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Age: 35
Cup Size: 36ddd
Trillian: DirtyDelaney
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Hi, I'm Delaney...
I am new to, but not to talking on the phone with with a special friend.

I have been enjoying phone sex since I was a young girl. I would lay on my twin bed and talk dirty to boys, while I pleasured myself. Nothing has changed in all these years. I still enjoy talking on the phone. The only difference is that now I know what it feels like to be stuffed full with a fat cock.

I have been hyper sexual my entire life. I love everything about sex, planning it, talking about it, having sex, and reminiscing about past lovers and our encounters. I can't wait to share stories with you. I get so turned on talking to you, my panties are soaking wet. You may buy my panties to keep as a souvenir of our time together. I will discretely mail them to you.

I enjoy playing with woman and men. I have had girlfriends, boyfriends and playmates. I enjoy everything about woman, their soft bodies and round curves. I would love to play with another girl with you to act out your fantasies.

I love being a good girl for my daddy. I have a little story for you....

On Saturday Daddy woke me up with his cock pressed up against me. I was groggy. He was pulling my legs apart and forcing his fingers into my pussy. I had to jump up and pee first. When I returned I could see the profile of his body and his cock standing at attention, waiting for me. I climbed onto the bed, and starting sucking his cock. He said No, not that and quickly pulled me off of him, pushing me onto my back. He forcing my legs apart and rammed his cock into my pussy with force. I wasn't ready. I was wet on the inside, but not all the way... He thrust into me again, I was trying to relax and enjoy the ride. The sheer force of him pushing into my tight pussy fogged my mind. I couldn't even get in rhythm with him. I was dizzy with happiness...I love getting pounded by this man, his cock fits perfectly in my pussy. I start to orgasm and tighten my legs, lifting my hips up off the bed, I open up to him more. Allowing him and I to climax together, me giggling the whole time as he pumps his cum into me.

I can't wait to talk to you! Want to chat a little before you call? Send me a message on Trillian DirtyDelaney