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Heather’s Fantasies

Lesbian Suck & Fuck at Macy’s

My girlfriend loves getting fucked in public, and I like to indulge her
when she’s a good girl. Last week she made me a huge, delicious dinner,
cleaned my whole house for me and let me ride her face for an hour, till
my sweet cunt juices were dripping down her cheeks! So I thought she’d
earned a treat, and the other day we went out to the mall looking for a
good place where we *hopefully* wouldn’t get caught.

The best part about public sex is the rush of transgression — nobody
knows what we’re doing but anybody could walk in at any moment! First we
tried a dressing room at Macy’s. This is one of our favorite spots — we
get all dressed up in sexy lingerie and strip for each other! But this
time she was so horny she couldn’t even wait for all that. Luckily I had
grabbed a belt from the store, so I could secure her wrists and get the
black silk panties I had chosen on her. She wanted me to fist her right
away, but I wanted to draw it out a little, and I’m in charge.

I slid the belt around her wrists and over one of the hooks on the
dressing room wall, so she hung there with her knees resting on the bench.
Slowly, I started sliding my index finger up and down along her slit
through the panties, brushing her clit ever-so-lightly on each pass with
the tip of my finger. She started to wriggle and moan immediately, and I
covered her mouth with my hand to keep her quiet.

I left my hand over her mouth and started applying more pressure to hold
her to the wall while I also pushed a little harder on her pussy. I was
starting to feel her getting wet through the panties, and I slid them to
the side to tease her soft opening with my middle finger. She started
shaking right away, like she was already about to cum, so I immediately
shoved two fingers inside her, hard, and felt her pussy contract around
them. I couldn’t keep my hand over her mouth but I didn’t want her making
too much noise, so I took off the panties and gagged her with them. This
freed up my other hand to start massaging the skin around her clit while I
slipped a third finger into her cunt. I knew she wanted the whole hand
but I still wanted to make her wait and cum again before she got it. She
was so wet; her juices were dripping down my hand and onto the bench
beneath her. She looked so open and vulnerable, hanging there stretched
out against the wall, with half my hand up her cunt, wild-eyed and panting
like an animal. It turns me on so much to be so in control of another
person, and I started paying attention to my own pussy’s wanting. I took
my right hand off her clit and started to rub myself through my shorts (I
was still fully dressed, having been so focused on her desire). The seam
pressed against my clit and it felt SO good — I was extremely horny. She
saw me do this and knew what I was thinking — I let her down from the
hook and she lay on her back on the floor of the dressing room with her
knees bent and open, pussy exposed. I pulled my clothes off as fast as I
could and lay on top of her with my clit brushing against her lips, and
went back to fucking her cunt with my hand while she licked and moaned
against my clit, sending shuddering pleasure through my whole body!

I was so relieved after cumming on my girlfriend’s gorgeous face that I
decided to finally give her what I knew she had been wanting all along: my
whole fist up her tight, dripping snatch. I sat up on my heels on the
dressing room floor and picked her up by her hair, throwing her over my
knees with her ass sticking up in the air. She was shaking and whimpering
and I started stroking her sweet pussy again, gently like before, and
leaned over to whisper in her ear, “do you want it?”

“Yesssssss,” she hissed back through the gag, trying to stay quiet as we
were still in a public dressing room but barely able to contain herself.

“Do you want my fist in your cunt?”

“Ohh my god, yeeesssssssss,” she whined, her hips bucking under my hands.
I made a duck shape with my hand and slowly started working it inside of
her. Her hungry cunt was so wet and ready that it only took a couple of
gentle thrusts for the widest part of my hand to make it through her inner
lips. A deep moan escaped her mouth. I knew I couldn’t keep her quiet

“You bad girl,” I said, “you’re supposed to be staying quiet!”

“I’m sorry, Mistress, it just feels soooo gooooood.” The voice came from
deep in her throat and really turned me on. I thrusted harder, my whole
hand stretching her pussy wide open.

“Well,” I said, changing the position of my hand from a duckbill to an
actual fist inside her and thrusting it ever-so-slightly, “you belong to
me, and you’re supposed to do what I say, and when you don’t do what I say
you have to be punished.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said, and I started spanking her bare ass, hard, with
the hand that wasn’t fisting her tight, young cunt. With each stroke I
left a red mark on her ass and she could no longer help herself and
started shouting and grunting wildly, cumming harder than I’ve ever seen
her before.

Suddenly, in the middle of my sixth and hardest stroke, I heard a male
voice clearing his throat, and looked up to see a nerdy, awkward young
store manager fiddling with his nametag, a small tent growing in his