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Age: 22
Cup Size: 32c
Trillian: RideHarley
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Likes: being extra submissive (and then switching it right up when least expected), ass play, dildos, booty spanking, choking, BDSM in every aspect, squirting, rough sex, role-playing, and being the good but let's be honest, being the bad Harley I know you really want me to be to make you drop to your knees and cum for me...
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Hey you,
It's Harley! I'm named after my parents' favourite bike company, Harley Davidson. I'm a small-town biker chick badass! Don't ever let my nice, innocent look fool you! I'm anything but sweet. I enjoy being a dirty slut whenever possible. There are so many things I enjoy.

I have always had a fascination with bikes, ever since my dad took me out for my first ever motorcycle ride when I was a little girl.
Ugh, now i just crave the feeling of the wind whipping my hair across my face, the heavy low vibrations coming from the seat leaving my pussy tingling for more, and the mere thought of being able to ride wherever and whenever I want satisfies me, but that's not all that satisfies me.

My father purchased my first minibike, and a few years later I received my first Harley Sportster. A bike I'd ride all the time on the isolated trails that surround my hometown. It didn't take me long to become used to the machine and the art of riding. I enjoy riding my bike, but I enjoy riding something else even more.
I bet you can guess what it is. You've got that right. Cock. I love riding a mean cock and feeling the heavy, hot, wet sensation of my orgasms explode through every inch of my petite body as my pussy just throbs and throbs for more, greedily craving every inch of cock and spilling out my delicious sweet, warm wet vanilla cum all over, claiming that cock as mine! I'll whisper in your ear so seductively, "That's Harley's cock now," as I continue doing what I do best. Riding...

I have a crazy sexual obsession with being punished and choked! I constantly replay this little scenario in my head where I'm taking a part and putting parts together on my bike in my dad's garage and you come in and watch me work so hard. I'm wearing a sheer white crop top with oil splatters that got on it, and my hard nipples are poking through the top, and my black leather booty shorts are filling out my toned little booty. I see you walking up to me, and I come out from under my work and start walking towards you.

I give you the sexiest expression as I remove another piece of clothing off with each stride I take towards you till by the time I approach you, I'm completely naked with my exposed large 32C perky breasts awaiting your touch. I walk in a little circle around you while eyeing you up and down (seeing what I'm working with.... a whole lot of sexy that is) and then stop and meet you face to face once more as I slowly bring your face down to my big breasts and I have you motorboat em' as I close my eyes and throw my head back and let out a cute little school girl giggle.

You raise your head from my breasts and begin choking me with one hand while smacking my small booty so hard with the other! The spanks get louder and louder by the second as the spanking sounds echo off the garage walls. Look how naughty we are, but I can get so much naughtier with you...

What we could get up to...oh, the possibilities!
Tell me, are you ready to ride your Harley, baby? I'm always on the lookout for a new bad habit, but there's one thing I gotta know. Is it you...? Let's find out! Let's talk. Tell me your most sexiest fantasies and let me become your dirty lil' secret! I'm great with keeping secrets.
I'm horny, wet, and waiting for you! So what are you waiting for? I dare you to call me...

Xoxo Harley

Feel free to reach your sexy biker chick at my e-mail: Harley@yourdesires.com or you can also find me on Trillian and send me a message at: RideHarley