Grace’s Thoughts

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Grace’s Thoughts

I’ve been a very naughty girl lately and I think I need to be spanked. Pull down my panties and bend me over your knee. The harder the better. Leave marks on my pretty round ass. You can spank me with a paddle, flogger, belt, even your hands as long as you make it hurt. Show me what happens when I misbehave. Don’t stop until I beg for you to. Spank me until I promise to be a good girl and obey you. You ready to punish your little girl?? Call me and you’ll get to do just that.

Valentines day is just around the corner! What fun dirty things could we do to celebrate this holiday? I could dress up as a sexy Cupid and shoot you with my love arrow. Turn you into my little obedient sex slave. When it’s over you will be begging for more. Willing to do anything to please me. You’d listen to me talking dirty in your ear and beg for more. I would love to turn you into my little whore ;)

Imagine, you owning your very own little phone slut. I would eagerly do anything and everything to please you. You could use me as your very own sex toy and maid. Spank me, choke me, and punish me in every way you deem fit. I would keep everything perfect and make sure you are always satisfied. You could live out your wildest fantasies using my body in any way you want. Would you like to use and abuse me?? Call me and I’ll do whatever you want, Master.

Let me be your phone sex slave. I want to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Spank me, choke me, punish me every way you can think of. I live to provide pleasure so let me show you what I can handle. Let me be your submissive little slut. Take me every way possible and make me yours. Sound like fun? Call me and we can have a little fun.

During this holiday season I’m so grateful I get to spend time with so many sexy fun women. When I get to play with them with you it’s always so exciting! Just two phone sluts getting to enjoy you and each other. Just thinking about all the fun and dirty things we can do to each other and you gets me so wet. I can’t wait until I get to play with you and another girl.

I wonder how it feels having multiple cocks at once? One in every wiling hole, pleasing many men at once. The thought alone gets me dripping wet. Maybe you’d like to be one of those lucky men who get to enjoy my body. Feeling my tight young body under your hands and around your cock. Imagine all the fun things you could do to me with other men enjoying me at the same time. Ready for some exciting one on one phone sex? Give me a call ;)

I love the taste and feeling of cum. That feeling of it hitting my tongue and sliding to the back of my throat before swallowing it drives me wild, and when It lands on my tits or my ass I love how warm and sexy that makes me feel. I’d love to feel your cum sliding down my throat and chin, tasting every drop. ;)