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Age: 31
Cup Size: 34a
Trillian: Foxy4UFranki
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Likes: Bray 100%, Switch, using you, being used, treated like a play toy, role play, BDSM, bi-sexual, girl on girl play, ass play, Mommy Dom, dog/wolf play (treat me like an animal), golden showers, smoking, choking
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Sup my fellow lovebutts! Name's Franki,

I'm kind of an artistic oddball, you'll understand exactly what I mean when you get to know me...

I love to play and tease, only for you to either love it or hate it. But at the end of the day, I bet I can make you love my curious tastes ;)
I'm also quite curious of YOU. I want to know what makes you tick. I would love to listen to what your tastes are, I want to learn. I love to be treated like a young pup learning new tricks. I want to hear what you want to do to me. The best feeling in the world is to be told how it's going to be, and I can't do anything about it, but listen and do as I'm told.

I treat my body as a blank canvas, ready for whatever strokes no matter how hard or soft they may be- I love the new images that form and cum upon me...

Just as you would imagine the most beautiful art piece, no matter how morbid or sensual, or beautiful- I can be that frenzy of painted strokes....what do you see?

Do you see me straddling you? Do you see yourself thrusting yourself into me as I'm tied up? Do you see me on my knees begging for you to pleasure me in various ways most won't offer? There are so many possibilities, so many strokes of passion, hate, love, lust, morbidity, longing that we could create panties are soaked thinking about it, if you're a good boy you might just get a taste of me, let me know if you have that sweet tooth for gingersnaps ;)

We can create so many thrilling moments together, with each stroke, I can give that vision to you, the laughs, the pain, the lust, the wet panties, the adventures, the dark dirty secrets....all of it can be shared with me. If you are willing. I promise you, it'll be the time of your life. Get to know me, I've been waiting for you <3

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