Diana’s Thoughts

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Diana’s Thoughts

“My first squirt”

I had never squirted before until the other day. There have been many many people who have tried, of course the main one of them being me. During my teenage years I was constantly fingering myself searching for the right spot in my pussy that would trigger ejaculation. I certainly triggered a lot of orgasms trying but I never got myself to squirt like I’d wanted to!!

But the other day one of my callers managed to make me squirt for the first time.

He got me so worked up, forcing me to suck my big dildo and slapping me in the tits with it. After begging for his cock for some time he finally let me slip it in and he drove me crazy not letting me shove it in deep and hard like I wanted. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as I slowly guided the dildo in and out hitting my g-spot at the perfect angle. With each thrust I came closer to orgasm and finally he let me fuck myself hard and fast.

I switched positions sitting up and riding the cock cowgirl style. I rubbed my clit at the same time and I could feel my orgasm building and building and I knew it was gonna be REALLY intense. I started riding it faster and shoving it deeper until finally I felt my pussy squeeze and a wave of intense pleasure engulfed my whole body. As the first contraction gripped me I felt a new sensation. Hot cum was shooting all over my hand and I could feel it cumming out of my pussy, fuck it felt SO GOOD, and all of the sudden my thick 8″ dildo was sliding so readily in and out. I involuntarily screamed from the intense pleasure I was feeling….and I noticed I had made quite a mess. I collapsed onto the bed with tears streaming down my face from the intensity, waves of pleasure still pumping through my body.

Now that I have experienced female ejaculation once I want to do it again and again. I dare you to try. I guarantee that we’ll both be immensely satisfied by the experience.



I remember when I bought my first strap-on, right when I turned 18. It was with my first serious girlfriend. You could say I had “converted her”. She had previously been totally straight and missed the feeling of being filled up by a big cock, thrusting in and out of her pussy. So we went to the sex shop and she picked out a dildo the size of her ex-boyfriend’s cock — about 7 inches and almost as big around as a soda can. I got a thick black leather harness to hold it in place. I used it on her for as long as we were together, and by the time we broke up I was totally addicted to the feeling of penetrating a tight hole with my huge cock. Eventually I just started to use it on men. It was so intoxicating, to stand over a full grown man and just have it in his face. A cock bigger than his. Thicker, and it could stay hard for as long as I wanted it to.

I get so wet pumping my giant cock in and out of a tight virgin fuckhole. They seem to always be surprised at how good it feels. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about it….


I turned my boyfriend into a girlfriend.

He was a man’s man. Tall, beefy, muscular. Deep voice. The type of man I’ve always had a weakness for. He was a carpenter and worked with his hands all day, and would come home at night and fuck me till I was practically split in two.

But I was tired of always being thrown around. Sure, I was a lot tinier than he was, and I loved his fat cock and how he would fuck me with it. But I was tired of always being under his control. So one day I decided to take it.

It was the morning, and he was about to go to work. We would sleep naked with each other and I would always wake up with his big cock poking me in the back. Usually I would turn around and press my body up against him, my breasts up against his chest and my hand on his dick. He would reach around with his free arm and take one of my juicy cheeks in his big, strong hands. Then I would jack him off a little bit before he would flip me around and fuck me hard doggy style.

This time I didn’t let him. As I gripped his cock, it pulsating in my delicate hand, I leaned over and whispered in his ear….”I want you to try on my red lacy panties”. He just looked at me with a blank look in his eyes. I tightened my grip. “I’m not gonna wear your underwear, Diana! God what do you think I am!” I just smirked. I could feel his cock getting even harder. “I know what you are. Put on my underwear now!” Then he just giggled and he got out of bed, shaking his head. “I’m sorry but I’m not gonna do that”. I motioned him to the spot next to me and he sat down. I forced him into my lap and bent him over. And I started spanking him, HARD. He didn’t make a sound until he finally said “Alright, alright! I’ll wear them, fuck!” He got up and took my panties off the floor (we had been getting nasty the night before) and slipped them on. He pointed his toes like a little ballerina as he slipped his legs through each hole in the panties. By the size of his hard-on I could tell he liked it. And of course my pussy was wet from our little interaction. By the look in his eyes I could tell I had captured him. He was awakened to the woman inside of him, and I was ready to bring her out….