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Hi, my name is Gwen!

In my spare time I like to read and go to the beach. On weekends I love to go out dancing with my friends, and occasionally I find that I get myself into some unusual situations.

Here are a few fun ones I'll share with you:

One night after a long day at work, I picked up a bottle of tequila and headed to my friend Jenny's house for a small get-together. When I arrived, everyone was playing cards and drinking. I pulled out my bottle of tequila and said "body shots anyone?" After a few rounds of body shots someone suggested strip poker. I have to admit that I am not a very good poker player, but fortunately for me, neither were the others. When everyone was good and naked Jenny busted out one of her favorite games... Twister! I thought to myself, "A bending, twisting, giggling pile of naked drunk women...count me in!" A few rounds in, someone made a comment about how flexible Jenny and I are. Naked Twister then turned into naked Pilates. Jenny, an instructor at a local gym, led us in a few lessons. Following the rigorous lesson, we all collapsed into an exhausted pile on the couch. Jenny and my boyfriend Nathan then came over to the couch. Nathan leaned over me, kissed my neck and was about to slide his fingers into my wet and waiting pussy when Michelle, the hot blonde from next door, asked if she could cut in. To my surprise, she was looking at Nathan, not me. He took one look at my grinning, eager face, and knew I was ok with it. "Be my guest", he said, as he parted my legs to allow her full access. Oh wow, she knew what she was doing! Within minutes, she had me moaning and squirming. Meanwhile, Jenny and the others had required more space, and had moved to the floor in front of me. Nathan was standing next to me admiring the view. Grabbing him by his belt and pulling him closer, I unzipped his pants, looked up at him with a smile on my face, and asked, "Please?" He replied "Do you even have to ask?", as he pulled out his hard cock. After giving him another big grin, I went to town sucking and licking his cock, occasionally giving the balls some tender attention. SLAP! I spun around to see Michelle, who had just given my pussy a good smack. I playfully pushed her to the floor, gave her one quick kiss before disappearing between her legs. Just as my fingers entered her, Nathan entered me. The three of us moved in rhythm to the sounds of the group fucking next to us. It went on for the next few hours, then with big grins on our faces we made our way back to our respective cars, and drove home content with our night's adventures ;-D

I just love getting myself into kinky positions, as I just happen to be naturally flexible. One evening, I decided to surprise my boyfriend with an impromptu show. I knew he would be home at 6:30-ish as he is every day. When I heard the front door shut upon his arrival, I tucked my legs behind my head and shoved my favorite dildo in my dripping pussy. The noise of the vibrating clit attachment drew him into the bedroom. He got a big grin on his face but didn't say a word. He came over to the bed and took over the controls. He bit and sucked on my hard nipples. With his other hand he grabbed the lube from the nightstand. Taking out his hard dick he rubbed lube all over his cock and my asshole. "Oh my", I had always wondered what double penetration would be like! He gave me a questioning look to make sure I was ok with this. 'Yeah' I said as I regained control of the dildo. The feeling of having so much shoved inside me was astonishingly satisfying. I knew it wasn't going to be long before I came, so I turned on the rotating beads on the dildo. We both moaned in pleasure. I shoved the dildo deep inside so that the vibrator was hard against my clit and I came, in a rush of passion and pleasure. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had! It wasn't long before he came as well. 'When you said you had a surprise waiting at my house", he said, "I wasn't expecting this...thank you!"

One of my favorite things is to masturbate in public. I guess I like the idea that I might get caught! I often slip my hand between my legs while riding in the backseat of cars with friends, or when riding on the bus. I must say the vibrations of the bus really get me going. I even like to go for walks with a vibrator shoved in my vagina. With every step and vibration, it moves around and makes me horny. There is usually a quiet spot nearby where I can stop to finish myself off. Laying in the sauna at the gym, alone in the hot tub, no place is safe!! Work isn't even safe due to my quiet cordless vibrator and remote! It's just so much fun to play with myself I can't help it, no matter where I'm at.

I have just recently become interested in BDSM play. I love being held down, and really enjoy holding my partners down. I want to tie you up and toy with you. I want to put a blindfold on you and make you guess what I'm going to do next. I have a collection of toys that I am becoming quite proficient with. I would love to use my flogger to make welts across your back. I will slowly move my fingers across your tender back, gently rubbing the raised marks long enough for you to relax, then smack you hard again to show you who's in charge. I love to hear you moan as I paddle your ass. Once it's good and sore, I will switch to the riding crop. I won't stop until you beg me to, and even then I may just decide to push you further. I can take just as much as I dish out however, and I do so enjoy it. I love having marks that last for weeks... a lovely little reminder of our fun. ;-D

Another of my favorite things is to get dolled up. There is nothing that makes me happier than when I have on my bright red lipstick, a pretty dress, some thigh-high stockings and a pair of four-inch heels. It doesn't always have to be a dress, since I am a big fan of short school girl skirts. I own at least four of them that I love to pair with corsets. I just love how they feel on my body, and how they make me look. When I dress up I can become anyone I want. I can be a sweet little school girl, a sexy temptress, or even a domineering bitch! It's so much fun to play!

Won't you join me? You can find me online at GwenIsDelicious on AOL and Yahoo messenger. You can E-mail me at or you can E-mail to get my weekly schedule so that you know I am ready and waiting to play;)

Reminders of our playtime is important to me, let me know if you ever want me to send a pair of my sexy panties. I've got plenty ;-)

I am so excited to talk to you, I'm not sure how much longer I can wait! I hope it's soon... Gwen