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Age: 33
Cup Size: 34c
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High there, I'm Ella.

I'm a 33 year old, fiery redhead with blue eyes and a muscular, but very curvy beautiful body with size 34C almost 34D breasts. I've known from the very beginning of my sexual adventures what I want and what I need. I also know what I don't like, but it's a very small list . . .

I can't wait to share my love for blow jobs!!! There is nothing like a huge throbbing cock in my mouth for me to do with as I wish. I love to pleasure you orally and I since I really enjoy doing it, I'm really good at it and I'll do it for hours. It turns me on to suck your cock like a rock star!!!! I do have ulterior motives though, I know if I suck your cock like it's going out of style that you will go out of your way to pleasure me. And I'm certain to get the pussy licking I deserve. I'm so greedy with orgasms!!! I'll lay there for 2-4 hours while you go down on me. I love to get off over and over and over and over and over and I'm soooooo thankful to my partner for getting me there and keeping me there.

I'm a very sexual being. One could simply say I LOVE SEX!!! I love everything about sex and don't consider myself straight, nor do I consider myself bisexual. I consider myself pan-sexual. Ever since my first real girl on girl experience where Maddie got me off soooooo good, all I could think about was pleasing her back. My previous tunnel vision need to satisfy men got blown wide open and I started having a desire to pleasure my partner even if it meant I was seeking pussy. And seek pussy I did.

Previous to her I had had a couple threesomes and was interested in girls, but my curiosity only got me to girls to play with but not girls that would get me off so I wasn't as interested in them UNTIL I met Maddie. She blew my mind how good she was at getting me off and how hungry she made me for PUSSY!!!! It was also thru this experience that I discovered I could squirt!!!! That Maddie got me off sooooooo good I made the biggest mess in her face. I've been squirting so much ever since. It's fun to see how far I can get it to go and how much of a bucket I can fill because if you can get me to squirt and keep me orgasming, I can gasm for hours on end squirting the whole time. It's ridiculous how much I can squirt in one session.

I left that evening so much more open to seeking so much more pussy than I had originally thought I'd ever be interested in. Women's bodies are sooooooo beautiful. I'm still learning how to be good at eating pussy, but I'm definitely practicing every opportunity I get. I'm hoping for some coaching so I can be really good at it. I want to make girls squirt!!!! All over my face!!! Do YOU want to teach me HOW TO EAT PUSSY?!?!?1? I truly am not good at it yet. You'd think since I have a pussy and love to have it licked and sucked that I'd know exactly what to do down there, but I really don't. I'm in search of some lessons and I've been checking out the girls I work with and would love to explore more girl on girl action so I'm totally open to doing 2 girl calls anytime. Give me a reason to play with the girls here. They won't judge me as harshly if it takes me a minute to learn and listen to you instruct me on what do their pretty little pussies. Doesn't that sound like fun?!?!?!

I'm most definitely a Sagittarius thru and thru. I have such an adventurous spirit. I'm a very happy, free and sexual spirit. I love to travel and I have a knack for finding the nude beaches wherever I travel. This leads me to my next interest of being an EXHIBITIONIST and who am I kidding, I'm such a VOYEUR too so nude beaches are doubly exhilarating to me!!!! I've never been to a sex club or an orgy or even a swingers party. I know my kinky naughty side could be so much more explored. It's safe to say that I don't even know what I like sometimes OR YET!!!!!

There is so much more for me to venture into with my sexuality and I thoroughly believe that working here is a very safe and healthy way for me to do those explorations to see just how far I can and want to go. Do you want to help me explore and expand my boundaries??? I'm certainly going to need some guidance and patience and some encouraging? Will you be gentle and sensual with me??? And will you also annihilate my tight little pussy by pounding your huge, throbbing cock deep into me while choking me a little and shoving my legs higher into the air while you bury yourself deep inside me???? Please say yes to this and then take me further on either ends and help me expand these boundaries to bringing myself to even higher realms for orgasm and I know it will intensify my already intense and loud orgasms I have. I don't ever hold back on the noise.

I love to get off and I don't let anything get in the way of it. I'm all about having multiple orgasms!!! Why have just one when you can have 2-10 more???? I have the ability to cum over and over whether I'm pleasuring myself or if you're doing it to me. I'm by no means done once I get off. Sometimes it takes me a while to get to orgasm so when i do finally get there, I take advantage of being in that orgasmic state where it doesn't take much effort or much time to get back there again so I'm known for masturbating after my partner gets off and I end up having 1-9 more quick (but uber intense clitoral) rub outs before I'm ready to roll over and fall asleep. One is just never enough. I've had several partners get turned off by this taking it personally and actually upset that i choose to pleasure myself after intercourse. I say pooh pooh to them because if its possible for me to have orgasm after orgasm then I'm going to. Of course I prefer that you are the one to get me off but seriously, why shouldn't both of us exhaust all efforts to get off as much and as intensely as we can???

I can't wait to see what you think about that. Would it offend you if I made myself cum over and over after you get me off??? I'm so good at it and it's a different orgasm when i do it vs my partner and I think I deserve both kinds of orgasms. Well actually I have another theory on orgasms, but I'll save that story for when you call and I can tell you in person because it's so much better when you can not only see my picture (cuz some of you have been very patiently waiting for it to be posted while I was in training), but instead of reading about it, you can hear my sexy voice while I give you every juicy, dripping wet detail and you'll hear the my breathing change and how what you say affects me.

Ok, I don't want to tell you too much more in my bio. I'm getting horny with all this sex talk, so Call me so we can hear each other's voices. I looooove a sexy man's voice in my ear . . . I need you and your huge throbbing cock . . . Let's Play and help me explore my dominant and submissive sides more . . . I really want to do lots more role playing. I've been having a lot of fun the last couple days taking calls. I am actually quite surprised with myself and the things that have been turning me on . . . wanna know more??? Let's play!!!! I want to hear YOUR DESIRES!!!!

Send me a message on Trillian, we can start to get to know each other! SensuElla