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Emma’s Thoughts

I love your everything about you.

I love your smell. I love your breath on my neck. I love the way you push
my hair back when you want to kiss my neck. I even love the way you get
out of bed in the morning. I love the way youcrawl into bed next to me,
wrap your arms around my waist, and squeeze me tight until you fall
alseep. I love your eyes, I love your hair. I especially love the way you
fuck me. I love the way you know when I’m about to cum for you, and I love
the way you sometimes bring me right to the egde, just to deny me that
orgasm. I love the way your face scrunches up just before you cum, letting
me know when to main louder or press my hips against yours harder. I love
the way you talk dirty to me, even when we’re both just a sweaty pile of

I love you.
All this suspence is killing me. I can’t have your cock inside me where I
want it. Where it belongs. Why can’t you be fucking me right here? Right
now? There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to fell your hard, throbbing dick
inside my pussy. Seeing your face right before you cum deep inside of
me… You hearing my moans getting louder and louder until I’m practically
screaming your name as I cum. You know what a huge flirt I am. Especailly
when we talk on the phone. It isn’t fair. I need you between my legs. I
need the way you make me cum. I need it all like I need air to breathe. Or
not breathe as the case may be when your hand is wrapped tightly around my

I need you now.
I hope you read this. And I hope you know it’s about you. I hope you can’t
stop thinking abut me, just like I can’t stop thinking about that night.
Just as ships passing in the night, though, you left without a word the
next morning, and I haven’t heard from you since. Do you miss the way my
body moved against yours? Do you crave the way I could get you hard in a
second, make you cum, and then do it all over again? Do you itch at the
thought of me moaning in your ear as you thrust into me over and over
again? Does your skin tingle when you think about my nails running down
your back? Because every time I think I’m over that night, one of our
friends mentions your name, or the wind brushes my hair back in just the
right way, i’m right back there in that night. Wanting your hands on me.
Wanting more. Never wanting the sun to come up and end it all. Do you
still think about that night like I still think about you?
Your voice is my favorite sound. When you laugh, I laugh. When you whisper
in my ear, it gives me goose bumps. Even when you don’t think I notice, I
notice. Every little thing you say is enough to make me aware of your
presence. The way you talk dirty to me… And just that alone makes me
want to pull you into a secluded corner and get on my knees for you. I
want to pleasure you in any way you choose. If you want to cum down my
throat, I’ll swallow it all at once, if you want to cum in my pussy, I’ll
bend over and let you have your way with me, and then I’ll stand up and
keep it inside me, with some sliding down my leg, until you want to eat my
pussy and lick it all up.
My favorite part of the day is just after fucking you. Right after the
orgasm, with you still inside me, both our bodies slick with sweat, and
your scent on my body like a second skin I could wear all day. Most girls
have a favorite perfume as their go to, but mine is you. And the best part
of my favorite scent is the way I get to put it on. The way you fuck me in
countless positions: on the counter, from behind, with my legs in the
air… You name the position, and I’ve done it with you, and I couldn’t
tell you which one is my favorite because my favorite, is with you.
In my mind, you’re fucking me like crazy right now. I’m so wet just
thinking about it… The way your cock slides in and out of my cunt and
the way you talk dirty to me, whispering in my ear… You have no idea
what you’re doing to me, and I have no clue how much longer I’ll last. But
you don’t care, you just keep pounding into me, harder and harder, again
and again. I wish this could last forever, but I can tell I’m getting
closer and closer to the end as you fuck me as hard, fast, and deep as you
can. You can finally tell I’m close to, as you start giving it your all
until I finally……
When ever I’m feeling down, I try a lot of different ways to pick my self
back up, but the one I’ve found always helps no matter what, is sex. Woke
up too early? Sex might help get your blood pumping and on your feet.
Cold? Sex might help… Car got a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere?
Perfect time for sex! What if you don’t have a partner though? Even
better, you can always call me up on the phone and we’ll have sex on the
phone, and you know I’ll get it just right every time!
You are my favorite dirty thought. Every time I touch myself, I’m thinking
about you. Every time I’m fucking some guy I just met, I’m thinking about
you. Not a day goes by where my panties aren’t soaked with just the
thought of you. Whisper you want me into my ear before you start talking
dirty to me, and I will be your little fuck toy forever. I want your cock.
I need you inside of me.Make me beg you to let me cum, and once I start, I
can’t stop. Fuck me until I can’t do anything by lay there for you as you
fuck me again and again.
I’ve found myself, recently, thinking a lot about how to be more dominant.
As many know, I am naturally more submissive, but I have found myself
having more and more fun on the calls where the roles are switched up and
I’m NOT the submissive one, but instead am the one telling you how to
stroke your cock; how hard and fast or slow and gentle… Hearing you want
to please me by doing everything I say never fails to make this little
phone girl wet

Lets have a phone chat and you can help me be a better domme ;)
I love waking up early in the morning to the smell of sex in the air. I
just know I’ve done my job right if the room still smells like our dirty
little secret the day after. Wouldn’t you agree? After a night of hard
fucking and cumming until we both pass out from exhaustion, then waking up
to the reminder of what we did and you talking dirty to me… It’s enough
to make any girl horny again, wouldn’t you say? Especially a good little
phone slut like me!
It’s always hard for me to get out of bed on days like today… It’s just
so cold and my bed is so warm! It’s even harder for me to get out of bed
if there’s someone with me! I’d love to roll over to you laying next to me
after a long night of hard and wild fucking and talking dirty to each
other. You living out your craziest fantasies with a real phone slut who
knows exactly just what she’s doing… How many times do you think you can
make me cum? You telling me what to do and pulling my hair as you slide
that cock into me… Of course, I can always take control, too, if I want
to… You wouldn’t be able to hold back very long with me licking,
sucking, fucking…..

Who do you think is going to be the one wearing my black thong tonight?
One of my favorite things to do when I’m by myself is to go into my
walk-in closet, sit in front of the floor-length mirror, and watch myself
play with my pussy. I love the feel of my fingers with my wet pussy lips,
but I love the way it looks in the mirror. I’m horny when I start, but
watching it gets me going all the more. Watching my juices drip out of my
pussy, without touching anything other than my clit… And as I play with
my clit harder and faster, making me louder and louder… It’s a good
thing this is in my closet! Although I sometimes play with the idea of
opening my bedroom window, and leaving my closet door open for all the
world to hear… And have some man hear my moans, and come it, see what
I’m doing to myself, and start fucking me with out hesitation. Shoving his
cock balls deep instantly into my pussy, almost making me cum right then
and there. That thought alone is enough for me to grab my vibrator and
just fuck myself as hard as I can. I’m screaming, moaning, shaking, and
cumming in no time.
I love the look on your face as I take your cock in my mouth. The look of
surprise when I slide my mouth balls deep. I can tell you’re struggling
not to cm right then and there. But I want you to. I want to taste your
hot cm down my throat as you struggle to keep it in; make the feeling of
ecstasy last longer. I love watching you struggle as I work you closer and
closer to the edge. And then the look of pure pleasure on your face when
you finally let go? That’s what I live for. I want to make you feel that
all day and all night. The fact that I love the taste of your cum has
nothing to do with the fact that I want our cock n my mouth at all times
when you’re not pounding my pussy as hard as you can untl I can no longer
walk straight.