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Likes: Being a Hot LiL Slut... Nasty minded men (the nastier the better) Cumming!!! Cock, Cock, and more Cock.. Did I mention - COCK? role-play, anal play, leather and lace, silk and satin, straps, clamps, cuffs, scarfs, hot wax, golden showers, bathroom play, humiliation, k-9's, obeying you, and motorcycles...
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Hey Ya'll Guess What?? I'm BACK!
You know me I just can't stay away from my favorite thing at my favorite place!
Make sure you put my new #405-872-7164 on speed dial right away!

For those that don't know me I'm Hollie!
And if you don't know me-once you do a call with me you'll never get hard again without thinking of HOLLIE!

Well darlin let me introduce myself-----Again :)
I'm your very own phone sex addict -- HOLLIE!
I'm a 135 lbs. of pure hot pleasure.
My Regulars call me their 'Dream Weaver'——

SO.....Wanna get Down and Dirty?
Naughty and Nasty? or Wild and Kinky? ..
Well, I'm here for whatever YourDesires might be.

Just a bit of what you get when you call me- you'll be playing with a real life sex & phone sex addict,
a true SLUT.. thru and thru..
I love being in control & the center of a horney mans attention!
when I'm hot & horny one cock is not enough..
I love to have my bitch get a preferred group of well hung guys to fuck me just like I tell them to..
when I'm in my slut mood I love to have an all night gangbang with me as the center of attention!
I don't like to share I want the focus of all those men on me,
Daddy brought his little slut up the right way!

I've been with Your Desires on & off for a long time. I was friends with Melanie back then and we'll the stories we could tell.
I left for awhile but my phone sex addiction always brings me back....

This time I went and got my degree in sex - I'm your very own sex therapist!
So can I schedule you in for a session you wont soon forget?
I know your ready to make your appointment ASAP!

Cum lay back on my couch and tell me every one of yourDesires--- everyone of your deepest darkest desires..
believe me I've heard it all.- think you can be man enough to tell me what makes you tick -
Lay back and let me be your "Dream Weaver"
CUM on let's delve deep into your most inner desire, and you'll be Cumming back for more!
Have you been a good boy? Want a special treat?
If I feel you are worthy I will award you the pleasure of buying a pair of my panties!
they can be from just worn by me dry or perhaps you can be one of the lucky ones that I sale the more special panties to---
the start at juicy or perhaps you want a pair soaked with my cum! I'm a squirter so soaked is soaked!
how great would that feel wrapped around your cock while we talk!!! and only for a mere $60.

CUM on I dare you to be daringly enough to lay down on my couch and spill your soul to me.. .

And if you've been a real good boy during our session,
I might just reward you with some Daddy stories.

Or is that your preference?
wanna hear of how my daddy made me his sex slave. i just never could keep my little hands and mouth to myself!
Nothing like learning from a early age and how to make a man give me what I want!
Oh how I love the moans a man makes when I share what daddy would have me do to/for him.
showing me how hard his friends would get when I was their own Cum drinker!
Just lil ole me making all of his customers feel oh so good!
The rules of our basement had a completely different meaning than most.. lol
Mine was a price list instead of a chore list!!

So what will it be tonight?
Some tease and torture?
daddy's little slut?
Or a long session on my sofa?

Cum on you know you can't resist all I have to offer!!
Dialing yet?
My phones ringing did you get lucky & get me ?
Or did your waiting cost you a CUM of a lifetime?

Can't CUM in for a session right now?
Call & make an appointment so I can take you right in without delay- should we schedule ahead for a once a week session?
All Cum Sluts welcome- Are you ready to submit your CUMS over to me and let me control how often you get to cum? i do that too!
I love having my own little bitch to control!!
I'm sure your too scared to do that.

still reading?
why are you not calling me already?
Not in the mood to CUM?
Call me now !

For my Regulars from the past please make note of my new number!
(405-366-2187 is No longer my number)

still here???
what will i have to do to you - I don't like to have my instructions ignored- you may have to pay dearly for that! lol and I mean dearly!

what am i going to do with my disobedient boy?
Perhaps a smack or two---perhaps no happy ending for you today- perhaps your lack of submission will require more time on my couch and money from your wallet........ Cum on whats your poison?
You can tell Mistress Hollie all of YOUIRDESIRES---
the naughty & the Nice.. makes no difference to me......
Like Daddy use to say:
Roses & Thorns--- to enjoy the pleasure you have to get through the pain!

I know there are some of you that cant wait to hear more of my daddy stories- how he taught me to treat all of his customers, letting them enjoy themselves even before they could have a taste of this untouched little pussy.
Lay back and think of yourself being part of that 'elite' group of men that were lucky enough to be one of those who started playing with me, even before he took my cherry.
I'll be sure to describe the table he built just for the me so they got the best wide open view for each of them to CUM looking at his favorite little girl....and what a view it was!
Each guy getting the perfect view and perfect position to shoot their loads! An adult version of spin the bottle or should I say "spin the Hollie!"
really not dialing yet?!