Felicia’s Fantasies

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Felicia’s Fantasies

Entranced by Kali PT 1.

It was a full moon that faithful night when my path crossed with Kali’s.
I was wearing my velvet hooded cloak and being closely followed by my
obedient slave pets, walking along the torch lit boardwalk trail through
the woods.

I heard the crackling of a bonfire and saw shadows moving in the distance
– we were closely approaching the feast that had yet to begin.

When the trail opened up I saw the scene coming together. Soon the
submissives, bound and blind folded, would be in the center ring around
the fire, with a pack of vicious Dommes dancing and circling around them.
We stalk around our prey, choosing which fearful slut to tease and torment

My whore hillary needed punishment from a prior infraction that day, so
she had the task of priming my pain slut derek for the feast. Once his
eyes were covered and his arms were tied in front at the elbows and
wrists, she gave his cock a tongue bath and fashioned a vice on his balls
using chopsticks and rubber bands.
I gagged hillary, the more vocal of the two, and clamped her nipples to a
chain for easy tugging. bound and helpless, My collared pets sat in the
ring, as the other submissives were prepped and placed.

This was going to be a filthy feast, with a seemingly endless buffet of
bottoms just waiting to obey our every command. the group of Dommes
gathered and lit our candles. We looked each other in the eyes, imprinted
by every lust filled smile. That’s when I noticed her.
Fully clothed, I stand above you, pacing in circles around your weak body.
The flogger handle is in my left hand the fingers of my right hand are
weaving through the rubber tassels.

You feel my boots kick at the insoles of your feet, telling you to spread
your legs wider as you kneel on the floor before me. When you turn your
head to try and see what I’m about to do behind you, your naked body
vulnerable to every trick up my sleeve, I snap my fingers and point
straight ahead. NO. PEEKING. SLAVE.

The cuffs of my spreader bar are fur lined for your comfort, and
adjustable leather so I can tighten you up and lock you in place with no
room for escape. I cinch them up and have you bound beneath me, face on
the floor, your ass high in the air, and your legs spread. I gently
caress your inner thighs up from your knees to your balls, swaying in the
breeze suspended in air.

Soon, I’ll have those balls on a leash and my 6 inch toy cock up your ass,
breaking you fully under my hard hand. But I’ll convince you how good it
is for the both of us when you’re helplessly spread and restrained. You
get what I give you, you get what I want, and you want what I want… so
sensibly I give you everything you want. Oh hush, sweetie, it’s my
pleasure. My honey pot is dripping just looking at you so pathetically
bound. I spank and flog your thighs and ass so hard it’s difficult to
stay up on your knees. but you’re not done receiving this punishment.

Do you know why I make you ache deep in your belly? When I’m gone it pains
you and anchors you to the floor, the desire for pleasure and the
understanding that what pleases me is leaving you tied up in knots,
twitching and throbbing with no release or satisfaction in sight.

I choose to give my hand a break from making your ass cheeks redden and
burn, swelling under my touch and provoking pathetic moans from your
slutty little mouth. I push you over with the bottom of my boot on your
side, so you can lay flat on your back with your knees open and bent. I
stand over your torso, facing your cock, bend over and reach down to start
jerking that play thing of mine.

It makes me laugh to see it so hard and hungry, your balls tighter than
ever hoping to shoot that load deep inside a wet and warm pleasure hole.
The tip is weeping precum and my thumb works quickly to flick back and
forth over the head, squeezing and rubbing. I feel you tense up but you
know how this game works – a bit of reward between punishments – but if
you climax without permission you’ll be in for a world of hurt. This
glorious ass and pussy standing above you is the first and only thing to
deserve pleasure from our intimacy.
Let’s finish this fantasy together, why don’t you give me a call and hear
me describe my lust and desire to pin you to the floor with my sex in your
mouth, sitting on your face and smothering you while I tug on the rope
tied to your manhood. You’ll be humbled by the phone presence I grace you
with and the pain I give you, hearing how pleased I am by your service and
the power you’ve relinquished to me.
Foreplay PT 1.

You know I want it bad because I just can’t stop sending you texts
inviting you over, or showing some skin to tempt you. I know you’re busy
with work and family, but can’t you just stop by for a quick tease and
please? I’m nothing without your strong hands pinning me down, giving me
more than I asked for but I’m loving every second of this struggle.
When I see your car lights as you pull into the driveway, I feel a rush
from my core up to my throat, and I can’t help but let out a giggle as I
run back to our love nest full of play things. I’ve got on my red lace
thigh highs and a skin tight tank top, just waiting for you to rip them
off of me. But don’t you worry about the tricks up my sleeve, you don’t
even know what’s coming to you this evening.

As you shut the door behind you, and toss your keys on the dining room
table, I hear your foot steps come closer. I’m wet with anticipation but
there is much time before I’ll feel every inch of you inside of me. When
you enter the room I command you to strip down to nothing – how dare you
enter this space in business fabric?! I show my dominance before you can
think of ways to get the upper hand. I grab your belt from your pile of
clothes on the floor, and snap it together with a loud crack. Get on your
knees down in front of me, so I can fuck you with my eyes while looking
down at you.

You wish I’d press your face against my already wet pussy, but you won’t
get it that easy. First I need to exert control. I run my hands through
your hair while standing in front of you, and tell you to keep your eyes
facing forward as I pick out my favorite toy. a sharp sting from the belt
on your ass tells you to go down on all fours, and I begin rubbing lube on
your hole. Before you know it i’ve got the remote vibrating butt plug up
your ass, and there’s no turning back.

Its your turn to take what you want from me, but I won’t relinquish
control of the remote. I love how it takes you by surprise every time,
weakening your knees and making you moan as you pull at the shirt covering
my breasts. What are these silly clothes still doing on, anyway? You find
a pair of scissors and skate them across my skin ever so threateningly…
I gasp as you cut the strap of my tank top off and my hard nipple is
exposed. I love the tease but it is getting almost unbearable. When will
you shove your cock inside of me? I’ll take it anywhere.

To Be Continued…