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Likes: whole body, worship, fetish, fire and ice with hot wax, willing to explore BDSM.
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I am new to this and I’m willing to explore many areas. Mostly I love to explore
physical enhanced sensory pleasure, through the deprivation of movement and site. Enhancing
touch, smell, sound, and taste, sending the mind into a whirlwind of questions and mystery.

I love feeling silk and leather, wool and fur against my body. The feeling of being blindfolded
and bound, and silk with hot wax poured wherever you choose, followed by ice. Worshiping
flesh and pushing the senses to pure ecstasy.

The sound of chains, the sting of a riding crop, soothed by the caress of rabbit fur. The smell of
ambergris, rosewood or vanilla, the taste of salty flesh, and the tease of deep penetration.

I could bend you over, bind you in leather and blindfold you. Now you were under my complete
control. You never know what toys and tools I hold in my mystery basket. Pain mixed with
pleasure, submission, and domination. I can ride you as hard as you ride me. Holding the come
until the last unbearable moment, before I allow you to release!

I can be your fetish, and you can be mine. Let’s wrap ourselves in the mystery of sensual and
sexual pleasure and explore!

Talk to you soon!