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Emma’s Fantasies

I had been dating my boyfriend for about six minths now. I loved him. We
did everything together. And we told eachother everything. Or at least…
He told me everything… I told him ALMOST everything. The one thing I
would never tell him is that every Friday, while he was working his long
shifts, I would go over to his best friend, Michael’s house, and we would
fuck like bunnies. What can I say? I’m a sex addict, and my boyfriend just
sisn’t satisfy me in that way anymore. He had a small cock. It was fun at
first to see how many different ways and times he could get me off, but
then it sort of became routine. And I got bored. About a month after we
started dating, the three of us were all hanging out at Michael’s house.
We were all just hanging out, drinking, chatting about this and that, when
my boyfriend got a call from work and had to go. He was my ride home, too,
so I was sort of stuck there until he come back to get me, or Michael
decided to take pity on my and drive me back home. You see though, I get
VERY horny when I drink. Just one drink, and it’s enough for me to want to
rip my pants off and jump on your cock. Michael and I were at least four
deep after my boyfriend left. So I didn’t want to go home just yet, and
Michael wasn’t sober enough to drive. All I remember is that one minute I
was giggling at some stupid joke Michael had made, and the next I was on
my back, completely naked with his head between my legs. And fucking hell
did he make me scream. After about a month with my boyfriend, like I said,
things had become routine, and I had grown used to his tiny cock, so I
wasn’t expecting much from the guy who currently had his head between my
legs… I could barley contain the gasp that esaped my lips when Michael
pulled his pants down. He had to be at LEAST ten inches long and 6 inches
around. Part of me said that it wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t fit; but the
other part of me was up for the challenge, and I’m sure you can figure out
which side won over in the end. Michael didn’t waste any time sliding his
huge cock into my tight pussy. And it actually went in a lot easier than I
was expecting, so that must tell you something about how turned on and wet
I was… The second he was as deep in me as he could go he started
pounding me. And I don’t just mean the regualr thrusts of sex, or what my
boyfriend would consider “pounding”. No. Michael pounded me HARD. I’d even
so far as to say I’ve never been pounded that hard in my life. It wasn’t
long until I could feel an actual, intense orgasm building up between my
hips. I knew this was going to be a good one. With my boyfriend’s tiny
cock, I had stopped actually cumming for him about a week in, and faked it
the rest of the time. But I could tell that with Michael, I didn’t need to
fake even a second of it. That boy made me cum over a dozen times that
night. Finally, when Michael had decided he had used me enough, he drove
me home. I didn’t live too far away, but I was dripping both his cum and
mine out of my pussy onto his seat, my pants, and everything the entire

It should have ended there, and I did feel guilty for having sex… No.
Getting fucked would be more accuarete… I did feel guilty for getting
fucked by my boyfriend’s best friend, but by the time next Friday rolled
around, I was horny and needed to be fucked like that again.
I had been talking to him for months now. I’d never actually met the guy,
but we called eachother on the phone when we could, and facetimed at every
possible moment. We had finally agreed to meet up. He lived across the
state, so we decided to buy a hotel about halfway between us and meet
there. I dont know about him, but fromn the moment I saw him, I wanted to
rip his clothes off. But we went out and did the normal “date” stuff. I
don’t really remember too much of it all because like I said, I just
wanted to rip his clothes off the enitre time. He had told me loads of
times that he had a small cock, and at first I didn’t believe him, but as
he kept saying it more and more, I started to believe him. I shouldn’t

When we got back to the hotel room, the second the door was closed, I was
all over him. We were completely naked in seconds. And saying his cock was
big was an understatement. It was enormous. I was half afraid I wouldn’t
be able to fit it inside me. I still wanted to please him though, so I
instantly fell to my knees and started licking the head before sliding my
mouth around it. I sucked on his cock for as long as I could, but I think
he could tell my jaw was getting tired. When I started sliding my mouth
off his cock, he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled me to my feet,
before pushing me back on to the bed. I could tell he knew what he was
doing, so I let him have free reign over my body. And it got instense

He started by kissing, nibbling, and sucking his way down my body, leaving
various marks all over me. Finally, when he got to my hips, he flicked his
tongue out. I gasped in surprise as his tongue flicked my clit, just as he
had ment it to, and before I knew it, he had two finger deep inside my
pussy. I could help it when a moan esacped my lips, only encouraging him
on. Soon, he was sucking on my clit while fucking me with just his
fingers. I came at least six times from that alone, and each time, he
would just grab my hips and pull me closer onto his mouth as he sucked and
licked it all up.

Then, when he had decided that I had enough of that, he pulled his mouth
off my clit, slghtly pulling it with him, and slid his fingers out of my
pussy before sliding them into my mouth. I sucked on his fingers as hard
as I could. It taasted amazing and I honestly couldn’t get enough. That
is, until he started sliding his cock into my pussy. I felt like my eyes
were going to pop out of my head with how amazing it felt and how much he
filled me up. Once again, I couldn’t help the sounds escaping my mouth as
I screamed out when he thrust completely into me, all at once. At first I
thought I was going to cum again right then and there, but it wasn’t until
he really started pounding me taht I realized how wrong I was. It was like
I wasn’t in control of my body anymore. I felt my pussy tighted around his
cock as I came so hard, there was absolutly no sound coming from me. But
he didn’t stop there. He kept thrusting into me harder and harder, again
and again, all through my orgasm. That must have happened at least another
five or six times, before he really started speeding up, his balls getting
tight. I knew he was about to cum deep inside me, and there was nothing I
could do to stop him, even I wanted to. And I didn’t want him to. I wanted
him to fuck me sensless until I couldn’t walk. With one final, hard
thrust, he cried out, and I could feel his cum rushing into me, and then
dripping out of my pussy. He didn’t pull out of me until his cock had
stopped throbbing. He took a second to catch his breath and looked at me,
seeing what a mess I had become. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself
into, because in a few secoinds, he was ready to go again.
I’d been waiting for you to come home all day. it had been 3 months since
you left on your business trip, and my vibrator and talking dirty on the
phone were starting to no longer do it for me. I needed real, hard sex.
And soon. I never considered myself a cheater, but if you didn’t come home
tonight, that was something the little devil on my shoulder was telling me
I had to do. She did a great job of convincing my pussy at least. Don’t
get me wrong, your voice is my favorite sound. When you laugh, I laugh.
When you whisper in my ear, it gives me goose bumps. Even when you don’t
think I notice, I notice. I talked to you as often as I could; texting
you, talking on the phone, Skyping you… Anything and everything, but it
was never enough. You let me talk about my day until I was blue in the
face, and I’m sure you knew what I was going to say before I said it just
as I knew what you were going to say before you said it when you talked
about your day. But I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day you came home.
I had gotten up that morning to the sound of my alarm singing at me and
telling me to start getting ready to go to the gym. I slipped on my work
out clothes, grabbed an apple and my water bottle and headed out the door.
When I got to the gym, I did my normal routine of warming up on the
treadmill for twenty minutes, then went on to do squats, lungs, kettle
bell swings, rear deltiod flies, dumbbell flies, and so on. All the while
I got this funny feeling that someone was watching me, but I brushed it
off as the sweat rolling slowly down my back. When I finished with my
cool-down on the treadmill, I almost decided to just go straight home,
where I could enjoy a lavish shower, and do whatever I pleased, but the
sweat dripping down my skin persuaded me otherwise. “You don’t want to sit
in your own sweat as it soaks into your car seat do you?” It asked. And I
really didn’t. So I grabbed the towel from my locker after peeling off my
now sweat soaked clothes, and headed for the showers. The showers were
always empty when I was done with my workout, so I wasn’t really bothered
about being completely naked in front of someone I didn’t know. As I
turned the shower on, I let out a quick gasp as the cold water came
shooting out before it warmed up. Thankfully that didn’t take too long.
Just as the water started heating up to a tolerable temperature, I heard
footsteps coming closer. I didn’t think much of it because after all, this
was a public changing room. It was probably just another woman wanting to
rinse herself off before going home. Or at least that’s what I thought
until my shower curtain was pulled back. I was shocked at first, so I
instinctually tried to cover myself up as the anger started bubbling up
from my stomach. “Now why would you go and cover up such a beautiful
body?” you chuckled. With those words, I couldn’t help myself. I had my
wet body pressed up against yours within seconds, not giving a care to the
dry clothes you were wearing, probably straight off the plane. You nudged
me further inside the shower stall and closed the curtain behind us as our
lips danced together. It didn’t take long for me to tear off your clothes
so I could do what I wanted to you. But as much as I wanted to have my way
with you, you had much different plans in mind. I think that you having
your way with my right here and now turned you on in more ways than one.
You’d always wanted to have sex in public, and you also knew that, no
matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stay quiet in the slightest. I knew I
was right the second I felt your hard cock press against me. I wanted your
cock deep inside me, fucking me harder and harder, but I could feel your
strong hands on my shoulders, urging me down to take you hard cock down my
throat. As much as I wanted you to fuck me, I was more than happy to
oblige and do anything you wanted. “Fuck,” you murmured under your breath.
I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to suck cock more than I did for you right
then. I could feel you getting tighter and tighter the more I sucked on
you, and it wasn’t long before I felt your hands in my hair, and start
pulling me up from my knees. I giggled slightly, knowing that if I had
ignored you, you would have cum down my throat within seconds. But I
wanted to draw this out for as long as possible. I NEEDED to draw this out
for as long as possible. You quickly turned me around so my back was
towards you, and bent me over against the wall. You could tell that I
wanted your cock deep inside me, but instead you played with my pussy and
fingered me until I couldn’t stand it anymore. When you could tell when I
was just about to cum on your hand, you pulled your fingers out and
quickly thrust your cock deep inside my pussy. That was enough to make me
cum, HARD. As I cried out in pleasure, you started fucking me as hard as
you could, making me only get louder and louder. With one hand on my back,
and the other in my hair, you suddenly pulled me back DEEP onto your cock,
as I suddenly felt you tense up and let out a cry of your own as you came
as deep as you could inside my pussy, thrusting into me again and again.
We stood there, shaking and trying to catch our breaths for what seemed
like an eternity, until I turned around and kissed you long and hard,
before grabbing the towel to dry both of us off.
I love it when you join me in the shower. After a long day at work, I get
to come home and unwind and have you fuck my brains out. Then after, I
take a long, hot shower. More times than not, it’s just me, rinsing off
all the sweat and cum after fucking you. Sometimes though, you surprise me
and join me in the shower. Those are my favorite showers. And the best
part is, I never know which side of you I’m going to get. I honestly don’t
even think you know which part is going to CUM out. Sometimes you need a
little more time to work off all that pent up frustration, other times I
can tell that you just want to make love. So long as your cock is deep
inside of me, I couldn’t care less if you had me against the wall and
pulling my hair, or holding me against you while you thrust into me with
deep, slow strokes. There are other times where I get home from a long day
at work, and you haven’t gotten back yet, so I take my shower as I always
do, but then you sneak into the shower, covering my eyes so I don’t know
it’s you. But I know it’s you. I always know it’s you. No one else would
fuck me the way you do. I know your cock inside of me like my own name.
“Emma,” you whisper into my ear, your breath hot on my neck. I need you
like I need air to breathe.
New Years Eve was intense… And do I have a story for you!

The night started off like any other year: meeting up with my family,
waiting for my parents’ friends to show up, and then all of us going out
for dinner at a local restaurant. We had plans to go to a party
afterwards, but I figured why not have one drink with my meal. A little
pre-gaming, right? Next to me was my father’s business partner, Jeff, and
as we ate, we made the usual small talk until our food came. It wasn’t
until my drink came a little while later that I realized Jeff was paying
more attention to me, more specifically my legs and little red dress, than
he was to his wife who was sitting on his other side. I didn’t think much
of it at the time, and as I sipped my drink I cared less and less.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but when I drink I get very flirty
and touchy feely, so it wasn’t long before I was giggling along to all of
Jeff’s corny jokes, and placing my hand on his arm. He took that as an
invitation, and soon his hand was just above my knee, sliding higher every
so often. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. Soon I could feel the
hem of my dress being pushed up, and that’s when I decided to stop his
wandering hand. His wife was right there after all, and we would get
caught soon if he continued (I don’t do very well at trying to be quiet).
We both spent the rest of dinner eating with one hand while his other hand
was on my leg, and mine was on top of his.

After dinner we went straight to the party. Once there, I found an open
bar, and spent most of the night hovering around there so the bartender
could supply me with whatever drink he felt like making. Around drink
number four or five, Jeff found me. It was a pretty loud party with lots
of people, so we had to stand pressed up against each other and he had to
lean down to my ear so I could hear what he said. His hot breath on my
neck, and nose on my hair drove me crazy, and I could tell that my thong
was already soaking wet. His voice made me dizzy, I didn’t even notice
when he pulled me into the back room that was being used as a coat closet
for the evening. Before I knew it, my dress was around my hips, with his
head between my legs. I was no longer in control of my own body as my
fingers tangled themselves in his hair and my hips rolled to greet his
tongue. He ate me out like that for who knows how long, making me moan
louder and louder until I was sure we were going to be overheard. Then he
slide two fingers into me. I cried out, sure I was going to cum right then
and there, but slowed down before I did. He knew exactly how to keep me
right on the edge, wanting more and more.

He continued to finger me and he stood up and started messing with his
pants, trying to get them off so he could fuck me right. When his pants
were around his ankles, he rammed his big, thick cock all the way inside
my pussy, barely managing to slide his fingers out in time. I screamed out
louder than I thought I could. It felt amazing, and I couldn’t do anything
but sit there like a rag doll and take it. I knew he could feel my pussy
tighten around his cock every time I was about to cum, because the second
before every time, he would slow down long enough for me to catch my
breath, and then start pounding into me again when I was able to breathe
normally again.

Just as quickly as he had rammed into my pussy, he pulled out. I was more
than a little disappointed. That is, until he turned me around, and
pressed his cock into my ass. As he slid deeper and deeper in my ass, Jeff
wrapped his arm around my hip, so he could go back to fingering me. This
time, he slid 3 fingers into me, knowing that I wasn’t going to last much
longer. With three fingers deep inside my pussy, his thumb playing with my
clit and his hard throbbing cock pounding my ass, I came so hard I felt
like my body was exploding. I could hear Jeff laughing under his breath,
next to my ear as I came for him, barley able to stand on my own two feet.
In the other room I could hear the rest of the party starting to count
down. With me like that, and his cock still pounding in and out of me, I
couldn’t do anything if I had wanted to (which I very much didn’t want to)
when he came deep inside my ass right when everyone else screamed “Happy
New Year!”

“Happy New Year,” Jeff chuckled into my ear, before fixing his pants and
rejoined the party. I sat there, dripping cum and not able to stand much
less catch my breath as I watched him leave me, the mess that I was,
So there are two versions really… Either me in a passenger car and you
in your hauler, or is both in your truck… But it essentially comes down
to me in very little clothes, flashing traffic, pleasuring myself or
pleasuring you.
Wouldn’t you like to look down and see me in my car next to you in the
crawling traffic, just pinching my pink nipples and slipping my fingers
into my panties?
Watch my skirt ride up and my panties moved onto the seat next to me, see
me slump lower and use the seatbelt to lift my breasts until I can lick my
nipples and bite them just a little?
Is this the part where I should put one foot on the door so you get a good
view of my sweet, wet pussy?
Maybe I have a cb radio and I am panting and moaning and you can hear
every single drop on the seat as I finger myself.
Ooh, I have 3 fingers in My cunt, and I’m rubbing my clit fast and hard,
I’m hunching my hips into each stroke and whining in my throat for it.
My tits are bouncing and slapping together. I’m biting my lip but the
moans keep getting louder and louder…You can almost hear me over the
rumble of your engine as I tense, arch, and scream when I cum, hard, deep,
and long… immediately i cum again, and you can hear my fingers slurping
in and out of my pussy, my ass is sticking to the seat and my thighs
glisten in the weak sun.
I slither lower in the seat until my legs stop shaking, gingerly close my
legs and pull my top up just enough. I wave and pull off at the next rest
stop, hoping your truck follows me in….
My roommate and I were trying to clean up our apartment, trying to hide
the stains in the carpet, the broken blinds, and so on. I’m sure you can
guess why. That’s right, we were having a “random” inspection. I say
random in quotations because this seemed to be happening at least once a
month. We weren’t sure why though. We did everything right, never broke
noise curfew, and everything was fine! Well, up until this month… Her
friend had decided to bring his kids over for some reason and they just
went absolutely crazy.

Anyway, being super gay, my roommate basically made me dress up in a
barley knee length, tight, black dress and heels with my hair clipped up
so the landlord, Joe, would be distracted and be wouldn’t look too hard.
We couldn’t really afford NOT to pass this inspection, so I did what she

The second I finished my make up and clipped up my hair, there was a knock
at the door. I answered the door, while she held back still trying to hide
everything. We made small talk while he looked around, and I could feel my
roommate’s eyes on me urging me to make a move on him as he got closer and
closer to seeing everything wrong with the apartment. I ignored her at
first, but then when I realized what she had realized ages ago, I finally
gave in. As he was making some lame joke, I laughed and placed my hand on
his arm. He looked down first at my hand and then at me. We continued on
like that for a little while, me slowly flirting more and more with him,
until my roommate went in the other room to grab something. Joe didn’t
waste anytime. He instantly grabbed my hand and placed it on his already
hard cock, and I automatically squeezed it making a soft moan escape his
lips. I’m not sure if my roommate heard it or not, but from then on out I
didn’t see her again. After I squeezed his cock through his pants, he
slipped his hand under my dress and cupped my breast. I looked up at him
as he gently started playing with my nipple, slowly getting harder and
harder until he could see both my nipples hard through my dress. It wasn’t
long before my dress was around my hips and the rest of my was completely
naked. Joe pushed my up against the counter as he pushed his lips against
mine hard. I could tell I was going to have bruises all over me tomorrow.
I quickly undid his belt and pushed his slacks down to his ankles, and
that was all it took for him to pick me up and place me on the counter as
he spread my legs and instantly ramed his cock into my wet pussy.I cried
out in pleasure, pulling him closer so he could slide his cock deeper into
me. He pounded into me again and again and again. By this point, I knew I
was screaming in pleasure as he grunted into my ear and I didn’t care. I
was too busy being fucked. I lost track of time as Joe kept on fucking me
as hard as he could. I lifted my head from his shoulder for just a second
to catch my breath in between thrusts to see my roommate watching us
behind him. I don’t know why, but that just sent my over the edge. I
screamed out as I came hard on his cock, holding him close as I waited to
come back down. Half way through my orgasm, I could feel Joe tense up then
cum deep inside me. When we were both finished, we stayed like that as we
caught our breath. When we could finally breathe again, we pulled apart,
straighten our selves out and did a once over of the other before laughing

“Well… You passed the inspection this month. I expect to everything to
be the same next month.” I knew without asking that next month he was
going to come fuck me again.
It had been a long day, and all I wanted to do after taking calls all day
was to go to bed and sleep for a week. I was exhausted and my roommate had
gone out for the night, so I took a shower with my music blaring and just
decided to have a spa night before going to bed. It was amazing. Somewhere
in there though I realized I was wet. And just not from the water running
down my body. So I grabbed my vibrator from my drawer and started rubbing
it all over my pussy. Soon I slipped it inside of my and turned it up to
full blast. I went nuts. I felt like I was really being fucked, HARD. I
never wanted it to stope. Every time I felt myself getting to the edge, I
would pull it out, breathe and calm down, then start again. It was only
when I heard pounding on my front door that I realized I was screaming out
louder than my music. I ignored it and just went back to fucking myself
crazy with my vibrator. I had one hand pulsing the vibrator in and out
while the other switched between playing with my clit and squeezing my
nipples. I had never had a man drive me crazy the way this vibrator was.
It was only when the water started running cold I decided it was time to
finish up. I started working my pussy HARD, and ended up cumming harder
than I ever had before. I actually ended up squirting too, so it was a
good thing I was in the shower! I turned the water off, and stood there
panting, trying to catch my breath for what felt like forever. When i
finally caught my breath, I wrapped myself in a towel and went to go get
dressed in my room.
I knew my best friend for as long as I can remember. We did everything
together growing up. I was there for her through her heartbreaks and even
when she met “the one,” Ryan. And today was they’re wedding day. I was so
happy for her! Everything was going great! Until I found myself tying
Ryan’s tie for him because “it’s bad luck to see the bride before the
wedding” and apparently everyone else was incapable of tying a tie…

It started simple enough. Ryan’s best man came into the girl’s changing
room looking for someone who could tie the men’s ties, and everyone just
looked at each other until I raised my hand and volunteered. As I tied
their ties, I could feel all their eyes on my in my floor length, form
fitting, backless bride’s maid dress. As I finished each man’s tie, they
left the room one by one, until finally it was just me and Ryan. I tried
to ignore the bulge in his pants.

“Nervous?” he asked, trying to break the awkward silence.

“Well yeah,” I laughed, “it’s not every day your best friend gets married
to the man of her dreams and asks you to be her maid of honor!”

“Is there anything I can do to ease your nerves?”

“Nah, I think this is just something I’m going to have to work through,” I
laughed nervously, “What about you? I’m sure you’re nervous as all get

“You could say that,” Ryan replied.

“Anything I can do for you?”

“Actually, there is one thing… I know you’ve been ignoring my hard cock,
and I appreciate it, but it would be super embarrassing if I went out
there with a hard-on… How about you help me out?”

“Oh I’m-” before I could finish my sentence, Ryan pushed me down to my
knees and his hard cock out.

I looked up at him to try to object one more time, but the second I opened
my mouth, he shoved his cock down my throat. It caused me to gag, but that
just seemed to encourage him as he grabbed either side of my face and
tangled his fingers in my hair. He pulled my face farther down on his
cock, and I grabbed his cock, meaning to pull it out, but I found myself
stroking it instead. A soft moan escaped his lips, and that just sent me
over the edge. I started bobing my head up and down his cock, sucking as
hard as I could, sliding my hand up and down. I had lost all control of
what I was doing, and my body just took over. Every now and then I could
hear someone walk by, pause, and then continue walking. I’m sure at this
point the whole wedding party knew what was happening, but I didn’t care.
I could feel myself getting wet, but this wasn’t about me. After I started
sucking Ryan’s cock, it didn’t take him long to start tensing up. I knew
if I kept going like that, he would cum soon. So that’s exactly what I
did. I slid my mouth completely down to his balls, and that’s all it took
for him to finally cum down my throat. He was still dripping cum as I
pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood up, wiping a drop off from the
corner of my mouth. I quickly fixed my hair, and left the room. The
wedding was about to start.

“This will be out little secret, let me know if you ever need help relaxing.”
My family and I decided to go on vacation in California a few years ago.
We were all looking forward to meeting up with old friends, going
site-seeing and the general “touristy” stuff you do when on vacation.

We had been in California for a couple weeks at this point, and by now I
had realized that I had forgotten my vibrator at home, and I was sorely
missing it. I had been trying my best not to do or see anything that might
make me horny, but sometimes you just can’t avoid it… Like when my best
friend from high school, Will, messaged me saying that he noticed I was
back in town and we should hang out sometime. Will was one of those
friends who will always be more than “just a friend” at least in my eyes.
So, of course I messaged him back right away agreeing that was should hang
out soon.

“How about tonight?” was his response.

“Sure! But you’ll have to come pick me up, I don’t have a car at the
moment,” knowing him, he laughed when he got my text and didn’t even bat
an eye lash.

We then agreed on when he would come pick me up and, but never quite
figured out what to do. I figured we could talk about it in the car. I
quickly took a shower, trying really hard not to think about the huge
crush I had on him back in high school. I couldn’t have done anything
about that crush back then even if I had wanted to; we were both in
relationships at the time, and I doubt he even liked me back in the same
way. Once I was out of the shower, I chose a cute little floral dress and
flip-flops and let my hair fall down my back. When he picked me up, Will
was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans along with his own flip-flops.

After a little while of driving around aimlessly, we decided just to pick
up something to eat and go back to his place and watch a movie. When we
got there, we put on 10 Things I hate About You. About halfway through the
movie, I started getting cold, so I scooted up next to Will to warm up,
and he put his arm around me. After a moment, he placed his finger under
my chin and tilted my head up towards his waiting lips. His kiss was like
warm sugar and honey and Summer all at once, and I couldn’t get enough of
it. It was so hypnotizing that I didn’t even realized he had me on my back
and was on top of my until he started pulling my shirt off. My body had a
mind of it’s own as the one on my shoulders was no longer functioning.
Within seconds I was down to my underwear, and he wasn’t far behind. With
one hand in my hair, and the other on my hip… he was intoxicating and I
couldn’t get enough of it. Before I knew it we were both naked, with the
head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy.

“Is this okay?” he asked, melting my heart.

“Yes,” I barely breathed out before pulling his lips back to mine only to
gasp when he slid his cock into me. It didn’t hurt, but he was bigger than
I’d ever had before. And it felt good. He worked his way slowly into me,
somehow managing to slide the whole thing into me, then slowly started
working it in and out. It was over whelming and I never wanted him to

It wasn’t long before he he had me cumming the first time. As soon as I
came back down, Will pulled out, then kissed his way down my body until
his head was between my legs. As he ate me out, I could feel him slide
one, then two fingers into me, drawing me closer and closer to the edge
again. Within minutes, he had me cumming in his mouth.

We went on like that for what felt like forever, until finally, I felt him
cum deep inside me, and then collapse on top of me. We laid together, a
heap of sweaty bodies trying to catch our breath until we fell asleep.
It was one of those times that all of us here at YourDesires decided to
have a party. There was lots of food, party games, and above all else,
alcohol. So I’m sure you can guess whee this party was headed. I, however,
did not. It was my first party here, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

It started off the way all parties start: with people showing up, saying
hi to one another, grabbing this and that to eat… But soon, someone
pulled out the 12 inch dildo… I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised,
given that this was a phone sexline after all, but I was. I wasn’t sure at
first what we were going to do with the dildo, but I was game to find out.
After one of the other girls starts sliding it into her mouth and down her
throat I realized the point of this game was to see how far we could take

Little did they know I was about beat them at their own game.

Each girl took their turn, and each time they couldn’t go any farther,
someone marked that point with a sharpie, and it was passed on to the next
girl. Being the newest girl at the time, I was last, I guess so they could
show me how it was done, or to be able to tease me when I couldn’t go as
far as the rest of them. Buy were they in for a surprise. I looked at the
pink, rubber dildo for a second before starting to put my mouth around it.
I didn’t have to look up to know the smug looks on all of their faces.

I started off slowly, letting my throat adjust to the dildo. What the
other girls didn’t know was that this, by far, wasn’t the biggest thing
I’d put in my mouth. Try sucking on some big black cock, then come back to
me about how big this 12 inch dildo was. One by one, each of the other
girls’ jaws hit the floor with amazement. It wasn’t until I was balls
deep, and then some, that the reigning champion, Kalina, admitted defeat.
They didn’t need to mark the dildo to know I had just beat them all.

Being good at sucking cock was never something I bragged about before, but
being the reigning champion, at least for now, definitely is something I
will brag about.
It was late when I suddenly ggot horny and decided to phone you up and see
if you wanted to do something. I was hoping that, at the very least, we
could have some phone sex, and I would be able to get myself off and then
go to bed. After all, you knew what a nightflirt I was… You had a very
different idea in mind, however. You decided we would go to the bar, and
you made me wear a short mini red see through dress with no bra or panties
underneath, plus some black high heels.

Everyone could clearly see my nipples and pussy. The dress barely covered
my ass, it slightly moved up with every step I took. Once we got to the
bar, you ordered us some drinks and sat at a table. When the drinks
arrived, I could tell instantly that you had ordered me something that
would get me drunk in no time and you toldl me to open my mouth as you
poured it down my throat. You grabbed my face and wrapped your lips
around mine then drank it from there. I could feel your hand make its way
to my breast and then squeeze so hard all I could do was moan as you
drank the last drops from my mouth. You did that several times just to
humiliate me, and it worked. I was so embarressed, but you were quick to
catch on that my nipples were hard, which could only mean my pussy was
wet too. After I realized what you were doing, I refused to drink so you
just grabbed the shot, opened my mouth and poured it in and forved me to

After doing this several times, I was beyond tipsy, as was definetly
warming up to the idea of letting you have your way with me right then and
there. You spotted a the pool table full with guys when we walked in, and
told me to go play with them. I tried to object, saying I didn’t know how
to play, but you just shrugged it off saying they would teach me. So I did
as I was told and went over to the pool table and asked if I could join

While teaching me the basics, one of the guy told me to grab a queue and
lean over teh table for a better shot. So I did. He came up behind me and
leaned over with me. In doing so, I could feel how HARD this guy was. I
felt his hand slip between my legs, encouraging me to spread them a little
more, so I did, only to feel his hard-on slide deeper into my ass. I then
felt his hand slip from between my legs to my hip then up to my boobs.
With his other hand, he slid it down my shoulder to my hand and pulled my
hand behind me and placed it on the bulge in his pants.. Then he took his
other hand and did the same with my other arm, but once he got to my boobs
he slid his arm between them and wrapped his hand around mine. He kissed
my neck and told me that its for good luck. I could feel him trying to put
all of his weight on top of me and force his cock deeper between my ass
cheeks as my boobs squeeze his arm. He did most of the teasing by using my
own body. Every time we made a ball go in the hole he turned me around and
kiss my lips hard as he groped me everywhere, I just wrapped my arms
around his neck and let him do what he wanted with me.

Once the game was over I went back to you and kissed your lips softly.
You grabbed my boobs, gently, as I kissed you, then asked me if I had fun
and I said yes. Then you ordered some beer and ice, but this time you
take off my dress and squeeze my boobs then put an ice between them and
made me pour the drink between them as you sucked it up from the bottom.
You played with my tits as I poured the drink and once it was done you
took the ice and make me eat it too. The men in the bar saw what you were
doing and asked if they could try it too. I told you no but you just
ignored me and dragged me out of the table and made me sit on a chair and
tell them that they could try it for $100 each. They all agreed without
hesitation and lined up to do it. You grabbed my arms and tied them to
the chair then spread my legs and tied them to the chair as well, so I
couldn’t move or try to stop them from doing anything they wanted as you
whored out my body to them. The first guy slaped my tits hard, then
grabbed as hard as he could, knowing I’d wake up with handprints in the
morning. Then he tried to squeeze my boobs together to make my nipples
touch and rubbed both of my tits as he sucked on them. Then you took an
ice cube and put it between my boobs and poured the drink slowly so he
could take his time with my body. I moaned louder than I meant to as he
squeezed my boobs mercilessly and licked and sucked them as he wanted. It
hurt, but in a good way, and it was almost enough to make me cum right
then and there, but then he stopped and slapped me before walking away.

The next stepped up and started out more abusive. He slapped my boobs even
harder than the first guy and bit all over my tits and nipples. I screamed
with every pinch, slap, and bite but that didn’t seem to phase you or stop
them from having their way with me.In fact you just seemed to enjoy it
more and more with each wince and whimper. As I got louder and louder, you
told the men in line that they could play with my mouth for another $100
which only resulted in half of the line to moving over to my mouth. Now I
had men all over my boobs and others all over my mouth. As one guy started
to drink the beer from my cleavage, another one placed an ice cube in my
mouth as he grabbed my hair and proceeded to face fuck me like a toy. The
more I screamed the more everyone just seemed to enjoy it. Especially the
one with his cock down my throat because he could feel the vibrations of
my moans on his dick. It didn’t take him that long before he finished in
my mouth and had me me swallow it all at once. The next guy that came for
the beer took one look at my pussy and saw how wet I was he asks if he
could drink the beer as it was being poured on my pussy. You told him that
he has to pay $150 for my pussy and he did.

He grabbed my ass to pull me closer as he started to eat me out. It wasn’t
long before he surprised me by sliding two fingers into me, causing me to
cum right there and then. He swallowed it all as he finished his beer. An
hour later I had ended up having ten different guys on my boobs, eight on
my pussy, and twelve on my mouth. My tits were beyond sore and absolutly
covered in and as was my pussy. I begged you to stop, and you finally did.
Although the night was far from over…

You picked me up and made me bend over on the table pool as you started to
fuck me. You pulled my hair as you pounded my pussy mercilessly. I moaned
and screamed ou tin pleasure as you pounded your dick in and out of my
pussy fast and hard till you were about to cum, then you pulled my hair
back and made me get on my knees so you could cum on my face. After that,
you pushed me down onto all fours and told everyone they could do anything
they wanted to me, including fuck me, for free. There were cock in all my
holes before I could even look up at you. The ones who weren’t luck enough
to slide their cocks into me, stood around and beat tehir cocks until they
came all over my back and in my hair. I could feel myself giving into the
plasure and came more times than I could count that night. Once all my
holes were all dripping with cum, you told me to put my dress back on and
walk home, so everyone could see what a slut I was.
I looked at the cup of tea sitting on the counter. There was nothing to
impressive about it: just your standard cup of Chai tea. I could see the
steam rising up from the mug, reminding me how cold it was in this tiny
apartment. I could turn up the heater, but that tends to get expensive
fast, and right now I couldn’t afford that. I couldn’t really afford
anything to be honest. If I spent too much time thinking about that sort
of thing, I was bound to give myself a panic attack, though. I needed a
distraction. I knew one would be coming soon, but patience was not a
strong point for me. He needed to hurry up and get his butt over here. I
wasn’t sure when my roommate and her “friend” were going to get back, but
I had warned them I was having someone over so I just hoped that they
wouldn’t be back anytime soon.
There was a knock at the door.
Finally, I thought.
“Hey,” I said as I opened the door. I knew what I wanted, and I knew he
wanted the same thing, but my self confidence was nowhere near high
enough to go for it right when I opened the door. Luckily I didn’t have
to. The second the one word was out of my mouth, his lips were on mine. I
barely managed to kick the door closed before he was moving us into the
room, his hands already up the back of my shirt and playing with the
hooks to my bra. I was too impatient to deal with the angst, so I pushed
back on his chest. That earned me a confused look, but when he saw my
pulling off my shirt, it was gone. As soon as our lips were on each other
again, his hands were on my bra, quickly unhooking it, and then it was on
the floor. His hands quickly found the button and zipper to my jeans, and
in the next moment both my jeans and my underwear were on the floor. He
stepped back silently to look at my naked body. I stood there and let him
take it in, hunger in my eyes and my breath shallow. It seemed like
forever until his hands were on me, again, every where at once. It was
intoxicating and dizzying, but I wanted more, and I knew he could tell. A
soft moan escaped my lips as his hands found their way between my legs,
rubbing me in a way only he knew how. A gasp escaped my lips as his
finger slid into me, then another moan. I couldn’t take it. I started
working my hands clumsily at his shirt. I felt him laugh under his breath
as he took his hands back to work off his pants and I finally managed to
pull off his shirt. We were on the couch within seconds as he started
kissing his way down my naked body, his head ending up between my legs,
his tongue working its magic. Then his fingers were sliding inside me
again making me moan louder and louder with each thrust. My knees started
to shake as he works me closer and closer to that coveted explosion of
pleasure. Just before I got there, however, he stopped. I was about to
complain when his lips were on mine, all hot and heavy. I could feel him
throbbing between my legs as I pushed my hips against his. I knew he
couldn’t hold out long, and soon he was pounding into my hard and fast. I
could feel myself growing towards the orgasm again, and knew he was too,
but this time he didn’t stop. He thrust into me harder and fast with each
thrust. I felt my knees shake as my whole body exploded with pleasure,
and his was soon to follow as he thrust into me one final time.
We were one sweaty mass of bodies and limbs, as the door opened and my
roommate walked in.
I didn’t go to work, not feeling so well, but did have a telephone work
meeting, and I figured after the conference call I should get up and take
a shower. I know how much we enjoy that, and somehow my vibrator ended up
in there. Honestly I’m feeling a bit bloated and I needed some tension
release. I tried to be a good girl. I washed my hair and as the warm soapy
water rinsed off of me I knew there was going to be no turning back. I
laid down on the floor. I have this small shower mirror that I like to
position on the wall so I can watch myself. I started just rubbing myself,
the hot water was dripping all across my body, I placed my two fingers of
my left hand inside my pussy. I moved them slowly in and out. I was
thinking about your voice, your stories, your smiling, and if I’m being
completely honest your video. I turn the vibrator on and run it across my
clit. My legs close together, I have to consciously relax and keep them
open. I can see myself in the mirror although it is foggy because it’s so
hot in here. I don’t have a lot of time, but I want to cum. I wish I could
feel you. I continue to finger myself and rub my clit with the vibrator.
My ass tightens and lifts off of the shower floor, I again have to relax
and open my legs wide. Thoughts of you rubbing me, touching me, tasting me
keep me Wanting more, I can tell I am right there, I push off the wall
ever so slightly and the warm water runs right down my clit. I want to
watch but I can’t, my back arches and my pussy squeezes my fingers as I
cum quietly by myself. I moan but softly, fuck I want you. I have to lay
still on the floor under the water for a few minutes before I can get up.
My pussy is soft and swollen. The orgasm is just what I needed to try and
start my day.
“Emma, can I see you in here for a second?” you called out to me. As your
receptionist, I sat just outside your door, so it was easy for me to hear
you if you needed anything.

Adjusting my pencil skirt as I stood up, I quickly made my way into your
office. I knew you didn’t like to be kept waiting.

“Yes Sir?” I could feel your eyes take in the out line of my figure; my
tight white blouse tucked into my black pencil skirt, and my hair pulled
into a tight bun.

“Close the door,” you said almost huskily. I must have been imaging it
though because the next words out of your mouth were: “I was looking over
the books, and it looks like there’s been a few errors with you clocking
out. We’ve talked about this before. What do I need to do to get it
through your head that you can’t be doing this sort of thing?”

“I’m so sorry sir. I swear it won’t happen again. I really need this job,
and I really enjoy working with everyone…”

“Oh I’m sure it won’t,” you chuckled as you stood up behind your desk.

I gasped. Your slacks were tight against your crotch, and only getting
tighter as I watched you get harder and harder by the second. I couldn’t
take my eyes off you.
It had been a long day. I had put in a double shift, and was feeling
pretty exhausted when Finley and Victoria decided they wanted to go on an
adventure to the beach. In the middle of the night. I was beyond tired,
and I didn’t have the heart to tell the girls no when they asked me if I
wanted to go too. I could tell by the look in their eyes, that even if I
said no, they were going to drag me along anyway. After our last calls
were over, we all piled into Finley’s car, turned the radio on to some
cheesy pop station, and headed to the store for snacks. Once loaded up, we
started out midnight adventure.
About half an hour into the trip, I tiredly pointed out that I hadn’t
brought my swim suit with me today. The other girls giggled.
“What?” I asked.
“Emma, darling, neither did we!” Finley said still giggling with excitement.
Victoria chimed in from the back seat, “we never do! We’re going to go
skinny dipping!”
Then it hit me why they had asked ME to go with them. As the newest girl
in the house, all the other girls loved “breaking me in”, so to speak. And
I loved playing with then…Feeling they’re soft touch on my skin… I
shivered, and not from the cool air that was blowing in through the
“Oh you two are evil geniuses!” I giggled in response.
At some point, someone suggested playing Two Truths and a Lie, and I guess
as the newest girl, it was tradition that I go first.
“Alright… Let me think,” I paused, trying to come up with something
good, “I LOVE giving head, I’ve had sex with a girl, and I’ve had a
Victoria and Finley, chattered back and forth, trying to figure out which
one was the lie. They were having a really tough time deciding between
whether I’ve had sex with a girl, or if I’d had a four-way. After about
five minutes, I decided to take pity on them, and without saying anything,
I leaned over the back seat, pulled Victoria close, and kissed her lips.
It started out softly, but after a second, Victoria leaned into it and
deepened the kiss. After a few moments, Finley got annoyed with the sound
of us making out in her ear, so she slapped my ass.
“Where’s mine??” She demanded.
“You’re driving!” I giggled, able to hear Victoria panting in the back
seat, trying to catch her breath from our kiss.
I barley managed to get those two words out of my mouth before Finley’s
lips were on mine. I have no idea how much time passed; it could have been
hours, but was only probably seconds, before Finley pulled away from me to
look at the road again, leaving us both trying to catch our breath.
“Definitely been with a girl,” one if them said breathlessly.
“I have never had a four-way,” I finished for her.
I could feel Finley’s smirk in the darkness as she said, “you’re really
missing out.”
“We’re going to have to fix that,” Victoria chirped from the back seat.
The girls and I soon got distracted from our game of Two Truths and a Lie,
after my first round, talking about the different exploits we’ve had; Some
with married men, some with virgins. I could tell that the other girls
were getting just as horny as I already was when Finley started caressing
my leg, and Victoria played with my hair.
“Pull over,” I instructed Finley.
“We’re almost there,” she said, breathlessly.
Sure enough, five minutes later, we pulled on to the sand.

“Oh no.”
“What?” Victoria chirped up from the back seat.
“We’re stuck.” Finley said begrudgingly.
“Uh oh.” I said, half heatedly, not too concerned yet. I figured Finley
was just being dramatic, like always, “Well, I’m going in the water, you
two can stay here and figure it out if you want, but i’m going to have
some fun.” With that, I winked at the other two girls, and quickly ran
into the ice cold water.
It wasn’t long before the other two joined me, and all of our nipples were
hard as rocks. From the cold, or excitement, I couldn’t tell.
We splashed around playing and teasing each other for who knows how long
before I realized we were no longer the only ones on the beach anymore.
Standing in the sand were three guys.
“One for each of us,” I though playfully, and from the sounds of the other
girls, they had spotted the guys as well.
One was tall and dark. Too tall for my taste, but perfect for Finley.
Another was taller, but not too tall, with sandy colored, shaggy hair.
Just my type. I didn’t even have time to register the third guy before the
other two girls were wrapped up with the guys.
I made my way slowly out of the water, eyeing up the boy with shaggy
blonde hair. I could feel his eyes on my body, in my wet, skimpy
underwear. By the growing bulge in his pants, I could tell he liked what
he saw.
As I slowly walked up the sand to him, I could see that Victoria was
already rolling around in the sand with her boy, and Finley was on her
knees in front of her’s.
“I’m Tyler,” he breathed.
“Emma,” I slipped out before my lips were on his.
His hands were in my hair, and mine were up his shirt within seconds. I
didn’t know where I ended and he began.
We somehow managed to end up naked in the back of Finley’s car, him on his
back while I straddled his hips. His cock deep inside of me while I rolled
my hips and and rode his dick hard and fast. In the distance, I could
barley hear the other couples moaning over the sounds of mine and Tyler’s
moaning. Our hands everywhere on each other. As I rode his cock, Tyler
slide his hand between my legs and started playing with my clit. I could
feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming, and I’m sure Tyler could
tell. Right before I went over the edge, he would stop moving and become
very still, so I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me.
He did that countless times, and eventually his throbbing cock was almost
enough to make me cum, but in the end, he ended up flipping me over and
pounded into me, hard and fast. I screamed out in pleasure as I came,
hard, on his cock, and I could feel him cumming deep inside my pussy at
the same time.
As our rhythm slowed, he pulled out, and and slowly slid his head between
my legs. He licked and sucked on my sensitive clit, easily throwing me
over the edge once again. Tyler eagerly cleaned me up as i came in his
mouth, knowing exactly when and where to lick and touch. It drove me
When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I pulled him back up to me, and kissed
his lips once, before pushing him down, and sliding down his body, and
sliding my mouth around his cock. I had only meant to lick the cum off his
cock, but we were both surprised when I took his whole cock in my mouth
and down my throat, and he came hard. I skillfully swallowed it all at

We were exhausted after fucking each other’s brain out like that.
“Can I get your number?” He asked, his voice husky from all the sex and
exhaustion. It was enough to get me wet again, but I put my number in his
phone and we curled up in the back of the car and fell asleep like like.