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Hey its Finley your resident kinky girl next door.
Wanna know how I like to have fun? Read on then, my love.

Since a very young age I've been a very adventurous girl and with parents as strict as mine I couldn't get away with anything at home, so my very first sexual experiences took place out in public. Like the first time I was fingered, that took place in the back row of a packed movie theater and maybe it was the adrenaline of getting caught but since then I've been pretty partial to all sorts of public kinky fuckery.

Let me be your little girl and I promise to be your perfect little attentive slut, force me to my knees and throat fuck me whilst telling me just how much you love the way my eyes bulged out just slightly when Daddy's cock hit the back of my throat. Then pull me up by my hair and throw me on to the bed. Pull your baby girls pert ass up into the air by my hips, and hear my pleas for Daddy's big dick...

Watch me walk in the front door after work, and saunter over to you with out saying a word. I'll slowly straddle your lap, my skirt ridding up and my garter belt peaking out. My fingers would run through your hair and then pull your lips to mine meeting in with fiery passion. then I'd kiss along your jaw to your neck down your chest as I slowly climbed down your body. Leaving loves bites as I journeyed further south. When I finally reach the button of your pants watch me pry it open with my mouth. Watch my teeth grab the zipper and pull it down. Then see my hand snake into your pants and pull your pretty cock out. See my bright blue-green eyes dart to yours as I lower my mouth to the head...

Tie me up. Use me as your little play thing, tease me, and torture me for hours. Start with a blindfold and a ball gag. Run a feather up and down my body, and watch me pull at the restraints. Then maybe pull out a crop whip or a flogger, work me over until my skins pink and red all over. Spread my legs wide and tease me with: your mouth, fingers, and toys of any kind. Keep me on the verge of cumming for hours. I promise I'll be a good little slave.

One of the most rewarding things during sex for me is when I can feel my partner shoot his hot load deep inside my pussy. The flash of warmth and the sputter of the thrusts as they finally fall over the edge. Then watching their cum drip out of my pussy after they pull out. Fuck it makes me so wet just thinking about it. Though its not just cumming inside of me that gets me going. I love being cummed on everywhere. Please make me your little cum dumpster- cum in me, on me...whatever you want.

One of my more taboo fantasies is a little incest play. Particularly older brother, younger sister. Catch me sneaking home from school early dressed up like a little whore. Shorts that barely cover my ass and a crop top that you can practically see my nipples from. Threaten to tell our parents on me. Make me beg you not too. I'll do anything you say big brother... just as long as you don't tell mom! So do we have a deal?

I have many more fantasies of course, and I'd love to tell you all about them you can find me here:

Trillian: funwithfinley
Twitter: @FunWithFinley
Aim: funwithfinley

Wanna know just how yummy my little pussy tastes? For a small fee you can purchase the panties I'm wearing right now and practically taste me from the source. ;)

I look forward to chatting with you, you know where to find me. XOXOX