why I lean a little to the dark side
of sex. I sometimes add a little pain to my pleasure, so if you'd like to
tie me up and spank me or slap me and make me take that
dick, that's fine with me. Just know that payback is a bitch, and that
bitch will be me!

Maybe it's because of Mardi Gras, but I'm also into public sex. Everybody
takes their top off there, but I like to take things a little further. Can
you imagine us in that crowd? Help me hop up and throw my legs around your
waist, and you can slide that hot cock right into me. Keep going with the
flow of the crowd while fucking and no one will ever know. And if
someone notices, who cares! That's part of the excitement!

I love being with women too, but men will always cum first with me. It is
so fun to add another woman to our play though. I'll lick her pussy while
you watch, then we could both start sucking your cock - mmmmmmm. Do you
think you could handle both of us?

Or maybe you secretly like to wear panties. Don't worry, your secret is
safe with me. I would love to watch you on cam and make you rub that
clitty through your panties. What a naughty pantyboy you are - I see a big
wet spot! I'll make you lick it up for punishment. But I'm not done yet, I
will make you bend over your bed and spank yourself until I say you can

I can't wait to hear your fetishes, and also tell you mine. You can tell
me anything, no fetish is too taboo. Just whisper it in my ear and let me
bring it to life for you. Any kinky little thing that you want to try,
I'll never say no. All I need is a good fucking, and I'll do anything you
want to get it!

I just know that talking to you is going to be so hot that I will just
have to push my panties to the side and start fingering my pussy. Can you
imagine how wet and creamy it will get? You can even buy those panties
right off of me and have them to lick and sniff on our next call! Of
course then you're sending me home with no panties on, but that wouldn't
be the first time that's happened! ;)

If you would like to talk a little before our call, you can IM me either
on AOL or Yahoo as DallasDelights. And to find out when I'm available,
please send an email to Dallasweekly@yourdesires.com or
whoisavailable@yourdesires.com. And if you would like to email me, my addy
is Dallas@yourdesires.com.

Call me and let's have some hot fun together!

Kisses and Licks,