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Likes: Girl-on-girl, strap-ons, licking pussy, sucking cock, role-playing, being humiliated, being in total control, and the unknown.
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Well hello! Very nice to meet you.

My name is Diana, or as I am also called, Dirty Diana....

I am the innocent looking girl you see around town but get to know me a little better and I'm happy to show you otherwise! I've been a little pervert for as long as I remember. I even oogled my own mother's breasts as a baby....alright, maybe not but you get the idea!

I was an awkward teenager and didn't know how to deal with my constant horniness. The day I lost my virginity was one of the best days of my life. I lived in a really small town and worked at a convenience store, man I hated that job. I'd always hope a hottie would walk in and fuck me....hard! One day a regular walked in and I could see him eying me. He always did that but that day he actually climbed over the counter and pressed me up against the cigarette case!! I could feel his throbbing dick up against my body, and then he pulled up my skirt sliding his fingers into my wet pussy. Before I knew it we were on the floor and his cock was thrusting in and out of my virgin hole! My boss walked in on us at this perfect time....and instead of getting pissed and firing me she just made me lick her cunt until she came all over my face. That was my first taste of pussy and I still can't get enough! Later that night she tied me up and humiliated me, making me worship her perfect body and suck her husband's huge raw cock! Needless to say I became her favorite employee. She loved me working for her, but once I was old enough I left for the big city....

The city was great because there were actually enough people to satisfy my endless sexual appetite. In the city I learned that I'm a subtle exhibitionist. I like thinking people are staring at my round ass and perky tits. Frequently I go without a bra. I walk down the street, my large nipples standing prominent, and look anyone straight in the eye who is looking. Sometimes people get embarrassed and look away. Sometimes they stare right back like they're going to eat me, and that's the look I bring back home with me! I also love to go out on the town in a little skirt and no underwear. The thought of anyone getting a glimpse of my sweet pussy is enough to make me dripping wet. I get even wetter thinking about sitting on top of you and soaking through your jeans, feeling your cock get harder and harder underneath me....

I also learned that I love to dominate. Imagine yourself in this scenario. I have a big cock strapped on, hard and ready to fuck you in your tight asshole. You lay there, silent, anticipating, begging me with your body for the release that you want. I bend over, grazing your face with my soft breasts....

At times I like to just cuddle and caress, "make love" or whatever, but truthfully I really like to be slapped around and fucked hard till I can't sit down for days. I like sore reminders of moments of ecstasy, like a nipple bit hard and bleeding painfully rubbing up against my shirt as I go about my daily activities. There's nothing like riding the bus and talking to the sweet old lady next to me while the memory of teeth slicing up my nipples lingers in my mind, making me horny and wet.

I like to talk and I love to have a filthy mouth when I talk. Raised in a polite Christian household it makes me feel like I'm a bad girl again. I like to sit in the library and whisper all the nasty things I will do to you much later, until you are squirming in your seat with an unbearable hard on. I won't do anything to you now, though. That will only be when I wish for it to happen.

Unless you can talk me into it, and yes that is a challenge. With the right words I can come.

I get off on thinking about other people having a piece of myself, and if you want a pair of my panties we definitely can work something out....

I like to explore new things and I am always trying to push myself further, deeper. Something that sends shock waves through my body, intensifying my pleasure. Can you push me further? Can you show me something new? Sometimes I think that I've experienced everything....but maybe not. Want to show me?

Find me on aol as CallMeDirtiDiana or yahoo! as CallMeDirtyDiana. And if you want to see when I'll be on the phone, email me at DianasWeekly@yourdesires.com. I'm looking forward to it ;)

xoxoxoxo (Dirty) Diana