Gwen’s Fantasies

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Age: 26
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Likes: Spanking, paddling, bondage, eating pussy, getting eaten out, masturbating in public, corsets, role play, school girl, threesome/group play, toys, slavery, sucking cock, playing outdoors, hot tubs, biting, being held down/holding others down, heels, thigh-highs, and lingerie.
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Gwens’s Fantasies

I just love taking directions. Being a good little adult phone slut
isn’t just talking dirty… You can make me do WHATEVER you want me to! I
will fuck my tight little cunt and even spank my ass for you if you want:)
You can make me confess my darkest secrets to you or you can tie me up
whip me until I cry and make me beg you for more… and I always want
I am awakened to you standing over me with your hand over my mouth and your finger pressed against your lips telling me to be quiet. I look over and notice my window is open which I know I closed before going to sleep that night. You place a blindfold over my eyes and then you stuff a sock in my mouth. You rip my underwear off, exposing my shaved cunt for your pleasure. I can feel you grabbing my left hand and I feel a rope being placed around my wrist and then I hear you tying it to the bed post. You then grab my right arm and tie my other wrist to the bed post. I am paralyzed with fright, desire, and eagerness, wanting to know what you’re going to do to me. You remove the sock from my mouth, pressing your lips up against mine, you kiss me deeply. It sends a tingle down my spine, you reach down with you right hand and start rubbing my clit, then you plunge your fingers inside my cunt…