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Hello out there! I'm Emily, and there's nothing I'd enjoy more than hearing about YourDesires. Maybe you'll even get me to share a few of my own.

I'm 24 and always looking for a few new outlets for my sexual energy. All day, every day is spent dreaming up kinky scenarios, but after a while all that I want is a little help. Do you have some new ideas for me? I promise I won't bite... Unless you ask really nicely.

There are very few things that will get my blood pumping like being disciplined. Whether it's with rope, spankings, or with a stern order I always get off on doing your bidding, no matter what you have in that dirty mind of yours. Make me your little sex doll. I want so badly to serve you! We never have to get bored with so many ways to play and options to explore! Just take me with you in your fantasies and then take me any way you want (and with any *thing* you want). Toys (my favorites are glass) make for so many options and I'm willing you bet that you can be as creative as I am. If I'm really lucky then you might surprise me with a little something.

I don't just fantasize. Now and then I find the time to actually act out some of these amazing scenarios and find a few good ideas for new ones. Of all of my experimentation, there is a single night that haunts my fantasies constantly.

I was lying on a soft bed, cuffed with leather restraints around my wrists. He had blindfolded me and left me there naked to think about what was about to happen to me, and struggle if I wanted to. It wouldn't have made a difference. There was no way I could get away, even if I wanted to. I could hear footsteps around me from time to time but there was no way for me to tell who they were or what they were doing. A familiar voice gave me an order to spread my legs. I did without a second thought. Just imagining what could possibly happen next had me halfway there without even being touched. The next thing I know I'm feeling something cold run along my thigh and up between my open legs. He didn't waste any time sliding that thick glass toy inside of my eager, dripping body. At that point I was hooked. Glass toys are still my favorite to this day, but it didn't stop there. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I felt warm flesh alongside the toy, already slippery from my excitement. Moments went by like hours as he teased me with his fingers and what could only be his throbbing member. I was begging for it by the time he slid inside, filling me to the brim and creating sensations I never thought possible.

There's nothing quite like having a glass toy in your pussy while a hard cock pounds away at your ass. I'm blushing just thinking about it now.

The sky is the limit and I'd love to be the one to take you to yours. Maybe you'll even ask for some proof of how excited and wet I get just thinking about it. The panties always tell the tale, and mine could tell novels.

You can contact me via E-mail at Emily@yourdesires.com, via Yahoo instant messenger EagerEmilyForYou or AOL instant messenger under the screen name EagerEmilyForYou !

I hope to hear from you soon! I can barely wait and I clearly can't contain my excitement.