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Age: 26
Cup Size: 34d
Trillian: FeistyFreya
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Likes: being a brat, bondage, lack of control, giving and receiving pain, being broken/put in place, humiliation/degradation, roleplay, teasing, fingering, spanking, being worshipped, Being a sensual domme, feminization, girls of all kinds, older men, sissy boys
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Hey there, I'm Freya! One of YourDesires' newest gals. Despite being only 26, I haven't had many experiences in my life. Perhaps you can help me learn about myself?

I come across as sweet and innocent when you first hear me, but don't be fooled. Underneath that delightful exterior I can be quite the cheeky little brat.

If you want me to behave, it only takes a few simple steps. Tie me up with ropes and silks, take away all my control, and give me a good spanking. Call me a dirty little whore, a filthy bitch, anything that you think'll make me break and cry and submit to your will. The more you make me feel shame, the less of a brat I'll be.

Though maybe you're looking for a softer experience. Come worship me, invoke my name, and I'll reward you with my gentle touch. I'll guide you into finding your own inner goddess, and blossom your sense of beauty - for men or for women. I'm not picky.

Join me in a little roleplay if you'd like. Be my stern professor who pushes me over his desk to take me when I come in for some help after hours. I'll be the gorgeous secretary who wears her skirt too short and her blouse barely covering her top to invite her overworked, unsatisfied boss to ravage her. Show me how well you can play good cop, bad cop - treat me like the naughty criminal I am and offer bail if I suck your cock. Or tell me one of your ideal roleplays, I'm always looking to add to my playbook

If you want something to remember me by from our calls, feel free to ask for my panties, love.

For my schedule or questions, please email me at I'm also on Trillian at FeistyFreya

Looking forward to playing with you, love

xoxo Freya