Grace’s Fantasies

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Grace’s Fantasies

Let me be your mistress, your partner doesn’t have to know. We could sneak away at night and you can enjoy my body in all the ways she won’t let you. I can be your kinky little milking mistress making sure I get every drop. You’d see me walking down the street in my sexy tight dress and get hard just thinking about me and what we could do together. No one has to know, I could be your secret lover. Letting you explore your darkest fantasies that she would never want.

We could play in secret, never telling anyone what I am to you. I could come over when no one is home and you can worship me in the comfort of your own home. Want me to be in control? I would be happy to comply. I can be your source of true pleasure. Always ready to use and fuck by. No one knowing about us will make it that much more exciting.

Maybe you want to be in control? I promise to be a good little slut and obey every command you give me. I can be everything you’ve ever wanted. Please will you punish and fuck me like the whore I am. I want you to use me in every way imaginable and when you’re finished you can leave me and go back to your partner like you were never even with me.

Want to play with me in secret?? Give me call and I’d be happy to give you whatever you want ;)

Just imagine, a cold crisp autumn day, you come home from work exhausted, I have you change into clothes you don’t mind getting ruined and then tie you to our bed. Then I go get some ice, scissors, and a few candles all while you’re tied up and blindfolded waiting for me to come back. Then I would slowly run the scissors gently down your arm until I get to the sleeve of your shirt and make a small cut on your shirt. I proceed to do the same to the other side. then I would take the little cuts and rip your shirt off. Then with the lit candle I pour a little hot wax on the bottom of your stomach right above your pant line.

I slide the scissors over your bulge and down your leg until I get to the end of your pants. I slowly cut your pants off making sure you feel the cold metal on your leg the whole way up. I plant small little kissed up you thigh until I get you your cock. I grab the candle and tilt it slightly so the hot wax drips on you stomach and down your sides, Imagine the heat dripping down your sides as you wait for my next touch.

I then grab an ice cube and run it gently over your nipples, getting them nice and hard. I slide down your body with the ice cube, down your chest and stomach avoiding the wax I make my way to your cock. I run the ice along the shaft of your cock stopping before I get to the head. I slide the ice over your head nice and slow following the ice closely with my tongue. Wanna live out the rest with me?? Call me for some hot XXX Phone Sex. I can’t wait to play with you.