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Well, hello. I'm Heather.

I love dominating men. I know that guys are all just bitches on the inside, and I intend to make each and every one of you mine. I'll suck your cock till you're begging me to let you cum, then tie you up and deny you anything but slaps, spanks and a hand or a dildo up your ass until I'm satisfied that you know your place. You see, I am the queen and you are just my little playthings. Though there are ways to get on my good side.

Nothing turns me on like a guy who will give me anything I want. My pussy gets wet just thinking about it. If you keep me spoiled, this brat can turn sweet as cherry pie. I always cum hard, loud, and multiple times, so if you've got the goods to get into my panties (sold separately) you'll find that once you start I won't stop until I'm all undone, transformed from a kinky sex goddess to a sopping wet, shivery mess at your feet, or even on my knees.

That's right, if you're strong enough to take me I'll switch for you. I love getting tied up and fucked stupid as much as I love holding the reins. A hard spank and a harder cock are sometimes just what a naughty girl like me needs, you know? As long as Daddy takes good care of me, I'll fulfill all of his fantasies. Tell me what's got you panting into the phone at night, that secret wish that stirs deep in your balls. Mmm, I can do that.

Oh yeah, I've got a boyfriend and a girlfriend. They don't mind that I'm such a slut... we all just love to fuck! If you want, I could tell you all about the trouble we get into. My girlfriend's favorite thing is getting fisted in public, and sometimes we don't find the best hiding places, but that's just because we're waiting for someone to find us and join in! My boyfriend is a bisexual switch with a 7-inch cock that I LOVE getting pounded with, especially when he holds me up from behind by my hair. Hey, is that something you could do for me, too? If so, you'd hear me scream with the mixture of pleasure and pain. Or if you prefer I could tell you about what happens when I strap on my own giant cock. Here's a hint: he's a very talented young man who can take it all in both ends.

Give me a call or shoot me a message on Yahoo or AIM -- my screen name is HeatherHotNHeavy. I can't wait to hear about your most twisted fantasies and share my own! You can also email me at: Heather@yourdesires.com Want to know my availability for the week? Drop an email to: HeathersWeekly@YourDesires.com

Want something I have worn, so you can feel me near to you? Ask me about it.

Delightful Screams,

Heather xoxoxo