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Felicia’s Thoughts

your body has changed for Me, and you have changed since you were first
graced with My presence. Those marks I left on you, they remind you of
the power you relinquished to Me. They remind you of the pain you
experienced and the pleasure I took from giving them to you.
You begin to see yourself as belonging to Me. When you care for your
body, it is a tribute to your Goddess. When you clean yourself, nourish
yourself, and rest yourself, it is because your body is My temple, and you
are the steward.
When the bruises fade, My touch haunts your skin and raises the hairs on
your neck. you miss the emblems I left you with, the marks of My
compassion, the evidence of My expertise and the proof of your submission
to Me. You lust for My gaze looking down at you, weak on the floor,
fucked by My eyes, so clearly inferior to your Goddess. You crave My
voice, tearing your heart to pieces and comforting you in your
powerlessness and vulnerability.
When you spank me you need to be thinking about how much I’m enjoying it.
When I beg you for more, I need you to give it to me just the way I like
it: hard on my cheeks and a sting on my pussy lips.
This isn’t about how hard your cock gets when you watch my ass bounce and
hear the moans escape my lips. This isn’t about you taking power from me
or being in control momentarily. I don’t care if I’m on the receiving
end, you’ll do what I tell you to or you’ll be sorry you didn’t.
Tell me you want to please me and I’ll let you make my ass red. Tell me
you need me to cum and I’ll let you pull my hair back. Tell me how eager
you are to serve me and I’ll open up wide to let you lick me clean.
When you are in my presence you will never have the upper hand. When you
serve me you will never think of your own pleasure first. You’ve fallen
into my clutches, and I will care for you with my grip wrapped firmly
around you. Don’t you worry about your pleasure, it will come in due
I need to feel your hands on me,
tucking my hair behind my ear, trailing down my neck line and smoothing
out on my hips
I need to feel you pull me closer, my hips tilting toward you under your
presence, reminded of our last encounter
I need to feel your hands on me
your knuckles white as they tug at my clothes
you slide your fingers under my waist band and hold me tight against your
growing cock
your hands, they give as much as they take
slapping my ass as I straddle you in a chair
twisting my hard nipples and squeezing my breasts until I let out a
sensual gasp
fingers sliding over my wet lips and dipping inside my sweet fancy
you take them to your mouth to enjoy a taste of me
those strong hands, weak at your side
pinned under my smooth legs while I smother your face with my sex
clenching the sheets and making fists as I tease you to the edge
Will I let you cum, my delicious lover? Or is it just another tease
I’ve got you wrapped around my finger
A poem for you, inferior one

Toes deliciously pointed
Heels remind you of the pain in your groin
Ankles so delicate
Naked and powerful curvy calves
Keep your eyes low

You’re trembling for
Our embrace and my touch
Unconditionally I pin you beneath me
Wouldn’t you like to know what turns me on most about being served by my
I get enjoyment from keeping them low to the ground so they know their
place. Stepping on them to remind them they are the ground I walk on,
that holds me up.
I feel swollen with power as they squirm in powerlessness, having fully
submitted to my guidance and instruction. They wait with bated breath
until I finally allow them to cum for me.
My helpless pets become nothing without me. They know no pleasure unless
it is mine to share, and I gladly share with my sweet subs that take pride
in their undying devotion towards me. I am tickled by our time together
and how eager they are to see that I am overflowing with pleasure.
We grow close as we explore further this intimate sequel journey of
relinquishing control. We move from the training period to expanding our
fetish pallet and I’m sure to keep you on your toes, all the while
cherishing this D/s relationship as a mutually beneficial way of
expressing our sexuality.
You may be punished, and you may hear me smiling from ear to ear as I lay
into you, letting you feel the wrath of my touch, but know that a reward
will come your way if you are a good little pet for me.
I am pleased to reward you for making me such an essential part of your
life, and trusting me to share my satisfaction with you. The keys to your
cage are in good hands, my pet
Surrender to me.

I’m laughing now, basking in all the power you give me. you’ve trusted me
with your pleasure, and I’ll release it after you’ve given me all I can
take. I’ll tease and push you towards the edge so you’ll be eager to lap
up my overflowing sweet cunt – a treat for you – before I allow you to
paint me with your squirting cock.
The more I tease the more you want it, and the weaker you are to my sexual
whims. The only way to feel a surge of relief is to give my body all of
your attention, and exhaust my pleasure centers. Only then will I work
you until you explode for me, and surrender your satisfaction all over my
I know why Eve picked the fruit. She was tired of being submissive to her
man and the ultimate master. They told her not to taste the fruit, and so
she took power into her own hands.
I know what that feels like. To bite into and gleefully suck the juice
from a ripe, tender nectarine. Face sticky sweet and my tongue reaching
in for more. That divine honey taste they tried to keep me from enjoying.
But it’s mine to have and mine to take and mine to enjoy until I’m
satisfied! Just as all bodies are. I’m not here for your pleasure, you’re
here for my pleasure. For me to enjoy until I’ve had my fill.
If the fruit is a sin, then I have embraced it, taking control of my
desires and acting them out with you. I’ll sin all god-damned day if I
please, sucking your juices and quenching my thirst with your sex.