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Age: 22
Cup Size: 32b.28.32
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Likes: hard fucking, spanking, fellatio and cunnilingus, queening, role plays, sensual and feisty femdom, bondage, discipline, anal play, toys! Punishing and Pampering my pets, threesomes and so much more.
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I'm that rough and tumble girl next door, sporty and playful just about
anywhere! Roll me around in the grass, or get sweaty with me in the garden
before I take you in the shower for some hard fucking and sweet sucking.
Up against the wall, or my legs on your shoulders and your cock deep in my
throat. I want to get dirty, I want to make you melt.

Two is fun, but three's a party! Let me show you how I like my fancy
treated while you hear me go down on another girl, we can all suck each
other, and end up in a puddle of sweat and cum and pleasure. As much as I
love fucking men, I've got to say that women do it better. Whether they've
got some toys to play with or are eager to please with their fingers and
tongues, I am certain to tremble and whimper with pleasure. I enjoy
surprises, like being walked in on while in the heat of the moment. I
could be alone or with someone else, but I know I'll be glad to see you
and will rope you in with punishment and reward.

Im not afraid to tell you my needs, and punish you if you deny me pleasure
;) before you make me cum, I need you to spank my fancy. Every time. I
need it bad, boy! You'll bet your sorry ass if you don't give me what I
need. I'll force your face between my thighs and squeeze hard as you catch
my juices on your tongue. I'll bend you over my lap and punish you, probe
you, squeeze your balls until you're begging for my gentle touch again.
Do you like it when I bite back? My hands running through your hair and
clawing across your shoulders. Grabbing your ass when you thrust hard into
One of my favorite things is feeling those big balls slapping on my
ass, or when you're behind, right on my clit. Tie me up or I'll tie you
down, going torturously slow when all I want is to fuck hard and fast,
grinding on you with this glorious ass. you are my toy and I will please
myself on you, use you up, and make you lick up the mess we made together.

What you don't give to me I will take from you, I will take it all and
giggle sweetly at my prize. Put me in front of a mirror so you have new
angles of vision on this tight body and can see the look of ecstasy on my
face as you pound into me from behind.

We're just getting started here, pick up the phone or email me at

Find me on AOL or Yahoo messenger, username: FeliciaIsFrisky
Warm me up with your idea of fun; we can chat about all the things we can
do to each other, before and after!

Don't be shy, I know you want to gag yourself with a pair of my panties.
It's okay to ask - beg - me to send you some. I would be happy to know
your mouth is full of my sex, and you're sure to hear the pleasure in my
voice when I hear your muffled sounds on the other end of the phone.

Satisfactorily Yours,